DYM Chapter 1133

Ye Mo had completely forgotten about time, and didn’t even know that his Pill King Spirit Vein had shrunk so much.

If he saw the Pill King Spirit Veins diminishing in circles at this moment, he might have stopped immediately, because in comparison, he knew that the ‘Bitter Bamboo’ was his real capital for cultivation, and once the Pill King Spirit Veins were gone, then the ‘Bitter Bamboo’ would be finished as well.

There are no years in cultivation, even inside the time formation disk. When Ye Mo felt that his true essence had reached a peak and there was no way to increase it further, he suddenly opened his eyes.

He was already at the peak cultivation level of the ninth layer of YuanYing, and he was secretly appalled in his own heart, just how long had he been cultivating for?

He was still full of joy at being able to cultivate to the peak of the ninth level of the firstborn. But then he didn’t even have any more joy ah, he found out that his Pill King Spirit Vein was already almost a fifth smaller.

Ye Mo was sure that although he needed more spirit energy for his cultivation, he wouldn’t be able to finish so much, not even one hundredth of a Pill King Spirit Vein would be needed for him to advance to the peak of Yuan Ying. And now his Pill King Spirit Veins were a fifth less, Ye Mo didn’t need to look, he knew it should be the Time Array Disc’s doing.

The effect of using the Pill King Spirit Vein to drive the time array disk was definitely much better than the extremely high quality spirit stones, and even the time ratio was far different. But there was only one Pill King Spiritual Vein, so it was gone when it was consumed.

At this moment, he could not afford to be distressed, and hurriedly put away the Spirit Diversion Formation and the Time Formation Disk. If he continued like this, it wouldn’t be long before his Pill King Spiritual Vein would completely disappear. Once the Pill King Spirit Veins disappeared, how could his ‘Bitter Bamboo’ still survive? His heart ached for the ‘Bitter Bamboo’.

Although the Pill King Spirit Vein was precious, it would just disappear, but the ‘Bitter Bamboo’ must not have anything happen to it.

After putting away the time array disk, Ye Mo then breathed out, he felt like he had at least three years of this closed-door cultivation, even if it was less than three years, it was still more than two years, at least he didn’t know how much time had pa*sed outside under the time acceleration array disk.

Ye Mo gave himself a few de-dusting decisions, he knew that he was going to cross the tribulation next. He had plenty of ‘Void Lore Pills’ on him, as for where to cross the tribulation, he hadn’t thought about it yet, for now he would find a way out first.

In Ye Mo’s mind, he had been in the bottom of this crack for at least a few months, the two Void God cultivators outside who wanted to catch him must have left long ago.

When he arrived at the bottom of the rift again, the Pill King Spirit Vein at the bottom of the rift had already been removed by Ye Mo, and now there was only a large empty basin. There was even less life, and Ye Mo knew that this was because he had taken away the Pill King Spirit Vein.

Subconsciously, he sacrificed his ‘Purple Sandwich’, then stepped onto it to try flying upwards, that powerful suction force was still there, Ye Mo was sure that with his current cultivation there was absolutely no way to fly above the crack.

This was the only thing on Ye Mo’s mind, although he knew that even after he had advanced to Void God, he would still not be able to go up with this kind of suction, but Void God was more than ten times stronger than Yuan Ying.

Ye Mo immediately began to set up the Spirit Gathering Formation, Lightning Drawing Formation, and Lightning Storage Formation. Although the latter two formations were all backups.

But Ye Mo thought that he had to set up these two formations, the first YuanYing thunder tribulation had already made him fed up, if he wasn’t a formation master, maybe that YuanYing extinction thunder tribulation, he would have been *dropped*. Who knows if this time the Void God lightning tribulation will also come with a pitiful extinction lightning tribulation?


At this time there were already countless cultivators crowded outside the Casting River Swamp, and some of them even tried to fly a small circle above the swamp.

The reason these cultivators came here was because they learned that ancient ruins had once again been discovered in the Casting River Swamp. As for the source of the news, it was because the cultivators of the Earth Demon Sect had sneaked into the Casting River Swamp. The Earth Demon Sect’s movements were immediately revealed as there were often low-level cultivators coming to collect spiritual medicines in the Casting River Swamp.

As the news spread, more and more people came, and the rumours became crazier and crazier, what with someone having already found a lower grade true weapon, and even someone having obtained a heavenly grade gongfa or something like that.

In the end, apart from those scattered cultivators, even some seven-star and eight-star sects had people coming over. Only a few elders from the Earth Demon Sect were secretly depressed.

Of course they knew exactly what the reason for coming to the Casting River Swamp was, one was because Ye Mo was here and the Earth Demon Sect wanted to besiege Ye Mo in the Casting River Swamp. Of course there was another reason, and that was because they judged that there was an ancient spirit medicine garden here. The discovery of an ancient spirit medicine garden could even provide the sect with multiple high-level cultivators, and when such a thing was exposed, could they not be depressed.

But even if they were depressed, they could only pretend that they didn’t know, because chasing Ye Mo was not a small matter. As for the matter of the Spiritual Medicine Garden, they didn’t even dare to mention it.

It was because of these misunderstandings that caused more and more cultivators to come from the outskirts of the Casting River Swamp. Not to mention the Casting River Swamp, even Mang Mountain Town was once again bustling with activity.

However, after months of searching, these cultivators could not find any high grade spiritual herbs, not to mention the relics, but they did meet a few high grade marsh demon beasts.

