DYM Chapter 1155

The Fire Swallowing Insect, the seventh in the list of strange spirit insects, specialises in devouring metallic objects and is fond of devouring all kinds of flames, even growing up in them.

It can be said that the Fire Swallowing Insect is indestructible and there are few things that can restrain this spirit insect. How could Min Wujian have so many fire swallowing insects and how did he raise them? Even if his fire swallowing insects were of the lowest rank in existence, even a sect could not afford to raise such a large number of fire swallowing insects. This is because not only do the fire swallowing insects have to devour flames, they also need a large amount of metallic ores for them to devour, otherwise they simply cannot reproduce.

Moreover, the later the fire swallowing insects got, the harder it was to raise them, and now Min Wujian’s fire swallowing insects were still at their initial level. Although the amount of stuff consumed was high, it would not necessarily be very advanced.

At this moment, not only Ye Mo, but even those sect heads and elders around them, when they saw such a dense ma*s of Heavenly Fire Insects, their faces changed greatly.

It was obvious that they all knew the Fire Swallowing Insect and knew the terrifying power of this insect once it matured.

“It’s actually a fire swallowing worm?” Even Lu Wuhu’s face turned astonished, clearly also surprised by the Fire Swallowing Worm.

Even Yan Guan, Le Yao, and the other nine star sect heads and elders all rose in shock, and what they were thinking about was not Min Wujian. What they were thinking about was the Wuji Sect, which had such a terrifying fire swallowing insect, and once the entire sect had cultivated the fire swallowing insect into a mature form, then how could other sects resist?

As long as all the fire swallowing insects rushed out, they could immediately wipe out a sect. Although they also knew that it would be impossible to cultivate all these Fire Swallowing Insects into mature bodies. Even raising one hundred thousandth of them to maturity would be extremely difficult, but just the name Fire Swallowing Insect was enough to make people fearful.

More than 10,000 years ago, a great demon emerged in the Luo Yue Continent, and you were the Fire Swallowing Insect Demon. This person was the one who raised countless mature fire swallowing insects that no one could stop. He alone once destroyed a nine-star sect because he took a fancy to the place of that nine-star sect and wanted to use it to make his own mountain gate. In his anger, he brought the Fire Swallowing Insects with him and killed the entire clan.

The fire-devouring insect demon had been running around for a thousand years, but he finally met Chu Jiuyu and was killed by him, and his fire-devouring insects also disappeared.

I never thought that 10,000 years later, the fire-devouring insects would be seen here again, and they would still be from the Wuji Sect, a nine-star sect.

To the surprise of others, the sect master of the Wuji Sect, Yang Feicheng, also had a gloomy face at this moment. It was surprising that he, the sect master, didn’t know about it. If he had known that the disciples of the Wuji Sect had fire swallowing insects and had the means to breed them, he would definitely not have let Min Wujian go into battle. Definitely, he would have made these fire swallowing insects the top secret of the Wuji Clan.

However, now Min Wujian did not know the sky was high and not only had he already gone into battle, but he had also cast out the fire swallowing insects right from the start. Once the fire swallowing insects were exposed, even if they killed Ye Mo, in the end the other sects would not allow the Wuji Sect to breed the fire swallowing insects alone.

Although it is difficult to raise fire swallowing insects, as long as there are methods, resources and time, they will always succeed in the end and will always become another fire swallowing insect demon.

But Chu Jiu Yu was one that would not appear in 10,000 years. In case there was no one like Chu Jiu Yu, wouldn’t the Fire Swallowing Insect Demon be able to do whatever he wanted in the Cultivation World?

At the same time, Yang Feicheng could also see that Min Wujian was not very familiar with the control of these fire swallowing insects and was having a hard time with it. It was obvious that these fire swallowing insects had either just been obtained by him or had just been pa*sed on to him by someone else.


Ye Mo at this point dawned on him, no wonder these bugs weren’t afraid of his heavenly fire, it turned out to be fire swallowing bugs. This is still the case because his heavenly fire is already red, which is why he can burn some of them, if his own heavenly fire was still yellow, maybe not only would he not be able to burn them, but he would become their nutrients.

At this moment, Ye Mo felt that his Eight Great Cauldrons were becoming more and more sluggish, and his divine sense was already a bit strained from using both the Heavenly Flame and the Eight Great Cauldrons at the same time.

If he continued like this, it would definitely not work. Ye Mo wanted to sacrifice the ‘Eleven Thunder Sword’. It would only add to his hatred with the Thundercloud Sect.

Just as Ye Mo was about to use his thunder sword to slice these fire swallowing insects, he saw Min Wu Jian, who was directing the insect swarm outside the swarm, pale, and even struggling with every gesture and spell.

These worms were not raised by Min Wujian, Ye Mo immediately came to this conclusion. If these worms were raised by Min Wujian, there was no way he would be struggling so much.

This Min Wu Jian looked very shrewd, and Ye Mo was not sure if his strain was faked. Thinking of this, Ye Mo sacrificed a very high quality spirit weapon flying sword and stabbed at Min Wujian.

It was after sacrificing a flying sword that Ye Mo was tired of his sea of consciousness tumbling.

When Min Wujian saw that Ye Mo was still able to sacrifice a flying sword, a trace of surprise flashed in his eyes, obviously he didn’t expect it either. However, he then spurted out a mouthful of essence blood and once again several spells went out, and once again a large number of fire swallowing insects emerged from inside that black gourd.

Ye Mo noticed that after Min Wujian sprayed out his essence blood, his face grew paler and paler, obviously his divine sense was even more depleted than his. Immediately, it became clear that these fire swallowing insects were definitely not bred by him.

