DYM Chapter 1140

This was no longer a fist, or even an arm, this was simply a magic treasure, even a magic treasure that was no less than a very high quality spiritual weapon. A Void God cultivator was able to cultivate his fist to such a terrifying extent, Ye Mo was in a state of shock.

Although Ye Mo knew that he could block this cultivator’s fist with the Eight Great Cauldron, but the Eight Great Cauldron he had only refined three layers of its prohibitions, and looking at the power of this fist, that kind of recoil was enough to seriously injure him again.

This in an instant, what Ye Mo thought of was surprisingly not how to block this Void God cultivator’s fist, but thought of the ‘Witch God Dictum’, that ‘Witch God Dictum’ was a body refining technique that he had given to Cai Qi after snatching it back from Pang Wei’s hand. After he came to Luo Yue, he had never thought about this body refining technique again.

At this moment, he was thinking, if he cultivated the ‘Witch God Duel’ and his ** was also strong, could he also strike out with a punch?

Although he was thinking this way, Ye Mo knew that this was simply unrealistic, and he instantly wanted to recall his ‘Purple Sandwich’ and prepare to block this cultivator’s fist with his ‘Purple Sandwich’. However, to Ye Mo’s horror, in this instant the ‘Purple Sandal’ lost contact with him.

Without waiting for Ye Mo to think further, the immense fist had already arrived in front of him, and Ye Mo only had time to let the Eight Great Cauldron block it for a moment before he was sent flying by the punch.

After Ye Mo sprayed a mouthful of blood in the air, his heart calmed down and he knew that the strength of the cultivator in front of him was not inferior to him in any way. At this moment, he couldn’t care less about recovering the scene, and immediately tried to retrieve the ‘Purple Sanding Basket’ again.

The ‘Purple Chop’ was already entangled in two red and black rays of light, which completely separated Ye Mo’s divine sense. Ye Mo knew that this toilet was powerful, but it was rare for a toilet to be this powerful after these two rays of light were combined together.

That Void God cultivator seemed to know that Ye Mo couldn’t retract the ‘Violet Commencement’, and surprisingly, while rolling Ye Mo’s magic treasure, he once again separated two rays of light from the two-coloured mixed golden bucket and shot at Ye Mo, while his fist struck out once again.

Those two rays of light were sliced apart by Ye Mo’s divine sense blade before they could even get close to Ye Mo. But even then, Ye Mo felt a shaking in his sea of consciousness and was instantly scandalised by this black and red double-coloured light. This was because his opponent had only split a line of light to attack him, if he brought all of this black and red stirred together to attack him, would he still be able to do it so easily?

Although he was scornful of this two-coloured mixed golden dou, Ye Mo was still very upset that this guy was still getting ahead of himself, not only did he want to bind his ‘Purple Commencement’, but he even wanted to make his magic treasure use two things at once.

This time, Ye Mo didn’t wait for his fist to strike out, dozens of divine sense blades had already been sent out. This was the first time he had sent out so many divine sense blades, and by the time he had sent them out, his face immediately turned pale. The Divine Sense Slashes were simply too great a drain on the Divine Sense.

The black and red light of the two-coloured mixed golden dou was split by Ye Mo’s divine sense blade, and it immediately went lax. Ye Mo’s hand beckoned, and the ‘Purple Shooting’ had fallen into his hand.

The cultivator was shocked when he saw that Ye Mo’s chopper magic treasure had actually broken away from the light entanglement of his Mixed Golden Dou, and without waiting for him to react, he felt another pain in his sea of consciousness. When he thought of using the double killing light to brush the magic treasure in Ye Mo’s hand before, his magic treasure did not seem to be brushed off. This showed that Ye Mo must have a divine sense technique, and a divine sense attack technique at that.

Ye Mo didn’t wait for this Void God cultivator to activate his two-coloured Mixed Gold Dou, and the ‘Purple Bamboo Slash’ in his hand was a slash out. He was a little wary of his opponent’s two-coloured Golden Dou, the two-coloured light stirring together was too bizarre.

The Void God Cultivator didn’t stay idle either, as he pushed the Hybrid Golden Dou and struck out with another punch.

This time, Ye Mo’s ‘Purple Sandal’ and his opponent’s fist completely blasted together, only that the power of Ye Mo’s ‘Purple Sandal’ blade had not been fully activated.

With a “boom” sound, as if something had been broken by the boom, the Void God cultivator spurted a mouthful of blood wildly and flew backwards, dragging his bloody fist with him.

Earlier, Ye Mo was sent flying and spitting blood by him, but now it was just the opposite.

The Illusory Cloud Huashan Blade, even if it was not fully activated, was not something that a fist could stop, even if it was a fist equivalent to a very high quality spiritual weapon, it was still a fist. Ye Mo sneered in his heart, after throwing out a few formation flags in his hand, but he didn’t sacrifice the ‘Purple Sandal’ again, instead, he hit several spell decisions in succession.

“Boom, boom, boom ……”

Five or six thumb-thick black thunder arcs had already been sacrificed by him, although the first wave only had five or six arcs, the subsequent ones seemed endless, not waiting for the first wave to hit the opponent, the second wave of thunder arcs struck again.

These thunder arcs were surprisingly very different from ordinary thunder arcs, just like a tiny thunder sword, as long as they were pierced, they would immediately be injured, and if they pierced the vital point, they would even be seriously injured.

“Ka ka ka ……” That Void God cultivator did not expect Ye Mo to have this kind of thunder-based attack at all, and was immediately hit by several thunder arc swords.

“You are a thunder cultivator, this Thundercloud Sect’s ‘Eleven Thunder Swords’ ……” The Void God cultivator didn’t even care about his body’s injuries and asked Ye Mo in shock.

