DYM Chapter 1147

“Slowly, City Master Ye, there might be a misunderstanding in this matter. My Xuan Bing Sect is a nine star sect, how can we force Susu to do what she does not want to do, so we will call Susu here later and let her choose for herself. Elder Fan was also angry for a moment and Ba, so City Master Ye need not take it to heart.”

After Yan Guan finished speaking, he turned to Susu’s master and asked, “Elder Fan, why don’t you call your disciple Luo Susu here, and take this opportunity to find a good home for Susu as well.”

Yan Guan was really a little scared, once he had drawn out Dancheng’s Yue Qi Chao, then things would not end simply. Originally, the Xuan Bing Sect, with the help of the Wuji Sect and the Thunder Cloud Sect, already had an absolute advantage, and as long as they stood to reason, there was no way for Ye Mo to speak. But now, because of Wen Caiyi’s matter, he was unexpectedly caught by Ye Mo to refute the loophole, which immediately put him in a difficult situation. There was nothing that could be done except to compromise.

From the bottom of his heart, he did not want to fall out with Ye Mo if Fan Yizhu was not strong enough to confront him. Ye Mo was a seventh grade Dan King at such a young age, and he was also the Vice City Lord of Dan City. It was evident that there was a great future for such a person, so how could he, Yan Guan, be so ratty as to fall out with Ye Mo?

Although the bride-price from Yang Fei City of the Wuji Sect was very eye-catching, but Ye Mo’s origin was too big, besides, Ye Mo himself was not simple, and it was a good thing that Susu could marry Ye Mo. Unfortunately, Fan Yizhu was too straightforward and went against Ye Mo, resulting in the current awkward situation.

It seemed that Fan Yizhu also knew that her words were inappropriate. Although Ye Mo was young and his cultivation level was low, he was too big and the Xuan Bing Sect could not afford to offend him. Although she was very upset with Ye Mo, she did not say anything else.

Now that Yan Guan asked about Luo Susu, she had to say, “Susu is still in seclusion and has not come out yet.”

Yan Guan breathed a sigh of relief and said with a smile, “In that case I will put this matter aside for now and watch the competition of my Xuan Bing School’s young juniors first. The matter of Fairy Wen is also a big matter and cannot be sloppy.”

Wen Caiyi was staring at Ye Mo at this moment, her eyes were about to spurt out fire. It was absolutely impossible for her to say that she didn’t envy Luo Susu for such a talented cultivator like Ye Mo However, what Ye Mo had just said about making her marry a dog made her ashamed and angry. If she wasn’t ranked enough, she would have even gone up and killed Ye Mo with her sword.

Yang Feicheng also knew that in this situation, it was obviously impossible to take Luo Susu away by force. He could only say coldly with an iron face, “Ye City Lord is right, it is true that Susu’s opinion should be taken into consideration, but my Wuji Clan has already offered a bride-price to Susu, how come I have not seen any bride-price from Ye City Lord? If City Lord Ye has no idea about Xuan Bing’s Luo Susu, then Luo Susu doesn’t need to choose. Besides even if you were to come up with a bride-price now, it was my Wuji Clan who first proposed to marry Xuan Bing’s Luo Susu, what is your intention in following me to propose it? Is it because you want to go against my Wuji Clan?”

“Yes, they are now the Honorary Vice City Lord of Dan City, so of course they want to go against us, the nine-star sects. How else would you have brought up this matter just now, Lord Yang City, and King Ye Dan has also brought it up?” Others didn’t dare to help, but the Thundercloud Sect’s Sect Master Wang Funahe wouldn’t care about Ye Mo’s feelings in the slightest.

“Haha ……” Ye Mo laughed, “Patriarch Yang, you’re right about that. I said that I had just raised the matter of Susu to Sect Master Xuan Bing Yan, why did you suddenly intervene? Oh if you don’t want to believe that, you can ask Sect Master Yan who asked about Susu first.”

Yan Guan saw many eyes looking at him he was secretly angry at Yang Feicheng for looking for things, but he could not open his eyes and speak blindly, so he had to nod and say, “Lord Ye City did mention the matter of Susu when he first met me.”

