DYM Chapter 1143

The Xuan Bing Mountain is where the Xuan Bing Sect’s sect is located, and the Female Ice Peak is even the main peak of the Female Ice Child. Normally, apart from the Peak Master and a few elders, no one can come here at all. However, today the Xuan Bing Mountain’s formation was wide open, and waves of people were heading to the Xuan Bing Peak, and these people were not blocked because they were all guests invited by the Xuan Bing Sect.

When Ye Mo and the others arrived at the Xuan Bing Sect, Lu Wuhu’s name played a great role. Before Lu Wuhu even signed up, the Xuan Bing Mountain disciples who came to welcome them had already recognised Lu Wuhu. Before Lu Wuhu even signed up, the disciples who came to welcome him already recognised him and respectfully introduced him into the Xuan Bing Sect’s meeting hall.

After Ye Mo followed Lu Wuhu into the hall, he realised that the hall was so huge that there was even a large open space in the middle, which was already filled with cultivators.

There were rows of seats to the left and right of the hall, and behind these seats were some more seats. Obviously, the people sitting in the front row of seats should be those who have a collective identity, and those sitting behind them should be their followers or underlings. Ye Mo didn’t even need to use his divine sense to sweep, just by taking a little look, he knew that none of the people sitting in front had a lower cultivation level than him.

However, there were many people Ye Mo knew, some of them were already eight or even nine star sect leaders and elders, or there were a few casual cultivators who were also famous. These were all people Ye Mo had met back in Dan City, he had helped many people in Dan City, so he had also made friends with many cultivators with high cultivation levels.

Seeing the identity of these people, Ye Mo immediately had some bad feeling in his heart, even if it was the marriage between the Wuji Sect and the Xuan Bing Sect, there was no need to make such a big show, right?

“Senior Lu ……”

“Elder Lu …….”

As soon as Lu Wuhu came up, a lot of cultivators immediately came forward to greet him. As for Ye Mo and the others, they were ignored one after another, all thinking that they were Lu Wuhu’s followers. There were a few cultivators who were familiar with Lu Wuhu who had never had followers casually looked at Ye Mo and when they saw Ye Mo, they immediately knew how wrong they had just thought.

At this moment, the Xuan Bing Sect cultivators who had come to welcome the guests were already arranging the seats. They had directly arranged Ye Mo and the others’ seats behind Lu Wuhu, obviously thinking that Ye Mo and the others were all followers.

Lu Wuhu was about to introduce Ye Mo, but at this point there was no need for him to do so, more cultivators stood up and these cultivators all made a point to walk up to Ye Mo to greet him. Many cultivators didn’t have the chance to know a high ranking person like Lu Wuhu, but they knew Ye Mo after he had been refining pills in Dan City.

“Lord Ye City.”

“King Ye Dan.”

“Ye Ghost …….”

There was an endless variety of greetings, but none of them were not honorific titles. Those who did not know Ye Mo at this time inquired, and soon all the people inside the hall knew that this young man was actually the honorary city lord of Dan City, and was also the seventh grade Dan King.

After knowing Ye Mo’s identity, most of the sects came forward to greet him, except for a few sects such as the Thundercloud Sect and the Wuji Sect. What with the Heavenly Star Sect, Heavenly Derivative Sect, Hopeful Sect, Golden Sword Little Golden Sword Little Misty Immortal Pond and other sects all coming over. A seventh-grade Dan King who came first in the Dan King Competition was still the honorary vice lord of Dan City, no one dared to ignore it.

“Oh, old brother Ye Mo had known that if you would come, I would have come with you.

” Ji endowment’s bright voice came out making Ye Mo feel greatly warm.

Ji endow was sincere and honest, a friend worth making, and in comparison, Ye Mo had far more respect for Ji endow than Lu Wuhu.

At this moment the welcoming cultivator looked at Ye Mo with a face of embarra*sment and trepidation, he had ignored Ye Mo before, now even if Ye Mo wasn’t a seventh grade Dan King so many high ranking people had come to greet him, it was still an amazing thing. Even if the head of a nine-star sect came, it wasn’t this warm.

