DYM Chapter 1137

Although the Void God cultivator of the Wuji Sect did not use his full strength in the first fight, it was not too much to say that he was attacked by Ye Mo secretly. However, Ye Mo’s first slash had split him several feet away, and this Wuji Clan cultivator had already become scornful of Ye Mo.

Therefore, after Ye Mo’s first slash, he immediately pushed out his true essence. Sure enough, he then felt his true essence sluggish for a while, as if it was going to be bound. The mid Void God cultivator immediately knew that it was not good, so he forcibly sacrificed the Eight Trigrams Mirror, and at the same time, he did his best to break free from Ye Mo’s true essence binding.

As soon as the Eight Trigrams Mirror was sacrificed, it immediately swelled up in the air, like a sun enlarged up close, enveloping Ye Mo. Without waiting for Ye Mo to continue slashing out the Illusory Cloud Blade Technique, he felt a pain in his sea of consciousness. Immediately afterwards, Ye Mo understood that this Eight Trigrams Mirror of his opponent was simply a divine sense attack magic treasure.

It was also a magic treasure, but a magic treasure with divine sense attack was far stronger than an ordinary magic treasure. If Ye Mo did not have a divine sense technique, or if he did not know how to use the “Purple Flame Divine Soul Cutting”, even if his true essence was stronger than his opponent’s, he would still suffer a big loss under this Eight Trigrams Mirror.

The divine sense attack technique is different from a cultivator’s divine soul attack because it does not require a large amount of continuous consumption of the cultivator’s divine sense, and even if the attack fails, it will not have much effect on the cultivator’s divine sense.

It was only an instant before Ye Mo’s divine sense was attacked with pain, and the Void God cultivator from the Wuji Sect had already broken free of Ye Mo’s Binding Yuan Blade. Another flying sword was sacrificed out, while a cold smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

Just now, Ye Mo’s slash was weak and he didn’t take advantage of his victory to pursue him, which meant that his own Eight Trigrams Mirror had been effective. He didn’t even wait for Ye Mo to strike again before he sacrificed his flying sword, obviously intending to kill Ye Mo with a single blow.

Ye Mo coldly snorted, knowing that the Eight Trigrams Mirror was a divine sense attacking magic treasure, his “Purple Flame Divine Soul Cut” already attacked out, this was the third layer of the “Purple Eye Soul Cut” attacking means divine sense blade. This was the third layer of the “Violet Eye Soul Cut,” a divine sense blade.

Although that Void God cultivator did not need to attack Ye Mo directly with his divine sense, he had to use his divine sense to control his Eight Trigrams Mirror to attack Ye Mo.

Ye Mo’s divine sense blade chopped over and was far more powerful than his Eight Trigrams Mirror. He only felt a great pain in his consciousness, not to mention continuing to offer his flying sword, even the Eight Trigrams Mirror could not be controlled and fell down.

At this time, Ye Mo’s Purple Wing had already cleaved the Illusory Cloud Splitting Blade, and after the splitting blade, Ye Mo made another move of the Flying Spinning Blade.

The Void God cultivator had just broken free from Ye Mo’s divine Sense Blade, and before the tumbling in his sea of consciousness could stop, he saw countless purple mangles sweeping in. At first he didn’t pay attention, but soon he noticed that those purple mangles were getting more and more, and had even formed a dense surrounding trend. This was a sword mane? And there were still more and more blade mangles.

What kind of blade technique was this? The Void God cultivator from the Wuji Sect couldn’t afford to be shocked and hurriedly retrieved the Eight Trigrams Mirror, which once retrieved, once again transformed into countless mirror shadows trying to block the purple blade mangles.

“Boom boom boom ……”

Those blade mangles struck the Eight Trigrams Mirror, emitting a dense and dull sound, that Void God cultivator had just been injured in his sea of consciousness, plus Ye Mo’s purple blade mangles were like endless, he only blocked the first wave of attacks before spurting out a mouthful of blood furiously. Immediately, he reached out and took out a pill and tried to swallow it.