Where would Ye Mo answer his words, what he was most afraid of was this two-colored mixed golden dou, he felt that this mixed golden dou the other party was not playing at 100 percent, once it was played, he would even have to suffer a big loss.

So while his opponent’s hands were busy, Ye Mo had already cast his divine sense blade once again trying to isolate his opponent’s control over the hybrid golden bucket. However, even though his face turned white with exhaustion, the two-coloured Mixed Gold Dou was still under the control of the Void God cultivator from the Wuji Sect.

Seeing that he could not retrieve the opponent’s two-coloured mixed golden dou, he did not continue to send out his divine sense blade, but once again offered his ‘Purple Tap’ to slash out.

Although his thunder sword was powerful, it was obviously unrealistic to rely on it to kill his opponent. After all, the late Void God stage was too much higher than his realm.

The late Void God cultivator had long been alarmed beyond belief that Ye Mo, as a Dan King, had so many attacking methods, each of which was extremely powerful. If the stalemate continued, there was no way to please himself. Just that divine sense attack of his opponent made him defenceless.

Moreover, he had just punched against Ye Mo’s chopper and his fist was still injured even now. Only he knew how powerful his fist was, it was simply an extremely high quality spiritual weapon. Coupled with his thick true essence to go with it, even a Body Condensation cultivator would be shattered into pieces if he was hit by his full force fist. But a broken chopper from his opponent had surprisingly blocked it, and made him suffer a loss, even injuring his fist.

So he wanted to go, as long as he went out and sent a message, Ye Mo would not be able to get away at all, and there was no need for him to do it himself.

Thinking of leaving, he immediately retrieved the two-coloured mixed gold dou, not waiting for him to escape after launching an attack on Ye Mo, Ye Mo had already activated ‘Shadowless’ first. Ye Mo was incredibly experienced in combat, how could he not know that this cultivator wanted to flee?

The ‘Shadowless’ that had been lurking for a long time did not hesitate to charge up, and Ye Mo’s ‘Purple Lobster’ slashed out at the same time.

Although the ‘Illusory Cloud Huashan Blade’ could only bind this Void God seventh level cultivator for a blink of an eye, but in that blink of an eye, ‘Shadowless’ had already sneaked up on him.

This Void God cultivator knew immediately that something was wrong in his heart when he was attacked by the Shadowless, and he wrapped himself around the ‘Shadowless’ while simultaneously striking out with another punch.

This time he was not as lucky as last time, he had the idea of escaping for the rest of his life and his Qi immediately weakened. And Ye Mo’s Huashan Blade relied on qi, when the opponent’s qi was weak, the Huashan Blade’s qi could not be blocked. Ye Mo’s ‘Purple Sandblade’ and his fist blasted together, and his fist was instantly split into pieces. The entire arm exploded into nothingness.

This Void God cultivator had his arm blown off, yet he calmly unleashed his blood transport. Ye Mo, a Void God Tier 1 cultivator, was so powerful that he could not imagine, he never thought that a Void God Tier 1 cultivator would be so powerful, with endless killer moves. He was not even sure that if he continued to fight Ye Mo, his opponent would not know how many killer tricks he had.

He was too angry with Ye Mo at this point, he only wanted to escape as soon as possible. As long as he escaped, even if Ye Mo was more powerful, there would be someone with a higher cultivation level from the sect to kill him.


The Void God cultivator crashed into the middle of the formation that Ye Mo had set up long ago and stopped in his tracks. At that moment, the ‘Shadowless’ and Ye Mo’s ‘Purple Sandwich’ attacked at the same time.

“You are actually still a formation master ……” This Void God cultivator of the Wuji Sect could not figure out even if he died, a Dan King is just as good, but this Dan King is also so ferocious in fighting. Even if it was both of these, he could barely accept it, but the other party was still a formation master, which made him completely depressed, and he couldn’t let go even if he was dead.

Ye Mo panted and gathered up the formation flags while putting away this cultivator’s two-coloured Mixed Gold Dou, it was something he needed to study, it should be a good item.

This Void God seventh level cultivator was really hard to kill, he almost let him get away. Once he got away, the Wuji Sect would know he was here and would even send experts over to intercept him.

If it was still a Void God cultivator coming over, that would be fine, but in case the other party came with a cultivator above the Condensed Body, he would have no way to live.

Ye Mo boarded the flight boat of the Wuji Clan, which was already unmanned, and waved to Gan Lang and Fei Lu and said, “Collect your boat and come here.”

The boat of the Wuji clan was a lower grade true weapon, while the sword valley’s was only a very high grade spiritual weapon, and compared to it, this lower grade true weapon was definitely faster.

Fei Lok and the rest of the group were watching in awe as Ye Mo fought with that Void God seventh level cultivator from the Wuji Clan, they were stunned by Ye Mo’s endless attack methods. In particular, the Void God second layer old man from Sword Valley was appalled.

He, like the few Void God cultivators from the Wuji Sect, was also the first time he had met such a powerful Void God first layer cultivator as Ye Mo. Killing an early Void God was just fine before, after all, there were many Void Gods who killed their enemies at this higher level. But Ye Mo had actually killed even a Void God seventh level cultivator, at the cost of just being injured.

It wasn’t until Ye Mo called them that several of them reacted, and the old man collected his side of the flying ship and the corpse of the Sect Leader, and together they came to the lower grade flying true vessel occupied by Ye Mo.

“Fay Lok, I’m sorry to have dragged you into this.” Ye Mo took the initiative to say something when he saw that Fay Lok had come over with some red eyes and was unable to say a word. Fay Lok had indeed been dragged into this by him, and had fallen to her current situation only because she knew him.

“Ye City Lord ……” Fei Lu just addressed him, and didn’t know where to start.