Creation Gate Chapter 80

Immediately after Ning Cheng and his trio entered the Great Hall, they saw the five people who were originally already in the Great Hall. Not only did they see them, they also saw them very clearly.

Looking at this great hall from the outside of the hall, it was bleak, but it was unexpected that when they entered inside this hall, they could immediately see the surrounding scenes.

“Brother Huang, you’re alright, that’s best.” Lou Hongfang greeted happily when he saw that Huang Yuanbo had also followed him in.

Ning Cheng could see clearly that there was an offering table at the innermost part of the main hall, and on the offering table were three magic weapons. In the middle was a black ring, on the left was an ordinary looking flying sword, and on the right was a sword-like magic weapon. On the left and right of this offering table, there is also a small door on each side.

“Why don’t you guys take the magic weapons here?” Timothy Pei Shan asked, looking suspiciously at the five people who had come in first.

Ning Cheng looked back, after entering this great hall, then looking outside the hall was just as invisible.

“I can’t take it, I took it just now and almost got seriously injured. There is a formation in front of this offering table, once you get close, you will immediately be attacked by the formation. By the way, Brother Huang, you are just in time, you are a formation master, come and see how this formation should be broken?” Lou Hongfang finished speaking and looked at Huang Yuanbo.

Huang Yuanbo shook his head, “My formation level is limited, I can’t tell.”

Ning Cheng could not tell what kind of formation this was either, but he could tell that it was not an offering table, but an altar.

Pei Guanghe looked at Ning Cheng and said with a smile, “Brother Ning, there is a small door on the left and right side of this offering table, why don’t the eight of us split into two parts and enter the small door to take a look? As for the magic artifacts on this offering table, no one will come in to take them now either.”

Ning Cheng immediately responded, “Sure, I’ll enter the door on the left, whoever enters with me can follow me.”

After saying this Ning Cheng had already walked towards the small door on the left and quickly disappeared inside the door.

“I’m with Brother Ning.” Huang Yuan Bo immediately followed Ning Cheng in.

Seeing this, Shi Pei Shan and Lou Hong Fang also followed. Everyone didn’t even need to say anything explicitly, the eight people had already been clearly divided into two groups.

“Connie, this magic weapon is a fake.” Pei Guanghe immediately spoke out when he saw the four people enter the small door.

Connie nodded, obviously already knowing that the magic weapon was a fake.

“How can this be fake? There are still aura fluctuations, why would a fake one need to be controlled up with a formation?” Mei Shu asked, somewhat confused.

Pei Guanghe laughed coldly, “Not only did King Connie and I see that the spell was fake, I think that Ning Xiaocheng should also see that the spell was fake.”

Mei Suo froze for a moment and subconsciously said, “So that’s the case, Your Majesty, those four people went in first, would they have taken the good stuff away ……”

“This is the relic of our Blue Yi True Kingdom, if I don’t let them in, they definitely can’t get in. Don’t worry about it, Meishuo, let’s go too.” Connie said calmly.

Pei Guanghe glanced at Mei Shuo with pity, this inside required a blood sacrifice in order to open it. If the four of Ning Cheng went over together, someone would definitely have to be blood sacrificed, and with four people on their side, of course one of them would have to be blood sacrificed as well. There was no need to even think about it, the person to be blood sacrificed should be Mei Suo.

Yu Xing seemed to be unaware of anything, still following Connie closely, keeping an eye on the surrounding scenes at all times.


After Ning Cheng and the four of them entered the small door, there were six dark pa*sages. No one knew, either, which one of the pa*sages they should enter.

Huang Yuanbo pointed to the second pa*sage on the left and said, “I know some formations, and looking at the arrangement around here, we should go in through the second pa*sage.”

After saying this, Huang Yuan Bo took the lead and went in, Ning Cheng and the three of them had no objection and also followed.

“Brother Ning, I always feel that Connie is uneasy and kind, not only did she cure the poison that the three of us were poisoned with, but she also let us come along to find this relic, is she that kind?” At this moment, with only four people left walking in this dark pa*sage, Shi Pei Shan finally said what she had been wanting to say.

Huang Yuan Bo also gave a hmph and stepped forward to say, “I’ve had this suspicion for a long time, I just haven’t been able to find it ……”

Huang Yuan Bo’s words were only half spoken when a white light suddenly emitted from his hand, this white light cut directly towards Ning Cheng’s waist, as swift as lightning.

Almost at the same time, Ning Cheng also blasted out with a fist.

The strong fist and axe killing intent went straight for Huang Yuanbo’s legs, and this white light and fist and axe killing aura immediately filled the pa*sage, shaking it with a roaring sound.

“With a muffled sound, Huang Yuan Bo’s white light blasted directly at Ning Cheng’s waist.

Immediately afterwards, there were two more spurts of blood, Ning Cheng’s fist axe had already struck above Huang Yuan Bo’s knees, and Huang Yuan Bo’s two legs immediately fell off his body. And the white light fell on Ning Cheng’s body to no avail.

Lou Hongfang and Shi Peishan stared at both Ning Cheng and Huang Yuanbo with shocked faces, not understanding what was going on.

“How did you know that I was going to sneak attack you?” Huang Yuan Bo shouted in a stern voice as his face was slightly distorted.

“When you secretly left the group and set up the formation on the way back, I knew who you were going to a*sa*sinate, I just didn’t expect you to a*sa*sinate me. This good guy really can’t be a good guy, saving your dog’s life and having to turn around and kill me.” Ning Cheng said in a cold voice.

