DYM Chapter 1138

That middle-aged cultivator ten said to the grave A cold hum continued to say shark! l, but he hit the wrong idea, which sword code has been lost a thousand years ago, otherwise my sword valley would not be reduced to this point today? It’s not even a seven-star sect.”

Speaking here, his words were already full of sadness, and after a pause, he continued, “Fay Lok, if you pa*s the position of Sect Leader to another Sword Valley disciple in the future, remember that it is the duty of all Sword Valley disciples to retrieve this Sword Code of One Sword.

“Yes, Sect Leader, Fay Lok will remember your words.” Fei Lu was surprised for just a moment after being appointed as the Sect Leader, before she understood the painstaking intentions of the Sect Leader. After he became the Sect Leader himself, he would definitely not abandon Sword Valley and go. That was to allow herself to seek Ye Mo’s shelter so that the Sword Valley could continue to survive.

In fact, there was no need for the Sect Leader to say that she would not abandon the Sword Valley mouth the matter of the Sword Valley because of her, so how could she abandon the Sword Valley? The reason why she did not refuse was because she had already decided that even if she died, she would still avenge the Sword Valley and carry it forward.

The middle-aged cultivator obviously knew what Fay Lok had in mind, a glint of approval flashed in his eyes, and then he closed his eyes, and when several disciples looked again, they found that their Sect Leader had already died.

Fay Lok was about to speak when the oldest Sword Valley elder suddenly turned pale and said, “Sect Leader, there is an airship chasing after us from behind, it should be someone from the Wuji Sect.”

Tifei’s face also changed greatly when she heard this, she had just taken over as Sect Leader and was facing a great enemy. And the four of them now, apart from her, who had the lowest cultivation level of Foundation Establishment, the one with the highest cultivation level was only at the early stage of Void God, the old man who had just spoken. There was also a junior sister younger than her who was only at the third level of Jindan, and another senior brother who was only at the sixth level of Jindan.

It could be said that apart from the Void God senior uncle who spoke, the others had almost zero combat power.

“Senior Uncle Exhaustion, let’s turn the airship’s defensive ban on first and then figure out what to do.” Fei Lok said eagerly in panic.

Half a column of incense later, Ye Mo led Gan Lang had already gone thousands of miles high into the Sword Valley, going in the exact direction of the Tail Cliff. Ye Mo had never been to the Tail Cliff and was not very clear about it, but Gan Lang knew about it.

Like Desert Sea City, Tail Cliff was close to the Heartless Sea, but Desert Sea City was on the north side of South An Island, while Tail Cliff was on the east side of South An Island City. The reason why they went to Tail Cliff was because it was close to the Heartless Sea and it was a gathering place for loose cultivators. Moreover, Tail Cliff is easy to escape, even if the people from the Wuji Sect chase them to Tail Cliff, the people from Sword Valley can still escape to the Heartless Sea.

Although the Heartless Sea was dangerous, it was still much better than being killed.

Of course this was Gan Lang’s statement, but Ye Mo felt that this was not necessarily the case. Although Tail Cliff could escape to the Heartless Sea, but the inner sea of the Heartless Sea was better, once he went to the deep sea, it would be a life of nine deaths, not much better than the pursuit of the Wuji Sect. It could be said that once he was forced into the Heartless Sea by the cultivators of the Wuji Sect, he would be a dead end.

Ye Mo stepped onto the ‘Purple Sanding’ and even with Gan Lang, his speed was still incredibly fast. Half a day later, a jīnx of true essence fluctuations appeared in front of them. In just a few moments, Ye Mo saw two airship magic treasures stopped in the air in front of them, and they seemed to be fighting.

One of the airships seemed to be attacking the other one, while the person of the other airship was fully controlling the formation prohibitions on the airship to resist. When they said they were attacking, there was actually only one Void God cultivator attacking, and the remaining two cultivators were standing by his side, watching and even pointing.

Ye Mo didn’t even need to ask, he knew that the resisting ship was just futile. That forbidden system, even if there were human beings involved, it would only take a few moments to be breached, and that was even if one person attacked, once several people all attacked, the defensive forbidden system of that airship would already be shattered.

“It’s our ship, it’s the mongrels from the Wuji Sect attacking.” Ye Mo thought it was another road thief, so Gan Lang immediately shouted out.

Sure enough, Ye Mo’s divine sense also found the Sword Valley’s logo on one of the boats, while the other boat was not marked in any way, and he didn’t know how Gan Lang had recognised it.

“You come down first, just help me swipe the formation.” Ye Mo said to Gan Lang, who was at Yuan Ying cultivation level and could not help at all.

This was because Ye Mo had already seen that the three cultivators attacking the airship were all Void God cultivators, and the two Void God cultivators behind them had not made a move.

In other words, there were three Void God cultivators on top of the bow of the airship, and there was also a late Void God, as to what people were inside the ship, Ye Mo did not know yet o

Ye Mo knew that no matter what other cultivators were in the other ship, the three Void God cultivators in front of him would be enough for him to suffer. Once they were united, he might not be a match, not to mention the cultivators inside the ship. In case a Body Condensation cultivator came out inside, he would even have trouble escaping.

