DYM Chapter 1154

For a full dozen breaths, there was silence inside the great hall . It was not unusual for Ye Mo to cross the level to kill his opponent, there were too many cultivators in the Luo Yue Continent who could kill people across the level. What was scary was Ye Mo’s kind of blade technique, which was silent and even more so without any signs.

Moreover, some people could also see that Ye Mo killed Tie Bai Fei and killed Nan Promotion with the same blade technique, but the effect of performing it was very different.

Almost all of them thought that Ye Mo had already lost and would definitely be killed by Tie Bai Fei, but it turned out that Ye Mo killed Tie Bai Fei instead. Only a very few experts after the Transformation could see that Ye Mo had used another tactic when he executed the ‘Illusory Cloud Huashan Blade’, and that was that before this Tie Bai Fei had a momentary lag.

The Xuan Bing Sect’s Sect Master, Yan Guan, drew a cold breath, he was thinking about how to explain to the City Master of Dan City that Ye Mo had been killed, but to his surprise, Ye Mo had killed Tie Bai Fei who was at the sixth level of Void God.

Wen Caiyi stared at Ye Mo blankly, even forgetting her anger. She knew that Ye Mo was very powerful, before the fight with Nan Promotion, she thought that Ye Mo was at least at the late YuanYing cultivation stage. However, Ye Mo had killed Nan Promotion in one move, so he was obviously already at Void God cultivation level. When Nan promoted said that Ye Mo was at the first level of Void God, she believed it even though she doubted it.

But now Ye Mo had actually killed Tie Bai Fei, who was already at the sixth level of Void God. To kill him was not something that a Void God first layer could do. Wen Caiyi herself was a genius cultivator, she was now at the second level of YuanYing, she knew very well that it was probably not that simple or even impossible for her to kill a sixth level YuanYing cultivator, let alone replace it with a Void God?

Could it be that Ye Mo was actually a late Void God? How was this possible?

Wen Caiyi quickly thought of the first time she and Ye Mo met, when Ye Mo was still a YuanYing cultivator. Later, he killed Lu Jianqiang, and at that time he was still a YuanYing cultivator, how much time had pa*sed and he was already at the late Void God stage? Could there really be such a genius? If he was really this kind of genius, then the difference between other nine-star sect geniuses and him was too great.

The smiling young cultivator who had spoken to Tie Bai Fei in the room earlier stared at the slain Tie Bai Fei, unable to react for half a day. He simply did not believe that Tie Bai Fei, who was at the sixth level of Void God, had been killed by Ye Mo, a mere first level Void God cultivator, and he had killed him so sharply.

But after a dozen and breaths pa*sed, he finally understood that it was real, more real than gold. Ye Mo had really killed Tie Bai Fei, and even his corpse had turned into a pile of blood mist.

“I will kill you ……” The young cultivator’s face instantly became hideous, he rushed to the middle of the main hall almost without even thinking, midway he had already sacrificed an incomparably black painted gourd.

After forming a feud with the Wuji Clan, Ye Mo had also learned about the Wuji Clan, which was also a clan dominated by sword cultivators. However, he could not have imagined that this young cultivator was using a black gourd magic treasure.

“Jianless, come back.” One of the elders saw the young cultivator rushing out and immediately shouted. But the cultivator called Jianless was already filled with anger, he didn’t even hear the elder’s shout.

Ye Mo let out a cold laugh, this Jianless cultivator was at the seventh level of Void God, already at the late stage of Void God, one level higher than Dan Cai’s Tie Bai Fei, but at this moment he was not afraid. With a flourish of his hand, the ‘Purple Trample’ already appeared in his hand.

The young cultivator rushed to the middle of the hall, and when he saw Ye Mo’s movement, he actually stopped his movement to continue to rush up and instead slowed down. Even his face became incomparably calm, and he even turned back to salute the side of the Wuji Clan.

