DYM Chapter 1146

“Susu is a disciple of my Xuan Bing Sect and my own disciple. Even if the Wuji Sect is a nine-star sect, Lord Yang has personally brought a bride-price to say match. King Ye Dan, is it possible that you want to take my Xuan Bing Sect disciple by force, just because of the prestige of Dan City?” The one who spoke was the elderly female cultivator from the Xuan Bing Sect, the same cultivator who called herself Master Susu.

After she finished speaking, she swept the surrounding cultivators once again and added with a clasp of her fist, “Although my Xuan Bing Sect is not as good as Dan City, it is still an iron-boned nine-star sect, whoever wants to bully my Xuan Bing Sect like this, don’t even think about it. Regardless of Susu’s previous status in the world, now that she is my personal disciple, she can marry whoever I want her to, and no one has the right to force her. Otherwise, I, Fan Yi Zhu, will uphold the dignity of my Xuan Bing Sect even if I have to fight to the death.”

The people around had already heard that the Xuan Bing Sect’s Fan Yi Zhu’s words had disguised her belief in the matter of Susu being Ye Mo’s wife, yet she still strongly believed that Ye Mo was not in any position to ask the Xuan Bing Sect for Susu back now.

Ye Mo had some good feelings towards Susu’s master, but now when he heard her words, his anger immediately rose and he also stood up and said coldly: “Calling you senior because you are Susu’s master, don’t take yourself seriously yet. It’s nice that Susu is your disciple, and I appreciate your care for Susu, but Susu is not selling her body to you, and whatever Susu wants to choose, you have no right to make the decision, that’s Susu’s own business.”

“You ……” The Xuan Bing Sect female cultivator called Fan Yi Zhu turned blue with anger, in the cultivation world respect for the master was sublime and supreme, Ye Mo claimed to be Susu’s husband and now spoke to herself in such a way, almost did not spit out a mouthful of blood in her anger.

At this moment, Yan Guan hurriedly stood up and said, “City Master Ye, I also believe in your words, just ask Bei Wei later. It’s just that City Lord Ye also knows that Su Su came to my Xuan ” ” Ice School without building a foundation at all, and was even with a few mundane women. According to the rules of my cultivation world, having entered the cultivation world is the same as cutting off mundane ties. The previous matters are not relevant to her anymore ……”

Ye Mo’s face sank. He said coldly, “Does Sect Master Yan mean that Susu is no longer relevant to me? As for Susu’s own thoughts there’s no need to even think about it, is there?”

Yan Guan’s tone lurched, if it was someone else saying this, he would have immediately returned, “So what if it is?” But facing Ye Mo, he really didn’t have the courage to say this, Ye Mo had Lu Wuhu by his side right now. Not to mention that he had Dan City behind him. Moreover, even Xuan Yin Pavilion and Qing Meng Zhai seemed to have some support for him just now.

However, Yan Guan’s awkwardness did not last long before the Thundercloud Sect’s Patriarch, Wang Funahe, stood up and said, “Lord Ye City, according to the rules of the cultivation world, after Luo Susu entered the Xuan Bing Sect, she had indeed cut off her mundane ties. Even if she had relations with City Master Ye in the past, those relations are all in the past. Moreover, cultivators of my generation. After entering a sect, the first and foremost one is to respect one’s teacher. Elder Xuan Bing Fan is Luo Susu’s master, and she does have the right to make Susu listen to her. Is it certain that Lord Ye City is going to forcefully amend the rules of my cultivation world on account of being the Honorary Lord of Dan City?”

When Wang Fenghe said that he was going to modify the rules of the Cultivation Realm, that was simply just mocking him. Not to mention him, even if the main and vice city lords of Dan City were here, there was no way to say that the rule of cutting off the mundane edge would not be used in the future. Even if the rule was simply for show now. In fact, after many secular disciples cultivate their true nature. They can still go back to their hometowns and can still reunite with their families. There is no one, or sect, to pursue this, but the default rule is indeed in place.

