DYM Chapter 1139

Although Ye Mo’s divine sense was unable to sweep inside the other party’s cabin, no one had come out inside by now, which made Ye Mo’s heart feel calm. If there were only these two Void God cultivators, he really wasn’t afraid.

As soon as Ye Mo ripped off his masked magic treasure, he said in a cold voice, “Mo Yue Ye Mo, specializing in killing the trash of the Wuji Sect.”

After saying that, he didn’t even wait for the other party to reply, and the ‘Purple Shooting’ in his hand was already splitting out, while secretly releasing his ‘Shadowless’ The two opponents were one at the fourth level of Void God and one at the seventh level of Void God. Even if Ye Mo was more arrogant, he was only at the first level of Void God.

”Shadowless, after advancing to full gold last time, Ye Mo hadn’t used it against an enemy.

“It’s you ……” The late Void God cultivator’s eyes turned red when he heard Ye Mo sign up, and without saying another word at all, an oval shaped magic treasure was offered up.

As a Void God cultivator, he already knew some things about the top echelon of the Wuji Sect, Yuan Guannan was killed by this fellow called Ye Mo. At this moment, this guy was delivered to his eyes, where would he show mercy?

This was the first time Ye Mo had seen this kind of magic treasure, it was almost like a toilet.

As soon as the oval-shaped magic treasure was offered, two colours of light, one black and one red, immediately shot out from the two ends. Ye Mo’s slashing blade was swept by these two colours of light, and surprisingly, it immediately dimmed. Even the ‘purple sandwich’ in his hand trembled and was almost about to break away.

Ye Mo was horrified in his heart, and he slashed out with a divine sense slash, and the ‘Purple Slash’ in his hand was once again retracted, but the ‘Illusory Cloud Huashan Slash’ move had no way to continue slashing out.

“Huh.” When that late Void God cultivator saw that his magic treasure did not brush away the purple chopper in Ye Mo’s hand, he gave a surprised eek, but immediately sneered and said, “You can hold that broken chopper of yours so tightly under my two-coloured mixed element golden dou, you are somewhat capable. But if you dare to kill a disciple of my Wuji Sect, I will let you know what regret is.”

It turned out to be a two-coloured hybrid golden bucket no wonder it looked a bit like a toilet. Ye Mo didn’t wait for this late Void God cultivator to continue his attack and slashed out thirteen slashes in a row.

The sky was filled with purple slashes in just an instant and already surrounded this Void God seventh layer cultivator, but that Void God seventh layer cultivator sneered disdainfully, “Just a small skill of carving insects.”

Ye Mo’s target however was not him, but the Void God fourth level cultivator, given his combat experience. This Void God seventh level cultivator, even if he could kill it, would not be a matter of a moment, he had to finish off the Void God fourth level cultivator who was in the way first.

So after Ye Mo trapped that Void God seventh level cultivator with his Illusory Cloud Splitting Blade and, Illusory Cloud Forming Blade and Array Killing Blade, he immediately made his move on that Void God fourth level cultivator.

The Void God fourth level cultivator had already sacrificed his magic treasure his magic treasure was also a knife, but in appearance it was much more beautiful than Ye Mo’s kitchen knife. The reason why he had to sacrifice his magic treasure was that he intended to join the Void God seventh level cultivator in surrounding Ye Mo, because Ye Mo had just killed their Void God third level companion with a single slash, which made him a bit scared.

But without waiting for his magic treasure to be sacrificed Ye Mo’s ‘Illusory Cloud Huashan Blade’ had already slashed over.

Although he did not see this slash clearly just now, he understood the power of this slash very well, it was simply a slash that would not turn back until it reached its goal. He did not have a two-coloured mixed gold dou, so he did not wait for Ye Mo’s ‘Purple Sanding’ to reach him, his blade was already offered, while a black square round shield was also offered.

The shock that Ye Mo had just given him with that slash was too great, and he could not have imagined that Ye Mo would still sneak attack him while he was fighting with his senior brother

he would still sneak attack himself.

As soon as the cultivator’s long blade was sacrificed, it cut out a long white aura several feet long, seemingly wanting to cut off the ‘purple circumnavigation, and Ye Mo all together.

Ye Mo, however, knew that what this cultivator had performed was not a sword technique, but a real spell. But even if he knew that it was a spell, Ye Mo’s ‘Purple Sandal’ did not stop in the slightest.

The ‘Illusory Cloud Huashan Blade, had already cleaved out without a care in the world, and without waiting for the ‘Purple Sandal, to transform into more purple mangles, it had already collided with this cultivator’s long blade.

“The sound of grinding teeth rang out, purple light splashed everywhere, and at the same time, the white blade awning that the cultivator had just illuminated from his blade disappeared, but Ye Mo’s ‘Purple Chop’ was blocked.

Ye Mo let out a stifled grunt, and the ‘Purple Sandblast’ didn’t even retract, and slashed out again. The cultivator was furious, and urged the black coloured square shield in front of him with all his might.

With a “bang” sound, Ye Mo’s ‘purple-blade’ struck the cultivator’s shield, and a mouthful of blood spurted out from the cultivator’s open mouth. The black colour of the shield in his hand immediately became darker, and without waiting for Ye Mo’s third slash, he already threw out a talisman with his hand.

As soon as the talisman was thrown out, it burst open and a lightning arc as thick as a child’s arm exploded from inside the talisman and rushed towards Ye Mo.

If it was another talisman, he would have considered dodging it. This kind of lightning arc, not to mention one even if it was seven or eight, he wouldn’t frown at it. The smallest thunder arc he had transited before was also a little more powerful than this one. This kind of thunder arc would do some damage to a late Void God cultivator, but to him, it did not hurt in the slightest.