The elder of the Wuji Clan panted after seeing the young cultivator act like this, from the bottom of his heart he didn’t want to let the young cultivator go on for the time being. Ye Mo’s performance was too strong, not weak at all to any late Void God cultivator. Later, when he saw that young cultivator impulsively go up, he was even more worried, but now that he had finally calmed down, he was relieved a little. The only thing he wondered was when did Min Wujian get another gourd magic treasure.

The calmed down young cultivator let the black gourd hover in front of him and said coldly to Ye Mo, “You have a lot of guts to dare to kill a Void God Core Cultivator of my Wuji Sect, I, Min Wujian of the Wuji Sect. Don’t worry, I will make you bury my senior brother Tie Bai Fei with me. Also rest a*sured, that Luo Susu will be taken care of by me for at least a few years.”

Ye Mo’s murderous intent began to climb instantly after Min Wujian said Susu’s name, the ‘Purple Trample’ was not offered, but a faint purple mist was already lingering around the ‘Purple Trample’.

Min Wujian sneered as several hand tricks were struck, and the black gourd that Dan had still surrounded in front of him suddenly began to roar as if it were a flood. And it kept expanding, in a flash it was a huge gourd two meters long and one meter wide, and that size seemed to keep expanding.

Ye Mo looked at the black mouth of the gourd and surprisingly had some uneasiness in his heart, he felt that his divine sense could not sweep in at all.

Without thinking any further, Ye Mo instantly sacrificed the Eight Great Cauldrons, and at the same time was slashing out with a slash.

Seeing the Eight Great Cauldrons suddenly appear above Ye Mo’s head, all the people inside the hall froze. This Eight Great Cauldron was a top-grade defensive magic treasure, they did not expect that in the previous battle with Tie Bai Fei, Ye Mo did not even take out his defensive magic treasure and killed Tie Bai Fei.

This was simply a pervert, without even using a defensive magic treasure, he killed Tie Bai Fei, who was at the sixth level of Void God, with the first level of Void God, which was unbelievable to anyone. However, the truth was that they had seen it with their own eyes. If Dan Cai Ye Mo had not seen Min Wu Jian’s black gourd was powerful, he might not have sacrificed his defensive Eight Great Cauldrons.

Yang Feicheng of the Wuji Clan’s face was even more gloomy, and he felt more and more in his heart that this person Ye Mo must be killed as soon as possible. However, now that he was with Lu Wuhu, there was obviously no way to do it.

Apart from a siege, there was no cultivator from the Wuji Clan who could kill Lu Wuhu alone.

No one knew Ye Mo’s Eight Great Cauldrons, except for Wen Caiyi. Of course, Wen Caiyi knew about the Eight Great Cauldrons, this was the one she had obtained when she and Yuan Guan Nan entered the Meteoric Truth Forbidden Land together. Now that the Great Cauldron was in Ye Mo’s hand, it was even more certain that Senior Brother Yuan had been killed by Ye Mo.

After Min Wujian saw Ye Mo sacrifice the Eight Great Cauldrons, he only froze slightly and immediately stopped paying attention. He didn’t even bother with the purple blade mane that Ye Mo slashed out. With just a wave of his hand, without even a single spell coming out, countless dense black threads rushed out from inside his gourd.

Those black threads were strangely fast and even carried a shrill cry that pierced one’s eardrums and divine sense. Except for the purple blade aura that was previously blocked by the black gourd, the purple blade aura that derived from behind was completely swept away by those black threads.

Ye Mo immediately recalled the Mo Qianli that he had killed back in the Northern Hope Continent. At that time, Mo Qianli’s kind of evil soul threads were almost identical to this, but the evil soul threads were soundless. This one not only had an ear-piercing shrill sound but was even faster than the evil soul threads.

This was not something within the threads, Ye Mo quickly saw that it was actually a worm. These worms were all black and not only had wings, but also had sharp teeth. But what was even stranger was that these worms only had one foot.

