DYM Chapter 1132

Ye Mo stood up, the Pill King Spirit Vein was in his hand, now he could leave. But he was immediately worried, if he left now, how far could he go. The suction inside this crack was so strong that there was no way for him to leave this crack.

As soon as he thought of this, Ye Mo’s head ached. Although he had come in and obtained the Pill King Spirit Vein, he couldn’t go out, he couldn’t possibly stay in here for the rest of his life.

While he was in distress, Ye Mo saw the formation disk that he had thrown in.

This did not look like a formation plate, but the spirit body said that it was a formation plate, and still this was a formation plate that was not even found in the Immortal Realm. Ye Mo sneered, this was obviously bragging, what is something that is available in the cultivation world but not in the immortal world?

But then Ye Mo put his thoughts down, his own Golden Page World and ‘Bitter Bamboo’ the Immortal World wouldn’t necessarily have them, I heard that the ‘Bitter Bamboo’ would only appear once, since it was obtained by himself, how could the Immortal World have them? As for the Golden Page World, Ye Mo was not sure if there was a small world just like his, but from the mouth of Meng Burin, the master who created the ‘Honmong Creation Dictate’, Ye Mo knew that this Golden Page World also seemed to be extraordinary, and the Immortal World really did not necessarily have it.

But the ‘Bitter Bamboo’ and the Golden Page World were after all special things, and the array plate was not something special, it was a completely artificially refined thing, how could it not even be found in the Immortal World?

No, Ye Mo suddenly remembered what that soul body said before was, “Don’t burn me, I’ll tell you what the array disk in your hand is, it’s a time …… that doesn’t even exist in the Immortal World.”

Time what? Could ……

Ye Mo’s hand shook and almost dropped the array disk in his hand. He thought of time, could it be that this was a time array disk, if it really was a time array disk, there really wasn’t necessarily one in the Immortal Realm, and even if there was, there wouldn’t be many.

But is there really such a thing as a time array disc? Ye Mo had cultivated until now was not someone who knew nothing. He certainly knew that true great powers could control everything against their enemies, and there was nothing more ferocious than great powers that could control time and space. But these great powers were not something that could be found in the Cultivation Realm, especially the Time Domain, which was not necessarily found even in the Immortal Realm, right?

Could this really be a time array disk, Ye Mo’s heart suddenly became excited, if it really was a time array disk, even if he couldn’t use it, he could still be inspired by the time domain from it, and his future would be immeasurable for him in the future.

Originally, he wanted to go out, but now Ye Mo had already discarded this idea, instead he sat on top of the spirit vein and studied the array plate in his hand.

This array board was really different from the ones Ye Mo usually made, not only the concept of the array and the placement of the array points completely overturned Ye Mo’s previous ideas. It was the refining technique and the materials used that Ye Mo could not tell.

Ye Mo couldn’t even recognize if this was a formation plate, let alone know how many levels of formation plates it was. Holding this strange array plate in his hand, Ye Mo immersed himself in it, and he seemed to see a new paradise of formations.

After a long time, Ye Mo panted, he felt that this array plate was too complicated, he could only touch a little bit of the skin of it now.

There were seven grooves on top of the array plate, Ye Mo thought about it and took out seven top quality spirit stones and put them on it, but the seven spirit stones didn’t react at all.

After taking out the top-grade spirit stones, Ye Mo took out seven more top-grade spirit stones and put them in, his current top-grade spirit stones only added up to fifteen, and they were all found on the cultivators he killed, these seven were half of them at once.

What made Ye Mo happy was that after the seven very high quality spirit stones were put into the groove of the array plate, the array plate actually spun up, albeit slowly, but it was really spinning.

After about half a column of incense, the seven finest spirit stones formed a curtain of light, which soon enveloped Ye Mo.

After seeing this scene, Ye Mo’s face appeared shocked and then instantly became delighted. He had already understood that this array disc was indeed a time array disc, and it was also a time acceleration array disc that was exceptionally precious within the time array disc, the number one tool for cultivators to cultivate.

This is really a legendary thing, time acceleration array plate, to say that there is no immortal world although exaggerated a bit, but this thing is really too precious a bit.

Ye Mo was sure that even if he took out the top three ranked Heavenly Flames, others would only stare at this Time Formation Disc. This thing was too heaven defying. That soul body didn’t know what kind of great power it was in life, to have such an unbelievable thing, but unfortunately, it ended up being accidentally touched by Ye Mo’s Heavenly Flame and died.

Ye Mo saw that the consumption of the extremely high quality spirit stones inside the alcove seemed too great, and immediately knew that even if this was a time array disk, it was not affordable for ordinary people to use, and the extremely high quality spirit stones might still be the minimum spirit stones to activate it.

Although Ye Mo now wanted to start researching this time array disk right away, he wanted to research the time array disk that wasn’t very powerful in eating spirit stones, but he didn’t want this extremely high quality spirit stones to be consumed for nothing. He quickly took out one ‘Infant Yuan Dan’ and swallowed it, and after thinking about it, he also

After thinking about it, he took out another seven extremely high-quality spirit stones and placed them on top of the groove before he started to cultivate.

By the side of the Pill King Spiritual Vein and the ‘Bitter Bamboo’, while swallowing the ‘Infant Yuan Dan’ and ‘Qing Luo Dan’ non-stop to cultivate, Ye Mo felt as if his cultivation level had taken a lift, rising in a straight line.

