Creation Gate Chapter 78

“Who are they?” The hawk-nosed man’s gaze swept over Ning Cheng’s few people.

Connie smilingly pointed at Ning Cheng and said, “This is Ning Xiaocheng, Yu Xing said that this Mr. Ning has an amazing cultivation and that even an ordinary Condensed True cultivator is no match for him.”

Ning Cheng suddenly stood up and cupped his fist at this hawk-nose and said with a grin, “I have not yet asked your friend’s surname?”

“Northern Conqueror Pei Guanghe, Brother Ning is so remarkable, we need to get closer in the future.” The eagle hook nose smiled and gave Ning Cheng a simple fist clasp.

Ning Cheng did not wait for Connie to say anything more before continuing, “These three are my friends and the ones who found the map of the Blue Yi True Kingdom’s relics. They just accidentally caught the poisonous Qi of the Sand Poison Beast in the desert, and King Connie is planning to help them with the poison. By the way, I wonder if Brother Pei has this kind of antidote for the poisonous Desert Earth Heart Spring tea? If there is, it would be best.”

Pei Guanghe did not take out the poisonous gas antidote just because of Ning Cheng’s abrupt words, instead he looked at that young girl, King Connie, with a puzzled gaze.

Connie did not give a straightforward answer, but told the crowd to sit down again before saying, “Lou Hongfang and the three of them did obtain the map of the relics and gave it to me as well. However, this map was lost out of my Northern Conqueror, and my idea is that since we are all gathered together because of the map of the relics, why not go to the relics together to look for it?”

The arrival of Pei Guanghe made this maiden king’s heart settle. Even though Ning Cheng was powerful, he was only one person, and now the two of them, Pei Guanghe and Yu Xing, could definitely eat Ning Cheng up, and she could not be more clear about Pei Guanghe’s power. It was precisely because of this that she had changed her mind, it would be better to drag these few people along with her to search for the relics. Even if something happened, they could still find a few cannon fodder.

As soon as Pei Guanghe and Connie’s eyes met, they immediately understood what the maiden king had in mind and said with a laugh, ”That’s right, the relics have a lot of things. We can’t take all of it either, so if we all go together, it’s even more powerful.”

Just as he finished his words, the one that the maiden had sent out earlier, Mei Shuo, came in from the side, and Mei Shuo muttered a few words in this maiden Connie’s ear. Connie nodded and did not express any opinion.

Ning Cheng’s divine thoughts had already swept out, and he found that within the reach of his divine sense, many soldiers had appeared. Not only that, but some simple trapping formations had also been set up.

Ning Cheng looked at it with amusement in his heart, this kind of first cla*s trapped formation, and he dared to bring it to him to show off.

Lou Hongfang suddenly said loudly, “There is no problem if we want to go to the relics together, let’s get rid of our poison first.”

Pei Guanghe said in a daze, “This is an oversight on my part, I was going to help you all with your poison as soon as we came in, but because we were talking about other places, I actually forgot about it. Even if a few of you don’t come along, by virtue of your great kindness in finding the map of the ruins of my Blue Yi True Kingdom, I will still help.”

As he spoke, Pei Guanghe really took out three jade cups, then took out a grey gourd and poured a bit of green tea into all three of them.

“Three friends, please use the Desert Earth Heart Spring tea.”

Hearing Pei Guanghe say that this was Earth Heart Spring tea, Lou Hongfang was the first to pick up the cup and drink it in one go. Seeing Lou Hongfang drink the tea, Huang Yuanbo and Shi Pei Shan also drank the tea without hesitation.

A few moments later, Lou Hongfang laughed loudly, “Thank you, Brother Pei, the poison I was poisoned with has really been lifted. Count me in Lou Hongfang for going to the relics, I will never back out.”

Huang Yuan Bo also gave a fist hug to Pei Guanghe as a sign of gratitude. Only sometimes Pei Shan did not thank Pei Guanghe, but instead gave a fist to Ning Cheng, “Many thanks to Brother Ning for saving my life.”

As soon as Lou Hongfang heard what Shi Pei Shan said, he slapped his head and said, “It was my fault, I should thank Brother Ning.”

After saying that, he expressed his gratitude to Ning Cheng again, and seeing this, Huang Yuan Bo also expressed his gratitude to Ning Cheng. Ning Cheng, however, felt that Huang Yuanbo’s thanks were somewhat perfunctory, Lou Hongfang’s thanks to him in the end were still sincere although he did not think about it at first.

“Good, I am finally relieved that the three of you have been relieved of your poison, now let’s discuss how to get to the relics of the Blue Yi True Kingdom.” The young lady king said as if she was really relieved, standing up.

After saying that, she sent another leather scroll to Pei Guanghe’s hand.

“That’s the map.” Seeing this, Tim Pei Shan whispered in Ning Cheng’s ear.

Pei Guanghe seemed to have heard what Shi Pei Shan said, and after sweeping the map once, he handed it to Ning Cheng, “Brother Ning, why don’t you put the map in your hand?”

Ning Cheng took the map and also casually swept it once before returning it once again and said, “Brother Pei is the master, this map of the ruins should still be placed in Brother Pei’s hand.”

