DYM Chapter 1135

What caught his eyes was actually a curtain of water, the Golden Page World was originally under the ground of the Casting River Swamp, how come it was now in water?

Ye Mo did not know about the big change outside the Casting River Swamp, and he then exited the Golden Page World. An extremely terrifying pressure came from him, that is, with Ye Mo’s Void God layer cultivation level he almost couldn’t even breathe.

Ye Mo didn’t need to think about it to know that this was definitely an extremely deep place and the water pressure was too great.

At the same time, he was also very confused, even if his lightning storage array exploded, that explosion was even more powerful, he could not have run from the ground of the swamp to the bottom of the water, ah?

These questions could not be figured out for a while, all Ye Mo knew was that now he had to get out early and then return to Dan City. When the time came, ask Lu Wuhu why he should give a face to him, and if Lu Wuhu really needed to ask him for help with something, he would find a way to press the price and let Lu Wuhu be the bodyguard to pick up Susu and Bei Wei from the Xuan Bing Sect.

Ye Mo increased his speed and rushed up towards the surface of the water. Even with the buoyancy of the water and his speed combined, it took him two to three hours to rush out of the water, so it was clear that the water here was really too deep.

After rushing out of the water, Ye Mo let out a long breath. He even took a big breath of air, the time he spent underground, including the time he spent inside the accelerated time array disk had added up to three or four years, and he still didn’t know how long had pa*sed outside.

After catching his breath, Ye Mo only started to look at his surroundings. The place where he had just come up was actually a long river, which was only tens of miles wide, but the length of the river his divine sense could not sweep to the edge.

This was the first time Ye Mo had encountered such a deep river, even many places in the Heartless Sea were not this deep.

Ye Mo flew down to the river, made a few clear water decisions and changed his clothes before letting go of his divine sense, he wanted to see if there was anyone around. By the way, he wanted to find someone to ask how far away this place was from Dan City and how long he had been at the bottom of the swamp.

Ye Mo’s divine sense had just been stretched out when he saw three vanishings of light, a cultivator stepping on his sword and fleeing in front of him, with two cultivators chasing after him. The fleeing cultivator was a fourth level YuanYing cultivator, while one of the two pursuing cultivators was a fifth level YuanYing cultivator and the other was already a ninth level YuanYing cultivator.

The three fleeing and chasing cultivators were heading in the direction of Ye Mo, and in the blink of an eye, they had already arrived in front of Ye Mo.

The cultivator who was fleeing in front saw Ye Mo standing by the river, but stopped, as if he knew that even if he fled further, he would not be able to escape the two YuanYing cultivators behind him.

“Senior ……” The fleeing cultivator did not see Ye Mo’s cultivation level, so he had to call out senior.

Ye Mo, however, found that the fleeing cultivator was covered in blood, obviously already extremely injured, and did not even have time to heal his wounds.

Without waiting for Ye Mo to speak, the two YuanYing cultivators behind him had already chased after him, and the two did not make a move immediately after seeing Ye Mo. Instead, the YuanYing ninth layer cultivator arched his hand at Ye Mo and said, “This friend please, Wuji Sect’s Chen Bang thanks this friend for intercepting this person for us.”

Ye Mo was still wondering who was such a bird, he was a Void God cultivator after all, and in the strength-oriented cultivation world, it was surprising that a YuanYing cultivator spoke openly to him, without a single senior title. Although Ye Mo knew that he was much younger than the other party, but his cultivation level was here. It turned out to be a disciple of the Wuji Sect, a nine star sect is so remarkable, even a fellow of YuanYing dares to blindly say that he helped them stop someone.

If it was another Void God cultivator, he might have just laughed and turned around and left. However, Ye Mo was not another Void God cultivator, not to mention that he had already made a bond with the Wuji Clan, even if he had not, this YuanYing cultivator’s words still irked him. Stopped someone for him? Who did this YuanYing cultivator think he was?

Ye Mo simply ignored this ninth level YuanYing cultivator of the Wuji Sect and turned to the fourth level YuanYing cultivator who was being chased and asked, “What is your name and why are you being chased?”

That fourth level YuanYing cultivator was waiting for Ye Mo to leave alone, and then was ready to explode his own YuanYing, even if he couldn’t kill the other party, he wanted to make these two cultivators who were chasing him injured.

He did not expect Ye Mo to not leave after listening to that YuanYing cultivator from the Wuji Sect, but instead asked him about his origins. He hastily cupped his fist and said, “Back to senior, junior is Gan Lang, a disciple of the Sword Valley, because those pig and dog things of the Wuji Clan destroyed our Sword Valley, and even more so, they wanted to kill all my brothers and sisters of the Sword Valley …….”

Ye Mo nodded, the cultivation world weak meat and strong food this is very normal. The Wuji Clan, as a nine star sect, was also too overbearing, wanting to exterminate whoever they wanted.

“What, you said Sword Valley?” Ye Mo asked in a shocked voice as his face immediately changed after just a nod. If it was before he met with Light Snow instead, he wouldn’t have known about the Sword Valley sect, but after meeting with Light Snow, the Sword Valley was too familiar to him. It was the sect where Fei Lu and Yun Ziyi were from, and from what Light Snow said, Yun Ziyi and Fei Lu had been recommended by Su Su’s master to enter the Sword Valley.

What makes the Wuji Sect dare to go and destroy the Sword Valley? When Ye Mo heard the word Sword Valley, his anger rose up. Yun Ziyi was fine, but Fay was from Falling Moon City and had been working for Luo Yue Pharmaceutical.