It didn’t seem to take much time to rush from the sixth level of YuanYing to the peak of the sixth level of YuanYing, and Ye Mo didn’t dare to stop at all after he felt the even more powerful flow of true essence. He knew that although the fourteen extremely high quality spirit stones were worth a lot, they might only be able to support this array plate for a month or two.

As Ye Mo frantically ran the ‘Three Life Dictates’ and swallowed pills to cultivate, the spiritual qi of the Pill King’s Spirit Veins and the spiritual veins underneath the ‘Bitter Bamboo’ were all stirred up.

An incomparably huge swirl of spiritual qi formed above Ye Mo’s head, densely packed, eventually forming several swirling spiritual streams, while the spiritual qi around Ye Mo had even become substantial.

At this moment, if one was around Ye Mo, one could only hear the meridians in his body constantly emitting ‘gurgling’ sounds, as if they were being widened, and as if they were the sound of true essence flowing. At a later stage, a three-inch YuanYing was even sitting above Ye Mo, his hand constantly squeezing the ‘Three Life Decision’ gesture, attracting more and more dense spiritual energy.

Not to mention Ye Mo’s surroundings, the entire Golden Page World was filled with dense spiritual qi through and through, even Snow Velvet Fox and Silver even squeezed to the edge of the Pill King Spiritual Vein, while ‘Shadowless’ even flew to the side of the ‘Bitter Bamboo’ and didn’t move.

“Click, click, click ……”

A constant ringing sound came, Ye Mo had his eyes closed, but his mind knew that the clicking sound was the seven extremely high quality spirit stones that were put in for the first time breaking.

With the ‘Bitter Bamboo’ on the side, Ye Mo did not care in the slightest that his realm was rising too fast and absorbed spiritual energy frantically. It was a good thing that although the spiritual qi required for his cultivation was terrifyingly compelling, it was only at the YuanYing cultivation level.

As Ye Mo’s third ‘Qing Luo Dan’ was swallowed, he felt as if his entire meridians had undergone another metamorphosis, and the flow of true essence in his body was even thicker. It was more than several times stronger than before, and Ye Mo knew that he had broken through again and entered the seventh level of YuanYing.

Ye Mo stopped his cultivation, he felt that he had been cultivating for almost three months.

The cultivation effect of the Pill King Spirit Vein was much higher than ordinary spirit stones and lower grade spirit veins, but Ye Mo also knew that apart from this Pill King Spirit Vein, the main credit for his ability to advance so quickly should be said to be the ‘Bitter Bamboo’. Without the ‘Bitter Bamboo’, even with the Pill King Spiritual Vein, he would not have been able to advance from the sixth to the seventh YuanYing layer in just a few months.

Because these few months were under the Time Acceleration Array Disc, Ye Mo still did not know the time comparison between this Time Acceleration Array Disc and the outside world. How long had three months pa*sed outside without knowing? It was a pity that he didn’t have any more extremely high quality spirit stones, otherwise, he could have continued his cultivation.

Even though he didn’t need the time array disk and cultivated next to the Pill King Spirit Vein and the ‘Bitter Bamboo’, Ye Mo was sure that in just under two years, he could also advance to the peak of Yuan Ying, but now he didn’t have that much time to wait ah. Not to mention that Light Snow was still in Dan City, even if Luo Ying came out of seclusion, he would definitely come looking for him. So he had to go looking for Luo Ying first and not wait until Luo Ying came to him.

At the same time, Ye Mo thought, if he wanted to save his cultivation time in the future and make full use of this array plate, would he have to collect extremely high quality spirit stones everywhere? However, the extremely fine spirit stones were too precious, and this time formation disk was like a taotie that ate spirit stones, where could he get so many extremely fine spirit stones?

Ye Mo quickly turned his attention to this Pill King Spirit Vein under his feet, without the extremely high quality spirit stones, didn’t he have a spirit vein? Although there was no way for the spirit veins to be directly embedded into the grooves of the array plate, but he could set up a spirit-attracting formation.

He could even set up a lightning-evoking formation, what was setting up a spirit-evoking formation?

Thinking about the Pill King Spiritual Vein, Ye Mo immediately started to refine the formation flags, in just a few days, he refined dozens of formation flags, then placed the formation disk on the Pill King Spiritual Vein and started to arrange the spirit-attracting formation around the spirit vein and the formation disk.

The Time Formation Plate had seven recesses, and he needed to lay out seven spirit-attracting formations.

Laying out the seven spirit-attracting formations was really not much pressure for Ye Mo, what he was worried about was whether the formation disk would be driven when his control formation flag was thrown down at the end.

On the fifth day, Ye Mo completely set up the formation and dropped the control formation flag at the same time, seven channels of spiritual qi filled the seven groove spaces of the array disk as if they were substantial, and the entire array disk became abundant with spiritual qi.

The next moment, the array disk began to rotate, at first it was a little slow, but soon the disk became faster and faster, and finally a faint spiritual mist formed around the array disk.

Ye Mo’s heart was overjoyed, he knew that this method of his had succeeded, moreover, he did not want to think more, and immediately started cultivating again.

These pills were not worth anything to Ye Mo now, and while he was frantically absorbing the Pill King’s spirit veins to cultivate, he would not leave a single one of these pills behind.