DYM Chapter 1136

Gan Lang’s magic treasure was a flying sword, but Ye Mo felt that his flying sword was just like a long sword, but a long sword with the characteristics of a flying sword. As soon as his sword was sacrificed, it immediately brought up a sword mist, and even Gan Lang’s whole person looked like a sword.

The fifth-level YuanYing cultivator from the Wuji Sect had one of his arms cut off by Ye Mo, and he didn’t even have time to pick up his own arm before Gan Lang’s flying sword had already rolled over.

Ye Mo didn’t make a move, he just watched as Gan Lang’s waves of swords rolled towards that YuanYing cultivator from the Wuji Sect. Although from the outside, one could only see the bursts of white awnings from the sword light and magic treasure clashing, as well as the low bursting sound, yet Ye Mo knew clearly the sword technique Gan Lang had sent out and the moves he had gone out with.

Although Gan Lang only slashed out a sword, it was like a wave, one wave after another. The first wave was still just a few sword waves, but before this wave could be crushed, a second sword wave rolled up again, and the second sword wave had already become a dozen.

Ye Mo secretly nodded his head, the Sword Valley was indeed worthy of this name, one only had to look at Gan Lang’s sword skills to know that the Sword Valley was extraordinary.

That Wuji Sect Yuanying fifth layer cultivator was already no match for Gan Lang, and now when he was forced by Gan Lang’s sword light, he only offered his magic treasures to try to block it, but he himself did not have the slightest intention to fight. With a Void God cultivator watching from the sidelines, how could he have the heart to compete with Gan Lang?

However, Gan Lang’s murderous intent had already penetrated to the marrow of his bones, and the fifth-level YuanYing cultivator, who had no desire to fight, was injured again just by Gan Lang’s third wave of swords. Just as he was about to flee even though he was injured, Gan Lang’s sword wave suddenly burst open and a spray of blood erupted, and the fifth level YuanYing cultivator had just launched his evasion technique when his sword was split open by Gan Lang, and even his YuanYing did not escape.

If he had not been bent on escaping, even if he had been killed by Gan Lang, he would have let Gan Lang seriously injure him, but unfortunately he was only bent on escaping.

After killing the fifth level YuanYing cultivator, Gan Lang couldn’t be bothered with the YuanYing cultivator, so he walked up to Ye Mo and bowed, “Thank you for the kindness of senior’s helping hand.”

After saying this, Gan Lang’s face had stored a look of respect. No matter who the other party was, he could kill Chen Bang without hesitation, and he also bluntly said that Yuan Guan Nan was also killed by him, this person was an extremely bullish existence.

Ye Mo waved his hand and asked with a sullen face, “How are Luo Fei and Yun Ziyi doing?”

Gan Lang’s face once again showed sadness and anger, “Wuji Sect’s Hua Zhen old man He Lin killed all of my Sword Valley’s Body Condensation cultivation elders before leaving, but the killing of my Sword Valley by the Wuji Sect had only just begun. After He Lin left, dozens of cultivators from the Wuji Clan below the level of Body Condensation killed our Sword Valley again, and blood flowed in the Valley. Senior sister Lok Fei and Yun Ziyi are both missing, and I’m afraid I’m in a bad way ……”

Speaking here Gan Lang suddenly stopped and looked at Ye Mo with some confusion and asked, “Senior knows Senior Sister Fei and Senior Sister Yun Ziyi?”

Ye Mo nodded and said, “Yes, my name is Ye Mo, and I am the first place winner of the Dan King Competition in Dan City.”

“Dan King Ye?” Gan Lang froze, and only after a long time did he murmur, “So that’s how it is.”

“You know?” Ye Mo saw Gan Lang’s expression and asked in a deep voice.

Gan Lang nodded and said, “Yes, Senior Dan King Ye, seven months ago, when Dan King Ye won first place in the Dan King Competition in Dan City, my Sword Valley quickly learned of the news. Senior sister Fei Lok and senior sister Yun Ziyi told the sect that they knew Dan King Ye. The Master was very happy and was planning to take the two sisters to Dan City to visit King Ye when He Lin, an old man from the Wuji Sect, came to our Valley and asked to take Sister Fei and Sister Yun. My Sword Valley Master resolutely refused.”

Speaking of this, Gan Lang could not help but feel sad again, “In his anger, that old man He Lin seriously wounded our Sword Valley’s master on the spot, saying that the Sword Valley did not know how to lift up its head. Several of the elders were in a hurry and fought with He Lin on the spot, but although the elders of our Sword Valley were not afraid of death, He Lin was already a true cultivator. Several elders from my Sword Valley did not survive.”

Ye Mo clenched his fists, the Wuji Sect’s were too arrogant, relying on their power to do whatever they wanted. However, Ye Mo also knew that, not to mention that the Sword Valley had now been destroyed, even if it hadn’t been destroyed, it would be impossible for someone to stand up and help the Sword Valley speak. No one would be willing to offend a nine-star sect for no reason.

At the same time, he hadn’t thought that he had entered the Casting River Swamp for more than seven months.

“Our Sect Leader guessed then that the Wuji Sect had come for the two senior sisters, and it was likely to have something to do with senior. Today, when I heard senior say that he had killed Yuan Guan Nan, I already understood. It turns out that the Wuji Clan is really so despicable that they relent to my Sword Valley because of other matters.” The fist in Gan Lang’s hand was already bleeding from the squeeze when he finished speaking.

