DYM Chapter 1144

Seeing that many people were looking at him, Yan Guan said without panic, “Many great powers have predicted that there will be some turmoil in the cultivation world of the Southern An Continent or even the entire Luo Yue Continent in the near future, and although we don’t know what that is yet, we have jointly set up two major intercontinental transmission arrays.”

At this point Yan Guan looked at the Patriarch of the Wuji Clan, Yang Feicheng, and continued, “Thank you, Patriarch Yang of the Wuji Clan, for being willing to dowry Fairy Wen to my Xuan Bing Sect in order to increase the bond between the Wuji Clan and my Xuan Bing Sect. Today, I would like to take this opportunity of the marriage union to announce something to everyone once again. In order to prevent us from being too late to set up when something happens in the South An Continent cultivation world in the future, Patriarch Yang of the Wuji Clan and I propose to establish a South An Continent sect alliance.”

As Yan Guan spoke, many people from the sects were already talking amongst themselves, and at this point they all understood what was going on. Looking inside this great hall, almost all the sects with seven stars or more had been invited, and some sects had representatives here even though they did not have their top bra*s over. After all, when two nine star sects joined together in marriage, these sects that had received invitations from the two great sects would all send people over. Even to show their importance, the identities of the people sent here would not be too bad.

Obviously the Xuan Bing Sect and the Wuji Sect were doing this to take this opportunity to ask which sects were willing to join this Southern An Continent Sect Alliance. Some of the nine-star sects were a little better off, but some of the smaller sects were already a little worried. If they did not join this Southern Alliance, would they be suppressed by the nine-star sects? The previous seven-star sect, Sword Valley, was destroyed as an example.

Sword Valley was at least an ancient sect, and a seven-star sect at that, and others had destroyed it just by saying that the Wuji Sect had destroyed it.

“I agree with the idea of Sect Master Xuan Bing Yan, and Patriarch Yang of the Wuji Sect, after establishing the Southern Alliance, it will unite the strength of the cultivators of my Southern An Continent. More so, the sects can be fused together to deal with unexpected events. It will be a beneficial thing for all the South An Continent sects. Even if a sudden incident occurs in the future, they can still cope with it.” An old man from the Thundercloud Sect stood up and said.

Ye Mo looked at this old man, who was clearly already at the peak of the Robbery Transformation, and could advance to Transformation True at any time.

“I, the Immeasurable Sea, also agree ……”

“My Earth Demon Sect also agrees ……”

Some seven and eight star sects were a little overwhelmed when they saw that these sects had come forward to support them right from the start. Once they joined the Southern Alliance, who knew if they would be subject to others? No sect is willing to be ruled by others, let alone in the cultivation world where freedom is prized. But three nine-star sects had all stepped forward, and at this point, even if there were sects that were unwilling, they did not dare to stand up and oppose.

When Ye Mo heard the Earth Demon Sect he looked a little strangely at the cultivator who had stood up to speak, wasn’t the Earth Demon Sect only a six-star sect? How come it was here too? It seemed that the lowest here was a seven-star sect.

However, Ye Mo had a vague feeling that it was not good, how a marriage alliance involved the Southern Alliance, and the first supporting Thundercloud Sect happened to be his rival sect, and it seemed that Wu Pre of the Immeasurable Sea was also killed by him.

However, Ye Mo knew that the only person who knew about his killing of Wu Pre should be Yin Pan Die, who would not have betrayed him in theory.

Seeing that more sects were about to stand up in support, Ye Mo instead took the initiative to stand up and said with a smile, “Oh, today is a great day ……,”

This was originally a serious topic, but by standing up and speaking with a grin like this, Ye Mo immediately ruined the serious and even somewhat tense atmosphere from earlier.

If it was someone else who stood up and said this, even if the heads of the several nine-star sects did not come out of duty, those seven-star sects that were attached to them behind would have stood up and spoken.

