DYM Chapter 1131

“Heavenly fire?” That soul body was even more shocked when it saw Ye Mo offer up the ‘Misty Lotus Heart Fire, and even screamed out. The next moment he immediately screamed, “Don’t burn me, I’ll tell you what the array disk in your hand is, it’s a time …… that doesn’t even exist in the Immortal Realm”

Ye Mo froze for a moment, the thing in his own hand, that is, this thing that the soul body attached to just now is a formation disk? There is this kind of array plate, or the immortal world are not available? What kind of bragging?

“Ah …….” Ye Mo was stunned by these words of this soul body, the ‘Misty Lotus Heart Flame in his hand, not paying attention, just slightly swept that soul body. Unexpectedly, that soul body had long been fragile after so many years, and was thus extinguished by Ye Mo’s ‘Mist Lotus Heart Flame,’.

Ye Mo regrettably patted that object in his hand and casually said, “You really don’t stand up to burning, my flame just accidentally touched you and you’re like this, it’s really too bad.”

If that soul body was still alive, it might have jumped up and scolded Ye Mo, although he was a soul body, he was once an existence at the peak of Transformation True. And his cultivation was heavenly, even after all these years, he was about to dissipate. But even so, not to mention a YuanYing cultivator like Ye Mo, even if it was a condensed body cultivator, he could take the body just as well if he wanted to.

But there knew that Ye Mo still had the ‘Three Life Dictate, such a perverted technique, Ye Mo’s sea of consciousness simply had no place for him to store himself. Inside Ye Mo’s sea of consciousness, he had no ability to resist at all. Had he known that Ye Mo was so powerful, he would have rather dissipated on his own again than to mess with Ye Mo.

What made him feel even more stifled was that after he spoke, Ye Mo no longer had the intention to kill him, but his Heavenly Flame casually shook and touched him.

A soul body that wanted to take over on him was killed and so be it, Ye Mo didn’t even care.

He picked up the round object again and looked at it again, it was still cold in his hand, he didn’t know what it was made of, how could it be a formation disc? Except for the seven grooves on the top of the disc, there was nothing like a formation disc.

Ye Mo himself was a formation expert, and he was too familiar with what a formation disc looked like. The thing in his hand had no connection to a formation disc at all. But to say that it was not a formation plate, there was no need for that soul body to lie to itself.

It didn’t matter if it was a formation disc, so why would that soul have to tell a lie? If this was really a formation disk, he wouldn’t be able to see it at all as a formation master, right?

Ye Mo still wanted to study this array disc for a while, but he heard the Snow Velvet Fox’s scream. He immediately threw the array disk into the Golden Page World and looked at the Snow Fluffy Fox.

To Ye Mo’s shock, that Snow Velvet Fox was biting that big black dragon like mountain.

“You’re crazy.” Ye Mo rushed up and lifted the Snow Velvet Fox up.

However, the next moment Ye Mo’s hand just let go and the Snow Velvet Fox landed on top of the huge black mountain, while the Snow Velvet Fox didn’t feel ignored at all and still rushed to the huge mountain to pick at it with its claws.

Ye Mo looked dumbfounded at the black mountain that had been plucked away by the snow fox. The bottom of the mountain was not black, but was like a green bitter bamboo, showing a verdant colour.

At the same time a faint medicinal fragrance came out from above the huge mountain.

“Pill King Spirit Vein?” Ye Mo blurted out.

In the midst of his busy schedule, that Snow Velvet Fox did not forget to turn around and nod to Ye Mo, obviously thinking that this was the Pill King Spirit Vein.

“I finally understand, so this is really the ‘Pill King Spirit Vein'” Ye Mo murmured once again, and after he finished speaking, he rushed up the black giant mountain just like the Snow Velvet Fox and began to peel off the black outer coat of the black giant mountain.

The more the green colour presented, the stronger that medicinal scent became.

“Stop.” Ye Mo suddenly remembered something and gave the command to the Snow Velvet Fox to stop.

This decision Snow Velvet Fox did not continue, but looked at Ye Mo in confusion. “More hot,,”

“We can’t steak any more, once this huge mountain is fully revealed, other people will be able to follow the aroma and find this place, and this ‘Pill King Spirit Vein, there will be no part for us.” Ye Mo said without hesitation, as if the one talking to him was not a snow fox, but a partner.

At this moment, Ye Mo’s heart was in shock, he couldn’t imagine that there was really a Pill King Spirit Vein in the Great Casting Mountain, and it was still deep in this earth. If he hadn’t been chased by two Void God cultivators by mistake, how could he have found the Pill King Spirit Vein?

Moreover, at this point, he was already certain that the aroma he had smelt outside earlier was not a medicinal aroma at all, but a Pill King Spiritual Vein that was many times more precious than a medicinal aroma. No wonder the aroma could travel so far, it was actually a Pill King Spirit Vein. What Ye Mo wondered was why that aroma was only transmitted at midday, not knowing what the reason was.

“We have to move this spirit vein away as fast as we can, otherwise we might attract more people.” Ye Mo didn’t care whether Snow Velvet Fox understood or not, after he finished speaking he had already started to think of a way to move this Pill King Spirit Vein inside his own Golden Page World.

I didn’t expect that the news Jin Zhida’s grandfather had gotten was still true, but even if he got the Pill King Spirit Vein for her grandfather, he couldn’t take it away. This Spiritual Vein, an ordinary storage ring would not work at all, only his Golden Page World could.

