Creation Gate Chapter 91

Ning Cheng pulled a Qi gathering cultivator beside him, “This friend, I just heard someone say that with only seventy-six points you will be chosen to go to the Green Cloud Academy?”

This cultivator stared at Ning Cheng for a while before he said breathlessly, “You’ve only just arrived at Moze City, right? Do you know what seventy-six points represents? Just go to the six big formation screens over there and take a look at the results of the preliminary rounds, and you will know what seventy-six points represent.”

Ning Cheng followed this cultivator’s finger and looked over to a row of six big formation screens. He walked over to the first big formation screen and immediately saw clearly what was going on.

These six large screens were the ranking of the results of the preliminary round, and the first large screen showed the results of the first preliminary round. Only five hundred people were shown on the formation screen. Based on the calculation that the number of participants in each preliminary round was five thousand, this was a ten to one rate of being on the list.

The highest score in the first preliminary round was only seventy-one points, and the five hundredth place on the big screen was only a dozen points.

The second big screen shows the results of the second preliminary round, but the first place score in the second preliminary round is a whopping ninety-four points, while the second place score is only sixty-three points. The same for the five hundredth place was only a dozen points.

Ning Cheng kept seeing the results of the fourth preliminary round before finally realising that this seventy-sixth score was the third of the four preliminary round written scores.

The fifth big screen was blank, as the fifth preliminary round had not yet been held, and the sixth big screen was also blank.

Ning Cheng had to find another person to ask, “May I ask if this sixth big screen was set up for the final ranking of the preliminary rounds? Is it true that the two thousand five hundred people who are on these first five big screens will all enter the replay?”

“How can it be that simple? This sixth big screen is a good ranking of the final results of the preliminary rounds, but it’s not ranked according to your kind of argument. In the end, it is from the first five preliminary rounds of two thousand five hundred that one thousand will be selected for the replay. The rules for the selection are based on the scores from the highest to the lowest.” The man explained.

“Then each preliminary written test had different questions, wouldn’t this selection be unfair?” Ning Cheng did not know if the topics of the several written tests were intended to be the same, but he guessed that they should be different.

“Where is there absolute fairness? But no one has raised any objections, so that means there won’t be any problems.” This person obviously didn’t know a lot either.

Ning Cheng didn’t know exactly what the topics of the preliminary written test were, he simply didn’t think about it, there were still a few days left for the fifth preliminary test. He didn’t know how many times he had taken the test since he was a child, if others could take the test, how could he be afraid of it?

At this moment he was going to the Qing Yun Academy, he wanted to ask about the Qing Yun Order first, if the Order could be used, he would ask in pa*sing if he could represent the Qing Yun Academy in the written exam. Even if he couldn’t represent Qing Yun Academy, with so many sects and academies in this square, it should always be feasible for him to find a place to take the written exam.

Compared to the overcrowded situation outside some of the lower level academies and sects’ residences, there were only a few people in front of the five five-star academies. Everyone knew that if you didn’t have good spiritual roots, you shouldn’t go in front of a five-star academy to make a fool of yourself.

“Please ask ……”

“What colour primary spiritual root?” Before Ning Cheng’s words could be spoken, a middle-aged man sitting in front of the Green Cloud Academy’s premises lazily interrupted Ning Cheng’s words.

Ning Cheng had to say, “I don’t have a primary spiritual root ……”

“Pah.” This middle-aged man slapped the table in front of him, “Who told you to come without a primary spiritual root? Do you think the Five Star Academy is playing around with you? If everyone is like you, how can we still do things? Get lost.”

Ning Cheng almost pulled out the spear behind his back and blasted it over, a mere Qi gathering cultivator, and he dared to be so arrogant.

“I would like to ask if the Green Cloud Order allows one to join the Green Cloud Academy?” Ning Cheng’s tone became raw.

“What? You have the Green Cloud Order?” The middle-aged man with a Qi gathering cultivation expression was startled and immediately stood up, his tone then eased a hundred and eighty degrees, “May I ask if you have brought your Qing Yun Order? Let me check.”

Ning Cheng took out the Qing Yun Order and handed it to this middle-aged man, who turned the token over and over for a while, and his face kept changing.

Only after more than ten breaths had pa*sed did he ask, “Where did you get your Qing Yun Decree from? Did you get it by accident from a clan or an individual? Are you a casual cultivator?”

Ning Cheng didn’t want to hide it, he just said, “Not bad, I am indeed a casual cultivator, this Green Cloud Order was obtained by me in a chance ……”

The joy in the middle-aged man’s eyes flickered away, then he coughed, his expression became grave and continued, “What is your request?”

Looking at the middle-aged man’s face, Ning Cheng felt that this Qing Yun Order was still of some use, so he directly stated his thoughts, “I have a friend who wants to use this Qing Yun Order to join the Qing Yun Academy. If it is possible, I would also like to ask if I can be given an additional place in the written examination through this token? If the second one doesn’t work, then I want one to join ……”

“Alright, I get it, your request can be met completely. I’ll put the Qing Yun token away, so fill out the form here and I’ll apply for a spot for you to take the written test in the fifth preliminary round.” This middle-aged man once again interrupted Ning Cheng’s words.

