DYM Chapter 1149

After Yan Guan finished speaking, he was relieved to see that Lu Wuhu did not come forward to help Ye Mo speak. He was afraid that Lu Wuhu would come hard, once Lu Wuhu forcefully wanted to take Luo Susu away. The Xuan Bing Sect would have to fight with Lu Wuhu in order to save their dignity. Even if they won in the end, this kind of ending was definitely not what Yan Guan wanted.

This was because not only did he lose the battle with Lu Wuhu, but he would also have to offend Dan City.

And after this Elder Fan brought up the matter of the bout, Ye Mo surprisingly did not forcefully ask Lu Wuhu to fight again, and Lu Wuhu did not take the initiative to come forward either. At the same time, Yan Guan was relieved and was secretly speculating about Ye Mo’s relationship with Lu Wuhu. If their relationship was really as Ye Mo said, Lu Wuhu should have stood up and spoken when Elder Fan proposed the match just now.

Yan Wei saw this detail clearly, and some people from other sects certainly saw it too. They were all old demons who had been cultivating for many years. Ye Mo had been so strong before, and when Elder Fan finally proposed a match to decide who would be Luo Susu’s husband, Ye Mo surprisingly did not refute. What could be explained, apart from Ye Mo’s lack of courage, was that Ye Mo was young and impetuous and was stiffened by the Xuan Bing Sect’s Elder Fan’s provocation, which led him to agree to the match.

Ye Mo knew it was a provocation, and one reason he agreed to the match to choose a son-in-law was because he was very upset that Wen Caiyi was going to challenge Susu in the first place, saying that Susu was inferior to her. So he wanted Wen Caiyi to open her eyes wide and see that Susu’s husband was much better than the one she had picked. Susu was light-hearted and did not like to fight, but Ye Mo was not of such a nature, and he wanted to help Susu get back this displeasure.

But more than that, the factor was really because there was no backbone to oppose, and distant water could not quench the thirst of the near. Although Dancheng’s backstage was big, it could only act as a threat. In other words, once he wanted to take Susu and Bei Wei by force and P*ssed off these nine-star sects and really fought, not to mention that Lu Wuhu had no way to help him, even if he did, as long as someone wrapped around Lu Wuhu, he would be a Void God cultivator who would be killed in seconds. After he died, what could Dancheng do?

Moreover, Ye Mo knew that as long as he continued to be strong, it was inevitable that he would anger the Nine Star Sect. He had angered the Wuji Clan before, and He Lin of the Wuji Clan had struck out at him, and if it wasn’t for Lu Wuhu, he would have died at He Lin’s hands.

At the same time, Ye Mo secretly sighed in his heart that he had made a mistake, if he had known to invite the Silver Moon City Master of Dan City to come along, then he would have taken Susu and Bei Wei away and no one would have dared to speak at all.

In the end, it was still cultivation ah, one cultivation level was low, and the second network was a little less. He had only advanced to seventh grade Dan King, and did not yet have the strength and connections of Silver Moon Dan King and Yantian Dan King. If they were sitting here now, perhaps with just one word, a nine-star clan would help him out.

Since the bout was inevitable, Ye Mo took this as an outlet for Susu’s anger.

However, he was no fool, since he had agreed to the match to choose a son-in-law, he could not continue to take out so much bride price.

After Wen Caiyi’s proposal had been agreed to by Yan Guan and it had also been approved by most of the sects. Ye Mo once again stepped forward and said, “Sect Master Yan, since it is a competition to choose a son-in-law, then I will take back my previous bride-price. I don’t think every sect participating in the tournament will come up with the same thing as me, right? If Sect Master Yan agrees to choose a son-in-law for the competition, he is giving up my bride-price, and it is only fair for everyone to do so. I don’t think the Xuan Bing Sect would allow me to take a larger bride price to participate just because I am rich in Dan City. Of course, I don’t have a problem with taking more bride price, but to take the bride price and still let me go to the competition, I don’t think the Xuan Bing Sect would do such a thing.”

