Creation Gate Chapter 74

In less than an hour, Ning Cheng arrived at the edge of the Falling Thunder Desert, and what he saw was a dark yellow misty world, as if a yellow fog had fallen in front of him, and his eyes could not reach far.

At the edge of the desert was a huge rock, a hundred feet in circumference, which was the location of the entrance marked on the simple map Ning Cheng had obtained.

Ning Cheng did not hesitate and directly stepped on his sword and rushed into the desert from the edge of the boulder. After only one incense stick, Ning Cheng had to land his flying sword.

Even though he was already a True Condensation cultivator, the violent sand and stone storm in the Falling Thunder Desert made it impossible for him to control the position of his flying sword. Similarly, he was also unable to find the specific map markings from the desert.

Ning Cheng put away his flying sword, and his foot speed increased instead. He said that he would come back in the future to kill the person who wanted him, but right now he was far from being a match for others, so the only way to escape was to run away as fast as possible.

Three days later, Ning Cheng found the second marker on the simple map, a dead poplar tree.

Ning Cheng walked to a huge poplar tree and sat down on its roots, after running with all his might in the desert for three days in a row, he also felt a little tired.

Just as Ning Cheng sat down, an extremely terrifying whistling sound came from it and Ning Cheng hurriedly stood up again. A yellow dragon made of fine sand whistled and rushed over with unbelievable swiftness. Ning Cheng did not even have a chance to resist, and was directly swept by this yellow dragon, while being carried out by it.

At this moment, Ning Cheng could only secretly sigh at the frightening madness of nature, if it were an ordinary person, he would have been swept into pieces by this yellow dragon.

Ning Cheng soon felt that something was wrong, this yellow dragon made of yellow sand was like a tornado, after he was swept up by the yellow sand, it seemed that his whole body was swept in one of the directions.

Because he felt that something was wrong, Ning Cheng remembered that he was already a cultivator of the first level of True Condensation, a cultivator of the first level of True Condensation should not be able to be swept away by the yellow sand blowing up in the desert, right?

As the yellow sand bound him more and more, the bad feeling in Ning Cheng’s heart became heavier and heavier. He had an intuition in his heart that at the end of the day, he would not even have the room to break free and would be swept away to a place he knew nothing about.

Thinking of this, Ning Cheng became very anxious in his heart and threw a punch out. This punch was exactly the same move that he had comprehended in the Giant Axe Killing Intent of the Great An Forest, and without an axe, he directly blasted this move out with his fist. As it turned out, the few times he had performed this fist-axe, the effect seemed to be good.

“Boom,” a sound like a blast of defeated leather rang out as Ning Cheng’s fist directly blasted a mouth of sand in the yellow dragon, and without even thinking, Ning Cheng’s entire body turned into a line and pa*sed through this mouth of sand.

The next moment, the long yellow sand dragon was already far away with a booming sound.

When Ning Cheng looked down, he found that apart from the set of inner armour that the old woman from Southern Plains City had refined for him, the rest of his clothes had completely disappeared, with only the scrapes of countless fine sands.

“How impressive.” Ning Cheng muttered to himself in awe, hurriedly taking out a set of clothes and putting them on.

There was still this terrifying yellow dragon in the Falling Thunder Desert, if he hadn’t gotten out of it in time, what would have been the result?

It was only at this moment when the yellow dragon pa*sed that Ning Cheng realised that he had lost his way. Ning Cheng turned around in all directions and was just about to see exactly where the poplar tree was when he felt a looseness under his feet and he subconsciously flew up.

A huge whirlpool had appeared where he had just stood, the whirlpool swept all the fine sand around it in, forming a funnel shape.

An incomparably powerful suction force came, which came so abruptly that it almost sucked Ning Cheng directly into the funnel vortex.

Ning Cheng forced his true essence and his entire body was like a sword mane as he rushed towards the sand outside the vortex.

A few breaths later, Ning Cheng landed on the sand, and looking at the vortex that was still swirling bigger and bigger in the distance, he felt for the first time the terribleness of the Falling Thunder Desert.

If he was swept into this vortex, it might not kill him, but who knew what was inside this vortex?

It seemed that he had to find the map of the route he had taken before, otherwise it would be difficult for him to get out of the Desert of Falling Thunder. His previous route must have been the safest one in the desert, otherwise he would not have been in danger for days on end. Now he had just deviated from the direction of the original map, and he was in danger several times. If the pa*sing yellow dragon had not taken him away, he would not have deviated from his original route.

