Creation Gate Chapter 73

Ning Cheng gathered up everything he could as quickly as he could, even the airship magic weapon was briefly refined and put away in his storage bag, before he quickly left.

Originally, Ning Cheng and Tai Shu Shi had agreed to meet in three days, he was worried that Xun Shun would ask for help. Once his opponent became too powerful, Ning Cheng had even planned to flee towards the Great An Forest. Now that Xun Shun had been killed by him and the signal to call for help had not been sent out, this allowed Ning Cheng to put his mind at ease. He had not been separated from Tai Shu Shi and the others for very long, so he thought that he would be able to catch up with them soon.

But two hours later, Ning Cheng stopped, he felt that something was wrong. He had clearly come after the trail Tai Shu Shi had left, but when he arrived here, he found that the trail was all gone.

Ning Cheng searched several more times in the area where Tai Shu Shi had lost the trail, but still did not find half a clue.

Half a day later, Ning Cheng left the place and decided to go to the edge of the Falling Thunder Desert to wait. He had given Tai Shu Shi the map, and if Tai Shu Shi wanted to go through the desert to the Hua Continent, he would have to go through the entrance marked on the map.


To enter the Chemical Continent from the Waki Continent, you have to pa*s through the Falling Thunder Desert, whether you fly there or walk there.

Beyond the Falling Thunder Desert, there are three towns, Falling Thunder Town, Moon Sand Town and Flowing Firefly Town.

Of these three towns, the largest and most lively town is Falling Thunder Town. Every year, there were countless cultivators who entered the Falling Thunder Desert from Falling Thunder Town. Apart from a very small number of people who wanted to find some treasures in the Falling Thunder Desert, most of them wanted to enter the Hualu Continent through the Falling Thunder Desert.

In fact, very few people could actually pa*s through the Falling Thunder Desert and enter the Continent of Transformation. The vast majority of people have fallen in the Falling Thunder Desert, and for a long time it has been called the Falling Bone Desert. There are too many cultivators who have fallen.

Even so, the number of people entering the Falling Thunder Desert has never stopped, wave after wave.

The simple map that Ning Cheng had obtained from Kou Hong was not to enter from Falling Thunder Town, but from Moon Sand Town. Moon Sand Town was a little more remote, and the surrounding desert had fewer resources, and was far less prosperous than Fallen Thunder Town.

Ning Cheng hurried all the way and appeared outside of Moon Sand Town a month later. During this month, he did not even take out the storage bag of the black-clothed man Xunshun to check it. The main reason was of course that he wanted to get to Moon Sand Town as soon as possible, once he reached Moon Sand Town, not only could he wait for Tai Shu Shi, he could also escape into the Falling Thunder Desert at the first opportunity should there be any problems.

Some tired adventurers came back from outside and, like Ning Cheng, stepped into Moon Sand Town with the residual glow of the setting sun.

Compared to the prosperity of Falling Thunder Town, Moon Sand Town looked somewhat depressed. Ning Cheng was certain that with his speed, Tai Shu Shi would definitely not arrive before him. He decided to wait for Tai Shu Shi in Yue Sha Town, so that he could refine the two magic weapons in his hands here and prepare to advance to Condensed Truth at the same time.

Whether it was the mouldy copper coin or the medium grade airship magic weapon, Ning Cheng was very much looking forward to it, and relatively speaking, he did not care about the red flying sword.

The resting inn in Yue Sha Town was generally as sparse as the sparse pedestrians coming and going.

Ning Cheng found a resting inn in an inconspicuous part of the town and stayed there, inconspicuous cultivators like Ning Cheng were everywhere in Yue Sha Town. These cultivators would usually go out for a few months, and when they returned, they would choose to go into seclusion, and when their cultivation resources were exhausted, they would leave Yue Sha Town again. And so on and so forth, until the day of their fall.

There are only a few who can find cultivation resources in the Falling Thunder Desert without falling. Despite knowing this, this life was still the choice of many casual cultivators, or perhaps they simply had no other choice.

The resting inn that Ning Cheng found was called the Moon River Resting Inn, that is, in the Moon Sand Town, the Moon River Resting Inn was considered a small and inconspicuous place. Those who lived in such places were the more down and out among the casual cultivators.

Ning Cheng didn’t care, after he entered his room at the inn, he immediately put up his retreat sign, while setting up various formations inside the room, hidden spirit formations, defensive formations ……

After the formations were set up, the first thing Ning Cheng took out was the moldy copper coin. This copper coin had swept away his lance magic weapon, causing Ning Cheng to be extremely amazed. If he didn’t still have the Seven Obsidian Ice Needle and his inner armour, he might have been killed by that Xun Shun.

This was mainly due to his lack of experience against the enemy, but there was no doubt about the power of this mouldy bronze coin.

The refinement of the copper coin was extremely difficult, Ning Cheng had spent ten days to refine only one layer of the ban, and at the same time he understood why Xun Shun had had such a hard time casting the copper coin to drop his magic weapon in the first place. At most, that Xun Shun had only refined two layers of prohibitions, and with his own limited cultivation level, it was extremely difficult for him to cast it.

This bronze coin was called the Five Elements Falling Treasure Bronze Coin.

No wonder his spear was taken away by this bronze coin, it was actually a magic treasure that specialized in dropping magic treasures, this magic treasure was simply too heavenly. Unfortunately, this bronze coin had a fatal flaw, that it could only drop five elemental magic treasures. The Seven Obsidian Ice Needles were refined from a tail needle, which was not within the five elements at all, and this bronze coin would not be able to fall.

In any case, this was definitely a treasure, and a good one at that. As for the back of the forbidden system, Ning Cheng did not continue to refine it, he planned to refine the back of the forbidden system when he was free.

