Creation Gate Chapter 83

Ning Cheng was just about to speak when he realised that he had once again met someone, this time not one, but four people.

“Huh, the leaky ones are back, and there’s one more ……” a hoarse voice ejaculated in surprise.

“Luo Fei, are these the ones who are after you?” Ning Cheng asked as he stared at the four cultivators in front of him, two of these four were at the first level of Condensing Truth, one so the second level of Condensing Truth, and one was only at the ninth level of Qi gathering.

“Ah ……” Ji Luofei seemed a little confused and forgot to answer Ning Cheng’s words for a moment, she had just been chased by these four people, how could she come back again?

The cultivator of the second level of condensation did not move, he just said to the other three, “The male killed, the female stayed first, it’s been more than half a year in this desert, fading out to birds. Just now two accidentally killed, this one is ugly, but still has a good figure.”

The other three didn’t even need the second level Condensed Truth cultivator to speak, they had already stopped Ning Cheng, one of the first level Condensed Truth cultivator even leaped up in the air and raised his hand towards Ning Cheng’s head and grabbed it.

Ji Luofei did not reply, and Ning Cheng also knew that Ji Luofei had been chased by these people before, and the spear in his hand had already brought up a cloud of spear arrows, completely enveloping the three people coming over.

The yellow sand instantly turned into an icy cold above this piece of sand, and more than twenty Xuan ice lance maces instantly formed a huge lance net that wrapped around the three cultivators who came over.

“Poof” The cultivator who had carelessly leapt to the top of Ning Cheng’s head at the first level of True Condensation did not have the ability to resist at all, and was directly torn into pieces by several to Xuan Ice Gun Mantles.

“He is not a cultivator of the seventh Qi gathering layer ……” The other cultivator of the first level of Condensation had just said a word when more than ten Xuan ice spear awnings wrapped around him, he only had time to sacrifice his own ring blade magic weapon, he could not even activate it before he was similarly swept by more than ten The Xuan ice spear aura swept him. A dozen arrows of blood spurted out, instantly forming more than a dozen ice streaks.

As for the cultivator at the ninth Qi gathering level, Ning Cheng did not use a single Xuan Ice Gun Awning against him at all, he just blasted out with a single punch.

The cultivator of the ninth Qi gathering layer reacted quickly, but the killing intent of the fist and axe wrapped around him directly, even if he reacted quickly, it was still a floating cloud in front of his strength.

“Boom” The true qi shield gathered by the ninth level Qi gathering cultivator was like a paper mache in front of Ning Cheng’s fist axe, and it broke instantly. Ning Cheng’s fist and axe blasted this Qi gathering ninth layer cultivator’s body without any reservation, and blood mist flew as the cultivator was blasted ten feet away, and when he landed, he was already a corpse.

The cultivator at the second level of Qi Condensation in the distance had long since reacted and was by now grasping a half-moon long hook magic treasure that glowed blue and staring at Ning Cheng.

“I didn’t expect you to be a True Condensation Cultivator, since you are a True Condensation Cultivator and these misunderstandings have occurred, let’s forget about it, from now on we will have nothing to do with each other.” As this second level True Condensation cultivator spoke, his eyes were fixed on Ning Cheng at all times, while slowly backing away.

Ning Cheng knew that the reason why the other party said this was because he had seen his Thirty-six Xuan Bing Spears and even recognized that it was a Xuan level spear technique, so he estimated that he was not a match for him, and that was why he had wimped out.

Ning Cheng did not even have the interest to speak as twenty-two Xuan Ice Gun Mantles swept up once again, a blanket of Xuan Ice Gun Mantles once again formed a huge Xuan Ice Gun Net, directly sealing off the second level Condensing Spirit cultivator.

The cultivator at the second level of True Condensation was on guard at all times, and when Ning Cheng made his move, the Half Moon Long Hook in his hand was immediately offered up.

However, this long hook had just been sacrificed and before it could be transformed into a defensive line, it was taken away by a huge copper coin. This second level True Condensation cultivator could only watch as the Xuan Ice Gun Manifestation entered his body.

Grasping a talisman in his hand that had only been half-activated, the second-level cultivator could not believe that he had died so quickly.

Originally, he had wanted to use his Long Hook magic treasure to block Ning Cheng’s Xuan Ice Gun Manifest, and then activate a third level Thunderfire Talisman in his hand. In his mind, even if his Thunderfire Talisman could not kill Ning Cheng, it would at least seriously injure him.

Although a Grade 3 Thunderfire Talisman was incredibly precious, it was nothing compared to his small life and the Xuan-grade spear technique in his eyes.

He had thought about it countless times, but he just didn’t think that his Thunderfire Talisman would even have the time to be inspired. His long hook magic weapon, not to mention blocking the Xuan Bing gun aura for a moment, was likewise taken away without being manifested.

Ning Cheng lifted his hand to collect the Five Elements Falling Treasure Bronze Coin, and was secretly shocked in his heart, this bronze coin was also too terrifying. He had only refined one layer of the prohibitions and it was so terrifying, once he had refined all of the prohibitions, wouldn’t he be able to fall as long as it was a Five Elemental magic treasure? Luckily, he still had a Seven Obsidian Ice Needle back then, otherwise he would have died on this Five Elements Falling Treasure Bronze Coin before.

Just now, if it wasn’t for this Five Elements Falling Treasure Bronze Coin, he believed that he wouldn’t have feared this Second Level Condensing Truth cultivator. But with the help of this bronze coin magic treasure, things had become too easy.