Ning Cheng walked more and more carefully, he was not looking for the way to the Hualu Continent at this moment, but to find his way to the original route he was walking on.

Another five days pa*sed and Ning Cheng encountered more than ten sand and stone whirlpools of various kinds, but he escaped from them all. It was a good thing that the kind of sand and stone storm that formed like a yellow dragon was not something he encountered a second time.

Ning Cheng knew that this was not the way to go on, if he kept going on like this, he would sooner or later fall in this Falling Thunder Desert.

He stopped, he could not refine a directional array disk yet, but it was possible to make a simple compa*s.

Before Ning Cheng’s compa*s could be made, an aura with a fishy smell was detected by Ning Cheng. Ning Cheng immediately grabbed the remnant spear from behind his back, this fishy smell was definitely the scent of a demonic beast. He knew that there were many demonic beasts in the Thunder Sea Desert, and these demonic beasts were also in groups, once they were surrounded, it would be somewhat difficult to walk away again.

As expected, Ning Cheng had just grasped the lance in his hand when the ‘chomp chomp’ sound of grinding sand came over. When Ning Cheng saw the demonic beasts coming over in front of him, he almost froze. Countless demonic beasts were rushing towards him in an overwhelming manner.

These demonic beasts were so densely packed that one could not even see the edge at a glance. Moreover, these demonic beasts were rushing this way, not only on the ground, but there were also flying ones in the air. Ning Cheng could imagine that there must be the same demonic beasts underneath this sand and rock.

These demonic beasts were covered in fleshy tumours of varying sizes, looking only about a foot long, their sharp mouths dripping with some murky mucus, looking extremely ghastly and ugly.

When the densely packed demonic beasts saw Ning Cheng, they immediately swarmed over him, Ning Cheng’s scalp tingled as he watched, he had never seen such a disgusting scene before.

Where could he dare to hesitate, his hand lance had already brought up one lance awning after another, these lance awnings formed a lance net, stopping these countless ugly demonic beasts outside the lance net.

One advantage of fighting these demonic beasts was that one only had to bring out one’s greatest strength and did not have to worry about being counted.

A blood mist melted away in front of the spear nets, and one such demonic beast was swept away by Ning Cheng’s spear nets. Ning Cheng clearly saw that the corpses of these demonic beasts that he had killed were instantly divided up by their companions, and then the rest of the demonic beasts continued to swarm on, not even knowing what death was.

The cultivation level of these demonic beasts was indeed not high, but even if they were not high, they could not resist the quantity. As batch after batch of demonic beasts were blown away by Ning Cheng, batch after batch of the same demonic beasts swarmed up again. Not only that, these sand demon beasts also emitted an unpleasant smell. As soon as Ning Cheng smelt this smell, he felt uncomfortable, but fortunately, with his true essence drumming, these discomforts quickly disappeared without a trace.

For an entire day, Ning Cheng spent his time in killing. His Xuan Bing Twelve Spear had spawned the thirteenth and fourteenth …… twenty-one spears.

Unfortunately, even though his spear technique was becoming more and more pure and more spear arrows were being derived, his true essence was unable to keep up. He didn’t know how many of these sand demon beasts he had killed, but instead of seeing a decrease in the number of such demon beasts he faced, there were more and more.

Some despair rose up in Ning Cheng’s heart, if he had known this, he might as well have been swept away by that yellow dragon.

The situation in front of him was simply a predicament, there was no way for him to walk away. Whether it was in the air, on the sand surface, or under the sand, there were such endless sand demon beasts.

Just when Ning Cheng was thinking if the Xuanhuang Pearl inside him could help, this endless sand demon beasts suddenly gave up on continuing to attack Ning Cheng, and instead, they frantically fled from Ning Cheng’s side, in just a short time, this dense sand demon beasts were cleanly gone.

If it wasn’t for the fact that the fine sand in this vicinity had been dyed dark red, Ning Cheng would have thought that the scene just now was just an illusion.

“My luck can’t be this good, right?” Ning Cheng said to himself in disbelief, just when he was about to be finished off by these sand demon beasts, these sand demon beasts suddenly and inexplicably retreated, what was this if not good luck?