“Sorry, Dan King Ye, let me rearrange your seat.” The welcoming cultivator hurriedly brought Ye Mo to the front and Lu Wuhu’s seats side by side, which were either seated for a sect’s Sect Head or a high ranking person of the party.

Ye Mo nodded and did not sit down, but pointed at Fay Lok and said, “This is my friend, the newly promoted head of Sword Valley, Fairy Lok …….”

Fei Lu was shocked as she watched so many seniors and high ranking people come to greet Ye Mo, which made her realize how high Ye Mo’s status really was. I didn’t expect him to have reached this level without saying anything.

“Ah …….” That welcoming guest realized that he had overlooked another important person, Fei Lu looked like he had a very low cultivation level, but Ye Mo, a seventh grade Dan King, had introduced him in such a discreet manner, and he had come with Lu Wuhu, so obviously his status was not simple either.

The sword, the valley’s claimed true exhaustion to see Ye Mo out to speak, this is relieved, he was afraid that the sword valley has no place here, no place is a small matter, but face is a big matter.

Many of the cultivators who saw Ye Mo take the initiative to introduce Fei Lu, and even wanted to say hello to Fei Lu to win Ye Mo’s favor, but after learning that Fei Lu was the head of the Sword Valley, they all gave up their ideas, and even the cultivators who greeted Ye Mo became fewer. The Sword Valley was wiped out by the Wuji Sect, and all of them knew about it. No one would offend the Nine Star Sect Wuji Sect because of a Foundation Establishment cultivator like Fay Lu.

Fay Lok sat side by side with Ye Mo and Lu Wuhu, claiming that Zhen Gou, Gan Lang and the others were willingly sitting behind Fay.

Those elders and sect heads who greeted Ye Mo went back to their seats, but Ji endowment was still talking to Ye Mo. Although he had talked with Ye Mo for a day last time, he still could not get enough of it.

“Elder brother Ye, you’re really fast, you’re already a Void God cultivator even after coming out of seclusion.” Ji endowed the good old man, not knowing that Ye Mo was not in seclusion at all, but had gone out for training.

Ye Mo smiled faintly and was about to explain when he heard a bright laugh coming from him “Welcome, all the Sect Sin and sect elders, as well as all the seniors, Xuan Bing Peak is brighter because of your arrival.”

After the voice, a slender, handsome middle-aged cultivator walked in with a smile on his face. He was followed by five or six others, but the one with the lowest cultivation level was also at the cultivation level of a Cultivation Tripod.

“You are welcome, Sect Master Yan.”

“Sect Master Yan.”

With the greetings from the crowd, Ye Mo also understood that the middle-aged handsome cultivator who came before him was the Xuan Bing Sect’s Sect Master Yan Guan. He did not look old, but Ye Mo knew that this person was already at least at the Robbery Transformation cultivation level. A nine-star sect still had some heritage, and one of the sect leaders was a Transformation cultivator. However, Ye Mo also knew that in most sects, the Sect Leader did not care about things, those trivial matters were managed by the Vice Sect Leader, and the Vice Sect Leader’s cultivation level was usually lower, or a cultivator who could not advance to the next level.

After greeting the people, Yan Guan walked up to Lu Wuhu and cupped his fist and said, “My junior Yan Guan has met senior Lu.”

Lu Wuhu gave a heated smile, “The Xuan Bing Sect has really made a big show this time, it’s not just for a martial competition, is it?”

“Senior, you’ve laughed.” Yan Guan laughed awkwardly before purposely going in front of Ye Mo and clasping his fist again, “It is a great honor for my Xuan Bing Sect that Dan City’s Dan King Ye can visit the Xuan Bing Sect.”

Ye Mo smiled faintly, stood up and cupped his fist and said, “Master Yan has spoken highly of you, I heard about the great joy of the Xuan Bing Sect, so I came to congratulate you with Elder Brother Lu, and also have some personal matters that I would like to ask the Xuan Bing Sect for help.”