“Ning Cheng, we ……” Ji Luofei called out in a trembling voice on Ning Cheng’s back, she felt that something was wrong, what was going on? Did it not die, how could it be possible to meet Ning Cheng here without dying? How could Ning Cheng have killed four such terrifying opponents in one breath?

Ning Cheng turned back to Ji Luofei and smiled, “Luofei, I don’t know how you came from the Chemical Continent to the Falling Thunder Desert again, but you don’t have to worry. We are all alive and well, not dead.”

Ji Luofei subconsciously used her hand to squeeze, she forgot that her hand was still on top of the back of Ning Cheng’s neck. Ning Cheng felt a burst of pain and immediately said with a bitter face, “Luo Fei, it’s me you’re pinching.”

Ji Luofei didn’t even hear what Ning Cheng said and subconsciously wrapped her hand around Ning Cheng’s neck, surprisingly whimpering out loud. She was not rejoicing that she was not dead, but that Ning Cheng was not dead.

Ning Cheng patted Ji Luofei’s back with his backhand, “You should be happy to be alive, don’t cry.”

It was a little strange in his heart, in his original memory, Ji Luofei had never cried over anything, this seemed to be the first time he had seen her cry.

Seeing that Ji Luofei did not seem to have heard his words, Ning Cheng hurriedly asked again, “Luofei, what exactly happened? I remember that when you left the Cang Qin Kingdom, you were about to reach the fourth Qi gathering level, right? How come you’ve just reached the fifth Qi gathering level? And you’ve even come to the Falling Thunder Desert?”

Luo Fei’s qualifications weren’t bad, and even after not having any cultivation resources at all in the Cang Qin Kingdom before, Luo Fei was able to cultivate to the peak of the third Qi gathering layer. It was only logical that after being brought to the Five Star Academy in the Huazhou Continent by her aunt Ji Yaohe, with all kinds of cultivation resources and guidance from famous teachers, she should have broken through to the late Qi gathering stage a long time ago.

It was An Yi who was following herself, and her cultivation speed was also much faster than Ji Luofei’s.

Ji Luofei only wrapped her arms around Ning Cheng and did not reply to Ning Cheng’s words. Ning Cheng had no choice but to pack up the things of these few cultivators that he had killed and quickly left with Ji Luofei on his back.

Only after a long time did Ji Luofei say behind Ning Cheng’s back, “I’m sorry, Ning Cheng.”

Ning Cheng once again looked back at Ji Luofei and smiled, “Luofei, you’re not sorry, if it wasn’t for you, I might have died long ago.”

Ning Cheng knew that if Ji Luofei did not carry him back from the prison gate in time, it was hard to predict what would happen to him.

“When I carried you back that day, I didn’t care if you lived or died, I’m sorry for Grandpa Ning, I’m sorry for you ……,” Ji Luofei’s voice was small, as if she was still in the midst of blaming herself.

When she had initially carried Ning Cheng back, she thought that Ning Cheng had already died, and when Ning Cheng later came to life on her back, she was not half surprised or surprised. To her, whether Ning Cheng was dead or alive really didn’t matter half a bit to her. If Ning Cheng was alive, she would take care of it, and if Ning Cheng died, she would go and bury it.

Ning Cheng was silent for a while and said, “Luo Fei, you don’t need to blame yourself, I was very mean to you in the past, it’s normal that you didn’t care about me.”

“No.” Ji Luofei immediately dismissed Ning Cheng’s words, “I realized later that you were the best to me, since grandpa pa*sed away, there was never a person who treated me as well as you did.”

Ning Cheng scratched his hair in shame, “Luo Fei, you mustn’t think like that. In case you meet a bad person in the future and they pretend to be nice to you, if you think like that, you’ll fall for it.”

He didn’t know how he should explain to Ji Luofei, who was also too good at fooling her, he didn’t seem to have done anything to her at all ah. It was as if she hated to give her whole being to someone else when they treated her one point better. Such an idea was dangerous ah. Although Ning Cheng had lived here for a shorter time than Ji Luofei, he had long understood that the people here were really not that simple.

Ji Luofei fell silent, and only after a long time did she say in a low voice, “I’m not a fool.”

She understood what Ning Cheng meant, but Ning Cheng did not understand what she meant.

Ning Cheng sighed and did not continue to say this, but only asked, “Luo Fei, do you know that even a cultivator of the Falling Thunder Desert would fall in this without a clear route to the Origin Building Realm? You are only at the fifth level of Qi gathering, and when you return to the Falling Thunder Desert, I really don’t know what to say about you.”

Ji Luofei remained silent, could she not know that returning to the Falling Thunder Desert was a dead end? But where would she go? She was a Qi gathering fifth level cultivator, where could she go? Even if she left the Meteorite Academy and changed to another place, she would only be living for a few more years.

If it was before Ning Cheng took her to escape from Cang Qin Two Star Academy, before she knew that Ning Cheng was so good to her, what she had in mind was either to try to find cultivation resources to continue her cultivation, and then go look for her parents.

But after that day, the shadow of Ning Cheng was in her mind every moment of the day. That was the only person who was willing to die for her, or her fiancé. The search for her parents was long and elusive. But Ning Cheng was in the Cang Qin Kingdom, and she knew that once she left, Ning Cheng’s hope of staying alive was very slim.

She went to the Cang Qin Kingdom to look for Ning Cheng, a wish she had always had after getting on the airship and leaving Ping Chau. In case she made it through the Falling Thunder Desert, she would even have a chance to return to the Cang Qin Kingdom. In case she died in the Falling Thunder Desert, she would be closer to the Cang Qin Kingdom.

No one knew what was on her mind, and she would not tell anyone.