Creation Gate Chapter 87

It was just that this silence did not last long when Ning Cheng broke the quiet compartment with a guttural coughing sound.

The woman in black looked at Ning Cheng and then at Ji Luofei, and thought for a while before it dawned on her, and the disdain in her eyes faded away. She reckoned that she had guessed wrong before, the one inside the same carriage with her should not be a husband and wife relationship, but a brother and sister relationship. Ning Cheng looked somewhat vicissitudes, and was probably not young in age, so he should be the older brother.

Otherwise, how could a woman like Ji Luofei be with such a sick ghost?

In her opinion, although Ji Luofei was disfigured, she was not a match for Ning Cheng, no matter which aspect. If she could regain her looks, even she might not be as good as this woman in front of her.

“You should be brother and sister, right?” The woman in black took the initiative to speak out and ask.

Ji Luofei’s face blushed slightly, she seemed to be a little too worried about Ning Cheng. Now that the woman in black asked, she could only give a low, non-committal muffled mumble, not quite ready to explain the relationship between herself and Ning Cheng.

“I really didn’t guess, your brother is seriously injured or seriously ill, huh?” The woman in black looked in a good mood after realising that she had judged correctly.

“He’s seriously injured.” Ji Luofei was not used to ignoring people, and now that someone else asked, she had to answer again.

“I have a healing elixir here, so I’ll give it to you. Don’t worry, as long as this one elixir goes down, your brother’s injuries will definitely recover.” The woman in black suddenly took out a white elixir and handed it to Ji Luofei.

Ji Luofei had never asked for anything from a stranger before, but when she heard this woman in black say that this white elixir could make Ning Cheng recover, she immediately wanted to take it over somewhat.

However, she still looked at Ning Cheng, wanting to know what Ning Cheng’s opinion was.

Ning Cheng knew that not only was he seriously injured, but he was also starting to reshape his meridians under the Xuanhuang Origin, so would he be able to take a pill at this time? Even if it was an immortal pill, he did not want to use it.

Besides, this woman in black was only at the ninth level of Qi gathering cultivation, would she be able to have any good pills?

Even though he thought so, Ning Cheng still subconsciously glanced at the pills in the black-clothed woman’s hand. When he took a good look at the pill in the black-clothed woman’s hand, he was extremely surprised that it was a top-grade Grade 3 Beneficial Spirit Pill.

For a cultivator at the ninth level of Qi gathering to casually give out a third-grade Beneficial Spirit Pill, it meant that this woman was definitely not unusual. It was even more strange for such an unusual woman to be travelling in a beast carriage. Ning Cheng could only use some of his divine thoughts right now, and he vaguely sensed that this woman had concealed her aura.

“No, thanks.” Ning Cheng directly rejected this black-clothed woman’s Beneficial Spirit Pill. No matter which way he considered it, he did not want to talk much with this woman.

Ji Luofei wanted this elixir very much, and after she heard Ning Cheng’s words, she had to reject it, “Thank you, we don’t need it.”

The woman in black gave Ning Cheng a blank look and cooed, “Even if you don’t know what you’re doing, you still don’t know what’s good for you.”

Ning Cheng did not bother to pay attention to this woman in black, and Ji Luofei, whose mind was completely focused on worrying about Ning Cheng, would not say much more.


The beast carriage ran all the way, except for the carriage driver who rested for a while in the middle of the journey, it did not stop. The black-clothed woman seemed to have been rejected once by Ning Cheng and was somewhat upset in her heart, no longer bothering to speak.

When it was getting late, the coachman’s voice came, “Sha Pei Town is almost here ……”

“Wait, I’ll get off right here.” The woman in black suddenly called out to the coachman.

Ji Luofei was a bit puzzled and looked at the woman in black, she was about to arrive at Shapi town, why did she get off here?

After the woman in black got off, the beast carriage entered Sha Pei Town in just less than an incense stick’s time, and then stopped in front of a quadrangle.

Ji Luofei had just helped Ning Cheng up when that carriage driver had already opened the carriage door.

“Two guests, Sha Pei Town has arrived.” The carriage driver looked warm and polite.

“Where is this?” Ning Cheng looked at the quadrangle and did not see a street, nor did he see any rest house.

The coachman hurriedly said, “This is my family’s courtyard, my friend is not much further than the main street when you cut through the road in front of here. My animal cart is not allowed to go to the main street, it can only be parked in front of my own courtyard.”

“That’s fine, how many gold coins?” Ning Cheng nodded and asked.

The carriage driver said extremely casually, “Just give some randomly, if it’s inconvenient, it just doesn’t matter if you don’t give it. My carriage is a side trip, it doesn’t take much effort.”

Ning Cheng knew what this coachman was thinking and remained a little more kind. He took out a large handful of gold coins and handed it to the carriage driver and said, “These are all for you.”

Gold coins were really not of much use to Ning Cheng, his handful of gold coins were nearly a hundred.

That coachman’s eyes lit up at once, but then he said, “This, this is too much.”

Ning Cheng shoved all the gold coins into the coachman’s hand, “If we hadn’t met you, it would have been difficult for us to reach Shapi Town so quickly. You can tell me which rest house is better.”

