DYM Chapter 1150

At this moment in the main hall of Xuan Bing Peak, all the people were waiting for the first challenger to come out when they found that Ye Mo suddenly walked out and stood in the middle of the main hall.

No one expected Ye Mo to be the first to stand out at this time, and no one knew what he wanted to do.

“My friends, and all the sect masters. As I have already said, I believe everyone now knows that Susu is my Ye Mo’s wife. I am now standing here, if anyone dares to make a move on Susu, then just come up and don’t blame me, Ye Mo, for being ungracious. Today was supposed to be Fairy Wen’s big day, and I have come to congratulate her, not to fight. Those who want to hold Fairy Wen back can challenge anyone, just don’t challenge me.”

As Ye Mo said this, his voice abruptly turned cold, “If any of you have thoughts about Susu, you don’t need to challenge others, just challenge me Ye Mo directly, I’ll take it all.”

After saying that, Ye Mo swept a cold glance at Yang Feicheng and Wang Shuanhe before fixing his gaze on Fangyizhu, saying in one word, “No matter who you are, if you dare to touch Susu, just come at me, Ye Mo.”

Wen Caiyi once again turned blue with anger, she could not imagine that Ye Mo had ignored her.

The hall came to a brief standstill, it was really good domineering talk. Could it be that if dozens of people wanted to move Luo Susu’s mind, he was going to challenge all of them?

“City Master Ye is really so domineering, the South Promotion of the Wuji Clan would like to come and try to see if your cultivation level is as domineering as your tone.” After saying that, a man from the Wuji Clan wearing a green-coloured cultivator’s uniform leapt out.

If he knew that he had already killed a Void God seventh level cultivator of the Wuji Sect on the way, he would not have jumped out like this.

After Nan Promotion came up and sneered at Ye Mo first, he once again clasped his fist and said to the Patriarch of the Wuji Clan and the Sect Master of the Xuan Bing Sect, “There are injuries in the match, I wonder what happens if the junior in the event that he injures or kills City Master Ye by mistake?”

“Humph!” Yan Guan of the Xuan Bing Sect and Yang Feicheng of the Wuji Sect did not say anything, but it was Wang Fenghe of the Lei Yun Sect who snorted coldly and said, “Since you don’t have the ability to be killed you deserve it, otherwise go down and don’t come up here to make a fool of yourself.”

With a smile, he bowed to Wang Shiphe and said, “Thank you, Master Wang, for your guidance, junior knows.”

After saying this, Nan promoted raised his hand and a hexagonal bell and hovered above his head, while a lower grade true weapon, the Golden Jiao Sword, appeared in his hand. Only then did he look at Ye Mo indifferently and said, “I just have my eye on Luo Susu, so what if you do? A mere Void God layer cultivation and you dare to be so arrogant, Mister Nan has long looked at you with displeasure.”

“As you wish.” Ye Mo’s body emitted an ice-cold aura, that killing intent pervaded the moment Nan Promotion said that he had taken a fancy to Susu, and even the rest of the cultivators sitting inside the main hall could deeply feel the endless killing aura on Ye Mo’s body. Some of the disciples with lower cultivation levels even involuntarily winced.

“What a powerful killing intent.” Several sect masters secretly staggered, just from this diffuse killing intent sweeping out from Ye Mo, all of them knew that this Ye City Lord should not just be powerful in alchemy.

Although Ye Mo was a Dan King, but a mere Void God first layer cultivator, Nan Promotion didn’t even put it in his eyes. Although he had not yet been able to leave his name on the Void God Test Name Tablet, he was very confident in his own strength.

He just didn’t expect Ye Mo’s killing intent and murderous intent to be so strong, causing him, who was facing Ye Mo, to winced.

But before he could make another move, a purple colour that was like a monochromatic rainbow swept in, and the overwhelming killing intent became even more intense.

“Hua…Shan…Blade ……”

Daring to hit Susu’s attention, Ye Mo couldn’t think of anything else, only endless killing intent. That endless killing intent made him slash out the ‘Illusory Cloud Huashan Blade’ with all his might without hesitation.

I only have one path, and the path is Huashan, will I be willing to kill you if I don’t. The blade went straight ahead with no retreat, or maybe it didn’t give itself any retreat at all.

There was no defence, no reserve, a complete slash. This slash gathered all his anger and was bound to kill without return.

Nan saw that his opponent was only slashing out a long knife, a long knife like a chopper to be exact. But in the face of this lengthened kitchen knife, a hint of fear rose in his heart at this moment, what kitchen knife could emit such a terrifying killing intent and purple aura? Subconsciously, he was about to sacrifice the Golden Jiao Sword in his hand, but he found that his true essence slowed down in this instant, and could not even be coalesced instantly.

What kind of sword technique was this? Nan Promotion was wildly shocked in his heart.

But the speed of Ye Mo’s slash was too fast, and the might was too amazing. There was a tendency to be tragic and unrelenting, as if the opponent would not stop until this blade killed him, even if he went to heaven and earth.

“No ……” South Promotion screamed out the word no in despair before he felt the purple slicing through his brow before he heard a loud ‘clang’. He suddenly felt that the sound should be his defense bell, Ye Mo was able to split his defense bell with one slash and then also cut him down.

Blood mist spurted out and Nan Promotion was killed by Ye Mo’s slash without even sacrificing his magic treasure.

Silence instantly fell inside the main hall.

A single slash had decapitated a Void God second layer cultivator, or Nan Promotion, a core disciple of the Wuji Sect. At this moment, the two halves of Nan Xuanfeng’s body that had fallen to the ground suddenly split apart without any warning, surprisingly torn apart by the knife mane that had not completely dissipated, in a tragic shape.