However, Ye Mo soon saw that the upper grade aura flying swords he had sacrificed were surrounded by those fire swallowing insects and dissipated into thin air at a speed visible to the naked eye, and secretly marvelled in his heart that these insects were too powerful.

However, at this time, Ye Mo had already dismissed the idea of continuing to use the ‘Eleven Thunder Swords’, Min Wu Jian had such a hard time commanding these fire swallowing insects, he just needed to call out ‘Shadowless’ to attack through ‘Shadowless’ Min Wujian would be fine. There was no need to exercise the ‘Eleven Thunder Swords’.

Ye Mo quietly released the ‘Shadowless’, his intention was to let the ‘Shadowless’ sneak in to attack Min Wujian, but what Ye Mo didn’t expect was that the ‘Shadowless’ screamed just as it came out A sound was made, and it actually looked excited.

What was this? Ye Mo froze, such a high-profile appearance, what’s the point of sneaking attack? But Ye Mo found that ‘Shadowless’ actually didn’t listen to his advice to sneak attack Min Wujian, but turned into a golden shadow and rushed towards Min Wujian’s black gourd. Then all at once, he rushed in.

Ye Mo was dumbfounded, how could such a nonsensical thing happen? But soon he felt that something was wrong, those fire swallowing insects that were originally attacking the Eight Great Cauldron actually started to retreat and then got confused, even going to fly to other places. Luckily, the place where Ye Mo and Min Wu Jian were fighting had a ban from the Transformation Cultivator and the Robbery Transformation Cultivator, so although those fire swallowing insects were powerful, they couldn’t fly out for a while.

The Heavenly Fire Insects that were blocked by the forbidden system flew back once more and then all wandered around like a headless fly, but most of them rushed towards the huge black gourd that Min Wujian was levitating.

Min Wu Jian looked at the chaotic fire swallowing insects, shocked and trembling, muttered: “Not into the spirit insects, not into the immortals, not the first shadowless silkworms …… surprisingly there are really shadowless taosworms …….

Ye Mo at this moment has completely lost the strain he had just now, he swallowed a ‘God Restoration Pill’ and then was about to sacrifice the ‘Purple Sandwich’. Although ‘Shadowless’ didn’t go to sneak up on Min Wujian and instead ran inside the other party’s gourd, it was at least a little bit of help to him.

However, he quickly stopped continuing to sacrifice the ‘Purple Sublimbs’ not because Min Wujian was pale and trembling at this moment, but because Ye Mo noticed that the black gourd had twisted up and seemed like it was going to explode at any moment.

Ye Mo had just thought of exploding when he heard a ‘boom’ and a huge wave of heat poured out. At the same time, he eagerly went to communicate with ‘Shadowless’, who was his right-hand man, so he must not be killed by the explosion.

He soon sensed the ‘Shadowless’ and it rushed out from the explosion, but it was staggering as if it was drunk and its golden body had once again turned a grey colour. ‘Shadowless’ into the Spirit Beast Ring. As for the Golden Page World, he still planned to send it in later.

The terrifying waves of explosive Qi blasted those surrounding prohibitions, and Ye Mo was secretly alarmed. He didn’t know why the ‘Shadowless’ didn’t get blown up and came out instead.

But before his eyes, those fire swallowing insects fell in large swathes and then died, and some of the ones that didn’t die madly pounced on Min Wujian and Ye Mo. Only Ye Mo had the Eight Great Cauldrons to block them, while Min Wujian did not. Soon Min Wujian was completely engulfed by countless fire swallowing insects, and in the end there were not even any bone scraps left.

After those fire swallowing insects had devoured Min Wujian, they flew around for a while, not finding the black gourd, and landed on the ground, eventually turning into a pile of black.

Ye Mo looked a little disgusted as he sacrificed his heavenly fire to completely burn the pile of black. Even if it was a dead fire swallowing insect, Ye Mo used the heavenly fire to burn it for half a day.

After a burnt smell, the whole space seemed to calm down and an orange flame appeared in front of Ye Mo.

‘Li Ming Flame’, the ninth ranked flame in the cultivation world, belonged to the Heavenly Flame. This Min Wu Jian’s black gourd actually had a heavenly flame inside, but Ye Mo also knew that since the heavenly flame had been struck out by him in this situation, it was definitely not his now.

As expected, the gloomy-faced Yang Feicheng’s face immediately showed astonishment when he saw the ‘Li Ming Flame’, and Ye Mo didn’t wait for him to come out to collect it, and immediately said to Lu Wuhu, “Old Brother Lu, this ‘Li Ming Flame’ is for you. ”

“Haha, good, I’ll take it then.” After saying this a large true essence hand reached out and immediately grabbed the ‘Leaving Brightness Flame’ and took it back.

Ye Mo breathed a sigh of relief, he knew that with his ability it would now take at least half a column of incense to collect the orange ‘Li Ming Flame’, and this time Yang Feicheng would have already taken the ‘Li Ming Flame’ away, now that he let Lu Wuhu take the ‘Li Now he let Lu Wuhu take away the ‘Flame of Light’, even if he wanted to, Yang Fei Cheng would not dare.

As a matter of fact, when Yang Feicheng saw that Lu Wuhu had taken the ‘Li Ming Flame’ and stopped in his tracks, his face immediately changed and he immediately cupped his fist and said, “Senior Lu, this ‘Li Ming Flame’ belongs to my disciple Min Wujian of the Wuji Sect. Min Wujian’s, please return it.”