DYM Chapter 1151

When Ye Mo killed Nan Promotion with a single slash, many people were still immersed in the stunning slash they had just made, and in the blink of an eye they were frozen by the softness in front of them.

In the middle of the main hall Nan Promotion’s corpse, which was like a blood mist, was still there, but in the blink of an eye such a reunion was staged.

It seemed incongruous, very incongruous.

Fangyizhu looked dumbfounded at the fact that the disciple, who usually did not fake colours to any male cultivator, was so close to Ye Mo, she could not understand.

Even if Ye Mo was Susu’s once secular husband, it was still impossible for him to be like this. Su Su had already cultivated the truth, and those mundane bonds were, according to her, very thin. In the cultivation world, even if a man and a woman are together, most of them are just for dual cultivation. The kind of joy that Pixel Su and Ye Mo felt when they met each other was really very puzzling to her.

At this moment, Ye Mo was no longer in the mood for a challenge, pulling Pixel Su and Bei Wei back to their position long ago, as for the puddle of blood still in the middle of the hall, it had nothing to do with him at all.

Luo Susu and Tang Beiwei kept talking to Ye Mo for half a day before their mood gradually calmed down. Only then did Luo Susu look clearly at the situation inside the hall, but she was a little worried. She and Tang Beiwei then saw the master and the sect master again and immediately wanted to stand up and go to the master’s side to greet him.

Ye Mo, however, pulled the two of them back, “Don’t go over now, we’ll talk about it later.”

Although Luo Susu respected her master, but if she had to choose between him and Ye Mo, she would choose to listen to Ye Mo without hesitation, so she immediately sat down. Susu didn’t even move, and Tang Beiwei didn’t even move.

Fangyizhu sighed when she saw this scene, she knew she had thought wrong. Earlier she said that Susu would definitely listen to her, but now she realised that her status in the hearts of her disciples was far less than this Ye City Master.

“Susu, Bei Wei ……”, Fei Lu called out.

“Falling Fay, why are you here too?” It was only at this time that Tang Beiwei saw Fei Lu sitting next to her and immediately asked with delight.

Inside the main hall though there was no longer the silence from earlier, and the blood stains in the middle of the hall had also been cleaned up by someone. However, when Ye Mo and the others were talking, no one dared to say more.

“What? The Sword Valley was destroyed by the Wuji Sect? What about Sister Zi Yun?” Tang Beiwei shouted out in shock when she heard Fay Lok’s words.

Tang Beiwei’s words were so loud that almost the entire people inside the hall heard them. If anyone else had dared to speak so loudly, they would have been rebuked long ago, or if anyone else had dared to say anything wrong about the Wuji Clan, they would have been killed by He Lin of the Wuji Clan.

But when Tang Beiwei shouted out in such a shocked manner, no one raised anything wrong. Yang Feicheng of the Wuji Clan even had a gloomy face – not a single word was said. There was nothing else he could do now except that he could kill Ye Mo through the bout.

Fei Fei’s few faces stared at the Wuji Clan’s location with indignation as he said word for word, “Yes, I will seek justice for the division.”

Ye Mo didn’t say anything, he knew that right now he could only save himself and the few people around him wanting to seek justice or even revenge from the Wuji Clan, he was still too far behind. Even if he brought it up here, reasoning had the advantage, but as he and Jin Zhi showed, without strength, there was no reasoning.

Yan watched and was relieved to see that Susu had arrived on Ye Mo’s side. Anyone who wanted to challenge Ye Mo at this time would be a fool if they were not someone who had a deep hatred for him. He believed that it was unlikely that anyone from the general sects would continue to challenge Ye Mo, unless there were a few families that had a grudge against him.

Seeing that Tang Dewei’s words seemed to stir up trouble again, Yan Guan immediately stood up and said, “Since Lord Ye City has now gone down, now those talents who still want to fight please take the court, our fight will continue with our son-in-law.”

Only this time, Yan Guan’s words went on for half a day, but no one came out. Many cultivators seemed to have been stunned by Ye Mo’s stunning slash just now, and some were not quite willing to get off the stage. A Void God second layer cultivator, or from the Wuji Sect, was killed by Ye Mo with a single slash, and he didn’t even manage to sacrifice his magic treasure to see how powerful Ye Mo was.

Just when Yan Guan was a little embarra*sed, a disciple of the Xuan Bing Sect came out, he first saluted Yan Guan and a few elders of the Xuan Bing Sect, and then saluted the sect heads or elders on both sides before saying, “My junior disciple Zhan Shui water spinach of the Xuan Bing Sect has admired Immortal Wen of the Wuji Sect for a long time, and is willing to accept Immortal Wen’s choice, anyone who thinks the same as my disciple, please come forward to spar. .”

The words of Zhan Shui water spinach were just like his looks, civilized and courteous

There was no hint of fire. It was completely different from the domineering words spoken by Ye Mo before, but gave off a different kind of poise.

He was sitting next to Ye Mo at this time and grabbed his hand. Ye Mo’s heart had long been at peace and his mind was even more completely calm.

The eyes of Zhanshui water spinach when he said this did not focus on Wen Caiyi at all, obviously he was not drunk at all to admire Wen Caiyi. It is estimated that he came out to save the day on purpose, as he did not want his sect’s head to be cold.