Huang Yuan Bo’s face was stuck white as he said, “I hate it so much, I should have sneaked up on your leg.”

Not only did he hate sneaking attacking the wrong place, but he also hated that he shouldn’t have been so careless, if this Ning Xiaocheng hadn’t sneaked attacked his leg, he could still have fought with his opponent. Who knew that this fellow had a magic inner armour? If he didn’t have a magic weapon inner armour, he would have cut Ning Xiaocheng off long ago.

Ning Cheng calmly said, “You have nothing to hate because I will only let you sneak attack my waist.”

That meant beyond words, if you weren’t given a sneak attack, you wouldn’t even be able to cut off your waist.

Huang Yuan Bo suddenly stared at Lou Hong Fang and Shi Pei Shan and once again said in a stern voice, “Lou Hong Fang, Shi Pei Shan the two of you will strike at him together, as long as the three of us join forces, he will definitely not be able to get a good deal. Do you think he saved us? He must have the Desert Earth Heart Spring Tea on him, but he just won’t take it out.”

Shi Pei Shan frowned a little, “Huang Yuan Bo, it’s not your first day out, whether or not Brother Ning has the Desert Earth Heart Spring Tea on him, we were saved by him. And now that the Sand Poison Beast poison gas on us has been lifted, why do you still want to sneak up on Brother Ning?”

“Resolved? Haha ……” Huang Yuan Bo laughed miserably, “If it had been resolved, I would have left long ago, why wait until now? That poisonous gas was only temporarily suppressed by Pei Guanghe, do you guys luck to see if your dantian can’t flow?”

Although Huang Yuan Bo had the lowest cultivation level, he was from the Four Star Academy and had seen a lot of things. When Shi Pei Shan and Lou Hong Fang heard what he said, they immediately tried it, and then both of them understood that Huang Yuan Bo’s words were correct, their poison was only temporarily suppressed, and it had not been lifted.

Seeing their faces change drastically, Huang Yuanbo even shouted miserably, “Ning Xiaocheng is simply not afraid of the poisonous Qi of the Sand Poison Beast, without the Desert Earth Heart Spring Tea would you believe? Take a step back, even if he doesn’t have Desert Earth Heart Spring Tea on him, he has drunk Desert Earth Heart Spring Tea and his blood can still cure the poison ……”

Huang Yuanbo’s voice was getting smaller and smaller.

Lou Hongfang and Shi Peishan suddenly fell silent, both of them looked at Ning Cheng and stopped talking. Lou Hongfang was thinking about whether to make a move, while Shi Peisan was thinking about why Ning Cheng did not explain a word.

Ning Cheng sighed in his heart, if he really had Earth Heart Spring Tea, he really wouldn’t be stingy, but he didn’t have it. For him to use his blood to save two people like this, he wasn’t that noble.

No one noticed that Huang Yuan Bo’s body gradually dried up, and the blood on his body slowly seeped into the ground and disappeared.

“Boom boom ……” A roar suddenly sounded on the side of the pa*sageway, and the front of the pa*sageway suddenly brightened up.

Ning Cheng was no longer interested in continuing to team up with these two people, his body brought up a shadow that had already disappeared in front of the pa*sageway where it was brightly lit.

“Why didn’t you make a move? Ning Xiaocheng I see that his cultivation level is at most at the Qi gathering layer.” Lou Hongfang stared at Shi Peisan and asked in a deep voice.

Shi Pei Shan swept her cold eyes at Lou Hong Fang, “I did hesitate a moment ago, but I think Ning Xiaocheng must not have the Earth Heart Spring Tea on him, if he did he would have already taken it out.”

“But ……”

Lou Hong Fang only said two words before he was interrupted by Shi Pei Shan, “I will find the antidote for the poisoning myself, asking me to drink the blood of my life-saving benefactor to survive, I, Shi Pei Shan, cannot do that yet.”

After saying that, she simply ignored Lou Hongfang, and ignored Huang Yuanbo, who had already become a withered bone on the ground, and also dashed away.

Lou Hongfang stroked his hair and murmured, “It’s indeed very difficult to do.”


Ning Cheng rushed out from the place where this pa*sage was brightly lit and immediately saw a line of blood, which flowed along one of the directions, surprisingly not consumed in the slightest.

Ning Cheng looked around for a moment, it was a very simple formation. Looking at the many paths to leave, but the raw door of this formation was surprisingly walking along the direction of this blood line, at this moment he did not hesitate half a second and went straight down the blood line quickly.

Two pillars later, Ning Cheng stopped and a huge pool of blood appeared in front of him, which had various blood lines entering from all sides. At the top of the blood pool sat a man in grey, it was impossible to tell his age, but from the fluctuations in the other man’s body, his cultivation level was definitely not low.

Just as Ning Cheng was sizing up this man in grey, this man in grey suddenly stretched out his finger and shot out a blood line, which landed on a boulder in the distance and slid down.

When Ning Cheng looked at the boulder, it had already been stained dark red. It turned out that the blood that had flowed out was shot out by this person after he had cultivated. He had been clever and chosen the birth gate, but had come to the pool of blood.

“Alas, I’ve tried to reduce the difficulties as much as possible and just about moved this blood pool out, and still fewer and fewer people can come here, it’s killing me.” This man in grey suddenly sighed.

“I guess there are quite a few maps of this Blue Yi True Kingdom’s ruins out there, right?” Ning Cheng asked in an unhurried manner.