Wang Shiphe’s words also acknowledged Susu’s relationship with Ye Mo, after all, this kind of thing was not worth lying about at all, it would be clear if someone came in and confronted him.

… “”Ye Mo’s heart was raging with anger, he knew that the reason why these guys dared to say that was because they were looking at the bottom of his cultivation level, if he was a Transformation True cultivator now, who would dare to say that. Although Lu Wuhu could protect him, he would not take the initiative to challenge the nine-star sect. Although Dancheng was on his side, but the cultivation world chopping off the mundane edge belonged to an open and honest reason. Although this kind of reason was bullsh*t, once it was brought to the stage, it was a matter of that side holding the truth.

If you have a reason, you can get the help of other people’s public opinion and even people’s karma. If Ye Mo forcefully kicked this reason away and was brutally unreasonable then even if Dancheng wanted to help him, he wouldn’t be able to find a good excuse. Because he had already offended all the sects in the cultivation world.

Ye Mo knew in his heart that when all was said and done, his own cultivation was still too poor, even though his cultivation was now a thousand miles away, but compared to those old demons, it was not enough.

Lu Wuhu, however, did not care about such things, although he was with Ye Mo, his relationship was far less than what people outside speculated. It was more that he wanted to return Ye Mo’s favour as soon as possible, otherwise he would have the same hang-ups in his cultivation heart. So several forces targeted Ye Mo, and he didn’t even come out to help Ye Mo with half a word.

Fei Fei is anxious, but unfortunately, her strength is too low, her position here is still Ye Mo’s help to get, simply can not say anything. Ji endowment was too honest, but did not know what to say.

For a while, Ye Mo was surprisingly caught in a lonely situation. Ye Mo’s heart sank, he knew that if he wanted to take Su Su away with his current strength, he must be able to reason his way through it. Even if it was this kind of nonsensical reasoning, knowing that the other party was taking advantage of it, but since it existed, he had to face it.


If Ye Mo was strong enough now, he would have just said, “I’m going to break this rule, so what if you do.” Unfortunately, his strength was not enough to say this, unless someone came to help him out.

Seeing that Ye Mo was about to fall into the same situation as Yan Guan just now, a middle-aged beautiful woman suddenly stood up and said, “Elder Fan’s words are good, and Sect Master Wang’s words are also justified. However, Sect Master Yang can propose his marriage to the Xuan Bing Sect, and City Master Ye can propose his marriage to the Xuan Bing Sect as well.”

Although this statement did not obviously help Ye Mo, it relieved Ye Mo of the situation and was considered to be on Ye Mo’s side.

Ye Mo was grateful to this beautiful woman who had relieved the situation in his heart, but he heard You Zhen exhaustion of the Sword Valley transmitting to him that this beautiful woman was Elder Le Yao of the nine-star sect Heavenly Demon Sect, with a multiplying tripod cultivation.

Ye Mo still cast a grateful glance at Elder Le Yao, but before Ye Mo could say anything more, the Xuan Bing Sect’s elder surnamed Fan’s words almost made Ye Mo so angry that he was about to strike on the spot.

“Elder Le of the Heavenly Demon Sect is right, now that Patriarch Yang has come over with such a generous bride price, I have decided to marry my disciple Luo Susu of the Sect into the Wuji Sect.”

“Bullsh*t.” Ye Mo could no longer hold back the anger in his heart and pointed at Fan Yizhu’s nose and cursed out, he was just too angry.

“What? Does City Master Ye still want to use force to take away Luo Susu? Then I’ll tell you, to marry Xuan Bing Luo Susu with Patriarch Yang’s bride-price is simply not something that anyone else can take. Ye City Lord, although you are a Dan King. But can you refine the ‘Transformation True Pill’? So. It’s better for you to admit it.” Wang Shiphe of the Thundercloud Sect suddenly said indifferently.

