DYM Chapter 1148

Cultivators from other sects were all looking at Le Yao with envy on their faces, if they had known that they could befriend this seventh grade Dan King by helping Ye Mo say a word, everyone would have been a thousand long ago. However, there were some sects that didn’t think this way, the destruction of the Sword Valley was still on the horizon. Le Yao dared to speak up for Ye Mo because she was from the nine-star sect, the Early Demon Sect, and was not afraid of offending the Wuji Sect at all, but other sects didn’t dare to do so.

After Ye Mo finished thanking Le Yao, he said again: “After I become a ninth-grade Dan King in ten years, I can help the Xuan Bing Sect refine two ‘True Spirit Pills’, I don’t think the Xuan Bing Sect can afford to wait even ten years, right? This is just one of my bride-price gifts. The second is that I can completely pa*s on the ‘Weaving God Pill’ refining method to the Xuan Bing Sect’s dan masters, and even if it’s the ‘Yao Hua Pill’, I can also provide it to the Xuan Bing Sect as a priority. As for the spirit veins, if the Xuan Bing Sect wants them, I will go and borrow a few of them.”

The surrounding cultivators all sucked in a cold breath, what a big mouth oa, no one else would take this seriously, because it was simply unrealistic.

However, when Ye Mo said this, no one would not believe it.

The time it took for Ye Mo to become a seventh-grade Dan King was only ten years, which meant that the possibility of him becoming a ninth-grade Dan King in ten years was very high. As for the ‘God Weaving Dan’ thing, it went without saying that it was originally created by Ye Mo. That ‘Young Hua Dan’, that was also reverted by Ye Mo. The final spirit veins, it looked like Ye Mo had a big mouth, just a few of them, but that was the easiest thing to do. Because behind him was Dan City, to take out a few lower grade spirit veins from Dan City, it was as simple as breathing.

It could be said that Ye Mo’s bride-price was countless times higher than the Wuji Clan’s. The Wuji Clan only took out a single spirit vein, while Ye Mo took out the Dan formula for the ‘God Weaving Dan’. This one Dan recipe could benefit the Xuan Bing Sect countless times. This was the same as one teaching an entrant to fish and the other teaching an entrant to fish, completely different concepts.

If combined with the other ones, Ye Mo’s bride-price had already beaten that of the Wuji Sect.

An elder of the Wuji Clan hummed and said, “It’s just seeing flowers in the mist.”

Ye Mo smiled lightly and didn’t say anything, whether it was just flowers in the mist or not, he believed that the Xuan Bing Sect’s Sect Master was not a fool and would not be able to see it.

Sure enough after hearing Ye Mo’s words, even Yan Guan sucked in a cold breath, he didn’t think Ye Mo was talking nonsense. Even if in ten years, Ye Mo would not be able to advance to the ninth grade Dan King, there was no doubt that he would be able to refine the ‘Kun Xuan Dan’ that would condense the body to advance to the Cultivation Tripod right now. As long as Ye Mo helped the Xuan Bing Sect refine a few furnaces of ‘Kun Xie Dan’, it would be enough.

Whether a ‘True Spirit Pill’ from the Wuji Sect could advance to the True Transformation, that was still a matter of opinion, but Ye Mo could refine a constant stream of pills, so the comparison was immediately clear.

Just now, when Ye Mo said that he would help Le Yao refine pills for free, Le Yao’s delighted face knew how valuable a seventh grade Dan King would be to refine pills for free.

As soon as an elder of the Wuji Sect saw Yan Guan’s expression, he immediately knew that his side was completely losing the gift comparison. Without waiting for Yan Guan to speak, he hurriedly stepped forward and said, “In that case, then we’ll just compete with Cai Yi in choosing a son-in-law.”

Ye Mo said with a cold smile, “Wen Xianzi’s son-in-law selection contest was her own proposal, Luo Susu did not propose a son-in-law selection contest. You have no right to say this, you have to wait for Susu herself before you can decide.”