Not waiting for his elixir to be swallowed, Ye Mo’s Flying Swirl Blade was already coming with a splitting blade.

The flying spinning blade aura was so strong that the Void God Cultivator of the Wuji Sect, who was already injured in his sea of consciousness, had no way to block it. If his sea of consciousness was not injured, he could continue to push the Eight Trigrams Mirror to block these flying spinning blade awnings from Ye Mo, but now that his sea of consciousness was injured, he was already struggling a bit to control the Eight Trigrams Mirror, not to mention continuing to block the constant stream of flying spinning blade awnings.

What a perverted Void God layer one cultivator, this Void God layer four cultivator was secretly shocked in his heart and already had the intention to escape, he was sure that he was not Ye Mo’s match. Not to mention the Void God First Level, even if it was the Void God Fifth Level or even the Void God Sixth Level, he believed that he would not be much stronger than this Void God First Level cultivator in front of him.

Although Ye Mo had the absolute upper hand, he was somewhat dissatisfied, he felt that although his Illusory Cloud Blade Technique had five blades, each of which was unique, none of them could fix the situation with a single slash. It would always get into a tangle with the enemy. Although he hadn’t brought out all his strength so far, even the Eight Great Cauldrons and the “Shadowless,” he still wasn’t satisfied.

What he needed was a majestic sword technique that would slash out and send the enemy’s soul flying, but unfortunately, the Illusory Cloud Sword Technique could not do that right now.

As soon as the Void God cultivator of the Wuji Sect tried to escape, Ye Mo felt his opponent’s aura drop.

This time, he did not use the Purple Chop, but held it in his hand and struck out. When he struck out, Ye Mo was still thinking about how to strike a majestic slash. After the slash was made, Ye Mo’s mind followed the slash and he had a slight insight.

The next moment, he surprisingly did not look at the Void God cultivator, nor did he look to see if his blade had struck, but focused on closing his eyes and just slashed out with all his might.

When Gan Lang saw Ye Mo gain the upper hand on the side, he was about to go and look at the dead Senior Uncle Wan, but Ye Mo’s Illusory Cloud Slash made him watch. Although Ye Mo only slashed three times, almost every slash from the Illusory Cloud Binding Yuan Slash, to the Split Slash, to the Flying Swirl Slash carried an endless slash intent. He was already very proud of his Wave Sword Technique, but after seeing Ye Mo’s Illusory Cloud Blade Technique, he felt that his Wave Sword Technique was just an introduction.

Just as Gan Lang was watching in fascination, he found that Ye Mo had closed his eyes and casually slashed out with his blade. What was even more strange to him was that after Ye Mo slashed out this slash, the Void God cultivator of the Wuji Sect who was fighting against him was once again sluggish.

Without waiting for that Void God cultivator to continue his movements, Ye Mo’s big purple blade had already brought up a burst of purple blade aura to completely cover him.

What kind of blade technique was this? Gan Lang stared at the large purple blade in Ye Mo’s hand, to be precise this blade was more like a large kitchen knife. He even felt that Ye Mo’s blade was several times more powerful than all the previous ones combined, giving him an idea of being unstoppable and unbeatable. At the same time there was something that he wanted to grasp but could not, that could only be felt, not even spoken or intended.

“Ka-ching ……”


A click coupled with a loud sound of blood and flesh flying, that Void God cultivator of the Wuji Sect was split into two halves by Ye Mo’s slash along with his Eight Trigrams Mirror, even his Yuan Shen was strangled by the endless purple slash. And when his two halves fell down, they automatically split in two, but there was a trail of blade mane above the split corpse.

Ye Mo still had his eyes closed, and it was only after a while that he opened them, a joyous look flashing in his eyes.