When Yan Guan heard Ye Mo call Elder Brother Lu Wuhu, he was stunned, since when did Lu Wuhu and Ye Mo call each other brother? But then he said with a straight face, “Thank you, Dan Wang Ye, if there is anything, just say it, as long as my Xuan Bing Sect can do it, I will definitely not refuse. After this time, I would like to ask Dan King Ye to stay in my Xuan Bing Sect for a few days.”

Ye Mo wanted to pick up Su Su and Bei Wei from the Xuan Bing Sect, of course he would not refuse, and hastily clasped his fist to thank them, “My matter can definitely be done by the Xuan Bing Sect. By the way, I heard that both Lok Susu and Tang Beiwei of the Ten Beauties of Nan’an are from your sect?”

Yan Guan was stunned, he could not have imagined that Ye Mo, such a Dan King and a famous celebrity of great renown, would ask him about the Nan’an Ten Beauties as soon as they met. However, he quickly reacted to the fact that he heard that Ye Mo had directly taken away Ning Qingxue of the ‘Piaomiao Immortal Pond’ at the Dan King Competition, so he should obviously be a person who loved beauty.

Thinking of this, he hurriedly put his surprise away and said with a grin, “Yes, those are two core disciples of our sect.”

“I wonder if they are well now?” Ye Mo simply couldn’t resist asking out.

Yan Guan was even more surprised, even if they were core disciples of the sect, he, the head of the sect, wouldn’t pay attention to them all the time, now that Ye Mo asked out, he had to say, “Good, both are very good ……”

“Haha, Brother Yan, it’s been a long time.” Another voice came from the outside of the main hall, and when Yan Guan heard it, he hastily greeted Ye Mo with an apology and hurried up.

“This is the Sect Master of the Wuji Sect, Yang Feicheng, and that Transformation of Truth cultivator behind him is He Lin ……,” Weighing True Exhaustion stared at the cultivator who had just entered and gritted his teeth, he transmitted a voice to Ye Mo.

However, just after he finished transmitting his voice, there were immediately a few eyes looking over, Ye Mo knew that the cultivation level of the said true exhaust was too low, there were too many great powers here, there was no difference between him transmitting his voice and not transmitting his voice, only Ye Mo did not care much, the Wuji clan he had already offended, there was nothing to care about.

So he nodded but didn’t say anything, instead he carefully observed this guy called Yang Feicheng. At this moment, many senior people from the sects, including the Thundercloud Sect, also greeted him, greeting Yang Feicheng one after another, obviously as the head of the Wuji Sect, Yang Feicheng’s status was very high.

Yang Feicheng also looked to be at the same Robbery Transformation cultivation level, and although his age seemed to be not much different from Yan Guan, Ye Mo felt that this man was much older than Yan Guan. Even though his expression was gentle, his eagle eyes had already revealed his nature. This was a guy who was absolutely strong, someone who would even do whatever it took to achieve his goal.

Ye Mo felt a surprised gaze sweep over, and he hurriedly shifted his attention away from Yang Feicheng’s body, only then did he notice that the person staring at him was actually Wen Caiyi of the Wuji Clan.

Ye Mo had no contact with Wen Caiyi, but he had heard from Light Snow that this woman was very nasty, and he had also heard from others that Wen Caiyi was going to challenge Susu. So although Ye Mo had not come into contact with Wen Caiyi, his impression of her was infinitely worse.

While Ye Mo’s gaze had already retracted, Yang Feicheng’s gaze inadvertently swept over Ye Mo’s side. His gaze was normal, but Ye Mo felt as if a cold ice swept over him.

So powerful, Ye Mo muttered in his heart. Luckily, even if it was a fight Ye Mo didn’t really care, he had long since tricked Lu Wuhu into coming over to his side.

When all the people were already seated, all kinds of fruits and wines with rich hòu of spiritual energy were served up.

At this moment, however, Yan Guan stood up from the main seat and cupped his fist to the cultivators seated inside the main hall and said, “All of you here are seniors of the largest sects in my Southern An Continent, and Yan Guan would like to thank you all for coming to my Xuan Bing Mountain as guests. This time, apart from the wedding of Immortal Wen of the Wuji Sect, there is another extremely important matter that I have invited you all here.