DYM Chapter 1141

Ye Mo said with some guilt, “From now on, just call me senior brother or big brother Ye, we are also old friends, this time it was me who got you all involved.”

After a pause or he still asked, “Where did Yun Ziyi go, do you know?”

Fay wiped her eyes and said, “At that time, the sect was in chaos, and the Sect Leader knew that we were no match for the Wuji Sect, so he let the sect’s disciples scatter and leave. Zi Yi also got lost and now doesn’t know where she went.”

Ye Mo also knew that with the chaotic situation at that time, there was no way to know the whereabouts of Yun Ziyi, and it was even possible that she had been killed. He did not ask Fei Lu any more, whether Yun Ziyi was killed or not, she and he were still considered friends, and now she was even more involved because of his own affairs, he already had the idea in his heart that he would destroy the Wuji Sect.

The old man at the second level of Void God was an alchemist from the Sword Valley, called You Zhen Dou. The young man at the sixth level of Jindan was called Miao Wuren, and the girl at the third level of Jindan was called Huang Lanlan, both disciples of the Sword Valley. At the same time, he also learned that Fay Lok was now the new head of Sword Valley.

Ye Mo knew what it meant for the Sword Valley’s head to pa*s his position to Fay Lok, but he had already made up his mind to help Fay Lok and help the Sword Valley to re-establish itself.

Ye Mo simply refined the airship and handed it over to that Void God second level You Zhen Exhaustion to control, but the target was directly changed to Dan City. He himself, however, spoke with Fay Lok, asking each other about their respective situations after they had been separated.

The two talked about their experiences after their separation and were each sighing when Ye Mo seemed to remember something and suddenly stood up and changed his face drastically.

“What is it? Brother Ye.” After Fei Lok and Ye Mo talked for a while, her mood had improved, after all, she was going to Mo Yue City with Ye Mo in the future, and there was still Light Snow and the others with her, and she didn’t have that lonely and depressing feeling she had before. The only regret was that Zi Yi was nowhere to be found. Now when she saw Ye Mo’s face change drastically, she tensed up along with him, her fate was already linked to Ye Mo. If anything happened to him, not only herself, but even Jiangu would be no better off as well.

“Since the Wuji Sect dares to go to the Sword Valley to look for you and Zi Yi, they will even go to the Xuan Bing Sect to look for Bei Wei and Su Su.” Ye Mo said in a deep voice.

Previously, he did not think about this point because within his subconscious mind, the Xuan Bing Sect was a nine-star sect, and people in general would not dare to come to their door to provoke them. Now after chatting with Fay Lok for a while, his mind gradually cleared up and he immediately remembered.

“Ah.” Fei Lok had obviously thought of this matter as well, and immediately panicked as well. She couldn’t be more clear about Sister Susu’s position in Ye Mo’s heart, in case something happened to Susu, what should she do?

But then she knew that there was no use being anxious now, she could only say comfortingly, “Sister Susu’s Xuan Bing Sect is a nine star sect, even if the Wuji Sect is arrogant, they wouldn’t dare to use the same means against the Sword Valley to deal with the Xuan Bing Sect.”

After hearing this, Ye Mo was slightly comforted and then said, “I’m going to Xuan Bing Sect to take a look, Susu and Bei Wei don’t have any backstage in Xuan Bing Sect after all, in case Wuji Sect entices or forces Xuan Bing Sect, no one knows what the consequences will be. Moreover, the current Xuan Bing Sect has been heard to be in decline, and apart from one Transformation True cultivator, it is only a little better than an eight-star sect at best.”

He didn’t say this without reason, the Xuan Bing Sect was nowhere to be seen at this Dan King Competition, and there was no one from the Xuan Bing Sect to look for him at the alchemy afterwards. Although the Xuan Bing Sect was low-profile, this low-profile was already a bit too much.

Ye Mo asked Uncle Dou to change the airship to the direction of the Xuan Bing Sect, and only after half a day of walking he heard a loud laugh ringing in his ears.

Ye Mo was shocked, what was this? Obviously that laughter was still far away, but he heard it just out of earshot.

A True Transformation Cultivator, Ye Mo immediately understood that the one who had just let out a loud laugh was at least a True Transformation Cultivator. Understanding the arrival of the True Transformation Cultivator, Ye Mo’s back was instantly covered in cold sweat. Even if he was a bully, he was still just a mole in the face of a True Transformation cultivator.

“Good boy, my old man just went out for a spin and you ran out of sight. I didn’t expect you to keep the young lady at home unaccompanied and be here to cheat and hunt for sex again, you really are a flirtatious seed.” When this voice appeared again, Ye Mo sighed in relief instead.

At this moment, an old man had landed in front of him, and it was the ‘Land Weapon God’ Lu Wuhu.

Hearing Lu Wuhu’s words, Ye Mo was really amused in his heart, he had looked for him several times and he was not there, and now he was blaming himself. However, when faced with such a senior person, Ye Mo still respected him in his heart, not to mention his cultivation and weapon refining skills, he should be thanked for sending a favour to himself.

“Ye Mo has met senior Lu.” Ye Mo hastily stood up and cupped his fist and saluted and said.

“Haha, I, Old Lu, never do business that loses money, I know you are thinking about that favor of mine in your heart, don’t worry, I’ll let you pay it back today.” Lu Wuhu finished and said to Fay Lok next to him, “Little girl go out first, come back and make out with him later, now is not the time to make out.”

Fei Lok blushed and hurriedly said respectfully, “Senior is joking, Ye Mo is like a brother to junior.” After saying that without waiting for Lu Wuhu to say anything more, Fei Lu followed and said, “Senior excuses himself.”