The coachman took the gold coin given by Ning Cheng with some excitement and said somewhat cautiously, “My house has a large quadrangle and many empty rooms. If my friend doesn’t mind, he can stay here. If you want to go to the resting inn, the Shapi Resting Inn in the south of the town is the biggest.”

Ning Cheng’s heart moved, this courtyard in front of him was really not small, not only was it not small, the surrounding area was also relatively empty. Staying here would be a little more comfortable than staying at the Rest Inn.

“Then, thank you very much, we are not particular about staying.” Ning Cheng hurriedly thanked him, to him, staying in the house of a carriage driver who hadn’t cultivated was better than staying in a rest inn where people came and went.

The courtyard was indeed nice, and the coachman had deliberately reserved the largest room for Ning Cheng and Ji Luofei in order to thank Ning Cheng for the many gold coins he had given.

After the coachman left, Ning Cheng took out a pile of formation flags and handed them to Ji Luofei, “Luofei, we will stay here for a month and a half. I need to heal my wounds, and after this month and a half has pa*sed, we will leave again. These formation flags are the concealment and defence flags that were arranged, my Violet Mansion is not lightly injured and my divine thoughts are weak, so I will talk to you now and you will arrange them.”

“Good.” Ji Luofei knew that Ning Cheng was seriously injured and could not go farther, staying in Sha Pei Town was the best option.

Under Ning Cheng’s handy instructions, Ji Luofei set up a barely first cla*s concealment defence formation. As for the Spirit Gathering Formation, Ning Cheng did not dare to set it up, once the Spirit Gathering Formation was set up, all the spiritual energy would run this way, which would not be good. There were few cultivators in Shapi Town, so a level one concealment formation was enough for Ning Cheng and Ji Luofei.

“Luo Fei, you just stay here and cultivate, try not to go to the lively places in Sha Pei Town. My injuries, I know them in my heart, there is definitely no problem.” After setting up the formation, Ning Cheng still admonished Ji Luofei, he was afraid that Ji Luofei would worry about himself and not listen to him and take the initiative to go to the town to look for pills to heal his injuries.


Time pa*sed in a hurry, Ning Cheng and Ji Luofei lived in seclusion inside this carriage driver’s quadrangle, and in the blink of an eye, most of a month had pa*sed.

Ning Cheng felt that his meridians had recovered by more than ninety percent, that is, his dantian had also become increasingly perfect. He believed that in just some time, his meridians would be completely reshaped. At that time, even if his cultivation level had not increased at all, his true essence would still be much thicker and more fluid than before.

Ji Luofei felt that Ning Cheng was slowly recovering, and her nervous mind gradually relaxed a little. At the same time, her cultivation level was also increasing by leaps and bounds, not only did her divine thought cultivation return, but her cultivation level also went from the early stage of the fifth Qi gathering layer to the peak of the fifth layer.

The coachman seemed to know that Ning Cheng and Ji Luofei were not ordinary people, and had never come over to disturb the two of them since they had been placed in his family’s quadrangle.

On this day, Ning Cheng was calculating how much longer he would probably need before his meridians could be completely remodelled when he felt the flow of a Xuanhuang Origin Qi suddenly speed up, and the speed of the meridian remodelling and transformation also suddenly increased.

The remaining ten percent of his original broken meridians were reshaped in the shortest possible time, at a speed that was tens of percent faster than before. The last few cracks in his dantian were washed over by the Xuanhuang Origin breath, and in an instant they were rounded beyond recognition, no longer half scarred.

Ning Cheng did not know what had happened in this moment, but he knew that this was definitely his chance. At this moment, where could he be distracted, at this moment he put almost all of his mind on the reshaping and transformation of his meridians.

A burst of clicking sounds from the meridians within his body and the gurgling sound of true essence flowing could even be heard by Ning Cheng.

The meridians had not yet completely merged together, but that powerful feeling had already made Ning Cheng perceive it.

It was not known how long had pa*sed when Ning Cheng’s entire body shook, and the next moment, his face revealed wild joy.

It did not matter that his cultivation level had regressed instead of advancing, because Ning Cheng clearly understood the reason why his cultivation level had regressed. His meridians were not only much wider than the previous ones, they were even tougher.

Toughness was what surprised Ning Cheng the most, as a tough meridian meant that it could withstand more pressure and had more potential for development, and he would be able to climb to a higher realm in the future.

His cultivation level had regressed because his meridians were simply not comparable to what they were before. If his true essence was compared to flowing water, his meridians had changed from being a stream to a river. As long as he continued to cultivate, his strength at the True Condensation layer was several notches stronger than before.

The more essential difference was that after the meridians’ had been re-modelled by the Xuanhuang Origin, they were no longer in the same fragile and incomparable state as before, and even his physical body was much tougher than before.

As soon as Ning Cheng raised his hand, the remnant spear had already landed in his palm, and he almost wanted to try out just how powerful he would be if he blasted out a spear with all his might.

Panting, Ning Cheng put away the spear, he felt that he should tell Ji Luofei at the first opportunity, he could not let Ji Luofei continue to worry.

Ning Cheng had just stood up when he frowned, he once again saw the woman in black. Only at this moment, the woman in black was spotted with blood and was anxiously standing inside the courtyard saying something to Ji Luofei.