However, when Ye Mo stood up and spoke like this, no one dared to do so. At this time, everyone already knew Ye Mo’s identity, being a seventh-grade Dan King on top of being the honorary vice lord of Dan City. Anyone who dared to provoke Ye Mo would be provoking Dan City. Even if they wanted to deal with Ye Mo, they wouldn’t dare to do so in full view of the public.

Dan City, the only ten-star power, had no one who dared to touch it.

“Hehe, King Dan Ye is right, today is indeed a good day.” Yan Guan laughed dryly for a few moments and returned the favor.

Yang Feicheng, the Patriarch of the Wuji Clan, and Wang Shiphe, the Patriarch of the Thundercloud Clan, were furious and their faces were ugly, but even they didn’t dare to deal with Ye Mo in public.

Now that they had not torn their faces off from Ye Mo, Ye Mo could not use Dan City against them. Once they did tear their faces off, who knew what those two city lords of Dan City would do?

The strength of Dan City is not just a few True Transformation elders and two city lords on the surface, the real powerful strength is not something that others can see at all. Moreover, those Dan Kings of Dan City, who didn’t have a group of followers? Otherwise, Dan City would not have enjoyed the reputation of being the only ten-star city.

Ye Mo, however, smiled and said to Yan Guan with a cupped fist, ”Today is a great day because it is the day that Fairy Wen chooses her son-in-law, which is good and proper. After the business is done and we have left, you seniors can discuss the rest of the big matters ah. Otherwise it’s really hard for someone like me, who only likes small things and gossip, to go to sleep when I hear about big things like that. I have heard of Fairy Wen for a long time and I have come to see her today on purpose. Sect Master Yan, or maybe there are quite a few people like me too, do you think you should get your business done first?”

As soon as Ye Mo’s words came out, he immediately caused some small murmurs, feeling that in his opinion the matter of the Southern Alliance was the small matter, while the matter of Wen Caiyi choosing her son-in-law was the big matter. When he finished looking at the main matter, then he could pat himself on the back and leave.

If it was any other cultivator who dared to say so Yan Guan would have sunk his face and pulled him out. But to this Dan City’s Honorary Vice City Lord Ye Mo, Yan Guan could only say with a somewhat awkward smile, “What Dan King Ye said, I wonder what Patriarch Yang and Patriarch Wang mean?”

Yang Feicheng’s eyes were cold, in his eyes, Ye Mo was a dead man, even if he couldn’t kill him here, but since he dared to come to Xuan Bing Mountain, then don’t blame yourself for making a move against him. He just didn’t expect that Ye Mo would suddenly appear at Xuan Bing Mountain, which also broke his plan.

Some of the core disciples brought by the seven-star and even eight-star sect masters were even whispering already, this Ye Dan Wang was really too powerful, he dared to openly refute the resolution of the three nine-star sect masters, and no one dared to stand out against it. Those sects that did not want to join the Southern Alliance were even more grateful to Ye Mo for standing up for them, they did not dare to stand up for them, but what they wanted to do Ye Mo did for them.

Yang Feicheng said in a light voice, “Does it mean that Dan Wang Ye thinks that the affairs of my South An Continent’s cultivation community are not a big deal? Or is it that King Ye Dan has no regard for the safety and security of my South An Continent Cultivation Realm?”

“Slap,” Ye Mo slapped his palm twice and said with a laugh, “This fellow is right, I am a mediocre person, the safety and security of the South An Continent is taken care of by a great power like you. You’re right, I really don’t have it on my mind. That Southern Alliance of yours, I don’t want to participate and I don’t want to waste my time here. So instead, in my eyes, it’s Fairy Wen’s matter that’s the big deal.”

“You ……,” Ye Mo repeatedly mentioned that Wen Caiyi’s choice of a son-in-law was the big deal, and Yang Feicheng, a robbery-change cultivator, was also furious and turned blue. The cultivator who said such words, he had no problem killing with a slap, but Ye Mo, he did not dare to kill. Not to mention killing Ye Mo, even if he were to openly fall out with Ye Mo he wouldn’t dare to do so now.