This time, however, Ning Cheng felt that something was wrong, he had not brought the Green Cloud Order over just to ask for this preliminary written examination slot, his main purpose was to ask for a slot for Ji Luofei to join the Green Cloud Academy. He would then pa*s the examination himself to enter the Qingyun Academy, so that both of them could join the Qingyun Academy and have a care.

And this man only said that he would be given a place in the preliminary written examination, not that he agreed to a request for a place to join the Qingyun Academy.

Ning Cheng did not fill out the form, but merely questioned, “My main request is not for a place in the written examination, but for a place to join the Green Cloud Academy ……”

The middle-aged man snorted coldly and interrupted Ning Cheng once more, “Each Qing Yun Order can only make one request, I have already met one of your requests, if you dare to be unreasonable again, don’t blame me for calling the enforcers over.”

Only then did Ning Cheng understand that this fellow was going to lose his Green Cloud Order, this was the first time he had seen such a shameless fellow.

“Give me the Green Cloud Order, I won’t make any demands for now.” Although Ning Cheng hated to immediately teach this middle-aged man a lesson, he still held back his anger.

This middle-aged man looked at Ning Cheng with disdain and said, “You think the Green Cloud Order is a child’s play? This was issued by my Green Cloud Academy, and after each one completes a requirement, it will be taken back, and now we have granted your request. Hurry up and fill out the form, otherwise it will be treated as a renunciation.”

Ning Cheng was extremely angry, and this Qi gathering cultivator’s eyes flickered, clearly not daring to make a big deal out of it. He said extremely dryly, “Since that’s the case, then I will have to barge in and look for someone who can speak, let’s see if you, a mere Qi gathering cultivator, can make the call?”

When this Qi gathering cultivator saw that Ning Cheng was not bluffed, a hint of panic flashed in his eyes, and just at this moment, a Zhuyuan cultivator dressed in Qing Yun Academy’s clothing walked over. This Zhuyuan cultivator swept from the two of them and asked somewhat unpleasantly, “What the hell is going on?”

“Master Jing, this person has no primary spiritual root ……”

Before this Qi Building cultivator finished speaking, the cultivator called Senior Uncle Jing stared coldly at Ning Cheng and drank, “This is Five Star Academy, there is no primary spiritual root, if you dare to continue fooling around here, don’t blame me for not being polite.”

Ning Cheng no longer wanted to continue nagging, he was ready to ask for the Green Cloud Order back. This Chiku Yuan cultivator was getting angry without even listening to the end of his sentence, plus the fact that the Qing Yun Academy used such people to select the disciples who signed up, it was evident that the Qing Yun Academy was really not very good.

Just when Ning Cheng wanted to ask for the Qing Yun Order, he suddenly saw Lan Yingyue, who was walking towards this way with an old man with the cultivation level of Zhuyuan. Ning Cheng did not go on to explain as he turned around and left. A Green Cloud Order was nothing to him. He was in no hurry to take revenge, and when he had the chance, he would definitely ask this Qi gathering cultivator who had swallowed his Green Cloud Order to return it with his bones.

At this moment, even if he was asked to join the Green Cloud Academy, he would not be interested. At best, Qing Yun Academy was only a five-star academy, not worthy of his support.

Lan Yingyue had a grudge against him, and he was not afraid of this woman now, but the Yuan Building cultivator beside her Ning Cheng did not want to come into contact with her.

If he did not feel that this Grand Competition was a chance for him, he would have taken Ji Luofei with him and left. As for what he had promised Kou Hong, he could come back later to find Meng Yu Jing.

When that Qi gathering middle-aged man saw that Ning Cheng had turned around and left without explanation, he was even more ecstatic. He had already planned that if Ning Cheng really told him about the Qing Yun Order, he would say that Ning Cheng had obtained a Qing Yun Order, and he was explaining to Ning Cheng that the Qing Yun Order could only make one request under normal circumstances.

The role of the Green Cloud Order in the Green Cloud Academy was far from being as simple as a place. Not only could the holder of this Order join the Green Cloud Academy, but he could also obtain an extremely high quality magic weapon, and obtain a true-grade merit method that everyone envied. Don’t look at the fact that he was just a disciple of the outer courtyard of the Qingyun Academy when he was selected outside the Academy, once he got the Qingyun Order, he was immediately a disciple of the inner courtyard and could also enjoy all kinds of treatment.

As for Ning Cheng who had taken out the Qing Yun Order, he had already planned to exterminate Ning Cheng as soon as the time was right for the rowan to do so.


Five thousand people for each preliminary round quota seemed like a lot, but in fact it really wasn’t much. Ning Cheng had asked no less than twenty to thirty enquiries from the four star academies to the three star academies and then to various sects, but he hadn’t managed to get a single spot.

His cultivation level was at the first level of Condensing Truth, and this cultivation level was not as good as the ninth level of Qi gathering. The questions on the preliminary written test were the same for Condensing True and Qi gathering cultivators, but in the final round, they were to be compared separately. Once they were separated, the first layer of Condensing Truth was undoubtedly the worst of the Condensing Truth cultivation levels.

“Ning Xiaocheng?” Ning Cheng suddenly heard someone call him from behind, and he didn’t even need to turn around to know that the person calling him was Zhu Mu’er. This woman was really everywhere, and from the happy tone of her voice, it was estimated that she had gotten a spot in the competition.

Ning Cheng turned around and indeed saw Zhu Muer who was waving excitedly at him, so he had to walk over and smile, “What a coincidence, Zhu Muer.”