One by one, the formation flags were thrown out by Ye Mo, he knew that there was no way for this spirit vein to be moved inside the She Page World by his personal ability, the only way was to rely on the transfer formation.

Ye Mo had experience in collecting spirit veins once before, although this Pill King spirit vein was much bigger than the lower grade spirit vein he had collected back then, but Ye Mo also knew that his cultivation level now was not comparable to that back then.

Hundreds of formation flags were laid down, Ye Mo sacrificed the Golden Page World, and as his main formation flag was dropped, a rumbling sound erupted. That Pill King Spirit Vein began to shake under Ye Mo’s formation, as Ye Mo’s formation flags continued to be dropped. ”The rumbling, loud sound grew louder and louder, and finally the entire Pill King Spirit Vein was moved by Ye Mo and forcibly sent to the Golden Page World.

At this moment, the two Void God cultivators from the Earth Demon Sect who were searching for Ye Mo above the swamp stopped and both had extremely puzzled looks in their eyes.

“The medicinal fragrance seems to be gone.

” the mid Void God cultivator said after a moment of frozen concentration.

The peak Void God cultivator surnamed Jin frowned and said after a long time, “We have been searching for Ye Mo for the past few days and we can smell a fragrance of spirit medicine, which must be high grade spirit medicine. The fragrance was especially strong at midday, how could it be that it is suddenly gone now? Could it be related to that Ye surname?”

The mid Void God cultivator nodded gravely and said, “I think it’s very likely, I should have known to leave those few crickets at the edge of the swamp behind. The few of them must have come here to look for that Ancient Spiritual Medicine Garden as well. Now that the medicinal fragrance is suddenly gone, could it be that the Spiritual Medicine Garden was found by Ye Mo and then all the spiritual medicines inside were removed?”

That cultivator surnamed Jin pondered for a long time again before he shook his head and said, “It shouldn’t just be about the Spiritual Medicine Garden, I feel that this swamp seems to be missing something in general all of a sudden?”

“I didn’t feel it until you said so, when I think about it like this, it’s really like that, it’s like it’s lacking in vitality, it doesn’t have the same vitality it had before …….” The mid Void God cultivator also nodded and said cautiously.

The cultivator surnamed Jin affirmed, “That’s right, it’s as if there’s less of a vitality, this swamp has become bland and even a bit dead. Senior Brother Zhai, we should leave this swamp first, even if that Ye Mo were to leave, there is no way for the two of us to guard this swamp.”

That senior brother Zhai also nodded in agreement, they had been searching for Ye Mo for a few days, but they hadn’t found anything, so it was better to inform the clan.

After Ye Mo collected the Pill King Spirit Vein into the Golden Page World, he immediately took the Snow Velvet Fox into the Golden Page World. Ye Mo, however, was pleasantly surprised to find that the ‘Bitter Bamboo’, which had been somewhat wilted, had now flourished once again, and was even no worse than when it was in the World Mountain. “More popular,,”

And what surprised Ye Mo even more was that the blackness on the top of the Pill King’s spirit vein at the edge of the bitter bamboo had completely peeled off, and was as free as the bitter bamboo, revealing a verdant colour that was beautiful. This should be the ‘Bitter Bamboo,’ whose breath had forcibly stripped away the blackness of the Pill King’s spirit vein, revealing its original colour.

The entire Golden Page World was instantly filled with spiritual energy and vibrant inside. Ye Mo knew that his Golden Page World was not perfect yet, and it would be good if the spiritual medicine didn’t die when planted inside it, and it would be difficult to grow. But now the spirit medicine garden inside the Golden Page World was as vibrant as ever, those spirit medicines were completely bursting with life as well, each and every one of them was bright green and full of life.

“What a powerful pill king spirit vein. The first thing that happened to him was that he took a breath of cold air, was this kind of spirit vein considered a medium grade spirit vein or an upper grade spirit vein? Or even extremely high grade spirit veins?

Now that his own Golden Page world has not yet formed the world rules, it is already so heaven defying, once his own Golden Page world forms the world rules, won’t this Golden Page world be the best immortal cultivation world?

Ye Mo hurriedly found a place on the Pill King Spiritual Vein and started cultivating, he wanted to see the effect of the Pill King Spiritual Vein.

His ‘Three Life Dictate, just as he was running, he felt endless spiritual qi swarm over him, as if he had found a vent. Ye Mo even sensed that all the sweat pores on his body were moaning in comfort.

A huge whirlpool of aura swirled above his head, and eventually the whirlpool of aura grew bigger and bigger. The bitter bamboo around Ye Mo also released a strong spiritual qi, only this spiritual qi was completely different from that of the spiritual veins, yet it was several times more noble than the spiritual qi of the spiritual veins. It was a kind of spiritual qi that could cleanse the heart and soul, so that Ye Mo did not have to worry about raising his cultivation too fast while his foundation could not catch up.

When Ye Mo woke up with another pant, he found that he had already broken through to the sixth level of YuanYing without realising it, as if the barrier between the fifth and sixth levels of YuanYing didn’t exist at all.

“So powerful.” Ye Mo said with a sigh once again.

With the Pill King Spirit Vein plus the ‘Bitter Bamboo, cultivation was simply invincible, just now he had unknowingly advanced without even taking the ‘Infant Yuan Dan’, and he was sure that he hadn’t cultivated for more than three months. If he found the Spiritual Marrow Land provided by Shan Bing Lan, coupled with the Pill King Spiritual Vein and the ‘Bitter Bamboo’ or a pill every now and then, wouldn’t his cultivation level be a thousand miles a day?