The last slash he had just made was surprisingly an epiphany due to his previous thoughts, this slash fused the first few slashes of the Illusory Cloud Slash Technique and had the effect of bundling elements when he slashed out. And as the “Purple Sharing, in the process of cleaving out, it formed the Splitting Slash, Flying Swirl Slash, Formal Intent Slash and Formation Killing Slash.

Even if his cultivation level was several levels higher than his, as long as his true essence and divine sense could keep up, this slash was simply invincible.

There is a path to Mount Hua, I will only slash once.

He knew that his Illusory Cloud Slash Technique had only become a true success today. In the future, this blade would be the sixth Mirage Cloud Blade, called the “Mirage Cloud Huashan Blade”.

Ye Mo put away the “Purple Sandal-blade, and took the ring of this Void God cultivator, turned back to find Gan Lang looking at himself with admiration, and immediately asked, “What did your senior uncle say just now?”

Only then did Gan Lang react and said in a hurry, “My senior uncle said for me to go to the Tail Cliff immediately, and I reckon everyone in my division who wasn’t killed has gone to the Tail Cliff.”

“Good, then we will go to the Tail Cliff now. You first put away your senior uncle’s things and bury him.” Ye Mo nodded and said.


At this moment on a very high quality spirit craft airship mana, four cultivators were gathered around a middle-aged man lying on a couch, but seriously injured and sad.

The middle-aged cultivator, however, smiled lightly, “My Sword Valley has suffered countless blows over the past ten thousand years, yet it still stands today. As long as there is one disciple of my Sword Valley alive, he can kill back again. So what if the Wuji Sect is a nine-star sect, it will undoubtedly be a disciple of my Sword Valley who will destroy the Wuji Sect in the future.”

After saying this, the middle-aged cultivator looked at the four cultivators and said again, “My Yuan Shen was destroyed this time and I am powerless to return to Heaven. I hope that the four of you, no matter who you are, will remember the great revenge of my Sword Valley as long as you are still alive. The cultivators of my Sword Valley must have a sword spirit and a sword bone, and never be those who fear life and death. Today my Sword Valley is the downfall of the Wuji Sect in the future.”

“Yes, I will obey the orders of the Sect Leader.” The four people surrounding the middle-aged cultivator said in a firm voice at the same time, their tone carrying a hint of sorrow and at the same time a hint of determination.

A trace of sadness flashed in the eyes of the middle-aged cultivator known as the Sect Master, “I am ashamed of the Sword Valley and have failed to carry it forward ……”

However, after just letting out this sigh, he immediately turned his gaze to one of the young female disciples and said, “Fay Lok, you and Dan King Ye know each other. We are not going to Tail Cliff to escape to the Heartless Sea, but to Dan City. Fay, I am now appointing you as the next head of my Sword Valley, you will lead them from Tail Cliff to Nan’an City by teleportation formation, and then from Nan’an City to Dan City by teleportation formation to seek refuge with Dan King Ye. Although I have not met Dan King Ye, but he dares to kill Tian Ao Feng of the Thunder Cloud Sect, he is obviously a man of character and should not refuse your request.”

Obviously the Fay Lok that the middle-aged man was talking about was Fay Lok who had come from Earth’s Luo Yue City and was also Fay Lok’s second senior sister.

“Ah ……” With shame and grief, Fay Lok froze when she heard the middle-aged cultivator’s words, she could not imagine that the Sect Leader would pa*s the position of the next Sect Leader to her. She had to know that she was only a cultivator at the ninth level of Foundation Establishment, and had not even reached the Golden Dan.

The middle-aged Sect Master didn’t care about Fay’s surprised expression, but said with a sigh, “Fay, you don’t need to blame yourself, that Wuji Sect suddenly turned against my Sword Valley, in fact, it wasn’t all because of you and Zi Yun’s matter. It’s because that old man He Lin wants a sword dictionary of my Sword Valley, and that sword dictionary is called the One Sword, which is a supreme sword dictionary.”