DYM Chapter 1142

Because the match was not for Susu, Ye Mo had completely calmed down. When he heard Lu Wuhu’s words, he quickly waved his hand and said, “Senior, don’t pit me, a favor last time, to this day I can’t sleep at night. Now you want me to owe a favour, I think it’s better to forget it.”

“Good.” Lu Wuhu heatedly smiled and suddenly came up to Ye Mo and said, “If you were worried about that favor last time, why don’t I just ask you a random thing? After asking, it will be considered as you returning it, what do you think?”

“That simple?” Ye Mo looked at Lu Wuhu in surprise and said with some disbelief.

Although Lu Wuhu was a senior, he had learned from Jing Yingli’s mouth that this guy was simply a person who did not suffer losses, so how could this kind of person just ask him a question?

Lu Wuhu said indifferently, “Yes, it’s as simple as that.”

“Good, then ask, I’ll listen carefully, as long as I know, I’ll answer.” Ye Mo immediately said, if Lu Wuhu’s favours were returned so easily, he would rather owe Lu Wuhu a few more favours.”

Lu Wuhu looked as if nothing was wrong casually thought about it and said, “Alas, it’s really hard to find a random question, is it better to ask how old you are? Or ask you ……”

Ye Mo’s eyes widened even more in disbelief, can’t it be such a simple question, he hurriedly said, “Then ask me how old I am, I’ll tell you, I ……”

Lu Wuhu suddenly reached out to stop Ye Mo’s words and said, “I remembered a question, that is, you are a Dan King, you must have seen a lot. Last time I saw a medicinal herb at my friend’s place that somewhat resembled bamboo, but my friend said it wasn’t bamboo. I’ll draw it for you to see if you recognise it.”

After saying this, Lu Wuhu took out a piece of white paper and casually sketched a few strokes, and a verdant bamboo appeared on the paper. Unlike ordinary bamboos, the leaves of this one were very large, more than several times larger than those of ordinary bamboos, and the leaves were not willow-leaf shaped. Instead, they are crescent-shaped. In addition to this. The branches of this bamboo plant are present from the roots, unlike other bamboos that only have branches when they reach a certain height.

As soon as Lu Wuhu drew this bamboo, Ye Mo understood what this was all about. This was simply ‘Bitter Bamboo’, which meant that Lu Wuhu knew that he had ‘Bitter Bamboo’.

However, when Ye Mo thought about it, it was impossible, if he knew he had ‘Bitter Bamboo’, he wouldn’t have had to perform like that just now. Obviously he thought that he didn’t know the ‘Bitter Bamboo’ before he drew this bamboo. Besides, his own ‘Bitter Bamboo’ was inside the Golden Page World, even if Lu Wuhu was more bullish, he would not be able to extend his divine sense to his own Golden Page World. Of course Ye Mo knew the ‘Bitter Bamboo’, it was clearly written in the book ‘Things’, how could he not know it?

But why did Lu Wuhu ask this question?

Seeing Ye Mo staring at the bamboo he had drawn and not saying anything. Lu Wuhu immediately asked nervously, “Well, do you know this bamboo? Or have you seen it before?”

Hearing Lu Wuhu’s words, Ye Mo suddenly woke up. Lu Wuhu was sure that he had seen the ‘Bitter Bamboo’ and that was why he asked so, perhaps he had the aura or the spirit of the ‘Bitter Bamboo’ on him, which made him want to know the ‘Bitter Bamboo’ through himself The location.

Apart from being a supreme spiritual root for cultivation, the ‘Bitter Bamboo’ was also a supreme weapon refining magic treasure. Lu Wuhu was an artifact refining master and it was not unusual for him to be able to sense the aura of the ‘Bitter Bamboo’ from his own body.

Ye Mo looked at it for half a day before he shook his head and said: ”I haven’t seen this kind of bamboo before. It is indeed very strange. Like bamboo, yet not quite like it.”

“That’s impossible. You must have seen this kind of bamboo.” Lu Wuhu couldn’t care less about pretending anymore, so he just called out.

Ye Mo shook his head once again and said, “Senior Lu, although I have never seen this bamboo, I have seen this kind of bamboo leaf.”

