DYM Chapter 1134

The time it took for the thunderbolt to brew was extremely short, and after just a few breaths, the dense arcs of lightning fell down. Without waiting for Ye Mo to react, dozens of lightning arcs twice as thick as the previous ones completely enveloped Ye Mo.

“Boom, boom, boom …….”

Ye Mo was scared out of his mind, and without even considering it, he sacrificed the Eight Great Cauldrons and the ‘Violet Establishment’ but even then, more than ten lightning arcs completely fell on him, and even one of the lightning arcs of the tribulation lightning was already as thick as a strong man’s arm, amazingly thick.

Ye Mo sprayed several mouthfuls of blood furiously, he was already badly injured, there wasn’t even a single good spot on his body, he cursed in his heart at the same time, this thunderbolt was simply backstabbing him. Ye Mo was sure that if he didn’t have the Eight Great Cauldrons, or if he was a step too slow in sacrificing them, he would have been completely finished.

This wave of thunderbolts had almost sixty to seventy arcs of lightning, and Ye Mo calculated that there were sixty-three arcs of lightning in total.

While running the ‘Three Life Dictate to refine the thunder source, Piece Mo controlled the Eight Great Cauldron and the ‘Violet Sanding, blocking the dense lightning arcs. However, this wave of lightning was too much, even though Ye Mo was blocking it, the Eight Great Cauldron was still being blasted and shaken, and the shadow of the cauldron was falling apart time and time again, and Ye Mo underneath the cauldron could not support it. Luckily, his ‘Three Life Duel’ was once again powerful, and the speed of refining the thunder source was getting faster and faster.

After catching his breath, Ye Mo knew that ten thunderbolts had come down before and after, and there should be one more thunderbolt yet to come. After he understood this, he immediately sacrificed his formation flag and brought most of the lightning arcs outside the Eight Great Cauldrons into the lightning gathering formation.

Luckily, he had a lot of pills and the Eight Great Cauldrons to help him, so even if he was a*sa*sinated by the thunderclap, he was only seriously injured and did not hurt the root of his injuries.

At the same time, Ye Mo also felt his cultivation level climbing and had even reached the critical point, he knew he was about to break through the Void God.

“Boom ……” The last nine thunder arcs fell, and when Ye Mo saw the thunder arcs that were thicker than his calf, he immediately knew that there was no way for him to harden these nine thunder arcs.

So he didn’t even think about it at all and directly sacrificed the ‘Purple Circle, blocking one of them, drawing away three of them into the lightning storage array, and two more were blocked by the Grade 8 Grand Cauldron before the remaining three were missed and hit him.

These lightning arcs were much more powerful than the previous ones, although the Eight Great Cauldron only blocked two of them but the basin where Ye Mo was also shook a bit.

The only thing that was different from before was that the aura clouds that appeared this time were not colored but black.

At this time, Ye Mo was in need of spiritual qi, and the tens of millions of spiritual stones were no longer enough to provide him with spiritual qi. That spirit cloud, not to mention black, even if it was a rubbish colour, he would have no qualms about absorbing it as long as there was spirit energy.

As the black spirit clouds were continuously absorbed by Ye Mo, Ye Mo’s aura kept climbing and climbing again. When all those black clouds of aura were absorbed by Ye Mo, he even let out a long whistle and rose up with a long body. At the same time, his Yuan Shen formed and transformed into a virtual shadow, and Ye Mo knew that his strength had once again skyrocketed.

Having finally advanced to Void God, Ye Mo was just about to consolidate his Void God cultivation when he felt some ripples in his Lightning Storage Array.

No good, the lightning storage array was going to explode. Ye Mo didn’t even have time to think carefully before he entered the Golden Page World, he knew that at this time, even if he pa*sed through the Lightning Drawing Formation, it would be too late to refine the terrifying lightning source stored inside the Lightning Storage Formation. Although his formation level had greatly improved, but the second wave of thunder arcs coming down was just too much, some of the thunder sources that he had blocked away but could not afford to throw away were all introduced into the lightning storage formation, but he did not think for a moment that there were too many thunder sources inside the lightning storage formation, which eventually caused the explosion of the lightning storage formation.

“Go to ……”

Ye Mo had just entered the golden page world when the lightning storage array completely burst open at once, and the terrifying explosive airflow blasted the entire canyon at the bottom of the noon rift began to collapse.

Ye Mo had just thrown a monitoring array disk out, and that monitoring array disk was immediately blown away without a trace by the violent explosive airflow.

When the second wave of sixty-three thunder arcs, even interspersed with several adult arm-thick thunder arcs, came out, the cultivators who had gathered outside the Casting River Swamp all sucked in cold air.

When had they ever seen such a thunderstorm? This was not a thunderstorm, this was simply a rhythm that would kill the tribulation cultivator, and there was no telling what this tribulation cultivator had done to offend the heavens to bring down such a terrifying thunderstorm.

If this kind of thunderbolt came down, it would be certain death.

