DYM Chapter 1152

Zhang Wu had originally come to avenge Zhan Shui Ip, he was all set to go down, now Yu Tong came up for Wen Caiyi, he also knew that he was no match for Yu Tong, he also clasped his fist and said, “Brother Yu is already in the late YuanYing stage, Zhang Wu thinks he is no match.”

Without fighting at all, the man had already gone down.

When Zhang Wu went down, only then did some core disciples of the big sects come out to fight, and these people were really here for Wen Caiyi

The scene was also heated up again, and Wen Caiyi finally came out from her extreme embarra*sment.

Ye Mo didn’t pay attention to the competition, his mind was completely on Luo Ying’s body. If it wasn’t for the fact that he simply couldn’t leave now, he would have taken Luo Ying and the others and left the place.

Several hours later, a terrifying explosion caused Ye Mo, who was talking to Susu Beiwei, to look up and pay attention, only to find that the two people fighting on the field were already both at Void cultivation, one at the fifth level of Void God, while the other was already at the seventh level of Void God cultivation.

The one with the fifth level of Void God cultivation was a disciple of the Xuan Bing Sect, while the one with the seventh level of Void God cultivation was actually a disciple of the Nangong Villa.

Nangong Villa was an eight-star sect, originally Ye Mo did not care about this sect at all, but since listening to Qing Meng Zhai Shan Bing Lan’s words, he was very concerned about this sect. This was because the Nangong Mountain Villa was the previous Nine Star Mountain Villa, and also the Fish Leaping Dragon Gate Villa. Originally, he had planned to go to Nangong Villa for a turn when his cultivation was successful, but he had not expected to come into contact with the cultivators of Nangong Villa here.

When he first arrived earlier, he was so hung up on Susu and Bei Wei that he didn’t care, but now that Susu was already around, Ye Mo immediately noticed this cultivator from Nangong Villa.

The Nangong Villa cultivator was obviously more powerful than the Xuan Bing Sect’s. At this moment, he had already severely injured the Xuan Bing Sect’s Void God fifth layer cultivator and had no power to fight back.

Faced with this scene, several elders of the Xuan Bing Villa and the sect master Yan Guan’s face was very ugly, the match to choose a son-in-law was jointly proposed by the Xuan Bing Sect and the Wuji Sect, but now the Xuan Bing Sect had lost all its troops, and the last disciple with the fifth level of Void God cultivation had been defeated. However, as a host, nothing could be more humiliating than this.

The daughter-in-law that originally belonged to the Xuan Bing Sect had been snatched from the hands of another sect, not to mention the fact that it was snatched in front of so many big sects. But even if it was a disgrace, there was nothing they could do. It was not that there were no more powerful disciples, but the condition was that they were within 60 years of age, and the Xuan Bing School really did not have any.

Not to mention the Xuan Bing Sect, people from other sects were also very puzzled. Nangong Mountain Villa was only an eight-star sect, even if they wanted to defeat the disciples of the Xuan Bing Sect, there was no need to lay such a heavy hand, right? Moreover, it was at the doorstep of someone else’s house, what Nangong Villa did was just too unconscionable.

Seeing Ye Mo staring at that Nangong Villa cultivator, the Sword Valley’s claimed true exhaustion knew that Ye Mo hadn’t paid attention to the bout just now and took the initiative to transmit a voice to Ye Mo saying, “That is Nangong Villa’s genius disciple, Nangong Yihui, I heard that he is already at the seventh level of Void God cultivation and is ranked thirty-ninth on the Void God Test Name Tablet, he has already won twelve rounds in a row just now.”

Ye Mo nodded, he couldn’t have imagined that Nangong Mountain Villa had such a big bottom and didn’t give Xuan Bing Sect the slightest bit of face.

At this moment, the person presiding over the match was already an elder of the Xuan Bing Sect, although Nangong Yihui had already beaten the disciples of the Xuan Bing Sect, he still had to stand out and announce, “Nangong Mountain Villa Nangong Yihui has won, is there anyone else who wants to challenge Nangong Yihui for Fairy Wen?”

That elder asked several times one after another, but no one came out to answer. It was obvious that after those core disciples had seen Nangong Yihui’s strength, they had all been discouraged from continuing the match.

The corners of Nangong Yihui’s mouth turned up slightly, showing his strong confidence as he looked at Wen Caiyi, his eyes filled with joy. It was clear that in his mind, Wen Caiyi was already his.

Not waiting for Nangong Yihui to walk towards Wen Caiyi, another square-faced cultivator walked out.

Nangong Yihui had not met an opponent until now in the fight, and now when he saw that the person walking up was a Void God sixth layer cultivator, he immediately stopped himself with both eyes aglow.

“I’m just waiting for a fight, this friend has come at the right time, offer up your magic treasure, I’ll let you have three moves.” Nangong Yihui said unconcernedly as he raised the Moon Blade Ring in his hand.

The square-faced cultivator said indifferently, “You are not my opponent, the person I challenge is not you, get out of the way.”

Nangong Yihui had never fought anyone who dared to say that he was not his opponent until now, and his face suddenly turned icy cold. If it wasn’t for the repeated instructions from the sect elders, he would have imitated Ye Mo’s slash and slashed his enemy directly in the middle. Unfortunately, the elders had repeatedly instructed that there was absolutely no killing here.

And what this square-faced cultivator said in front of him immediately gave him the urge to kill someone right away.

“Then let’s see how you can make me no match.” After Nangong Yihui finished speaking, he even ignored it any longer, and the Moon Blade Ring in his hand had already been sacrificed.

As soon as the Moon Blade Ring was sacrificed, it immediately emitted a ‘sizzling, piercing sound in the air, carrying a blade light that was like a circle that instantly enveloped the square-faced cultivator. The circle of saber light increased one after another, seemingly never-ending.