A person who even Ye Mo respected was definitely from an unusual background, so after Fay Lu explained her relationship with Ye Mo, she did not dare to say more and hurriedly took her leave.

Lu Wuhu obviously didn’t take Fay Lu’s words to heart, instead he stared at Ye Mo and said, “You have offended many people, my old man went to look for you, but found many unsuspecting guys staring at you.”

Ye Mo smiled blandly, “Senior is right, junior has indeed offended some people. Senior has come from Dan City, I don’t know ……”

Lu Wuhu waved his hand and said, “You don’t need to ask, your little wife is fine, she is now at the peak of Jindan, it looks like your boy has a lot of good things. You yourself are not bad, you went out for a spin and are a Void God cultivator. I was invited by the Xuan Bing Sect, did you also want to go to the Xuan Bing Sect? Were you also invited?”

Now Ye Mo was already a seventh grade Dan King, and was still the first place winner of the Dan King Competition. If the Xuan Bing Sect invited Ye Mo, Lu Wuhu would not be surprised.

Ye Mo was overjoyed in his heart, he was thinking of going to the Xuan Bing Sect, but he didn’t expect a pillow to come from his sleep. Lu Wuhu wanted him to owe him a favour, obviously he needed his help with something, it would be too foolish for Ye Mo not to ask for his help at this time.

Ye Mo laughed, “Yes, the late generation is heading exactly in the direction of the Xuan Bing School, but was not invited.”

Lu Wuhu, however, did not care about Ye Mo’s words and said directly, “The Xuan Bing Sect and the Wuji Sect have joined forces and invited many people, and my old man is also among the invitees. However, I heard that apart from this matter, there was another important matter before my old man came over.”

After saying this, he even took out a pot of wine and took a sip, with an expression as if it was a glorious thing for him to be invited. And it was a matter of shame that Ye Mo was not invited.

Although Ye Mo knew that Lu Wuhu would not feel honoured by such a thing, but he no longer had the heart to continue thinking about this. After hearing those words from Lu Wuhu, his heart just sank, surprisingly the union had taken place. He didn’t even need to think about it, it was definitely Susu, or maybe it was Bei Wei, but mostly it was Susu.

Seeing that Ye Mo didn’t say anything, Lu Wuhu said, “What’s wrong, is it because the girl in the union is the number one of the ten beauties of Nan’an that you’re moved again? But don’t worry, you will also have a chance if you go.”

It was indeed Susu, Ye Mo at this moment could not wait to fly to the Xuan Bing Sect immediately, but he had to remain calm. Instead, he once again asked respectfully to Lu Wuhu, “Senior, I wonder where junior’s chance is?”

“Good boy, you really have your heart set on that female child. Not bad, that girl child is indeed incredibly beautiful, and you, a Dan King, can match it ……”

Speaking here, Lu Wuhu suddenly stopped, looked at Ye Mo and said with a heated smile, “Do you know that you owe me a favor?”

If it were usual, Ye Mo would have already started to despise this old man, a favor he had already said countless times and brought up again today. However, at this time, Susu was going to join with the Wuji Clan in marriage, so he really wasn’t in the mood.

Lu Wuhu saw that Ye Mo’s expression was a little less than happy, but he digressed from his earlier topic and said, “That favour will be talked about later, I will help you once more. This time the marriage union that girl originally did not agree, but later she agreed but let the word out that she needed to compete in a martial competition. Only the person who came first in the tournament ring could become her husband. You kid went out for a spin and is now a Void God cultivator, so you should be very promising.”

Ye Mo frowned and suddenly said, “It’s absolutely impossible.”

“What’s impossible?” Lu Wuhu asked curiously.

“There’s no way that woman would agree to choose a husband through this method, there must be an inside story.” Ye Mo’s tone rose a little.

Lu Wuhu looked at Ye Mo in surprise and suddenly said, “Could it be that you are familiar with that girl too? Last time she came to Dan City, I didn’t see you guys making out either, huh? I only saw you making out with that little wife of yours called what’s-her-name, Xue.”

Susu had come to Dancheng last time? Ye Mo froze in his tracks. Wasn’t it Susu who was being talked about? Ye Mo looked at Lu Wuhu suspiciously and asked, “What was the name of that Xuan Bing Sect girl?”

Lu Wuhu glared at Ye Mo, “When did I say that the girl was from the Xuan Bing Sect? She is from the Wuji Sect and her name is Wen Caiyi. It was because the Wuji Sect and the Xuan Bing Sect wanted to join in marriage, and the girl named Wen Caiyi proposed to choose the most powerful son-in-law. So all those talented disciples of the Xuan Bing Sect had to compete in a tournament and get into the eyes of others before they would agree. If you brat wants to go to the competition, I can also help you get a place in the Xuan Bing Sect for the competition. Just like last time, you still owe me another favour.”

Ye Mo let out a breath, and his heart was suddenly relieved, he thought it was Susu, but it turned out to be Wen Caiyi. As for who Wen Caiyi married, that didn’t have anything to do with him. But wasn’t Wen Caiyi the first of the Ten Beauties of Nan’an, along with Susu? This Wuji Clan had really spent a lot of money to send out even such a talented disciple.

Ye Mo then thought that it must have something to do with Susu, maybe they were rejected when they said Susu, so they could simply take out a genius disciple and give it to someone else first, then turn around and take Susu away. If that was the case, one would have to go as soon as possible. With his current fame, he was not a nobody anymore, and even the nine-star sect Xuan Bing Sect would not dare to ignore him at will.