Creation Gate Chapter 77

After the banquet was set up, the three who had gone to change their clothes had returned inside the room. It was just that although the three looked unchanged, their true essence was lax and they were clearly still just an empty frame.

Ning Cheng smiled and greeted the three first.

When the three people saw Ning Cheng greet them first, they hurriedly came forward again to thank them. Ning Cheng also knew the names of the three men, the hot-tempered, medium-sized, slightly dark-skinned male cultivator was called Lou Hongfang, with a cultivation level of the second level of True Condensation. The other male cultivator, Huang Yuanbo, had slender eyes and fair skin, but was only at the first level of True Condensation cultivation. The woman was called Shi Peishan, who looked somewhat quiet, with a melon face and eyes that did not have a half-hearted twinkle, and appeared to be extremely a*sertive.

After the three of them sat down, Ning Cheng then asked, “Have the three of you really been hit by the poisonous Qi of the Sand Poison Spiked Tooth Beast?”

Lou Hongfang gave the young girl an angry stare and said in a buzzing voice, “That’s right, we were a*sa*sinated by this woman.”

“Is there a way to remove the poisonous Qi?” Ning Cheng knew that these cultivators who walked in the desert all year round had all sorts of methods. Just because he didn’t have a way to remove the poisonous Qi, didn’t mean that others couldn’t.

When she heard Ning Cheng’s words, she took the initiative to reply, “The poisonous Qi carried by the Sand Poison Beast is very difficult to remove, she did not panic about this point, only the Desert Earth Heart Spring Tea can cure the poison. Because the Desert Earth Heart Spring Tea is hard to find, so once they meet a Sand Poison Beast in the Falling Thunder Desert, none of them will answer the battle and usually take the initiative to flee.”

Huang Yuan Bo looked at Ning Cheng who was frowning and said, “The amount of Desert Earth Heart Spring Tea needed to detoxify the Sand Poison Beast is not much, just one drop will do.”

Ning Cheng looked down and frowned in contemplation, he was wondering when he had drunk the Desert Earth Heart Spring Tea and how he would not fear this poisonous Qi, he did not pay attention to Huang Yuan Bo’s words.

Lou Hongfang and Shi Peisan likewise did not pay attention to Huang Yuanbo’s words, only the young girl, Wang Shang, had a slight smile on the corner of her mouth if anything, obviously knowing that the seed she had planted had sprouted. At least this Huang Yuan Bo thought that Ning Xiaocheng had Earth Heart Spring Tea on him.

Ning Cheng had already thought of the place where he had drunk the spirit tea at this time, it was the cup of spirit tea that Liu Hanyu had poured for him at the Yishui Courtyard, it was slightly bitter in the mouth, but then it was lingering somewhat, could that be the Desert Earth Heart Spring Tea? How could Liu Hanyu, who was only a woman in distress, have such a precious spiritual tea?

“Could it be that Brother Ning was also pa*sing through the Desert of Falling Thunder?” Lou Hongfang, who was more direct in nature, spoke out to interrupt Ning Cheng’s contemplation.

“Precisely.” Ning Cheng remembered what he wanted to ask before, he didn’t know what this Northern Conquering Tribe was, but Lou Hongfang’s trio must also be desert wearers like him, these people might also have a map.

“How did the three of you end up here? Could it be that they are also like me and want to cross the Falling Thunder Desert to get to the Continent of Transformation?” Ning Cheng also asked directly.

Seeing that the few people did not even look at her, that young girl, King Shang, blushed slightly, but quickly returned to normal as she took the initiative to take out a wine jug and poured a cup of wine for Ning Cheng and said, “On behalf of the Northern Conquering Tribe, I would like to thank Lord Ning in advance for coming to my Northern Conquering Residence as a guest.”

When Lou Hongfang saw Ning Cheng lift the wine cup, his face was anxious and he was about to speak, but Ning Cheng had already drunk the cup of wine.

Of course, Ning Cheng knew that Lou Hongfang was afraid that the wine was poisonous, and now that the three of them had their lives tied up in his own, it was normal for Lou Hongfang to be anxious.

Ning Cheng was extremely careful now, this cup of wine had long been checked by him.

