DYM Chapter 1153

“You are Ye Mo?” Tie Bai Fei stared at Ye Mo and spoke coldly. Without waiting for Ye Mo to speak, his eyes once again rose in disdain, “A mere Void God layer, Southern Promotion has really cultivated to the point of being a dog all these years.”

Ye Mo said in a faint voice, “Later you will find out that you have cultivated to this day, and you are not cultivating to a human ……”

Not waiting for his own words to fall, Ye Mo’s hand ‘Purple Sandalcloth, has already split the ‘Illusory Cloud Formation Killing Blade,. Although his comprehension of the ‘Illusory Cloud Huashan Blade, had gone to a higher level, but Ye Mo knew that when facing an expert like Tie Bai Fei, a single move of the ‘Illusory Cloud Formation Killing Blade, would not be able to kill the opponent at all.

Numerous purple blade mangles flew out, these blade mangles seemed to have a spiritual nature, completely enveloping Tie Bai Fei0

Tie Bai Fei sneered, and as soon as his hand was raised, the huge bell above his head began to rotate. In a moment’s time all around him were pieces of bell shadows, and eventually those bell shadows and Ye Mo’s purple blade mane clashed together, forming a dense tinkling sound, if the sound wasn’t too ear-piercing, the rhythm would even make people think that someone was playing.

“There really are a few hits.” Tie Bai Fei raised his left hand once again and a pale red longsword landed in his palm, while the longsword in his hand had transformed into a red mist being offered up. A big man using a red flying sword made people feel very weird.

However, Ye Mo did not feel weird at all, he suddenly felt a bit cold all over his body, as if the weather had gotten harshly cold all of a sudden.

Suddenly, Ye Mo felt that the weather before his eyes had turned into snowy and cold, but the difference was that the sky was filled with red snowflakes instead of white, and the snowflakes were not hexagonal, but three-pronged.

Although the snowflakes were just flakes, they were like icicles to Ye Mo, not only were they bone-chilling cold, but they were also squeezing the space around him, making his range of movement smaller and smaller.

It seemed that in the end, he was going to be completely shattered by these shrinking snowflakes.

Not to mention Ye Mo who was in the middle of it, even the people watching around him could only see a ma*s of red snowflakes flying in the middle of the hall, while the inside of the hall also became incomparably cold. Outside the snowflakes, Tie Bai Fei danced his red longsword as if he was commanding the master of this world. Ye Mo, who was in the midst of the snowflakes, had long since disappeared, seemingly drowned by those snowflakes.

The only thing that made people feel that Ye Mo was still alive and not dead was the occasional one or two purple blade maces that spilled out beyond the snowflakes.

Seeing Ye Mo in such a predicament, Fan Yi Zhu let out a sigh, not for Ye Mo, but for her disciple, Luo Susu. When Susu saw Ye Mo’s expression and performance, she knew how important this Ye City Master was to Susu, but unfortunately the two had to be killed just after they met.

From her inner perspective, she was joyful, even happy, that Ye Mo was killed, but she really liked Susu as a disciple. It was even far more than her liking for Tang Beiwei.

Yan Guan frowned, at this moment he was already thinking about how he was going to explain to Dancheng once Ye Mo was killed, so that he could completely separate the Xuan Bing Sect from this matter.

Le Yao closed his eyes, he had seen Tie Bai Fei’s sword technique, which was called the ‘Scarlet Snowflake Sword Technique,. This sword technique was extremely bizarre and powerful, any cultivator who was trapped by the blood-coloured snowflakes derived from this sword technique would only end up dead. This was because the trapped cultivator’s divine sense and true essence would be increasingly sapped, unable to get out at first, and even more so later.

”The snowflakes that come out of the Bloody Snowflake Sword Technique, when cultivated to the extreme, are all hexagonal in shape, while Tie Bai Fei’s snowflakes are only triangular, so obviously he is still not good enough. But even so, it was still very powerful. Ye Mo was now trapped by Tie Bai Fei’s blood-coloured snowflakes and obviously had no way to live.

Luo Ying and Tang Beiwei stood up with panic on their faces, the two of them were even more nervous with sweaty palms, they had just met Ye Mo, was Ye Mo going to be killed again? Luckily, their insight was not as good as Le Yao’s, and they had not yet recognized the situation where Ye Mo was bound to die.

Ye Mo was getting more and more annoyed by that snowflake, he felt his body surface getting colder and colder while his heart was getting more and more agitated up.

He even felt that his divine sense and true essence were automatically being consumed and worn down by the icy snowflakes. Ye Mo was even thinking that if this continued, he would not be able to escape from the snowflakes’ siege at all. He took out a ‘God Restoration Pill, swallowed it and then forcibly cast several ‘God Sense Slashes, regardless of the damage to his God Sense.

Immediately after the divine sense knives were cast, Ye Mo felt the oppressive and icy coldness of that snowflake, and even the rage disappeared quite a bit. At this moment, he didn’t dare to slow down even more, and the ‘Illusory Cloud Splitting Blade, had already split out.

”Illusory Cloud Splitting Blade, as soon as it was cleaved out, the snowflakes around Ye Mo were immediately partially defeated once again.

At this moment, Ye Mo in the red blood flower let out a clear cry, the ‘purple sandal’ in his hand was raised again, and the ‘Illusory Cloud Xing Yi Blade, once again split out.

At the same time, the cultivators outside could see more and more purple light emerging from the dense red snowflakes, at first one or two, to three or four, to a dozen or so, and finally it became tens or hundreds.

