DYM Chapter 1156

Lu Wuhu took out a jade box and placed several prohibitions to seal up the ‘Li Ming Flame’ before looking coldly at Yang Feicheng and saying, “Have you ever seen that after a match in the cultivation world, the fallen party’s belongings go to the sect? How come I heard that things all go to the winning side? ”The Li Ming Flame, it’s been out for a long time, if I, Lu Wuhu, wanted to snatch it, I would have taken it over long ago, why wait until now? Just now, when Brother Ye said that this ‘Li Ming Flame’ would be given to me, Old Lu, everyone heard it, could it be that you have bad ears, Sect Master Yang?”

Lu Wuhu’s temperament was known to all in the cultivation world, he never took a loss, but he also never robbed his juniors, even if something was good, if it wasn’t given to him, he wouldn’t grab it. This was the reason why he was able to win the respect of almost the entire cultivation world, but once it was something given to him, then don’t want it back.

Just now, when Ye Mo gave him the ‘Li Ming Flame’, almost everyone in the Great Hall heard it, so how could he, Yang Feicheng, not hear it? Although he was angry and impatient, there was nothing he could do.

He turned his face to stare coldly at Ye Mo, at this moment even pouring the water of three rivers could not express his hatred for Ye Mo. After killing Yuan Guan Nan, a genius disciple of the Wuji Clan, he killed three Void God geniuses of the Wuji Clan one after another, even more so in front of his eyes, yet he could not do anything at all.

At this moment, he did not know that Ye Mo had already killed several Void God cultivators of the Wuji Sect when he was saving Fay. If he knew, he would probably be furious.

He even regretted a little that he had called Min Wujian here and had even extinguished the fire swallowing insect. At the same time, he was also a little annoyed with Min Wujian in his heart, for having a spirit worm like the Fire Swallowing Worm, but he had hidden it and not reported it, and he had also taken it out in broad daylight in a brain-damaged manner.

Yang Feicheng had really misjudged Min Wujian, who had not been given the Fire Swallowing Worm for long and had no idea that this worm had such a glorious past, nor did he know that the Fire Swallowing Worm was so eye-catching.

When he first obtained the black gourd containing the fire swallowing insect and a jade slip introducing various spirit insects, he was immediately overjoyed. He destroyed the jade slip on the spot and then concentrated on raising the fire swallowing insects, and even his original sword dao had become rusty.

In fact, he didn’t care because he had used the Fire Swallowing Insect against people several times, and that was simply an invincible existence. No one knew that he had used the Fire Swallowing Bug to kill a cultivator at the first level of Body Condensation at the seventh level of Void God. So in Min Wujian’s heart, the power of the Fire Swallowing Insect was simply invincible.

Although the jade slip he received at that time also introduced another kind of thing, the ‘Shadowless Taosworms’, once the Fire Swallowing Insects met the Shadowless Taosworms, they would immediately panic. However, it also said that ‘Shadowless Taosworms, do not belong to the spirit insects, and generally do not appear in the cultivation world. He didn’t expect to be so unlucky, just after using it a few times, a ‘Shadowless Taosworms’ that wouldn’t be found in the Cultivation Realm appeared.”

Although Ye Mo’s ‘Shadowless Taosworms’ were hidden, one or two people still saw them, they just didn’t dare to be sure. In addition, Lu Wuhu was standing behind Ye Mo, so no one dared to ask a question.

Not only did a perverted Void God like Ye Mo appear in a match, but a terrifying sword skill, the ‘Scarlet Snowflake’, and now even the Fire Swallowing Insect and the Heavenly Flame had come. This was really out of the expectation of all the spectator cultivators, but when Ye Mo extinguished Min Wujian’s fire swallowing insect gourd and burned all the fire swallowing insects, almost all of them were relieved.

Although many people were guessing what was behind Ye Mo’s offering and flying inside the black gourd, they could only put it on their minds.

Because of Ye Mo’s arrival, some talented disciples called by many sects behind him were restrained by their sects from fighting Ye Mo, because he was too perverted. Only a body condensation cultivator could kill him steadily, but unfortunately a body condensation cultivator at the age of sixty was still really a rare thing.

The Thundercloud Sect’s Sect Master, Wang Shiphe, also said with a gloomy face, “Feiyu and the others are not allowed to fight even if they come, they are not Ye Mo’s opponent yet, this person can no longer be killed with a cultivator of the same rank.”

Although the two cultivators from the Thundercloud Sect were somewhat unconvinced, but the sect master had given his word, so they had to hide inside the sect and could not come out.

Wen Caiyi stared coldly at Ye Mo until Nangong Yihui said that she was really a little impatient, then she said faintly, “My husband must be the first place winner, but you haven’t defeated the first place winner, City Master Ye, yet, so I can’t move against you.”

Nangong Yihui froze, he hadn’t seen Wen Caiyi drive him away before when he came here, so how come he was now asked to defeat City Master Ye himself?

If it turned out that he did not put Ye Mo in his eyes at all, but after Ye Mo had killed Tie Bai Fei and Min Wu Jian one after another, Nangong Yihui knew that Ye Mo would not be inferior to him.

Seeing Nangong Yihui frozen, Wen Caiyi coldly snorted and surprisingly did not speak again.

Seeing this, Nangong Yihui hurriedly said, “Senior sister Caiyi, but that City Master Ye didn’t say that he would treat you …….” Seeming to feel that his words were inappropriate, he hurriedly changed his tone again and said, “That City Master Ye also said that as long as he is here for you, don’t challenge him ah.”