Seeing that Ning Cheng was fine, Lou Hongfang put his heart down and said in a loud voice, “The three of us were originally going to Huazhou, originally there were five of us, but two of us fell on the way. A day ago we inadvertently obtained a secret map, which turned out to be the remains of the Blue Yi True Kingdom that had disappeared for countless years in the Falling Thunder Desert. The three of us were overjoyed and wanted to search for the relics of the Blue Yi True Kingdom, but we never thought that we would be introduced here by these despicable people to a*sa*sinate ……”

After saying that Lou Hongfang still stared at the young girl king with an angry face.

That maiden king on said unhurriedly, “Duke Ning, what brother Lou said is indeed correct, his map was obtained from a traitor of my Northern Conquering tribe. This map is indeed also a relic of the Blue Yi True Kingdom. A few of you may not know one of the points, the predecessor of my Northern Conquering Tribe was the Blue Yi True Kingdom. When the Blue Yi True Kingdom was destroyed, there were several great elders who escaped to the Northern Conqueror protecting the True Kingdom’s bloodline, leaving behind my clan.

Now that someone is going to excavate the relics of my Blue Yi True Kingdom, how can I, as the king of the Northern Conquering Tribe, let the things of my Blue Yi True Kingdom fall into the hands of others? What’s more, the secret map they obtained was also shed by my Northern Turk tribe.”

Lou Hongfang pointed at this maiden king and laughed loudly, “It was pa*sed out by your Northern Turk, I pooh, do you still want to be shameless? Let’s not talk about whether the Northern Conquering is something left behind by the Blue Yi True Kingdom, even if it is, the Blue Yi True Kingdom has no right to say that something is theirs. Back then, the reason why the Blue Yi True Kingdom chose the desert to establish the True Kingdom was not because it was really good to build a kingdom inside the desert, but because the Blue Yi True Kingdom discovered the legacy of a strong man of the Sea Breaking Realm in the desert.

In order to find this legacy of a Sea-breaking Realm powerhouse, the Blue Yi True Kingdom chose to build a True Kingdom in the Fallen Thunder Desert. However, it was unexpected that the Blue Ivy True Kingdom had been crooked, and after establishing the country in the desert, it had instead promoted the prosperity of the True Kingdom. Whether or not the relics of that Sea Breaking Realm were found I am not sure, but the Blue Yi True Kingdom has become more and more prosperous.”

Ning Cheng really could not believe that a nation could still be established in the Falling Thunder Desert, how terrifying this Falling Thunder Desert was, he had experienced it himself.

Seeing Ning Cheng’s puzzlement, Shi Peishan took the initiative to say, “Brother Ning, what Brother Lou said is true, it has been countless years since the Blue Yi True Kingdom was founded in the desert. The place where the Blue Yi True Kingdom was originally founded was still on the edge of the desert, and then after many years of vicissitudes, the Falling Thunder Desert eroded the surrounding area more and more, and the desert became more and more ma*sive. The Blue Ivy True Kingdom, which was originally established at the edge of the Falling Thunder Desert, was also gradually moved deeper and deeper into the desert. Because of this, it caused the demise of the Blue Yi True Kingdom.”

Huang Yuan Bo, who spoke very little, listened to Shi Pei Shan’s words and explained, “I heard that the Blue Yi True Kingdom was destroyed not because of the Falling Thunder in the Falling Thunder Desert and other things, but because the Blue Yi True Kingdom had found where the relics of that Sea Pioneer Realm powerhouse were located, and as a result, experts from all sides were attracted. These powerful experts fought in the Blue Ivy Kingdom, resulting in the destruction of the entire Blue Ivy Kingdom. Later, the most powerful Yellow Dragon pa*sed by in the Desert of Falling Thunder and swept away all the fighters and all the people of the Blue Ivy Kingdom. The Blue Yi True Kingdom was thus nirvanaed into the vast sea of sand.”

“Yellow Dragon?” What Ning Cheng remembered when he heard these two words was surprisingly the yellow sand that had swept him away before, and he had later escaped by using a fistful of axe killing intent to break through the yellow sand.