Now that both sides had offered a bride price, from the bottom of his heart, Yan Guan still favoured Ye Mo’s bride price, because even if he wanted to be at the peak of the robbery transformation it was not something that could be done in a short time. And it was just right for Ye Mo to send the ‘True Spirit Pill’ after ten years, even if Ye Mo was unable to refine it, he was the vice lord of Dan City, so he could still beg some of the Dan King seniors in Dan City to refine it. On this point, Yan Guan did not have the slightest doubt.

However, the Wuji Sect was also a nine-star sect, and even a nine-star sect that was too much stronger than the Xuan Bing Sect, so offending the Wuji Sect was obviously not a good idea either.

Yan Guan looked around and clearly understood that he was the only one who could make the decision now. Thinking of this, he turned to Fan Yi Zhu and said, “Elder Fan, why don’t you go and call Luo Susu over.”

However, Fan Yi Zhu said somewhat stiffly, “Susu is in seclusion and cannot be disturbed now. Susu is my disciple, and I don’t want my disciple to marry an incompetent, so let’s follow the Wuji Clan’s proposal of choosing a son-in-law through a competition. If Caiyi can choose her son-in-law in a competition, why can’t Susu? I believe Susu will not object even if she comes out of seclusion.”

After saying that, she looked at Ye Mo and said indifferently, “City Master Ye, you are a powerful entry, I don’t think you will be unwilling to compete in a match just because Susu doesn’t want to marry an incompetent entry, right?”

Fangyizhu already had an average impression of Ye Mo, and then Ye Mo even said that her words were fart, which made her even more annoyed and angry. Even those with a higher cultivation level than her would have to call her Elder when they met her. Now she was even the peak master of Xuan Yun Peak, when had she ever been scolded as a fart to her face? She just didn’t want Su Su to marry a self-righteous guy like Ye Mo. Not to mention that the marriage proposal was from Yang Feicheng of the Wuji Sect?

“Caiyi said last time that she wanted a husband who was a genius and that’s why she had to choose a son-in-law for the competition. My disciple Susu and Caiyi are among the Ten Beauties of Nan’an, so I don’t think Lord Ye would think that Susu is inferior to Caiyi and wouldn’t dare to compete to choose a son-in-law.” Afraid of Ye Mo’s disapproval, Fan Yizhu once again added a sentence.

In her heart, Fangyizhu no longer dared to come to a hard fight, just now the Wuji Clan tried to come to a hard fight with Ye Mo, but ended up being beaten by that Lu Wuhu beside Ye Mo, who could not even fight back. Now she could only choke Ye Mo with her words so that Ye Mo had to agree. She no longer even dared to say that she was going to make a hard decision for Susu, but instead provoked Ye Mo unless he admitted that Susu was inferior to Wen Caiyi.

Of course Ye Mo would not think that Susu was inferior to Wen Caiyi, he laughed coldly in his heart, so what if he was provoked? He laughed coldly, “Whether I am an incompetent or not, other people can tell me. I am only boasting myself when I say that I am incompetent. Even if it is a competition, I, Ye Mo, will not be inferior to the others. However, I only have the first level of Void God cultivation, can’t you ask an old demon to compete with me?”

“Don’t worry, the ones you fight with are not much older than you, Susu is also my disciple, I won’t let her marry an old man. You are not the only one in the Luo Yue Continent, there are many others. This competition is the same as the rules set by Caiyi, it’s all about prematurely talented disciples within the Azi.” Fangyizhu said coldly.

Ye Mo did not retort, although Azi was considered big in Ye Mo’s eyes, but in the cultivation world the age of Azi had indeed just begun. Moreover, Ye Mo was confident that if he couldn’t even match a cultivator who had cultivated for less than sixty years, his ‘Three Life Dictate’ wouldn’t be worthy of being called the Reverse Death Dictate.

He was not sure if there were any Body Condensation cultivators within the Azi, but there were definitely late Void God ones. If there were cultivators of Jing Yingli’s calibre, it would be possible for them to reach the peak of Void God at the age of sixty. The fact that many Void Gods didn’t go to the Hall of Meteoric Truth didn’t mean that there were no Void Gods in the Southern An Continent, but that was because the damage to the Hall of Meteoric Truth was too high and many sects were unwilling to let their talented disciples go and get killed.