The sect leaders of those great sects all sucked in a cold breath, when had they ever seen such a powerful Void God first layer cultivator? A single slash had decimated a Void God second layer. This slash still split the opponent’s hexagonal defence bell before coming down through the brow.

Overwhelming, too overwhelming.

How much indignation did it take to have such terrifying killing power and powerful explosive force? There was silence for a long time before Yan Guan then said dryly, “First battle, Ye City Master wins.”

Yang Feicheng’s face was so gloomy that black water was dripping out of it, he stared at Ye Mo with two eyes spitting fire, he also could not have imagined that Ye Mo was so powerful, with a mere Void God layer cultivation, he had killed Nan Promotion with a single slash. This person absolutely could not be left behind, once he grew up, where would the existence of the Wuji Sect be?

When Fangyizhu saw Nanpeng, who had been cut into a bloody mist by Ye Mo, she subconsciously shivered and regretted her decision even more. Ye Mo was only at the first level of Void God, but he was so powerful, once he fully grew up, who would be able to match him? This was simply another Chu Jiu Yu.

“You sneak attacked.” An elder of the Wuji Sect suddenly stood up and said in an angry voice.

Ye Mo gripped the ‘Violet Commencement’ tightly and didn’t even look at him, his heart was still reflecting on the slash he had just made, casting the Illusory Cloud’s sixth slash ‘Illusory Cloud Huashan Slash’ again gave him a new sense of understanding.

Le Yao of the Heavenly Demon Sect suddenly giggled and said, ”This elder has a good eye, we didn’t even see City Lord Ye’s sneak attack, but you actually saw it clearly, remarkable. How did I see that it was the South Promotion who challenged City Master Ye to sacrifice his magic treasure first? It seems I’m blind.”

“Shut up.” Yang Feicheng chided at the elder, who went down with a red face. He was only a cultivator who had just advanced to Multiplying Tripod, still at the first level of Multiplying Tripod, while Le Yao was already at the late stage of Multiplying Tripod. Le Yao’s words clearly meant that whoever said that Ye Mo had attacked him secretly was blind.

Yang Feicheng said directly to another elder beside him, “Immediately send out a summons flying sword to get Min Wujian and Tie Bai Fei to come over.”

“Yes.” Min Wujian and Tie Baifei were the two best Void God cultivators of the Wuji Sect, although they were not the most powerful Void God cultivators, they were both the youngest Void God cultivators. Tie Bai Fei was at the sixth level of Void God, while Min Wu Jian was already at the late seventh level of Void God, and was even a figure on the Void God Trial Name Tablet.

At the same time, the Thundercloud Sect and several other sects also began to send out summons flying swords, apparently all marshalling their sect’s best disciples to come.

Ye Mo acted as if he didn’t see those sent out summons flying swords, instead, after he had fully penetrated the move he had just made, he then swept the surroundings with the ‘purple bullet’ in his hand and said coldly, “Anyone else who dares to hit Susu, just come up, I, Ye Mo, will take it. ”

At this moment, two women at the entrance of the main hall flew over impatiently on their flying swords, and when they heard Ye Mo’s voice, they even rushed towards the main hall without hesitation. That one of the Xuan Bing Sect’s disciples who was guarding the entrance of the main hall immediately saw this and was about to step forward to stop them, but was stopped by another Xuan Bing Sect’s cultivator, “Hold on, the ones coming are Luo Susu and Tang Beiwei from Xuan Yun Peak, just now the Sect Master was about to summon the two, don’t stop them, let them in.”

Ye Mo stopped his words at the same time, and instead looked at the entrance of the main hall with a surprised look on his face.

“Brother ……”

“Husband ……”

It wasn’t that Luo Ying hadn’t called Ye Mo husband before, but it was only once, usually she would rather call Ye Mo senior brother than husband. Today when she saw Ye Mo again, there was no way to express the excitement in her heart. Her whole body went soft and her heart felt as if it was about to explode. Or maybe only these two simple and cheesy words at this moment could express the joy and excitement in her heart at this moment.

“Beiwei, Susu.” Ye Mo’s heart suddenly loosened up, as long as he saw them then it would be good. No matter what happened, he could take the two away, what he feared was that he wouldn’t even be able to see them. At this moment, his anger towards Fangyizhu suddenly faded quite a bit, if Susu’s master deliberately targeted Susu, it would be impossible for Susu to see himself.

Luo Ying no longer had her previous reserve, she even rushed into Ye Mo’s arms, while Tang Beiwei also hugged Ye Mo’s arms without even wiping her tears.

Nothing could compare to the joy of being reunited after a long time, nothing could express the feelings of the three of them at this moment.

Although Tang Beiwei had not said it before, but after she learned about the cultivation world, she even thought for a while that she would never see Ye Mo again, but she never thought that she would see him again, and in the Xuan Bing Sect.

To Ye Mo, he knew that Susu was in the Xuan Bing Sect, but he had no way to come and take her away. The kind of stifling he felt, the kind of depression and unspeakable feelings that no one understood. He tried his best to cultivate, but he was still far from those old demons. Before the Dan King Competition, when others wanted to kill him, he was not even as good as a mole.

“The reed is pale and the white dew is frost. The so-called Yi Ren is on the other side of the water. If you follow the path, the path is obstructed and long; if you follow the path, you are just in the middle of the water.”

This was a true reflection of his heart, and now the Iyi was in his arms. Ye Mo’s mood was instantly relieved, when he returned to Dan City to take away Light Snow, what else could he regret?