“……” After hearing Ye Mo’s words, Yan Guan froze, to be honest, the reason he agreed to the matter of choosing a son-in-law for the competition was because no matter if Ye Mo won or lost, the bride-price should end up being his Xuan Bing Sect’s.

He had already calculated the dao here, he didn’t want to offend the Wuji Sect, so he let Dancheng do it. Once Ye Mo won the fight, everything would be fine, and this was the most satisfactory outcome for him. Once Ye Mo lost, if it was to a normal seven-star or even eight-star sect. Yan Guan knew that those sects could not possibly dare to steal Susu from Ye Mo, so in the end Susu was still taken away by Ye Mo.

Once Ye Mo lost to the nine-star sect Wuji Sect or even the Thundercloud Sect, with the bride-price gesture Ye Mo had just made to Susu, it was obvious that Luo Susu had a high status in his heart. He would definitely pull out all of Dan City’s chips to fight for Luo Susu, and no matter which nine-star sect they were, they would not be able to compete with Dan City. In the end, Luo Susu would still be taken away by Ye Mo, and he would get the bride price all the same.

This would strip away the direct conflict between the Xuan Bing Sect and Dan City, leaving other sects to clash with Dan City. In his heart, he was still grateful to Elder Fan for proposing this match to choose his son-in-law, but he didn’t expect that Ye Mo would now say that the bride-price was off, how could this work?

However, he had just agreed to this matter, and it was simply impossible for him to back out now. He turned back and coldly glared at Fan Yizhu, if Fan Yizhu had agreed to let Ye Mo take Luo Susu before, where would there be so much trouble? Although he had offended the Wuji Sect, he had also made friends with Dancheng and Ye Mo, a seventh-grade Dan King.

Now, the only way is to let Fangyizhu beg Luo Susu after the competition, so that Luo Susu can blow some pillow talk in Ye Mo’s ears.

Fangyizhu had also calmed down at this point, she knew that what she had done was a bit wrong. She had never thought of marrying Susu off before, and if Ye Mo didn’t come, she shouldn’t have agreed even if the bride-price from the Wuji Sect was a ‘True Spirit Pill’. There had been core disciples who had entrusted their elders to come and say Su Su, but she had refused.

The reason why she later changed her mind and instead agreed to Yang Feicheng’s bride-price to marry Susu into the Wuji Clan. One was because Ye Mo gave her a bad first impression, and the second was because after learning of Ye Mo’s intentions, she knew that even the Xuan Bing Sect had no way to fight Dan City, and even if she did not agree today, she would still let Ye Mo take Susu afterwards.

So in a moment of impulsive anger, she simply agreed to Yang Feicheng’s bride-price. Of course, this had something to do with Yang Feicheng himself coming to say marriage. After that, she insisted on helping the Wuji Clan and even agreed to the match to choose her son-in-law, purely because Ye Mo scolded her for farting, causing her to completely lose her sanity.

At this time she calmed down, of course she knew that what she did was not good for Susu or the clan, but unfortunately she had already done it.


Xuan Yun Peak, one of the eighteen secondary peaks of Xuan Bing Mountain, had a peak master, Fan Yi Zhu, and Luo Susu and Tang Bei Wei were her disciples.

And at this time in one of the inner rooms of Xuan Yun Peak, Tang Beiwei was looking at Luo Ying with a puzzled face and asked, “Sister Susu, you’re already at the peak of Golden Dan, you only need one step to advance to Yuan Ying, why did you suddenly leave the gate?”

Sitting across from Tang Beiwei was a clear woman in a pale yellow dress, she was none other than Luo Ying, who Ye Mo was bent on taking away.

Hearing Tang Beiwei’s words, Luo Ying frowned a little and said, “I was suddenly disturbed, as if something was about to happen. I wasn’t in the mood to advance to YuanYing at all, so I came out.”

Tang Beiwei thought for a moment and suddenly said, “Sister Susu, why don’t we go talk to Master and go to the ‘Piaomiao Immortal Pond’ to see Qingxue, okay? Staying in this place all day is really a bit stuffy.”