He meant to add more fire to Ye Mo’s anger on the spot, but unfortunately after he said this, Ye Mo calmed down instead. He saw his disadvantage clearly, although on the surface he was in a great position, but in fact he had no leverage except for Lu Wuhu who could help him out twice more.

“The strongest outcast,” seeing Ye Mo calm down, Fei Lu finally sighed in relief.

Ye Mo suddenly sat down. He said indifferently, “Sect Master Wang, and Elder Fan of the Xuan Bing Sect. According to you guys, that means Susu should completely listen to the Xuan Bing Sect and have no way to make up her own mind at all?”

“Of course, a cultivator of my generation is to respect his master, how can a disciple not listen to his master’s words?” Wang Fenghe repeated the words once again. It was said with categorical determination.

To his surprise, Ye Mo did not argue with him, instead he looked back at Lu Wuhu, “Old Brother Lu, so you were lying to me before?”

Lu Wuhu looked at Ye Mo with a puzzled face and said, “How could I have lied to you?”

Ye Mo said in a light voice, “Didn’t you say before that Immortal Wen of the Wuji Sect was not satisfied with the random arrangement of a husband given to her by the sect and wanted to choose a son-in-law through a genius disciple competition? I listened to what Sect Master Wang said just now, it seems that Fairy Wen has no right to give any opinion at all, even if the Immortal Sect asked her to marry a dog. She seems to have only resigned herself to her fate. And yet you tell me. Fairy Wen is going to choose her son-in-law in a competition, how is this not a lie to me?”

Lu Wuhu immediately understood what Ye Mo meant. Immediately, he stared at Yang Feicheng of the Wuji Clan and Yan Guan of the Xuan Bing Sect and said coldly, “I feel that the two sect masters have come to amuse me. The post I was given before clearly stated that Fairy Wen wanted to choose her own son-in-law, but now it has become clear that Fairy Wen has no authority to decide on her own? Is it possible that the two masters think that I, Lu Wuhu, am an honest man who is easy to bully?”

Yan Guan hastily cupped his fist and said, “Senior Lu misunderstood, I, Xuan Bing, would not deceive Senior Lu even if I had to, Fairy Wen is indeed choosing her own son-in-law.”

“Entertainment show,” although he was secretly screaming in his heart, but Yan Guan had to say this. If he angered Lu Wuhu, even if the Xuan Bing Sect was a nine-star sect then so what? Even if he could not destroy his sect, he could still kill a river of blood. In the end, it was normal for Xuan Bing to disintegrate over this.

“Oh, that’s me being overly mindful.” Lu Wuhu headed up and didn’t say anything more. He knew that this was the same as having helped Ye Mo.

Ye Mo sneered and said, “So Fairy Wen can choose her own son-in-law, but Luo Susu can’t. Is it because the Xuan Bing Sect is not as good as the Wuji Sect, or is it because Fairy Wen’s face is prettier than Susu’s? Or is it because Susu is my Ye Mo’s wife and I, Ye Mo, am the Vice City Lord of Dan City, so the Xuan Bing Sect is looking down on my Dan City?”

Some of the surrounding sects that secretly supported Ye Mo secretly shouted in their hearts, Ye Mo’s counterattack was flawless. Although the other side had gained the upper hand with Respect for Teachers and Chopping Mundane Karma, but just now Ye Mo was using the other side’s hand to slap them in their own face.

As expected, after hearing Ye Mo’s words, Yan Guan and Fan Yi Zhu’s faces were both ugly, even Wang Shiphe, who had claimed to respect his teacher, also had a gloomy face and no words to say. The example of Wen Caiyi of the Wuji Sect was in front of them, so who were they to make Luo Susu completely obey her master?

After waiting for half a day for no one to say anything, Ye Mo suddenly slapped the table and stood up, “So the Xuan Bing Sect sees me as a good bully in Dan City? You’re telling lies with your eyes open? Old Brother Lu, lend me a messenger flying sword, I want to send a letter to the Lord of Silver Moon City, my Dan City has actually fallen to this state.”