But just when all the onlookers thought that the tribulation practitioner would definitely die, nine arcs of thunder fell again, and it was obvious that these nine arcs of thunder were the last of the tribulation thunder. The nine arcs of lightning were as thick as calves, and it could be said that they were already as thick as the thunderbolts of the ascension of a cultivator. It was the first time that almost all the cultivators present had seen such a terrifying thunderbolt.

“That senior has actually crossed the seventy-nine sixty-three thunderbolts just now… Oh my, there were already cultivators who exclaimed in awe.

Everyone understood what he meant, since the last tribulation thunder had come down, it meant that the cultivator who had just crossed the tribulation had already crossed the densely packed sixty or so lightning thunder. Otherwise, it would be impossible for the last thunderbolt to descend.

No one could have the confidence to dodge this kind of thunderbolt, but now no one thought that the person below could not dodge it either. The reason is that he had just come through the dense thunderstorm, and although this thunderstorm was powerful, there were only nine of them.

Another rumbling sound came, and all the cultivators at the edge of the swamp felt the trembling beneath their feet, and after a long time, the trembling did not stop.

After another moment, the monks at the edge of the swamp suddenly felt the trembling become even more powerful. Suddenly a muffled sound came up from the bottom of the swamp, and that muffled sound became louder and louder.

“What’s going on?” A cultivator asked out in confusion, and no one could answer him, because no one else knew what was going on under the ground of this swamp.

“Look guys, in the middle of the swamp, there are whirlpools”…” a cultivator suddenly pointed to the swamp in front and behind and shouted.

When they said it was the middle of the swamp, it was only a few miles away from the shore.

“It’s really a whirlpool.”

This time all the cultivators saw it, and the whirlpool seemed to be getting bigger and bigger.

“No, I seem to feel like the ground is sinking.” Finally, a cultivator noticed the problem, but before he could finish, the place where some cultivators were standing started to collapse.

At this point all the cultivators panicked, and some of the higher cultivation cultivators immediately sacrificed their magic treasures and rushed out, while some of the lesser cultivators had already been swept away by the collapse.

Soon those cultivators who flew up into the sky felt that not only was the place collapsing, but the suction was getting stronger and stronger, and eventually the whole swamp seemed to be caving in.

“This swamp is going to sink ……,” finally one of the cultivators who had flown up into the sky noticed something even more terrifying.

The next moment the entire swamp wasn’t about to sink, but rolled backwards and down, like a river breaking its banks all gushing underground. It was like a river of mud falling into the nine heavens, and the power was astonishing beyond compare.

The ground began to shake violently, interspersed with terrifying noises, and all the cultivators knew that an accident had happened here. Those cultivators rushed out their flying magic treasures and rushed towards a place far away from the Casting River Swamp, all afraid that if they were a step late, they would be carried away by that terrifying backwards swamp.

With that kind of power, even if a Void God cultivator was swept down, he would definitely die.

It turned out that some of the swamp demon beasts inside the swamp had also rushed out and fled. These demonic beasts, like the cultivators, couldn’t care less about each other and only knew to run for their lives.

Three days later, the original Casting River Swamp had dissipated, and the endless swamp mud seemed to have disappeared of its own accord, with no one knowing where it had gone.

But the place that belonged to the Casting River Swamp had become a huge valley, a valley without a single bit of spiritual gra*s and with a pitiful scarcity of spiritual energy. If someone were to come here again, they would not even think that this place turned out to be an incomparably large swamp.

Ye Mo threw several monitoring array disks out inside the Golden Page World in succession, but in the end, there was no sign of them at all. Two days later, Ye Mo simply stayed inside the Golden Page World, he believed that even if it exploded again, it would not affect his own Golden Page World.

With nothing to do, he simply began to solidify his Void God cultivation.

Next to the Pill King Spiritual Vein and the Spiritual Root ‘Bitter Bamboo,’ Ye Mo’s realm quickly began to solidify. Ye Mo found that when he became a Void God cultivator, the might and speed of absorbing spiritual qi was even more amazing.

The spiritual qi from the Pill King’s Spirit Vein was being absorbed by him frantically, and when his ‘Three Life Duel’ was running, that frantic absorption of spiritual qi was even more terrifying.

Ye Mo secretly marvelled, others used spirit stones or spirit gathering formations to cultivate. If he used spirit stones to cultivate, he wouldn’t even think about progressing.

It looked like he would have to keep collecting spirit veins in the future, otherwise this Pill King Spirit Vein of his would not be enough for him to toss around, if he really had to use it. With his current Void God cultivation, it might only take him three to five years to toss it away.

Even if Ye Mo did not understand, he knew the preciousness of the Pill King Spirit Vein, even an extremely high grade spirit vein was not as good as a medium grade Pill King Spirit Vein. What’s more, the spirit vein Ye Mo thought he had was not a medium grade at all, it was even an upper grade spirit vein.

While Ye Mo was immersed inside stabilizing the Void God realm, time pa*sed by in a hurry, and when Ye Mo had completely stabilized the Void God realm and had even reached the middle of the Void God layer, he found that another two months had pa*sed.

While throwing out a monitoring array disk, Ye Mo secretly sighed that time in cultivation was really worthless.