Seeing that Ye Mo ignored himself and instead spoke to that cultivator from Sword Valley and even asked him why he was being chased, he was simply posing as if he wanted to fight for justice. Chen Bang, the Wuji Clan cultivator who had just spoken to Ye Mo, instantly sank his face and became somewhat uncomfortable.

The Wuji Sect was a famous nine-star sect in the South China Continent, and with his ninth level of cultivation, he could already vaguely see that Ye Mo was at best only at the early stage of Void God cultivation. A cultivator at the early stage of Void God, or even at the first level of Void God cultivation, what qualifications did he have to put up a fight in front of his Wuji Sect cultivator?

“Friend, this is a matter between my Wuji Clan and Sword Valley, please, friend, move aside, we want to take this Gan away.” Chen Bang said somewhat unpleasantly, although he was only a Yuan Ying cultivator, but as long as he reported the name of the Wuji Sect, even ordinary Body Condensation cultivators would not dare to be rude at will, what qualifications did Ye Mo, a mere Void God layer cultivator, have to meddle in the matter? Not to mention that there were Void God cultivators from the Wuji Sect nearby?

“I am inclined to mind my own business, so what do you do?” Ye Mo’s face sank, this YuanYing cultivator was really taking himself seriously.

The fifth level YuanYing cultivator heard Ye Mo’s words and was silent, he just took out a communication bead like thing and looked at the ninth level YuanYing cultivator, Chen Bang.

Chen Bang did not expect that there were really Void God cultivators who did not give face to the Wuji clan, and in a moment of disorientation, he did not dare to ask that fifth level YuanYing cultivator to release the message. This was because he knew that if the other party really didn’t give face to the Wuji Sect, they could have killed a YuanYing cultivator of his several times in the time it took for them to release the message. Even if the clan came to take revenge in the end, he would be dead.

Before, he didn’t give a D*mn about Ye Mo because the Wuji Sect’s brand was too good, no one had ever dared to be rude to the Wuji Sect. But when he really met such a one, he was instead left with no choice but to wait for Ye Mo to question the Sword Valley cultivators, but did not dare to move.

Gan Lang stared at the two of them with anger spewing from both eyes as he said in a hateful voice, “He Lin, the old man of the Wuji Clan’s Hua Zhen, came to my Sword Valley with an air of superiority and said straight away that he had taken a fancy to two of my Sword Valley’s female disciples, Fei Lu and Yun Ziyi. My Sword Valley Sect Leader resolutely rejected Elder He Lin’s request without even asking for a reason, but I didn’t expect that when Elder He Lin became enraged, he seriously injured my Sword Valley Sect Leader and killed several of my Sword Valley elders.”

Ye Mo’s eyes were even cold ice as he listened, if he didn’t know now that the Sword Valley was destroyed because of his own involvement, he was too much of an idiot.

Gan Lang hadn’t noticed Ye Mo’s cold face, he just stared indignantly at Chen Bang and the fifth level YuanYing cultivator and said word by word: “My Sword Valley’s head master said that my Sword Valley’s head can be broken and blood can be shed, but the sword energy will not be broken, trying to make my Sword Valley bow down, Wuji Sect, I pooh, it’s nothing. Even if only the last person in my Sword Valley is killed, I will definitely destroy the Wuji Clan to take revenge.”

“Good.” Ye Mo spat out a good word icily, took out a pill and handed it to Gan Lang and said, “That fifth level YuanYing trash will be left for you to kill, I’ll kill this trash, Chen Bang.”

Gan Lang froze and took the pill, he was already prepared to die, he didn’t expect this senior in front of him to be willing to help him and still sin the Wuji Sect. It couldn’t even be considered an offense anymore, it was already a move to kill a disciple of the Wuji Clan, it could be said that once this senior killed a disciple of the Wuji Clan, it was a life and death hatred with the Wuji Clan.

“You dare to go against my Wuji Sect ……” Chen Bang stared at Ye Mo with wide eyes even more in disbelief, he couldn’t imagine that this Void God layer cultivator would be so crazy to go against the Wuji Sect and dare to say the words to kill him. This was madness in his eyes, this Void God cultivator simply did not want to live.

The fifth level YuanYing cultivator’s face also changed when he heard Ye Mo’s words, and without even thinking, he was about to release the message in his hand. But before he could raise his hand, a purple light flashed and the hand he was holding the communication bead was already removed by Ye Mo.

Gan Lang swallowed the pills and said with a laugh, “Senior is underestimating me, this scum even if senior doesn’t cut off one of his claws, I, Gan Lang, can still be easily killed.”

Ye Mo ignored Gan Lang instead he stared icily at Chen Bang and said, “I even dare to kill Yuan Guan Nan, let alone a small fish like you.”

“What? You killed Senior Brother Yuan ……,” Chen Bang was shocked and only said half a sentence when Ye Mo’s sky splitting purple blade mane was already sweeping over. He wanted to immediately offer a magic treasure to block it, but he found that he was already caught in a quagmire, and even if he moved, it seemed extremely difficult.

Before he died, Chen Bang only felt deep regret, for his opponent dared to kill even Yuan Guan Nan, the first genius of the Wuji Sect, and he didn’t even have to think about killing himself.

After the purple blade mane rolled by, a blood mist flew across the sky, Ye Mo casually put away a ring and just stood to the side to watch the fight between Gan Lang and that YuanYing fifth layer cultivator. That Wuji Sect YuanYing 9th layer cultivator didn’t even have the strength to fight back in front of him.

The reason why he did not hesitate to say that Yuan Guan Nan was killed by him was because Ye Mo already understood that the Wuji Clan must have known about this matter, otherwise he would not have gone to the Sword Valley to bring up the matter of Fay Lok and Yun Ziyi.