Min Wujian was a genius disciple of the Wuji Sect, a key cultivated existence, but he was actually a bug cultivator? Ye Mo really couldn’t imagine.

These insects were incredibly fast, dense and growing in number. Ye Mo could only push the Eight Great Cauldrons to protect himself, and the Eight Great Cauldrons were spinning faster and faster.

But these insects seemed to be increasing forever, doubling in number again in the blink of an eye. As they continued to strike the Eight Great Cauldrons, Ye Mo could even hear the sound of gold and iron clashing, and Ye Mo felt that it was becoming more and more difficult for him to control the Eight Great Cauldrons, and he also found that his Eight Great Cauldrons were spinning slower and slower. As soon as the Great Cauldron spun slower, the shadow of the cauldron thinned out. At the same time, that defensive power was relatively lower.

Those insects had already seriously affected the speed of the Eight Great Cauldrons even before they rushed into them. If the speed continued like this, eventually Ye Mo was sure that his Eight Great Cauldrons would come to a complete stop and he would be swarmed by these insects.

Although he didn’t know how powerful these bugs were, he knew that once they swarmed him, he would definitely not even have any bone scraps left.

Ye Mo was also depressed in his heart he wanted to find a cultivator who could compare with his Illusory Cloud Blade Technique, and the two of them would fight with their blade and sword techniques. However, he met several cultivators who did not get what he wanted.

The first one, Nan Promotion, was cleaved by his slash, the second one, Tie Bai Fei, made a bloody snowflake this one, Min Wu Jian, was good, it simply became a countless bug attack.

Ye Mo once again offered up his ‘Purple Trample’ and slashed the ‘Illusory Cloud Splitting Blade’ not waiting for his those purple mangles to be fully formed’ just like the first time, they were immediately devoured by countless of those one-legged insects, while the back of the blade mangles could not be formed at all.

What a powerful insect, even the blade mangles could be devoured. Ye Mo didn’t continue to slash out the ‘Purple Visage’ he couldn’t imagine that there were so many of these bugs’ now his divine sense had difficulty even controlling the Eight Great Cauldron. Not to mention splitting his divine sense to continue splitting out ‘Purple Armament’. The secret of the Illusory Cloud Blade Technique was in the divine sense, the stronger the divine sense was the more powerful the purple blade artifacts would be, once the divine sense was detained, even if he cleaved out the Illusory Cloud Blade Technique, the effect would be greatly diminished.

Although Ye Mo could have continued to slash the rest of the blade techniques but he didn’t do so, he had a lot of tricks up his sleeve, he didn’t believe he couldn’t fix these insects without using the Illusory Cloud Blade Technique.

The next moment, Ye Mo directly sacrificed the ‘Misty Lotus Heart Fire’, although he didn’t have the Heavenly Fire Technique yet, ‘but the Heavenly Fire should have no problem burning these bugs.

When some of the cultivators saw that Ye Mo had sacrificed Heavenly Fire, they immediately knew that these bugs were finished. Any bugs that Heavenly Fire could simply burn away, if even Heavenly Fire couldn’t burn away the bugs, it would be too counter-intuitive.

However, after Ye Mo offered up the ‘Mist Lotus Heart Flame’, Min Wujian sneered, and even more so, he kept pushing the black front reed.

The ‘Mist Lotus Heart Flame’ rushed into the swarm and countless insects fell, but in just a moment, some of them rushed up again.

Ye Mo frowned and once again used the ‘Mist Lotus Heart Flame’ to burn, and indeed some of them were burned to death, but there were still more that had not been burned to death.

Ye Mo was greatly alarmed in his heart, what kind of insects could not even be burnt to death by the Heavenly Flame? Even if his Heavenly Flame was of a low rank, a peak Body Condensation cultivator could be burned to death very quickly if he let him.

He suddenly remembered a spirit worm that was introduced on the ‘Things’ and his face suddenly turned ugly.