He was a very young man, but it was impossible for him to hold Wen Caiyi back.

Ye Mo could see that Zhan Shui Ip was not sincere in his challenge for Wen Caiyi, and Wen Caiyi, who was in the game, understood this even better. She glanced coldly at Ye Mo and Luo Susu, and suddenly an inexpressible anger rose up in her heart.

Ye Mo had been using her as an excuse from the beginning, making her have anger that she couldn’t get out. After that, he killed his own sect’s southern promotion with a single slash for Luo Susu’s sake, and now he was even closer to that Luo Susu.

If it was said that Ye Mo was just a mediocre person, then forget it.

But Ye Mo was not only the honorary city lord of Dan City, but also a seventh grade Dan King, and an existence that could cross the level and kill the other party in one move. It could be said that compared to those geniuses who looked up to her, Ye Mo was even a genius among geniuses. Previously, senior brother Yuan Guan Nan was so astonishingly talented that he was already at the fifth level of Yuan Ying in his thirties, but he was also killed by Ye Mo at the Hall of Meteoric Truth. It was evident that Ye Mo was much more outstanding than Yuan Guan Nan.

In fact, all this was nothing, but she, Wen Caiyi, was tied with Luo Susu among the Ten Beauties of Nan’an, and now that Ye Mo was Luo Susu’s husband, it was obvious that whoever ended up winning the competition was probably not as talented as someone like Ye Mo.

Previously she had said in public that Luo Susu did not deserve to be tied with her for first place in the Nan’an Ten Beauties, but now that her husband was so much stronger than her own, this was simply a slap in her own face.

And it was obvious that the Zhan Shui water spinach who had just come up to challenge for her sake had not come for her on purpose either, which made her even more depressed. Although she had previously vowed that she would snatch up whoever Luo Susu’s husband was and sneer at him and kick him out, now Wen Caiyi no longer had the confidence. The other person, City Lord Ye, was simply not interested in her at all, and was even disgusted.

“Tian Yan Clan Wang Du Xu has come to receive a lesson, please show mercy to Brother Zhan.” With Zhan Shui Ip’s outburst, immediately another YuanYing 6th level cultivator stepped forward.

It was obvious that he was not here for Wen Caiyi either, not that Wen Caiyi did not attract him, in fact he knew very well that if he wanted to get Wen Caiyi with his cultivation level, it would be impossible.

As a core disciple of a seven-star clan, Wang Du Xu was not badly qualified to have cultivated to the sixth level of YuanYing at the age of less than sixty. The reason he wanted to come out and fight with Zhan Shuihui was more because he wanted to know what the difference was between him and a disciple of the same cultivation level in a nine-star sect.

Although the fight was splendid, there was no killing machine of that kind, compared to the previous scenario where Ye Mo and Nan Promotion hadn’t even fought before the killing aura filled the hall.

Even though both of them were core disciples of the great sect, but this kind of moderate fight, Ye Mo was really not interested in watching, he whispered and discussed with Su Su and Bei Wei about the experience after the separation, both sighing.

He was only half an incense stick before he was sent flying by Wang Duxu’s sword and suffered a minor injury.

Originally, Zhan Shui had not come up to fight for Wen Caiyi, so it was fine if he lost. However, at the entrance of the Xuan Bing Sect, a core disciple of a nine-star sect was knocked out by Wang Du Xu and was injured, which immediately caused more core disciples of the Xuan Bing Sect to be dissatisfied.

Without waiting for Wang Du Xu to go down, another Xuan Bing Sect cultivator of the sixth level of the Yuan Ying sect flew up, this disciple did not even say much and said directly to Wang Du Xu, “Brother Wang is really good, Zhang Wu has received a high level of teaching.”

After saying that, he did not even wait for Wang Du Xu to reply, a hammer-shaped magic treasure was already offered by him. Zhang Wu’s aura was completely different from that of Zhan Shuihui’s. He had no more of Zhan Shuihui’s sparring mentality, and he was completely at full strength.

Several Elders of the Xuan Bing Sect hurriedly set up some prohibitions, which did not affect the people on the side.

Wang Du Xu was already inferior to Zhang Wu, and after another battle, plus Zhang Wu was even more at full strength, again only half a column of time, Zhang Wu was surprisingly beaten and spat out blood.

One of the late consummated YuanYing cultivators of the Heavenly Diffraction Sect, seeing that Wang DuXu had been seriously injured, immediately stepped forward to retrieve the scene for Wang DuXu.

But an elder of the Tian Yan Clan called him back in time, obviously knowing that if this went on, there was no guarantee that the scene of Ye Mo and Nan’s promotion contest would not happen.

This was not a fight to choose a son-in-law at all, this was already a real fire. The few people who came down to fight, except for Zhan Shui who mentioned Wen Caiyi, the rest of them didn’t mention it at all, obviously none of them came down to fight for Wen Caiyi.

Wen Caiyi’s face was extremely ugly at this moment, she was the number one of the ten most beautiful people in Nan’an, but she was ignored in such a way.

Luckily, Wen Caiyi did not stay depressed for long as a late ninth level YuanYing stage cultivator from the Divine Wind Valley came out, he first gave Zhang Wu a fist hug before saying, “Yu Tong from the Divine Wind Valley has come especially for Fairy Wen. Please enlighten me, Brother Zhang.”