Lou Hongfang responded, “That’s right, in addition to the terrifying Sand Poison Beast in the Falling Thunder Desert, there is also the Falling Thunder Yellow Dragon. This kind of yellow dragon only looks like a saloon formed by being swept up by the wild sand. Once swept in, it will be very difficult to escape and will eventually be torn into pieces by the yellow dragon. This is still a small Falling Thunder Yellow Dragon, the largest Yellow Dragon is said to be thousands of miles long, when you meet this kind of Yellow Dragon, even if you are a true nation, you will probably only be devoured.”

Ning Cheng understood that the one that had swept him away before should have been a small Yellow Sand Dragon, if it had been a large one, he might not have been able to escape.

What interested Ning Cheng the most at this moment was the cave of a Sea Pioneer Realm cultivator, he was no longer the brat who had just arrived here, he knew very well in his heart that cultivation for cultivators was the same as competition in a shopping mall. As soon as limited resources were found, if you didn’t go and fight for them, they would be snatched away by others, and you could only watch as others continued to advance and leave you behind.

Among the nine realms in the Eithern Continent, the Sea Pioneer Realm was just below the Realm of the Transformation of the Tripod, and once you stepped into the Realm of the Transformation of the Tripod, it was a legendary existence that could tear the heaven and earth far away. Of course, Ning Cheng had learned all this knowledge from Tai Shu Yi’s mouth.

When he came out of the Ping Continent he only knew that above the Yuan Building Realm there was the Xuan Liquid Realm, and above the Xuan Liquid Realm there was the Xuan Dan Realm. As for the realms behind the Xuan Dan Realm, he knew nothing about them. Only after he arrived at Waki Zhou and exchanged ideas with Tai Shu Yi did he learn that after the Xuan Dan Realm there was the Yuan Soul Realm, and after the Yuan Soul Realm there was the God Shaping Realm, and only after the God Shaping Realm did he reach the Sea Pioneering Realm.

This shows how terrifying and precious the cave relics of a great power of the Sea Purging Realm are. When Lou Hongfang said that the Blue Yi True Kingdom had established a country in the Falling Thunder Desert for the sake of a Sea Breaking Realm cave, Ning Cheng did not find it that strange.

Ning Cheng suddenly looked at the maiden king and said, “Your Majesty, I think the secret map that Brother Lou and the others obtained should be here with you, right? Can you bring it out so that I can also see what kind of secret map it is?”

The young lady king superior’s face changed slightly, she knew that Ning Cheng would ask for the map of the relics of the Blue Yi True Kingdom, but she did not expect Ning Cheng to be so straightforward. If Ning Cheng had beaten around the bush, she would have definitely pushed back with various excuses.

The man at the third level of True Condensation who had been standing beside this young girl’s king laughed harshly, “Sir Ning, my king respects you as a guest, and it is considered fate that you can come to my Northern Conqueror’s residence. I have treated you with good wine and a good seat, but Mr. Ning is so blatantly asking for my North Conquer’s secret map, do you really think that my North Conquer is easy to bully?”

“Your map? You obviously took this map from me, how dare you say it’s your Northern Conquerors’ map?” Lou Hongfang sneered.

Just at that moment, a rush of footsteps rushed in. Ning Cheng was slightly puzzled in his heart, who was this who had the audacity to rush straight into the yurt of the King of the Northern Turk Tribe?

The person who entered was a young man with thick eyebrows and thin eyes, an eagle nose that set off his face in an extremely distinctive way. At a glance, Ning Cheng could see the cultivation level of this young man, which turned out to be the highest here, at the fourth level of Condensing Truth.

“Connie ……” The hawk-nosed man called out and then saw Ning Cheng and the others and did not say the words that followed.

Calling Connie, the king of the Northern Conquering Tribe, it looked like this hawk-nosed man had quite a simple relationship with this king.

“Yes, we have found the secret map, so I sent a signal to call you over.” The maiden king called Connie said with a smile.

The hawk-nosed man dropped his gaze on Ning Cheng and the others, he didn’t know what kind of people Ning Cheng and the others were, and Connie would actually tell them about the secret map directly in front of them.