“I’m sorry.” Ye Mo looked gloomy, the destruction of the Sword Valley was obviously inseparably related to him. However, Ye Mo was still a bit puzzled, even if the Wuji Sect wanted to deal with him and wanted to take away Fei Lu and Yun Ziyi, destroying the Sword Valley was still a bit unexplainable. Or maybe there was another reason here, but whatever the reason, he had to make a trip to the Sword Valley.

Gan Lang shook his head with red eyes and said, “Our Sect Leader said that the people of my Sword Valley should have sword qi and sword bones. Although the cause of this incident was senior, but with that arrogant and angry character of the Wuji Clan, even if it wasn’t this incident, anything else that my Sword Valley messes with them is the same way to perish. Therefore, if my Sword Valley wants to survive, it must be strong, and strong again.”

Ye Mo said in a deep voice, “Good, brother Gan Lang, as long as you have this idea, one day I will let you become the most powerful swordsman.”

After saying that Ye Mo inquired again, “Is your Sect Leader still around?”

Gan Lang shook his head and said, “I don’t know, when the Sect Master was seriously injured, he told us to split up and escape from the Sword Valley, as long as there was still one person alive in my Sword Valley, we would have to kill the Wuji Clan to avenge the Sword Valley in the future. When I left, the Sect Leader was evacuated under the protection of two Void God Master Uncles, I don’t know how the situation is now.”

“Good, let’s go to Sword Valley now.” Ye Mo finished speaking and sacrificed the “Purple Senior Engraving, brought up Gan Lang, and under Gan Lang’s guidance, transformed into a purple light and vanish towards the Sword Valley.


The Sword Valley had always been a top sect in the Southern An Continent, one of the top nine star sects. But 5,000 years ago, there was an internal dispute within the Sword Valley, and in this fight, the Sword Valley was divided into two factions. Originally, even if it was divided into two factions, it only divided the power of the Sword Valley. But these two factions ended up fighting, and in the end, countless experts in the valley were killed and injured. After the fight, both factions were unable to fight any more, and one of them simply left the Valley, and eventually disappeared without a trace. The other faction also suffered too many deaths and injuries, and after that the Valley fell into ruin.

Even now the Sword Valley has been reduced to a seven-star sect, but only because of its former glory. In fact, the strongest elder in the Valley was only at the peak of Body Condensation cultivation.

Therefore, not to mention He Lin, a Transformation cultivator, even if a Transformation cultivator came over, he could still kill all the Jian Valley’s senior members.

At this moment, the Sword Valley was already dead and dreary, and there was no longer the scene of the sword aura of the past. There were bloodstains and corpses everywhere, and more traces of some buildings being burned down.

Ye Mo led Gan Lang to the Sword Valley in just half a day, not to mention Gan Lang who was gnashing his teeth, even Ye Mo was furious when he saw the scene in front of him.

“Boom boom” Several sword lights flashed and a figure stumbled out.

“Senior Uncle Wan ……” Gan Lang saw the figure and immediately rushed up, trying to hold him.

When the figure saw Gan Lang, he spat out a mouthful of blood and said the words “Go to the tail cliff” before dying.

“Die for me.” Without waiting for Gan Lang’s reaction, another sword light swept over, looking like it was about to cut Gan Lang off at the waist, but it was blocked by a purple mane.

Ye Mo’s divine sense had long since swept up the Wuji Sect cultivator who was chasing and killing the one Gan Lang called Uncle Wan, a Void God fourth level cultivator.

“The Void God cultivator of the Wuji Clan was sent flying backwards by Ye Mo’s Violet Basket with a bang. He did not stop until he was several feet away, and then stared at Ye Mo in shock.

He was shocked because Ye Mo saw his cultivation clearly, and he also saw Ye Mo’s cultivation clearly at the same time. It was just a Void God first level cultivator, who had even just advanced to Void God, which was nothing at all in his eyes.

He had stayed here until now because he wanted to look for resources that were not hidden in the Sword Valley, but he had not expected to find resources, but he had found an early Void God cultivator who was seriously injured and hiding in the valley. He had just killed this Void God cultivator of the Sword Valley when he met Ye Mo and Gan Lang again.

Gan Lang also immediately put down the dead Sword Valley cultivator and reached out his hand to offer his long sword.

Ye Mo waved his hand and said, “No need for you to do it, this kind of trash is simple for me to kill.”

This was not something Ye Mo said casually, just now he had already faced off with this Void God cultivator from the Wuji Sect and had a rough idea in his mind, although he was only at the first level of Void God, both his true essence cultivation and divine sense cultivation were stronger than his opponent.

Gan Lang nodded and stood to the side, he didn’t know what exactly Ye Mo’s cultivation level was, besides, he couldn’t intervene in a battle between Void God cultivators.

The Void God cultivator who was knocked away by Ye Mo was originally a little surprised and uncertain, but when he heard Ye Mo say that he was a piece of trash, he instantly became angry. Without even thinking about it, the flying sword in his hand had disappeared and what he offered up instead was an eight-trigram mirror surface. A Void God layer cultivator dared to call himself a trash, even if he wanted to jī rage him, he couldn’t bear it.

Ye Mo knew from the ancient aura emanating from that Eight Trigrams Mirror that it was an ancient treasure no less than a lower grade true weapon, and it looked like this Void God cultivator hadn’t even exerted his full strength in killing that Wan cultivator from Sword Valley just now.

Ye Mo did not wait for this Void God cultivator’s Eight Trigrams Mirror to be fired, and the “Purple Shooting” in his hand brought up several purple rays to slash over, this was the first slash of his Illusory Cloud Blade Technique, “Illusory Cloud Binding Yuan Blade”.

He wanted to know how long he could bind his opponent with the “Illusory Cloud Binding Blade” at his current Void God level of cultivation.