And Ye Mo’s figure also became clearer and clearer among these purple blade mangles, and soon the purple blade mangles and the red snowflakes could already be evenly divided. Only then did Luo Susu and Tang Beiwei breathe a sigh of relief and slowly sat down.

When Tie Bai Fei saw that Ye Mo had actually gotten out of his red snowflake, he gave a ‘eek,’ but then an even colder sneer appeared at the corner of his mouth. The big bell, which was only entangled with several clouds of purple blade mangles, suddenly let out a long roar and instantly broke away from all the purple blade mangles around it, bringing up a sheet of bell shadows to press down on Ye Mo.

Ye Mo was completely freed at this point, before he was even slightly panicked when he was surrounded by those red snowflakes for, because the red three-pronged snowflakes were a little too bizarre, surprisingly causing his divine sense to be restricted, and he was unable to perfectly slice out the ‘Purple Blasting,’ at all. At this moment, he had already broken through the red snowflake through the Illusory Cloud Blade Technique, so how could he let Tie Bai Fei repeat the same trick and suppress him into the bizarre snowflake again?

As Tie Bai Fei’s great bell brought up the shadow of the bell, Ye Mo once again slashed out the ‘Illusory Cloud Formation Killing Blade’, combining with his previous ‘Illusory Cloud Splitting Blade’ and ‘Illusory Cloud Xing Yi Blade’, the ‘Illusory Cloud Formation Killing Blade It completely exerted its power and trapped Tie Bai Fei’s Great Bell once again in just an instant.

At this moment, Le Yao opened her eyes, only to find that Ye Mo had unexpectedly gotten out of that blood-coloured snowflake, and was immediately delighted. She also did not expect Ye Mo to be so heavenly trapped inside the ‘Scarlet Snowflake Sword Technique, derived from the snowflake, and still be able to get out.

Relating to how Ye Mo had killed Nan Promotion with a single slash earlier, at this moment, Le Yao knew that Ye Mo was far more than just a Dan King.

Seeing that his great bell was once again trapped by Ye Mo’s purple blade aura, Tie Bai Fei coldly snorted, and the spell in his hand struck even faster, watching as his pale red longsword became more and more vivid. Having just experienced it once, how could Ye Mo not know what Tie Bai Fei was thinking at this point.

Ye Mo, who had already trapped the opponent’s big bell, simply had no more worries and sent out several more divine sense swords.

Tie Bai Fei only felt a pain in his consciousness and his movements paused for a moment but he immediately broke free of Ye Mo’s divine sense slashes. Without waiting for him to continue his ‘Scarlet Snowflake Sword Technique’ he saw an equally eye-catching long purple aura.

At this moment, he surprisingly felt that this long purple awning was so beautiful, with a dazzling light that seemed to take him away to a place where he should go, even as a longing rose up in his heart.

No, Tie Bai Fei instantly understood and forcibly burned a mouthful of essence blood and immediately had to recall the great bell to block this long purple awning.

What Ye Mo wanted was just this moment of time, the ‘Illusory Cloud Huashan Blade, had already cleaved out, going forward with courage and fearlessness.

The entire hall was filled with this purple colour. It was as if it had come from the sky, but it was also as if it had appeared out of thin air.

Some female cultivators even closed their eyes and became intoxicated as they looked at the long purple mane. What a beautiful purple long mane, at this moment almost all cultivators with a slightly lower cultivation level wanted to embrace this purple long mane and not think about anything.

“Poof” Tie Bai Fei felt the long purple mane pa*s over his head, he heard the sound of his bones breaking, he heard the sound of his body shattering.

He barely opened his eyes, looked at Ye Mo and said softly, “What a beautiful purple rainbow ……”

After saying that, he fell down, and a moment later his body split in pieces.

Ye Mo put away the ‘Purple Drop’ and closed his eyes, at this moment he once again entered a new temple of the Dao of the Blade. He had an epiphany of another blade technique, a blade technique that he had comprehended from Tie Bai Fei’s bloody snowflake just now.

Only a moment later did Ye Mo open his eyes and muttered, “Flicking Flower Purple Mane, the sky is a stone’s throw away.”

This blade of his was like a flicking flower, silent, and after others thought it was a blade mane from the ends of the earth, that blade mane had already arrived at a stone’s throw. Or it was killed willingly and fearlessly.

”The Illusory Cloud Huashan Blade, which has become a great success, no longer has the clumsy axe marks that it had before, it has become a completely silent and sure killing slash. No one could understand that a straightforward Huashan Blade could still be silent, but Ye Mo understood.

All those around him drew in a cold breath those who did not understand would not understand. But those experts who were above the Cultivated Tripod could profoundly appreciate the terror of Ye Mo’s blade technique, killing between the flicking flowers, and when you were killed, you didn’t even know if you were among the flowers or in a fight.

Even Yang Feicheng, the patriarch of the Wuji Sect, stared at Ye Mo with a horrified expression. At this moment, he had even forgotten about his anger and the fact that another genius disciple of the Wuji Sect had been killed by Ye Mo. What he was thinking was that Ye Mo was only at the Void God layer cultivation level and he was so terrifying, when he reached the Robbery Transformation cultivation level, or even the True Transformation cultivation level, who else in this world could be a match?

At this moment, almost all the sect masters were shocked, what they were shocked about was not that Ye Mo could kill Tie Bai Fei who was at the sixth level of Void God, what they were shocked about was Ye Mo’s long purple rainbow that killed with a flick of a flower.

Tie Bai Fei had already died, and the sword skill he sent out had long since dissipated. The icy coldness inside the hall had long since gone, but all of them felt that the icy coldness inside the hall at this moment was much colder than the bloody snowflake Tie Bai Fei sent out.