“Really?” Lu Wuhu immediately got surprised and eagerly stared at Ye Mo and said, “Tell me quickly, where is that bamboo leaf?”

Ye Mo completely understood at this moment that Lu Wuhu knew that he had seen the ‘Bitter Bamboo’ through the ‘Bitter Bamboo’ aura on his body. A spiritual root like ‘Bitter Bamboo’ was too important to Ye Mo, even if Lu Wuhu forced himself to take the treasure, he would not give it to the other party.

However, this Lu Wuhu was able to hold back, holding back until now before asking.

Ye Mo took out the bamboo leaf that he used to cross the tribulation and threw it in front of Lu Wuhu, “It’s on me, take a look.”

As soon as Lu Wuhu took in the bamboo leaf that Ye Mo dropped, his face appeared excited as he said, “I can’t believe it’s really a ‘Bitter Bamboo’ leaf, it’s really ……”

He just felt that Ye Mo seemed to have the aura of ‘Bitter Bamboo’ on him again and wasn’t quite sure at all, he didn’t expect that it was still true and he was immediately excited. Before, when Ye Mo and Jing Yingli were together, he was too embarra*sed to ask, and then when Ye Mo became the Dan King, he never had the chance to ask, so today he finally asked. Luckily, Ye Mo did not let him down.

He repeatedly looked the ‘Bitter Bamboo’ leaf in his hand over and over again, even trembling with excitement. Ye Mo looked at it with contempt in his heart, he had a whole ‘Bitter Bamboo’ inside his Golden Page World, all the ‘Bitter Bamboo’ leaves together were not 10,000 but several thousand, this guy was really no good.

“Not true.” Lu Wuhu suddenly said, “The leaves of the ‘Bitter Bamboo’ can’t be taken off at all, unless they are recognized, but how can this be”

Lu Wuhu’s human debt” is possible?”

After saying this, Lu Wuhu even looked Ye Mo up and down, Ye Mo was secretly alarmed, don’t let this old man see it. It suddenly occurred to him, was it because the ‘Bitter Bamboo’ had recognized him as its master that he was able to dig it down?

Without waiting for Lu Wuhu to continue asking, Ye Mo took the initiative to say, “I picked up this ‘Bitter Bamboo’ leaf inside the Meteoric Truth Forbidden Land, which was a big black mountain at that time, and the mountain was full of black thunderbolts, so ordinary people couldn’t get up there at all. I only pa*sed by at the foot of the mountain and picked up this leaf a good distance away from that big black mountain. At that time, I saw that this leaf was very dear to me, so I picked it up, and later when I was cultivating, I felt a lot more comfortable holding this leaf, so it was a ‘Bitter Bamboo’ leaf.”

Ye Mo made a dumbfounded face.

After hearing Ye Mo’s words, Lu Wuhu murmured, “Surprisingly, in the Meteoric Truth Forbidden Land, there is really a World Mountain, that means there is also ‘Bitter Bamboo’……”

Speaking here, Lu Wuhu didn’t continue, but grabbed the ‘Bitter Bamboo’ leaf in his hand and looked at Ye Mo and said, “It’s normal that you don’t recognize it, it’s something from the ancient times, although it’s somewhat good for your cultivation, the benefits are limited, this thing is mainly for refining weapons. But then again, your kid’s luck is really unbelievable. To think that you can even meet a ‘Bitter Bamboo’ leaf. I’ve been to the Hall of Meteoric Truth a few times, but I’ve never encountered a ‘bitter bamboo’. Thirty years later, thirty years later ah ……”

Ye Mo secretly despised Lu Wuhu in his heart, how dare he say that ‘Bitter Bamboo’ was not good for cultivation, this was obviously something that was trying to cheat him. However, he also understood what Lu Wuhu meant by thirty years later, that is, thirty years later, he would definitely find someone to go to the Meteoric Truth Forbidden Land to look for the ‘Bitter Bamboo’. But that wouldn’t work for you. The ‘Bitter Bamboo’ is now Brother’s personal property and is living a good life inside the Golden Page World along with the Pill King Spirit Veins. Besides, even if I were to give you the ‘Bitter Bamboo’, could you afford to raise it? Don’t look at you as the “strongest outcast”, you are an artifact smith, do you have the Pill King Spiritual Vein? Do you have the Golden Page World?