Luo Ying knew that Tang Beiwei actually wanted her to go for a walk to relieve her boredom, so she smiled sweetly and said, “I’m fine, but it’s really time to go and see Qing Xue, I don’t know if Qing Xue is okay now, and I don’t know how Fei Lu and Zi Yi are doing now either.”

Tang Beiwei was just about to speak when her divine sense saw a woman in a pink dress running over in a hurry. She had just said, “Sister Susu, Senior Sister Rong is here.” The pink-skirted woman outside pushed the door in.

“Senior Sister Rong.” Luo Ying and Tang Beiwei both stood up.

Zhao Rong saw Luo Susu and said eagerly, “Senior Sister Susu, you’re out of the gate?”

“Yes, Senior Sister Rong? What’s happened? You look anxious?” Luo Ying asked suspiciously.

“Almost all the seven-star or higher sects have come to Xuan Bing Feng, and I heard that our sect was invited for the purpose of choosing a son-in-law for Wen Caiyi of the Wuji Sect. Now the exact news I got is not like that ah, I heard that the sect master and Elder Fan are also going to choose a son-in-law for Susu through this opportunity, Senior Sister Susu, what about this?” Zhao Rong said with an anxious look on her face. Although she didn’t know who Luo Susu’s husband was, she did know that Susu had a husband.

“Impossible.” Susu said offhand with a pale face. Master was very good to her and would never agree to this matter because this kind of thing had already happened once, but it was rejected by Master without hesitation.

“Sister Susu ……” Tang Beiwei also grabbed Luo Ying’s hand with a worried face, her heart just as anxious.

“I’ll go find Master.” Luo Ying suddenly said resolutely.

Zhao Rong took Luo Ying’s hand and said, “Right now the Xuan Bing Peak Hall is full of people with great power, Su Su you won’t be able to get in at all. Today’s incident was originally due to the Wuji Sect’s Sect Master coming to place a bride price, but then the Vice City Master of Dan City seemed to be at odds with the Wuji Sect and suddenly said he wanted to take you too, resulting in a fight between the two on the spot. Only later did the Sect Master agree to choose a son-in-law in the same way as Wen Caiyi, in a competition.”

“The vice lord of Dan City is also here?” Tang Beiwei and Luo Susu rarely went out, so they didn’t know that Ye Mo was already the honorary vice city lord of Dan City, but they knew the name of Dan City.

Zhao Rong nodded and said, “Yes, it’s the person that ‘Piaomiao Immortal Pond’ Ning Qingxue married, last time he came first in the Dan King Competition, ‘Piaomiao Immortal Pond’s’ Ning Qingxue was taken away by him on the spot. The ‘Piaomiao Immortal Pond’ didn’t dare to say a word, I’m afraid that today will end the same way as last time ah.”

Both Luo Ying and Tang Beiwei’s hands shook, and both of their faces turned ugly.

“Now is not the time to worry, let’s hurry up and think of a way to …… do it,” Zhao Rong thought that Luo Ying and Tang Beiwei were anxious because of the matter of choosing a son-in-law for the competition.

“You’re saying that Ning Qingxue was really taken away by that Dan City’s City Lord? Ning Qingxue didn’t resist?” Luo Ying’s tone even got a little anxious.

Zhao Rong looked at Luo Ying even more suspiciously, she herself was in crisis right now, and she still had the heart to worry about Ning Qingxue? But she still nodded and said, “Yes, at that time, she and that City Lord Ye looked very intimate, she was simply willing, how could she possibly resist again?”

“City Lord Ye?” Tang Beiwei and Luo Ying asked at the same time.

Zhao Rong nodded, “Yes, his name is Ye Mo, not only is he the first place winner of the Dan King Competition, but he is also the Honorary Vice City Lord of Dan City, and today he came to Xuan Bing Peak to compete with the Wuji Sect for Senior Sister Susu …… Susu, Bei Wei where are you going? Don’t ever mess up ……”

Zhao Rong did not finish her sentence, but found that both Luo Susu and Tang Beiwei had already rushed out of Xuan Yun Peak.