Wen Caiyi’s face was cold as she said, “He did not say he would challenge for me, but I already like him. Because he is the most powerful one, if you can defeat him, I can immediately like you too. But you don’t even dare to challenge, so you are saying these things to me, aren’t you ashamed of yourself? I, Wen Caiyi, like to be number one, and I never want to be number one. You’re afraid you can’t beat him, and I’m not insisting that you do.”

After saying that, she no longer bothered to pay attention to Nangong Yihui.

Nangong Yihui froze, he could not imagine that he had defeated all the challengers who admired Wen Caiyi and had to challenge City Master Ye who fought exclusively for Luo Susu.

Looking at Wen Caiyi, if he didn’t go for the challenge, then he wouldn’t have any chance at all.

Thinking of this, Nangong Yihui nodded and said, “Fine, I will go and challenge City Lord Ye, I will make sure that the one who likes you is number one.”

A faint smile appeared at the corner of Wen Caiyi’s mouth as she whispered, “Then be careful, that purple rainbow of his is very powerful.”

“I know.” Nangong Yiding was made to feel all honey in his heart by Wen Caiyi’s words.

Piece of Mer was just about to go back to his seat when he saw Nangong Yihui quickly walk out and stop him.

Just without waiting for Nangong Yihui to speak, one of the elders of Nangong Mountain Villa called out loudly, “Yihui, come over here for a moment before talking.”

Nangong Yihui grinned at Ye Mo and said, “Ye City Master, wait a moment, I will come and fight you right away. Don’t worry, I’m not here for Fairy Susu, I’m here for Cai Yi.”

Ye Mo smiled lightly, of course he could see that Nangong Yihui’s nature was a thread, he came out to fight with himself, obviously he was provoked by Wen Caiyi.

As expected, Nangong Yihui did not have to go back for long before the elder said to Ye Mo: “Yihui is injured, so there is no way to fight today, so please see Qiong, Lord Ye.

Ye Mo clasped his fist and said, “Brother Nangong’s Void God seventh level cultivation has already won more than ten matches in a row, even if it is a match, Ye Mo is no match.”

After saying that Ye Mo did not wait for the other party to reply and immediately went back to his seat. As for how Nangong Mountain Villa appeased Nangong Yihui, it had nothing to do with him.

That Nangong Elder was satisfied with Ye Mo’s answer, otherwise Nangong Yihui would have come out to fight, not because he was afraid of Ye Mo, but because he didn’t want to be used by that Wen Caiyi.

When Yan Guan saw that no one else came out to challenge Ye Mo, he stood up without waiting for that presiding elder to speak, and said: “Today’s competition to choose a son-in-law, there are geniuses emerging from all sects. Although there were some injuries during the competition, it was inevitable. The good thing is that it has now come to a successful conclusion, and Lord Ye City has returned with my Xuan Bing Sect’s core disciple Susu as he wished.”…”

Hearing this, Luo Susu hastily stood up and bent down to salute Yan Guan and said, “Susu thanks the Sect Master and Master.”

Yan Guan smiled and nodded, but Fan Yi Zhu’s face was gloomy as he did not speak.

When Susu sat down, Yan Guan then continued, “Immortal Wen of the Wuji Sect ……,”

Not waiting for Yan Guan to finish, the elder from Nangong Mountain Villa who had just spoken to Ye Mo stood up and said, “Thank you, Sect Master Yan, my sect will bring the bride-price to propose the marriage to the Wuji Clan ……,”

Yan Guan breathed a sigh of relief, he had cultivated to the robbery transformation, don’t look young on the surface, in fact, he had long been an old man. After this elder from Nangong Mountain Villa finished, he didn’t even greet the Wuji Clan, clearly not having any intention of proposing marriage. It was a good thing that this elder came out to help him out, otherwise he really didn’t know what he should say about Nangong Yihui and Wen Caiyi. This was because it was clear from Wen Caiyi’s expression that she didn’t have any interest in Nangong Yihui at all. Moreover, the Wuji Clan did not show any interest in Nangong Villa either, so it could be said that this was a matter that neither side was interested in, except for Nangong Yihui.

“Well then, this is the end of today’s match to choose a son-in-law. The Xuan Bing Sect would like to thank all the sect heads and elders for coming to the competition, if you are free, you can stay at my Xuan Bing Sect at will, I will definitely treat you as my guests.”

There was some applause, and everyone knew that Yan Guan was just being polite, and that he could not wait for the others to leave.

Everyone who came knew that the main purpose of the Xuan Bing Sect and the Wuji Sect’s invitation was not to choose a son-in-law for the competition, but to establish the Southern An Continent Sect Alliance.

Now that Yan Guan had surprisingly not mentioned this matter after the competition, he obviously now also felt that there was something wrong with it and simply pretended to forget about it.

Yang Feicheng and a few elders from the Wuji Sect were even more half-hearted at this point, the Xuan Bing Sect was not even supporting the Southern Alliance anymore, this Southern Alliance was obviously not going to get off the ground.

Even if Ye Mo had Lu Wuhu with him, he might not be able to kill Ye Mo if he had the entire clan’s strength.

The Wuji Clan had five True Transformation cultivators, and if they joined forces with the Thundercloud Clan and trapped Lu Wuhu first, how difficult would it be to kill Ye Mo? Since he had torn his face, he would simply be thorough. He didn’t believe that Dancheng would come to a dead end with the Wuji Sect and the Thundercloud Sect for the sake of a dead Ye Mo.