DYM Chapter 1145

Ye Mo sneered, this old man, Yang Feicheng, really dared to do this, it was a good thing that he hadn’t come too late today. However, Ye Mo also knew that if he didn’t come today, Yang Feicheng definitely wouldn’t have brought up the matter of Susu today. He had told Wen Caiyi to the Xuan Bing Sect, most likely to ambush him for the matter of Susu.

Yan Guan also froze, he could not have imagined that Yang Feicheng of the Wuji Sect would offer such excellent hòu conditions, and that was just the bride-price. ”The True Transformation Pill, ah, this was an extremely rare item, at least the Xuan Bing Sect didn’t have one.

Even for other nine-star sects, there wouldn’t be too many ‘True Transformation Pills’, and even if there were, there would only be one or two at most. Nowadays, apart from the very few newly promoted cultivators, most of the True Transformation cultivators were ancient beings. The ‘True Transformation Pill’, which can give a robbery cultivator a 20% chance of advancing to the True Transformation level, has become an extremely valuable treasure that cannot be bought even with spirit stones.

Even if some nine-star sects had one or two ‘Pills of Transformation’ left, they would not use them easily because they were the resources of the sect and the future of the sect. However, the Wuji Sect had even taken out a ‘True Transformation Pill’ and a lower-grade spirit vein, a gesture that shocked not only other sect cultivators but also Yan Guan’s own breath. Once he reached the peak of the Robbery Transformation cultivation, that was when he needed the ‘Transformation Pill’.

In the Luo Yue Continent, most of the Robbery Transformation cultivators relied on the ‘True Transformation Pill’ to advance to the True Transformation level. Only a very small number of Transformation Cultivators could advance to Transformation True through other means, while more Transformation Cultivators simply remained at Transformation Cultivation for life.

Yan Guan’s jīng hands were trembling a little, he was just about to speak, but Ye Mo saw that something was wrong and quickly stood up before Yan Guan and said coldly to Yang Feicheng: “I’m very sorry for you, Sect Leader Yang. That Luo Susu is my wife, and that Tang Beiwei is also my sister, today I’m here to pick them up, so just take those lousy ideas of yours back.”

“Humph!” Yang Feicheng snorted coldly at Ye Mo, but simply ignored him, instead staring at Yan Guan once again.

Obviously he meant that Ye Mo was deliberately messing with him, which was not only falling on the face of the Wuji Sect, but also on the face of the Xuan Bing Sect.

Ye Mo also knew that this was definitely not a good time to bring up this matter, but at this moment he had to bring it up. This b*****d, Yang Feicheng, was a little too vicious to dare to hit Susu’s idea. Ye Mo only hated that his cultivation level was too low, if he was a True Transformation cultivator, maybe he would have already made a move against Yang Feicheng.

He was not in any mood to put up with hitting Susu. But now even if he was not in the mood to endure, he still had to endure.

When he finished talking about Susu, he incidentally included Bei Wei, he was afraid that this old man, Yang Feicheng, would want to hit on Bei Wei again once he couldn’t make a move on Susu.

Sure enough Yan Guan’s face also sank, he had always been polite to Ye Mo before, and now with this kind of action from Ye Mo it was obvious that he also thought that Ye Mo did not have the Xuan Bing Sect in his eyes.

And there was no regard for the reputation of the Xuan Bing Sect’s Luo Susu.

He looked at Ye Mo with a cold face and said, “Lord Ye, although you are the vice lord of Dan City, my Xuan Bing Sect is also a nine star sect. Not just anyone can do whatever they want, isn’t that a bit too much for City Master Ye?”

Even though the anger had risen in Yan Guan’s heart, he still maintained restraint at Ye Mo’s words.

“Ignorant and arrogant person, how dare you insult my disciple. Is a mere seventh-grade Dan King great? The old body will slash you with one sword.” The elderly female cultivator behind Yan Guan suddenly rose in anger and was about to sacrifice her flying sword to strike at Ye Mo. However, her move was stopped by another Xuan Bing Sect’s Tripod Cultivator. No matter what, it was clearly inappropriate to make a move against Ye Mo here.

Ye Mo looked at the old woman, who was already a Multiplying Tripod cultivator, and he did not expect that this old woman was also Susu’s master. Hearing that Light Snow said that Susu’s master was very good to Susu, Ye Mo was not angry with her.

At this moment, not to mention Yan Guan and the angry female cultivator, even the sect masters of other sects and even some cultivators felt that Ye Mo had gone a bit too far. It was common knowledge that Ye Mo had Ning Qingxue. And as he had conversed with the Patriarch of the Wuji Sect before, it was clear that there was some gap with the Wuji Sect. Now that the Wuji Sect took out a bride-price to ask for Luo Susu’s hand in marriage, he immediately came out and said that Luo Susu was his wife, how could there be so many coincidences in this world? This was clearly done on purpose.

If it was to an ordinary cultivator, it would have been fine for Ye Mo to say this as the Vice City Lord of Dan City. But when he was dealing with two nine-star sects, then it was indeed going too far.

It was just because Ye Mo had previously helped most of the sects say what they wanted to say and didn’t dare to say, now that it was Ye Mo who had gone too far, no one came out to say anything.

However, one of the elders from the Thundercloud Sect snorted coldly, “The Honorary Vice City Lord of Dan City is really something, he can marry whoever he wants, who dares to go against the words of the Honorary Vice City Lord of Dan City?”