“That, can I make a deal with you. This ‘Bitter Bamboo’ leaf is a good item for smithing, and I’m a smith master, how about ……”

Before Lu Wuhu finished his words, Ye Mo looked at him in surprise and asked, “Senior you’re not trying to hit on the idea of this cultivation wonder treasure of the junior, right, I’ve already returned that favor to you just now.”

Lu Wuhu was a little embarra*sed, he really couldn’t wipe off his face to snatch it and let him give up the ‘Bitter Bamboo’ leaf that was in his hand. That would simply be cutting his flesh.

“How about I get you another Xuan Bing Sect’s tournament slot. No, you don’t need to compete in a tournament. I’ll directly talk to the Patriarch of the Wuji Sect to make peace, and with my old face, even if I give that girl child to you as a concubine, it won’t matter.” Lu Wuhu’s chest beat with a bang.

Ye Mo laughed in his heart as he put on a pained look and said, “Since it’s a treasure for smithing, it will be given to you ……”

“Many thanks, many thanks to Dan King Ye, no, many thanks to Brother Ye, we will be brothers from now on.” Lu Wuhu excitedly hurriedly took out a jade box, to carefully pack the ‘Bitter Bamboo’ leaf up.

“Hold on ……” Ye Mo reached out his hand to stop Lu Wuhu, seeing Lu Wuhu’s somewhat worried look, Ye Mo said directly, “Although the ‘Bitter Bamboo’ leaf is my best thing, I will give it to senior Lu willingly ……”

“No, from now on, just call Elder Brother Lu, who are we with, don’t call it so rustic.” Lu Wuhu hurriedly grinned and said.

The first time I met you, I didn’t see you say that you wanted me to call you Old Brother Lu. Now that the stuff is in hand, you start calling me Old Brother Lu. However, Ye Mo was not polite, this Lu Wuhu was simply a nature that did not suffer losses, he directly laughed and said, “Since this is like an “entertainment show”, then I will not be polite, old brother Lu.”

Lu Wuhu loaded the ‘Bitter Bamboo’ leaves down and waved his hand, “Then what’s the point of being polite.”

“Old Brother Lu, I do have three things that I need your help with, Old Brother Lu.” Ye Mo saw that Lu Wuhu was collecting things incredibly fast, and no longer hesitated.

“Say it, as long as old brother can help, it’s definitely possible ah.” Lu Wuhu waved his hand without even raising his head and said.

“Good, first thing, I want to ask old brother to help refine a magic treasure.” Ye Mo said.

“Small problem.”

“The second thing is that I want to have an opponent that I can’t beat, Old Brother Lu can help out for twenty, err just ten times.”

“Yes ……” Lu Wuhu just answered yes and immediately thought of it, he looked at Ye Mo and said, “That won’t work, I can’t be your fighter.”

“Oh ……” Ye Mo let out an oh and stopped talking.

“Alright, I’ll help you out three times. There are also these few true weapons, you can pick any one of them.” Said a wave of his hand and took out a bunch of true weapons.

Ye Mo was happy in his heart and hurriedly looked for a long sword inside the true weapons, the reason why he looked for that long sword was because only that long sword was already a top grade true weapon, the rest were all middle and lower grade.

“Alright, you can say the last thing.” Lu Wuhu said as he put away the rest of the true weapons.

Ye Mo also smiled heatedly and said, “I want to go back to North Watch Continent then bring a dozen people over.”

Lu Wuhu hurriedly waved his hand and said, “That’s impossible, absolutely impossible, I can’t do it either. I can’t do it either. It may be possible to send one person over, but it is definitely not possible to send a dozen people over. Moreover, the cost of teleporting to the Northern Watch Continent is too high, so don’t even think about it. Change it to something else.”

Ye Mo also knew that this might not work, and now that it really seemed to be the case, he had no choice but to say, “Then I will learn from Elder Brother Lu, Elder Brother Lu now you also owe me a favor, next time I will ask for it when I think of it.”

“……” Lu Wuhu suddenly had a very bad feeling, how come there was a feeling that the June debt was being paid back quickly?