As time went on, some cultivators were already planning to leave. But just at

At this time, the sky above the Casting River Swamp suddenly darkened, and a lightning bolt flashed in the air. It seemed that at any moment, those lightning bolts would fall.

“What’s going on?” Almost all of the cultivators stared blankly at the sky above the depths of the swamp.

“I get it, it’s a lightning tribulation, it must be a lightning tribulation ……,” a cultivator suddenly shouted.

“Who would be inside the swamp for a tribulation? It can’t be a demonic beast, right?”


Not waiting for the monk’s words to fall, “boom click click ……” nine lightning bolts the thickness of a child’s arm fell down and disappeared directly into the swampy ground.

“Boom, boom, boom ……”

Nine such thick lightning bolts fell, immediately causing a dull boom in the ground, such a dull boom that even cultivators standing on the outskirts of the swamp could feel the bottom of their feet shaking.

“Someone is transmigrating under the ground ……”

“No, it should be a demonic beast.”

“It can’t be a demonic beast either, this kind of lightning tribulation is simply too terrifying, the first lightning tribulation is this thick, how terrifying do the later ones have to be? Could this be someone advancing to the True Transformation? Or is it a demonic beast advancing to the tenth level?”

This terrifying thunder tribulation caused the people around the Casting River Swamp to change their faces greatly, while talking about it. The two Void God Elders from the Earth Demon Sect also changed their faces greatly, they thought that the one who was crossing the tribulation in the ground might be Ye Mo, but this kind of powerful thunder tribulation immediately let the two of them know that it was definitely not Ye Mo.

This kind of thunderclap was simply too terrifying, the first thunderclap was as thick as a child’s arm, how big should the subsequent thunderclaps be?

But what the surrounding cultivators couldn’t imagine was that after the first thunderbolt, the subsequent thunderbolts immediately struck down again, with hardly any interval in between. It was obvious that it was meant to kill the person crossing the tribulation.

This kind of terrifying thunderstorm made the surrounding cultivators look scared, but none of them left, this kind of thunderstorm was simply never seen before, I wonder what kind of person is so bullish that can trigger this kind of terrifying thunderstorm down.


This thunderstorm was of course triggered by Ye Mo, who, after swallowing the ‘Void Loop Dan’, also deliberately picked a ‘Bitter Bamboo’ leaf and put it in his mouth, just to prevent heart demons.

What Ye Mo didn’t expect was that the first thunderclap would be nine lightning thunderbolts of arm’s thickness, which was a relief to Ye Mo.

At the beginning, he was not afraid of this kind of lightning tribulation even at the completion of his Golden Dan, so he was even less afraid at this time. Therefore, he didn’t care about it at all, and at the same time, the ‘Purple Sandwich’ swept out with a purple blade.

Ye Mo had already had experience, when dealing with the lightning tribulation, one could not use the Illusory Cloud Blade Technique when offering the ‘Purple Sandal’, otherwise the effect would be reduced instead.

“Ka ka ka ……”

Several unmistakable loud sounds stirred up bursts of purple lightning, which exploded around Ye Mo’s body. The nine lightning bolts of the first wave were blocked by five of Ye Mo’s ‘Purple Wreath’, while the remaining four fell on Ye Mo’s body, and were completely refined by Ye Mo under the operation of the ‘Three Life Dictate’.

After refining the first wave of thunder tribulation, Ye Mo could even feel his cultivation level rise significantly. Although the thickness of this thunder tribulation was the same, Ye Mo felt that the attacking power of this thunder tribulation was far more powerful than the initial extinction thunder tribulation. But even so, this first wave of thunder tribulation still did not affect him in the slightest.

Without waiting for Ye Mo to catch his breath, the second and third waves of thunder tribulation fell at the same time, a total of eighteen lightning arcs struck down.

When he had previously crossed the YuanYing Extinction Lightning Tribulation, Ye Mo knew that the second and third lightning was the same thickness, but this time he knew he was wrong, this second and third lightning was a turn thicker than the first one.

“Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom ……”

“Ka ……”

The second wave and third wave of thunder arcs of the tribulation thunder and Ye Mo’s ‘Purple Basket’ clashed together again, this time Ye Mo split nearly ten more lightning thunder, the rest still fell on his body.

This time Ye Mo didn’t suffer as well as the last time, except that he still refined the lightning that fell on him even though he had suffered some light injuries.

The fourth wave of lightning tribulation did not fall, but was in the middle of brewing. Ye Mo did not move, the tens of millions of top quality spirit stones forming the spirit gathering array was already enough for him to absorb. The spiritual energy from the spirit stones was absorbed by him and formed a mist around him.

Even at this time, he still had no intention of taking out the Eight Great Cauldrons, the more lightning sources he absorbed on his own during the tribulation, the better, if he used the Eight Great Cauldrons to block it, the benefits he would receive would be reduced accordingly. This was a danger, but also an opportunity.

At this moment the sky was even more overcast, with some tiny flashes of lightning occasionally flashing, seemingly heralding the arrival of even more powerful lightning.

At the same time, there were no cultivators on the periphery of the swamp who were not alarmed. Even ordinary Void God cultivators were thinking that those three lightning tribulations just now, if they were to resist them, they would definitely not be able to stop them. From this, it could be seen that the one who was crossing the tribulation in the ground was definitely a great power.