After Ye Mo came up, the few Void God cultivators that attacked the airship also saw it, only that Ye Mo didn’t make a move and they didn’t make a move or even make any move.

Because Ye Mo’s cultivation level was only at the first level of Void God, a mere cultivator at the first level of Void God, friend or foe, who wanted to play tricks in front of them, was obviously not good enough.

Ye Mo didn’t even reply, as soon as he went up, he started to sprinkle the formation flags. A few Void God cultivators, he couldn’t handle them alone, not to mention he was still preventing the people inside the airship

However, this was only a just-in-case scenario for Ye Mo, because if there was a Condensed Body cultivator inside the other ship, he should be able to feel that kind of aura, and in fact, he did not feel the aura of a Condensed Body cultivator.

“What do you want?” A Void God third level cultivator immediately asked angrily after seeing Ye Mo’s actions.

Ye Mo said with a cold smile while setting down the formation flags, “I want to kill you.” In the midst of speaking, dozens more formation flags were spilled in his hand.

“Seeking death….” After the cultivator spat out two words, he didn’t even bother to talk to Ye Mo and directly sacrificed his magic treasure. How dare Ye Mo, a mere Void God first layer cultivator, speak of killing in front of their three God Cultivation cultivators?

Not waiting for the other party’s magic treasure to attack up, Ye Mo held the ‘Purple Sandwich Slash, and slashed out directly.

“Illusory Cloud Huashan Blade.”

I only have one path, and the path is Huashan.

As soon as the ‘Purple Sandal Slash, slashed out, it jī raised a diffuse purple shadow, while the entire space began to freeze up. The Void God cultivator who was about to attack Ye Mo immediately felt his true essence stagnate, and before he could react again, the roiling purple blade mane was already sweeping in. He was even shocked to find that there were still swirling sabre qi after the purple sabre mane, and even these sabre qi seemed to have a consciousness, blocking all his retreating paths.

In just a moment, he felt that his opponent had only one slash at all, and that the slash that was coming at him was only a few feet long.

This slash was filled with a majestic and unrelenting aura, as if it would not give up until it reached its goal, and this was not even the most terrifying part of this slash.

That early Void God cultivator waited until that purple blade aura had already arrived in front of him before he realized that he had no way to resist it, and he didn’t even have time to sacrifice his magic treasure.

“Poof …….”

Blood and flesh flew everywhere as this Void God third level cultivator from the Wuji Sect was killed by Ye Mo with a single slash without even sacrificing his magic treasure.

This was even if he had already taken out his magic treasure, if he hadn’t taken out his magic treasure, he wouldn’t even have had time to do so.

“Really high praise for you.” Ye Mo laughed coldly while once again spilling out several formation flags.

Apart from the time he had an epiphany, this was the first time Ye Mo had cleaved the ‘Illusory Cloud Huashan Blade’ Ye Mo did not expect that he would be able to kill this Void God third level cultivator with a single slash. It was evident that the ‘Illusory Cloud Huashan Blade was really his most powerful blade. Unfortunately, using this blade technique to kill a cultivator at a similar realm as him, Ye Mo felt that it was all a bit worthless.

If that dead cultivator knew what Ye Mo was thinking, he might have crawled up crying, at least I am two small levels above you, is it not even worth a single slash for you?

Ye Mo killed a Void God third level cultivator with one slash, the two Void God cultivators who were still standing at the bow of the boat stared at Ye Mo in awe, they were now no longer sure if Ye Mo was a Void God first level cultivator. If it was said that a Void God first level cultivator could kill a Void God third level cultivator with one slash, and they didn’t even have the chance to save him, they would never believe it. But this was the case.

And at the same time, the four cultivators on the Sword Valley airship’s magic treasure all knew that although the other party was attacking alone, their defensive prohibitions would not be able to hold for long as well. The reason why the other side was attacking alone was just disdain or teasing.

Sure enough, it only took a few moments for the defensive barrier on their airship to be breached. But what everyone on the airship hadn’t expected was that after the other party had breached their airship’s prohibitions, they hadn’t killed their way in.

Without waiting for Fay Lok to ask, the only Void God cultivator in Sword Valley revealed an extremely odd face, as if he had seen something unbelievable.

“What is it? Senior Uncle Exhausted.” Fay Lok was already looking at the other two Sword Valley disciples as she spoke, she wanted Master Uncle Gou to take these two disciples and escape first, whether they escaped or not, but that was all she could do as a Sect Leader.

That Senior Uncle Gou said in a strange voice, “A Void God first layer cultivator just fought with a Void God third layer cultivator of the Wuji Sect, and he ended up killing that Void God third layer cultivator with just one slash.”

“Ah ……,” Fay Lok uttered in surprise, she didn’t know who else dared to fight with someone from the Wuji Clan and kill a Void God cultivator from the Wuji Clan.

However, she immediately knew what this meant to them and immediately said, “Senior Uncle Exhaustion, let’s hurry out and take a look.”

By now the other two Void God cultivators of the Wuji Clan had already reacted, and the late Void God cultivator even shouted angrily, “Who are you? How dare you kill a disciple of my Wuji Sect?”