How could Ye Mo not hear that this elder from the Thundercloud Sect was stirring up right and wrong, but he didn’t pay any attention to him, instead he walked out and cupped his fist and saluted Yan Guan and the female cultivator who was angry just now before saying politely, “Sect Master Yan, this should be Su Cai’s master, and Ye Mo’s senior. I think the two seniors also know that Ye Mo is not invited to the Xuan Bing Sect this time. I have indeed come to pick up my wife Susu and my sister Bei Wei, Susu and Light Snow are both my wives while Bei Wei is my sister, if you don’t believe me, seniors can just call Susu or Bei Wei out and ask them.”

Yan Guan and the angry female cultivator froze, they could obviously hear that Ye Mo’s words were sincere and that he was not lying in any way, but this was a bit too much of a coincidence.

The other sect cultivators also looked at Ye Mo with some confusion; what Ye Mo had just said was something that even they were not sure of the truth anymore. But many of them thought that Ye Mo was not lying, because it was too easy to lie about such things, just call out that Luo Susu and Tang Beiwei and ask them to find out the truth.

Wen Caiyi, however, clenched her fist and stared at Ye Mo, there was no place for her to speak here, the fact that Ye Mo kept saying that he was here to see his own hilarious was already making her furious. Now Ye Mo said that Luo Susu was his wife, others were doubting, but Wen Caiyi didn’t doubt in the slightest.

She had seen with her own eyes how close Ning Qingxue and Luo Susu were, and at that time Luo Susu had said that she had a husband, so obviously her husband was Ye Mo.

Wen Caiyi thought of the vow she had made at the beginning that no matter who Luo Susu’s husband was, she would snatch him back, and when she did, she would kick him back, but she never thought that this would now become a reality before her eyes. Moreover, Luo Susu’s husband was indeed a dragon among men, so young not to mention that he was already a seventh grade Dan King, and his cultivation level was not even clear to himself now. Ye Mo was able to kill Senior Brother Yuan Guan Nan, so he was obviously already at least a late Yuan Ying cultivator.

“Ye Mo, do you really think that you can do whatever you want as an honorary vice city master of Dan City? How can there be such a coincidence in the world. Today, I, He Lin, am going to kill you here, so what?” A grey-clothed old man directly manifested a huge true essence hand after he finished speaking, surprisingly wanting to kill Ye Mo in this great hall.

No one expected that He Lin, as a True Transformation cultivator, would really dare to kill Ye Mo, and that too in the middle of this Xuan Bing Mountain’s grand hall.

Yan Guan was secretly screaming in his heart, there was only one Transformation True Tai Shang Elder in Xuan Bing Mountain, but now that Elder was not here, even if he wanted to step in and block it, there was no way.

Although there were many cultivators who had greeted Ye Mo before, none of them were willing to step in to block this blow from He Lin for Ye Mo now. Ji endowment was so anxious that he hurriedly stood up and said, “Senior He, do it slowly.”

But He Lin acted as if he hadn’t heard anything at all, and his large true essence hand had instantly reached out.

A Void God cultivator, or a Void God first layer cultivator was indeed not even capable of resisting under a Transformation True cultivator.

However, Ye Mo smiled lightly, not minding at all, and said, “Old Lu, someone doesn’t put me in his eyes, how dare he do it. You cut off his claws and we’ll stew them for the first time tonight.”

All the people froze when they heard this from Ye Mo, what did Ye Mo mean by this?

Only Lu Wuhu understood Ye Mo’s words, when Ye Mo said it was the first wine, that meant that today he had struck out to count once.

Even if it was a nine star clan, Lu Wuhu didn’t put it in his eyes, what he cared about was when Ye Mo asked him to strike three times, the sooner the better for him. Now that Ye Mo had asked him to fight, he couldn’t be happier, so without even thinking about it, he similarly stretched out a large true essence hand.

Lu Wuhu had been a true being for many years and had long been at the top of his game. He was a senior among the seniors in the whole Nan’an Continent, and He Lin was only an early stage of true cultivator, so he was too far behind Lu Wuhu.


A violent impact sounded, and He Lin’s huge true essence hand was instantly shattered, and at the same time, He Lin spurted out a mouthful of blood. In just one move, he had vomited blood and was injured, so it was clear that Lu Wuhu was just a little too ferocious.

Luckily, Lu Wuhu still knew that his opponent was an Elder of a nine-star sect, so he did not really cut off his arm and stewed it for drinking.

“Senior Lu, what do you mean by that?” Yang Feicheng’s face immediately changed, if Lu Wuhu helped Ye Mo, not to mention that he couldn’t kill Ye Mo now, even after he opened the Xuan Bing Sect high, the Wuji Sect would be just as unable to kill Ye Mo.

Lu Wuhu said lazily, “What does my old man have to tell you? You dare to make a move on my brother in front of me, you are looking for death. This time it’s a warning, next time it won’t be so simple, my old Lu won’t joke with you.”

Almost all of them were petrified at this instant, Ye Mo actually called Lu Wuhu Old Lu, and with his words, Lu Wuhu made his move. One should know that even Dan City’s City Lord, Yue Qi Chao, had to call Lu Wuhu a senior. With such a formidable backer, who else would dare to touch Ye Mo?

A cold sweat broke out behind Yan Guan’s back, if Fan Yi Zhu had really sacrificed his flying sword to Ye Mo just now, that would really not be a good thing.