It was Connie who glanced at Ning Cheng in confusion, Ning Cheng was the one who wanted this map before, why did he not want it again when it came? To say that Ning Cheng could remember all the routes and contents of the map with this sweep of his eyes, she definitely did not believe it.

A cultivator had divine thoughts, or could sweep the entire map with a single glance, but sweeping it once and remembering it completely were two different things.

“Why don’t you just leave it on me?” Lou Hongfang had a good feeling about Ning Cheng, but did not like the way Ning Cheng did things like this. Since someone had given you the map, why would you refuse it?

“May as well,” Pei Guanghe sent the map to Lou Hongfang’s hand without hesitation, while standing up and saying to Connie, “Connie, let’s go now, if we know about this relic map and don’t get there in time, I’m afraid that something unexpected will happen.”

Connie smiled faintly, “Kwang-hyuk is right, we’ll go now. There are eight people together, the two of us, Guanghe and I, plus Yu Xing and Mei Shuo. Then the three of you, Duke Ning and Brother Lou.”

This time this maiden king finally called out to Brother Lou and did not continue to call him by his first name directly.

“Since the map is in Brother Lou’s hands, then Brother Lou will lead the way.” Pei Guanghe said with a smile.

“No problem.” Lou Hongfang directly led the way out of the room.

The remaining few people followed closely, and Ning Cheng followed behind Pei Guanghe.

Perhaps because of Pei Guanghe’s arrival, or perhaps because she wanted Ning Cheng’s few help in exploring the relics, Connie did not activate the trap formation outside.

After getting out of the range of these yurts, Lou Hongfang accelerated his speed and soon left this yurt and oasis behind him. Ning Cheng and the others all followed Lou Hongfang in silence, none of them speaking. The young girl named Connie, the king, surprisingly did not ask for more people to follow along, or perhaps she knew that even if there were more people, going to find the relics would not play much of a role.

“I wonder how far the Northern Turk is from here? Did the Northern Turk tribe come here, did they already know there was an oasis here?” After the eight people had walked for almost an hour, Ning Cheng took the initiative to break the silence.

Connie Maiden smiled faintly and did not beat around the bush, saying directly, “Only my Northern Conquering Tribe can know about it, if Sir Ning wants to go to my Northern Conquering Tribe, he can also join my Northern Conquering Tribe.”

Ning Cheng said nonchalantly, “Forget about joining the Northern Conquering Tribe, I do have a question for Connie King. I wonder if your tribe has a map to the Huazhou?”

This time Connie didn’t even give it half a second thought and said bluntly, “No.”

Shi Peishan, who was walking beside Ning Cheng, spoke up, “Brother Ning, a map through the Falling Thunder Desert is something that few people would have. However, there is a rule when walking in the Falling Thunder Desert, and that is that there are often desert whirlpools in the Falling Thunder Desert. These desert whirlpools will often send the yellow sand that spirals out in one direction, so as long as you walk along that direction, you will be fine.”

“Many thanks.” Ning Cheng said a word of thanks to Shi Peishan and said no more, it was useless to talk more as the people were not talking to each other.

Another hour pa*sed and Lou Hongfang stopped, he pointed to a huge sand pit in front of him and said, “Here it is, it’s right here.”

Ning Cheng had seen the map once and had long known how to get to the ruins. According to the markings on the map, when they walked to the entrance of the ruins, they would see a huge sand pit. When the moonlight shone in this sandpit at night, three traces of overlapping moon shadows would appear.

The entrance to the relics of the Blue Ivy Kingdom is through the three traces of overlapping moon shadows, which disappear into the earth.

There are many sand pits in the desert, but most of them will be filled in with sand and gravel after a while. Since the map of the ruins did not say anything about the sand pit being filled in by yellow sand, it meant that the sand pit would not disappear for no reason.

Now there is indeed a sandpit here, which means that the map is true.

“There is still about an hour before the moonlight appears, so I suggest that we all take a look at the map.” Huang Yuan Bo suddenly spoke up.

Several people on the Northern Conqueror’s side of this map had seen it, and they had only looked at it briefly, which was why they made this suggestion.

“Of course.” Lou Hongfang took the initiative to hand the map to Huang Yuanbo without asking Connie’s opinion at all.

Huang Yuanbo did not refuse and took the map and looked at it several times before handing it over to Shi Pei Shan. Tim Pei Shan looked at it several more times and the map was pa*sed on to Mei Shuo.

It seemed that Mei Suo did not want to hand the map over to Ning Cheng, and held it in her hand to look at it over and over again. It was only when the moonlight rose that she seemed to remember that the map was still in her hands.

“Mei Shuo, give the map to Brother Lou, who still has to lead the way.” Connie glanced at Mei Shuo with some dissatisfaction.

Only then did it seem to dawn on Mei Shuo that the map had been in her hands for a little too long, and she hurriedly handed it over to Lou Hongfang.

Lou Hongfang didn’t care, he just pointed to the place in the sand pit where the three moon shadows overlapped and said, “I’ll go down first, everyone just follow me.”

After saying that, he directly jumped to the place where the moon shadows overlapped.

Just as Lou Hongfang jumped to the place where the moon shadows overlapped, he disappeared, while the place where the moon shadows overlapped was still there, without half a change. It was as if Lou Hongfang had jumped into a pond and had not risen up yet.