Seeing that Ye Mo didn’t even care about his talisman and continued to slash out, that Void God fourth layer cultivator ten opened his mouth even more and didn’t understand why Ye Mo was looking for death. He was the one who killed himself, could he still suffer from this one talisman?

While slashing out this blade, Ye Mo had a feeling of danger. However, Ye Mo had no intention of withdrawing his blade at all, and it occurred to him in an instant that the sense of crisis did not come from that talisman just now, it should be that his Illusory Cloud Formation killing blade did not block that Void God seventh level cultivator. He sacrificed the Eight Great Cauldron in an instant, and even if he had to risk getting injured, he would still kill one person first.

“Poof.” Ye Mo’s ‘Purple Shooting’ completely struck this Void God fourth layer cultivator this time, and the Void God cultivator’s eyes flashed with a hint of darkness, spilling a canopy of blood as he fell helplessly from the air.

Ye Mo also spurted out several mouthfuls of blood furiously in an instant, while the Eight Great Cauldrons emitted a buzzing sound. Ye Mo knew that this was while he was sneaking attacking that Void God fourth level cultivator, that Void God seventh level cultivator was also sneaking attacking him.

It was only a moment of time from when he sneaked up on that Void God fourth layer cultivator to when he killed the other person. But in those few moments, that Void God seventh level cultivator had completely gotten rid of his ‘Illusory Cloud Formation Killing Blade’ and turned to deal with himself.

Ye Mo swallowed an elixir and looked back coldly at the already furious Void God seventh level cultivator, who was now the only one left. Although he had just set up a level four formation in haste, Ye Mo knew that this level four formation might be able to help him turn defeat into victory at a crucial time.

“It’s City Master Ye.” Fay Lok’s eyes flushed as she saw Ye Mo, although she didn’t have much of a close relationship with him, she felt that Ye Mo gave her a feeling of closeness in comparison. When Ye Mo had saved herself from whichever man with a human face and beastly heart, and brought her to Luo Yue City, that feeling was even stronger now that she met him again in this foreign land.

“Senior Brother Gan, you’re alright? That’s wonderful.” As soon as Gan Lang came over, those two Golden Dan disciples immediately greeted him with joy.

“Senior Brother Gan Lang has met Senior Uncle Xie, Senior Brother Miao, two senior sisters, is the Sect Leader alright now?” The two Gan Lang’s went forward and gave a salute to the Void God old man first, and then asked anxiously.

Ye Mo had previously killed that Void God third layer cultivator with one slash, in Gan Lang’s eyes, he should be at least at the peak of Void God, so instead, he was not worried about Ye Mo.

“Senior Brother Gan, the Sect Leader, he, he has already pa*sed away. The current Sect Leader is Senior Sister Fay, and the Sect Leader told us to listen to Senior Sister Fay ……”, the youngest female disciple said in a somewhat downcast tone.

Gan Lang’s eyes were suddenly red, he had entered the Sword Valley since he was a child and had been taught by the Sect Leader both as a person and to learn the sword. The master had taught him to learn the way of the sword, and even more so the way of man.

But before he had succeeded in his sword dao, the master had unexpectedly pa*sed away.

“Senior Brother Gan, you should not be too sad, the Sword Valley will have to develop in our hands in the future. What we have to do now is not to disappoint the Sect Leader under the nine springs.” Fei Lok had by now sobered up from the excitement of seeing Ye Mo, and hurriedly said in comfort.

Gan Lang immediately returned the salute and said, “Now that you are already the head of a sect in Sword Valley, you must not call me senior brother.”

Fay nodded and said, “That’s fine, from now on you can call me Senior Sister, instead of calling me Senior Sister, it would be too rusty.”

She knew in her heart that if she wanted to carry the Sword Valley forward, it would not be possible with just a few words. Now her cultivation level was still low, but some things could no longer be done as before, what should be erected still had to be erected.

“Senior Brother Gan, is that powerful senior here with you? Who is he?” The youngest female disciple asked, pointing at Ye Mo in confusion.

Gan Lang, however, said respectfully, “This senior Master Sister knows him, he is the Seventh Grade Dan King of Dan City, Senior Ye Mo, the first place winner of the Dan King Competition just now. He rushed over with me immediately after learning of the Wuji Sect’s relocation of anger towards my Sword Valley.”

“Surprisingly, it’s Senior Dan King ……,” The young man at the sixth level of Jindan also stared at Ye Mo with a shocked expression, Ye Mo didn’t look older than them, surprisingly, he was already a Dan King and could kill two early Void God cultivators in seconds.

“How impressive.” The Void God elder from the Sword Valley exclaimed, others couldn’t tell, but he could tell that Ye Mo was only at the Void God first level, a Void God first level cultivator not only killed the Void God third level and Void God fourth level in seconds, but even fought hard with a Void God seventh level cultivator.

At this moment, that Void God seventh level cultivator looked at Ye Mo with an incomparably cold gaze, Ye Mo had just swallowed a pill, and he had already sacrificed the two-coloured Mixed Element Golden Dou once again. This time, as soon as the hybrid golden dou was offered, two blinding red and black rays of light actually merged together and rolled towards Ye Mo.

The Void God cultivator also rushed towards Ye Mo at the same time, and he surprisingly didn’t sacrifice any more magic treasures, but struck out with a fist.

The ordinary fist made Ye Mo feel that the airflow around him was a bit turbulent, and in an instant his fist actually transformed into a huge hammer half a foot square, before the hammer reached Ye Mo, the oppressive feeling of breathlessness was already coming ……