“Good, since City Master Ye has also agreed to a match to decide the winner, then it is settled.” When Yan Guan saw that Ye Mo did not object, he hurriedly said, he was now afraid of Ye Mo.

Wen Caiyi suddenly stood out and bowed to Yang Feicheng before bowing to Yan Guan of the Xuan Bing Sect and said, “Senior Yan, there was no place for junior to speak here. However, as it is a matter of senior’s life, senior begs senior Yan to allow senior to make a suggestion.”

Wen Caiyi was obviously sensible, Ye Mo, this madman, had just lost face when he told Lu Wuhu to carry and throw him out because an elder of the Earth Demon Sect had spoken casually. She didn’t want that, so she consulted Yan Guan before speaking.

Yan Guan nodded his head and said with a smile, “If Caiyi has anything to say, just say it, you will be my Xuan Bing Mountain’s entry from now on, it doesn’t matter.”

Only then did Wen Caiyi bow again and said, “Since senior sister Susu and junior are both going to choose a son-in-law for the competition, junior thought that it would be better to choose a son-in-law for the two competitions together. It just so happens that all the talented disciples from all the major sects have followed their masters to Xuan Bing Mountain, so what I mean is that the son-in-law contest should not be limited to disciples of the Xuan Bing Sect, but any talented disciple who is of the right age can participate. If senior and senior sister Susu find someone they like, they can also come forward to choose. I wonder if senior Yan is satisfied with senior’s proposal?”

Yang Feicheng didn’t say anything, he was indeed as general as what Ye Mo thought, having Wen Caiyi come and join with Xuan Bing Mountain in marriage, as well as forming the Southern Alliance here, was also all to deal with Ye Mo. Ye Mo was not a single entrant, but had Dan City as a backing. If the Southern Alliance was formed, even if he killed Ye Mo, if Dancheng wanted to take revenge, there would be a Southern Alliance to defend against him, not just a matter for the Wuji Sect.

Now Ye Mo had taken the initiative to come to Xuan Bing Mountain, and had opened his mouth to destroy the Southern Alliance. Now even if Wen Caiyi was married to the Xuan Bing Sect, it would not have the same effect as before, so he did not stand up against Wen Caiyi’s words.

If it was said before, Yan Guan was eager to marry the Wuji Sect, but now after knowing that Ye Mo and the Wuji Sect had such a big gap, he had long put that idea on the back burner. Now that Wen Caiyi had taken the initiative to propose it, he was still eager to do so. If it wasn’t for the fact that Wen Caiyi was from the nine-star clan Wuji Clan, he might have already made the decision to give Susu to Ye Mo straight away.

“Good, good ……” Yan Guan hurriedly said, “Miss Caiyi’s proposal is good, so many talented people have come to my Xuan Bing Mountain today, so we can also see the style of the younger generation. Let’s follow Miss Caiyi’s proposal, all the young talents who come to Xuan Bing Mountain today can participate in the competition. Anyone who catches Caiyi’s or Susu’s eye will be able to propose marriage.”

After hearing Yan Guan’s words, all the young talented disciples of the sects were already excited and started to rub their fists together. Yan Guan was right, those who could be brought to such an occasion by the sect were all instantly handsome, none of them inferior.

For them, to be able to double up with a beautiful woman like Wen Caiyi was a blessing they had cultivated in a previous life. As for Luo Susu, although many of them wanted to, one look at Ye Mo’s stance told them that it was simply unrealistic. Even if they won against Ye Mo, the seniors of the sect would not let them marry Luo Susu. Who was kidding, even the Thundercloud Sect and the Wuji Sect and the Xuan Bing Sect, which were all 9-star sects, had nothing to do with Ye Mo. Who would have enough to offend a cultivator with an incredibly strong background like Ye Mo just for the sake of a female cultivator? Even the entry family was a seventh grade Dan King.

Wen Caiyi was different, firstly she didn’t have a husband yet, and secondly the request just now was from her, so of course she herself wouldn’t object.