“I agree with what City Master Ye said, as for the Southern Alliance, those sects that are willing to participate can discuss with each other again, I, Xuan Yin Pavilion, do not want to participate either.” A middle-aged female cultivator stood up and clasped her fist and said, clearly siding with Ye Mo.

Ye Mo looked at it, surprisingly it was from Xuan Yin Pavilion? This middle-aged female cultivator dared to be the master of the Xuan Yin Pavilion, so she obviously had a low status in the Xuan Yin Pavilion.

“Regarding the Southern Alliance, I also agree with the words of Elder Fu of the Xuan Yin Pavilion. I think that even if we want to have an alliance, we still need to negotiate with Dan City’s City Master before we can do so. Dan City, as a ten-star sect, has sent Ye City Master who is actually unaware of this matter, so it is evident that this matter itself is somewhat improper. My Qing Meng Zhai will not participate for now.” An elderly female Daoist nun from Qing Meng Zhai stood out and said.

Only then did Ye Mo know why the female cultivator from Xuan Yin Pavilion had addressed him as City Lord Ye before it turned out that she had directly taken her opinion as Dan City’s. The female Daoist nun from Qing Meng Zhai, although Ye Mo did not know her, obviously understood that she must know that she was not invited to come and that was why she said that. It was just a sideways warning to Yan Guan that this matter was done wrongly.

“I, Divine Wind Valley, agree with Lord Ye City’s words.” Another representative of a nine-star sect stood up.

“I, the Heavenly Star Sect, agree with the words of City Master Ye.”

“Piaomiao Immortal Pond ……”

As they watched more and more people agree with Ye Mo’s words, the faces of the two sect heads of the Thundercloud Sect and the Wuji Sect became more and more ugly.

Even Yan Guan of the Xuan Bing Sect felt that something was wrong, he did not know about the matter between the Wuji Clan and Ye Mo, so when the Wuji Clan came to show their goodwill, he immediately agreed and accepted. But now it seemed that this Dan City’s Ye City Master and the Wuji Clan seemed to be at odds with each other, if that was really the case, he would have to reconsider.

What’s more, judging from the performance of the crowd just now, Ye City Master not only had a high prestige but also had the support of many nine-star sects.

Then when he thought about Ye Mo and Lu Wuhu calling him brother, Yan Guan felt that something seemed wrong this time.

“Haha, good, I agree with City Master Ye’s proposal. The matter of the Southern Alliance will be discussed later, all the guests who came today came because of the happy event of my Xuan Bing Sect, how could I put this proper matter on the back burner, it was a mistake on my part.” After Yan Guan figured this matter out, he immediately put down the topic he had just picked up heavily and gently again with a laugh.

Yang Feicheng didn’t wait for Yan Guan to bring up the matter of Wen Caiyi’s son-in-law selection competition, he immediately stood up and said with a smile, “What Dan Wang Ye said is also true after all, today is the day of the marriage union. It is not only a happy event for Caiyi to marry into the Xuan Bing Sect, but also a happy event for the Wuji Sect. Today I want to add to the joy, so there is another matter to beg to Sect Master Yan.”

Seeing that Yang Feicheng had also put aside the matter of the Southern Alliance just now, Yan Guan was relieved, he was afraid that Yang Feicheng and Ye Mo would get into trouble, once these two got into trouble in the end the Xuan Bing Sect would just have trouble helping anyone. That would simply be the end of both sides.

“I heard that the core disciple of Xuan Bing Sect’s Xuan Yun Peak, Luo Susu, is both talented and beautiful, and she and Cai Yi are also ranked as the first of the Ten Beauties of Nan An, and the core disciple of my Wuji Sect, Dong Tianya, is also a genius of amazing talent. So I specially send one lower grade spirit vein, plus ‘True Spirit Pill, one as a bride-price, hoping to be close to the Xuan Bing Sect ……,”

Before Yang Feicheng had finished his words, the people around him were talking, not about Luo Susu, one of the Ten Beauties of Nan’an, marrying into the Wuji Clan. Rather, they were discussing the fact that the Wuji Sect was so generous that it was willing to spend such a large sum of money.