Those who had seen Nangong Yihui’s hands around were well aware of the power of this move of Nangong Yihui, and those who had fought with Nangong Yihui were even more aware of the power of this move. This Moon Blade Ring was very bizarre, once you were caught in the ring of blades, it was very difficult to get out. In the end, he had to lose to Nangong Yihui. This was because Nangong Yihui was not good at killing people, otherwise none of the cultivators who fought with him would have escaped with their lives.

The square-faced cultivator’s face changed as he was caught in the white blade ring of Nangong Yihui’s moon blade ring, but he soon let out a muffled grunt and struck out with several hand tricks. A light red mist appeared on his body, and the white sabre ring trapped in his body instantly began to dissipate in the mist, and in just a moment’s time, the square-faced cultivator was completely free from the white sabre ring.

At this moment, a large bell had suddenly appeared above his head, and then he looked coldly at Nangong Yihui and said, “You are qualified to fight with me.”

Just without waiting for Nangong Yihui to speak, another young cultivator came up, this one far more dashing than the square-faced cultivator, and with a smile on his face the whole time.

He stopped the square-faced cultivator behind him and then gave Nangong Yihui a hug, “Cai Yi is our senior sister, we are not here to compete with you for Cai Yi, this is my senior brother Tie Bai Fei, he came here because he admires the style of Fairy Susu. Senior Brother Nangong, you shouldn’t be interested in Fairy Susu too, right?”

Nangong Yihui hurriedly waved his hand and said, “No, how could I, I am only infatuated with Fairy Wen, other people are none of my business.”

Hearing Nangong Yihui’s reply, the smiling young man was disappointed in his heart but still said, “There is no one left to challenge you now, my senior sister is over there, go over and talk on your own.”

“Good, good, I was offended just now, Nangong Yihui apologises to this senior brother.” When Nangong Yihui heard the words of that smiling youth, he realised that the Fairy Wen he was pursuing was actually someone’s senior sister, and it was obvious that if he were to offend Fairy Wen’s senior brother, it would not be good in the future. So his Void God seventh level, and the world me first character, surprisingly also knew to call the Void God sixth level Tie Bai Fei senior brother, is really a little too fond of Wen Caiyi.

Only after Nangong Yihui walked towards Wen Caiyi did the smiling youth disdainfully glance at his back, then patted the square-faced cultivator’s shoulder again, but did not say anything.

At this moment, even if the square-faced cultivator didn’t say anything, all the people inside the hall knew that this man was here to make things difficult for Ye Mo, and would probably even use the competition to kill him.

It looked like the hatred between the Wuji Sect and Ye Mo was not small, otherwise they wouldn’t have purposely called two experts from the sect to come over. Coming from the Wuji Sect to the Xuan Bing Sect in such a short time, even if there was a teleportation array, one would have to use a top-notch spatial transport talisman, otherwise it would be too late.

If the Wuji Sect really killed Ye Mo here, the Xuan Bing Sect would also have to bear part of Dan City’s wrath. It was ridiculous that he had thought before that Ye Mo would win in the end. Now that his life was about to be lost, how could he win?

Yan watched with understanding, and of course the rest of the people also saw with understanding. Some cultivators who had good feelings towards Ye Mo sighed for him, while some sects who were angry at Ye Mo started to gloat. If the Wuji Sect was so easy to offend, the Sword Valley would not have been exterminated. Could anything good happen to Ye Mo after he had offended the Wuji Sect? Moreover, the Wuji Sect killed Ye Mo here, and did so openly and honestly.

As expected the square-faced cultivator waited for the two to leave and then suddenly clasped his fist and said aloud, “Tie Bai Fei of the Wuji Sect admires Luo Susu of the Xuan Bing Sect and specially challenges, anyone who likes Fairy Susu, Tie Bai Fei is here to wait.”

Ye Mo sneered in his heart, although he had no interest in watching the bout just now, he still saw clearly the two cultivators from the Wuji Sect and the two cultivators from the Lei Yun Sect, as well as the disciples from the rest of the sects who came in midway. At that time, he felt that these people came in most likely to target him, and he didn’t expect that to really be the case.

Su Su looked at Ye Mo with a puzzled face, didn’t she already come with Ye Mo, why did someone else say they were challenging for her? Zhao Rong’s news wasn’t very complete, she and Tang Beiwei didn’t hear the whole thing either, immediately after they arrived at the main hall, they were brought over by Ye Mo, both of them thought that the Xuan Bing Sect had agreed to them following Ye Mo, they didn’t expect that there would be a challenge now.

It was a good thing that neither she nor Tang Beiwei could see Tie Bai Fei’s cultivation level, otherwise the two of them would definitely be worried beyond belief now, and it was even possible that they would not allow Ye Mo to go up for the competition.

Although Ye Mo was powerful, the difference between him and the sixth level of Void God was too great. Moreover, that Tie Bai Fei could even be compared to Nangong Yihui who was at the seventh level of Void God, and all the people present had seen how powerful Nangong Yihui was.

Even Le Yao let out a secret sigh, she had just befriended Ye Mo and he was about to get killed. Even if she wanted to help Ye Mo, there was nothing she could do. This approach of the Wuji Sect was clearly an attempt to kill Ye Mo.

Ye Mo comforted Su Su and Bei Wei, walked to the middle of the hall in front of Tie Bai Fei, and directly offered up the ‘Purple Bamboo Strip’ without a word of nonsense, his killing intent had already started to climb, while the ‘Purple Bamboo Strip’ also emitted a buzzing sound, as if he was looking forward to this battle even more than Ye Mo. ……