Hearing this, many people from the sects looked at Yang Feicheng, and at this point, many people knew that it was not Ye Mo who was looking for trouble, but Yang Feicheng who was looking for trouble. Many people knew that Ye Mo and the Thundercloud Sect were feuding, they just didn’t say anything about it. At this moment, they even muttered to themselves, when did Ye Mo become a rival with the Wuji Sect again? This Lord Ye could cause trouble, and his ability to cause trouble was no worse than his ability to refine pills.

Yang Feicheng’s face was gloomy as he said in a cold voice, “I wonder what the bride-price of City Lord Ye is again?”

Ye Mo said with a bland smile, “I’ve been refining pills for over ten years and I’m a seventh grade Dan King in Ba Jing, I don’t think anyone would believe that I’m lying if I said that I’ll be a ninth grade Dan King in ten years.”

Sure enough once Ye Mo said these words, everyone inside the hall was silent because all of them knew that Ye Mo really wasn’t lying with these words.

The two most difficult levels for Dan Kings to climb were not the seventh to ninth grades, but the third to fourth grades, and the sixth to seventh grades. Now that Ye Mo was already a seventh-grade Dan King, to say that to reach the ninth grade might just be an accumulation of time and ba.

An ordinary person would need nearly hundreds or thousands of years or even more to go from a seventh-grade Dan King to a ninth-grade Dan King, but Ye Mo is a freak, he became a seventh-grade Dan King in a dozen years of alchemy, how could this not be something that would take more than a thousand years to do? But since he had done it in the front, who could be sure that he couldn’t do it in the back?

“So what? At least you’re not a Ninth Grade Dan King yet.

” One of the Elders from the Earth Demon Sect couldn’t help but stand out and say something.

Ye Mo snorted coldly, “What are you, I’m talking, is it your place to jack in? Get the hell out of here.”

“You”… “That elder from the Earth Demon Sect turned blue with anger and pointed at Ye Mo, surprisingly unable to say anything. Although his Earth Demon Sect was a sixth grade sect, it was at least invited by the Wuji Sect. It was not like this was Dan City’s territory, how dare Ye Mo be so arrogant as to tell himself to get out, this was simply a **naked slap in the face, and a slap at that.

Even Yan Guan’s face changed, Ye Mo was not only slapping the face of the Earth Demon Sect, but also the face of the Xuan Bing Sect. In the Xuan Bing Sect’s territory, he dared to tell other people to get out, even if it was a six-star sect, this was still too much of a mistake.

Ye Mo saw that Yan Guan was about to speak and immediately said to Lu Wuhu, “Elder brother Lu, there is another fly. Throw it out and forget about it, I’ll ask for another drink when I have time.”

Lu Wuhu couldn’t wait for Ye Mo to say this, drinking again would be striking twice. Simply two strikes, there was still one last chance to strike, he would only owe Ye Mo a favor, when he would return Ye Mo’s favor, he would go study the “Bitter Bamboo, Ye Zi properly himself.

So just as Ye Mo finished his words, Lu Wuhu had already extended a big hand of true essence and grabbed the Elder of the Earth Demon Sect who had just spoken and threw him straight out of Xuan Bing Peak.

Yan Guan swallowed what he was going to say and turned red with anger, but he could only hold back in the face of the powerful Ye City Lord who had a super fighter.

Luckily, Ye Mo still cared for his face and cupped his fist to Yan Guan and said, “Sorry Sect Master Yan, I was too impulsive in what happened just now, please forgive me, Sect Master Yan. When this matter is over, Ye Mo will apologize to Sect Master Yan specifically.”

Yan Guan swung to take over without mood and said, “Ye City Master is polite.”

He could not fall out with Ye Mo and Lu Wuhu over a sixth-grade sect at this time, could he? Moreover, the Earth Demon Sect was not invited by the Xuan Bing Sect, it was invited by the Wuji Sect. What’s more, Ye Mo had given face to him in the end and took the initiative to apologize.

Even if his teeth fell out, he could only just swallow them.

“Lord Ye City is really so bold, throwing people out after they just interjected a word. Surely this is the temperament of Dan City.” Yang Feicheng was even shaking a little in anger, but he was left with no recourse.

Ye Mo looked at him and said with a faint smile, “Could it be that Sect Master Yang also finds the air in here boring?”

When Lu Wuhu heard Ye Mo’s words, a bright light immediately appeared in his eyes, clearly wanting Ye Mo to say that he would throw Yang Feicheng out as well.

Although Yang Feicheng was a Transformation cultivator, he knew that he had no ability to resist against Lu Wuhu, who was at the peak of the peak of True Transformation. Lu Wuhu was simply a madman and no one dared to anger him. Moreover, this madman had now become Ye Mo’s fighter.

This Ye Mo was also a madman, and with the two madmen together, who knew what they would do? In case he really threw himself out, he would be finished for life. Not only would the Wuji Sect fall in this way he himself would even be better off dead.

So he snorted coldly and didn’t say another word. If it wasn’t for his profound cultivation, he might have been so angry at Ye Mo’s words just now that he would have vomited blood.

Even Yang Feicheng was jīed by Ye Mo and had no words to say the sects that wanted to help speak were even more reluctant to come forward.

Ye Mo smiled lightly and continued, “By the way, what was I talking about just now? A fly in the ointment, I can’t believe I forgot.”

He had just threatened Yang Feicheng, if he were to really throw Yang Feicheng out, Ye Mo wouldn’t dare to do so. Not to mention that Lu Wuhu only had one chance to strike, even if Lu Wuhu had several chances to strike, he couldn’t fight the Wuji Clan to the death at this time, that would simply be a dead end.

The fact that he seems to be in a good position now is only to take advantage of Lu Wuhu’s (free) fighter.

Otherwise, once the 9-star clan is really angry, if they kill him now, will Dancheng still avenge Ye Mo? The most that could be done is to kill the culprit. A ten-star sect in Dancheng has already saved face by killing the culprit. It is not possible to fight a nine-star sect for a dead Dan King.

Only a living Ye Mo would have meaning, a dead one would be meaningless. He was different from Lu Wuhu. Lu Wuhu was alone, his cultivation was extremely high and he had friends all over the world because he was a master of weapon making. No one dared to look for trouble, but not him.

Although several sects, including the Thundercloud Sect, hated Ye Mo to the bone, they also knew that this Ye City Master was simply a madman. Plus with Lu Wuhu backing him up, who knew what else this madman would do? So no one dared to anger Ye Mo at this time.

“You just mentioned that you will become a Ninth Grade Dan King in ten years.” At this moment, the beautiful woman from the Heavenly Demon Sect who had helped Ye Mo with his words before once again smiled and reminded Ye Mo.

Ye Mo laughed and cupped his fist to the beautiful woman and said, “Thank you for the reminder, next time I find Ye Mo to refine a dan for you for free.”

The beautiful woman from the Heavenly Demon Sect was just uncomfortable with the Thundercloud Sect and the Wuji Sect hiding the establishment of the Southern Alliance from them, and after Ye Mo stepped in and said what she wanted to say, she had some feelings for Ye Mo and Ba. She didn’t expect to get such a great benefit because she felt jī for Ye Mo and said a word or two for him, so she was immediately overjoyed. She hurriedly stood up and said to Ye Mo with a feeling jī, “Then Le Yao will thank City Lord Ye, and please ask City Lord Ye to visit my Heavenly Demon Sect when you have time, my Heavenly Demon Sect will definitely scatter flowers to welcome you.”

Ye Mo was now a seventh-grade Dan King, a seventh-grade Dan King free of charge to refine pills was not something that could be easily invited, even in Southern An Continent there were only three explicit seventh-grade Dan Kings and Ba. What’s more, Ye Mo said that he would become a ninth grade Dan King in ten years, that was simply a unique existence in the entire Luo Yue continent, how could Le Yao not be jīng?