Compared to the Five Elements Falling Treasure Bronze Coin, the Medium Grade Airship Magical Weapon was much easier to refine, Ning Cheng only spent half a day to refine this Medium Grade Airship Magical Weapon, and at the same time, he took this Magical Weapon for himself.

Ning Cheng simply refined the red flying sword and threw it into his own storage bag, he did not like flying sword magic artifacts.

The last thing Ning Cheng took out was the black clothed man’s storage bag, when he was at the Yi Shui Courtyard, Xun Shun appeared to be extremely generous with his money, so Ning Cheng was looking forward to his storage bag.

Ning Cheng did not take long to refine the storage bag, and when his divine sense swept into the bag, he immediately became a little disappointed.

According to the way Xun Shun spent the spirit stones, Ning Cheng thought that there were at least 30,000 to 40,000 spirit stones in his storage bag, but in fact this storage bag only contained around 10,000 lower grade spirit stones. This was still the fact that the other party had not bought Rei’e and Liu Hanyu, otherwise, there would have been at most two thousand spirit stones in it.

There were several bottles of pills and a few jade slips in the pouch. Ning Cheng took out a jade slip at random and swept his divine thoughts in, and it was exactly as he had guessed, these jade slips were all about how to adopt female cultivation. From this, it could be seen that this Xun Shun’s master was not a good person either.

After scanning through the rest of the jade slips, they were all of the same type. Ning Cheng directly sacrificed a flame to burn all these jade slips, he was from Earth and could not accept that such techniques existed in the world.

Having obtained 10,000 spirit stones, plus the 1,000 or 2,000 spirit stones he had with him, Ning Cheng decided to attack the True Condensation Realm. When he reached the True Condensation Realm, he thought that it was time for Tai Shu Shi to come to Yue Sha Town.

One by one, the spirit stones were turned into pieces by Ning Cheng, and the dispersed spirit energy was blocked up by the formation he had set up, although there were still some spirit energy that could not be blocked. However, the guests in the resting inn were closed, and all of them had a flow of spiritual energy, and no one would find it strange.

A month later, Ning Cheng went out to purchase some more food and returned to his room again. At this time, he was already at the perfection of the ninth Qi gathering layer and was ready to advance to the True Condensation level.

After taking the True Condensation Pill, the True Qi in his body immediately stirred up. Ning Cheng knew that advancing to Condensation was the process of converting True Qi into True Essence, so he did not panic in his heart and slowly converted his True Qi by running his gong methods.

He had cultivated the complete gong method and his true qi had already started to be transformed into true essence when he was at the ninth level of Qi gathering. Now, with the help of the True Essence Condensation Pill, it was not much of a difficulty to start the conversion.

Time pa*sed in Ning Cheng’s seclusion, and the pile of spirit stones piled up around him became smaller and smaller. It was not known how much time had pa*sed, and when Ning Cheng converted all the true qi in his meridians into true essence, his entire body’s meridians emitted a burst of clicking sounds. It seemed that in this instant, all of the meridians had expanded by more than double.

Exhaling, Ning Cheng let out a long breath and stood up in an expansive manner.

“This is the True Condensation Realm?” Ning Cheng had just advanced to the True Condensation Realm and could not help but exclaim in awe when he felt the flow of true essence within his body that was several times more powerful than the ninth level of Qi gathering.

Previously, when he had not advanced to the True Condensation Realm, he always thought that the True Condensation Realm was nothing more than that. After all, he could kill a cultivator at the True Condensation Realm with only the Qi Gathering Realm, but when he really advanced to the True Condensation Realm, he realised that the difference between the True Condensation Realm and the Qi Gathering Realm was far too great.

The reason why he was able to kill the True Condensation Realm was entirely because he had not met a true True Condensation Realm expert. If there was a True Condensation Realm like him, how could the Qi Gathering Realm still fight? The power of true essence was simply not comparable to true qi.

Counting up, it had been almost two months since he arrived in Yue Sha Town, and there was still no news of Tai Shu Shi. Ning Cheng decided not to wait any longer, he was going to enter the Falling Thunder Desert alone to head to the Continent of Transformation.

Ning Cheng cleaned himself up and walked out of the resting inn, he was going to leave some trace marks outside the Moon Sand Town. When Tai Shu Shi arrived at Yue Sha Town, he would also know that he had already been here.

Ning Cheng had just walked out of the town when he saw a bunch of people gathered at the entrance of the town, and these people seemed to be chattering and talking enthusiastically.

Ning Cheng was curious and squeezed in, only to find a notice posted under the huge town sign outside the town.

On the notice was a huge portrait of none other than him, with a long spear on his back. The content of the notice was extremely clear, saying that anyone who got news of the person whose portrait was on the notice could report it immediately. The person who reported it would be paid 10,000 spirit stones, and if he could catch the person whose portrait was on the notice, he would be rewarded with 100,000 spirit stones, regardless of whether he lived or died.

It turned out to be a wanted notice to capture himself, Ning Cheng laughed coldly in his heart as he read it. Even in a place like Yue Sha Town, he wanted to catch him, don’t dream.

“Huh, that’s him, he’s the one on the wanted notice.” At this moment, someone had already spotted Ning Cheng and immediately shouted out in alarm.

With this shout of surprise, everyone around them realised that this wanted man was right in front of their eyes.

Some cultivators even took out their own magic weapons, but they did not dare to rush up to catch Ning Cheng. The aura on Ning Cheng’s body showed that none of them were a match for Ning Cheng, and if they forced themselves to go up, they would just suffer death. Spiritual stones were good, but one had to have a life to enjoy them.

Ning Cheng sacrificed a flying sword and did not leave immediately after stepping onto it, instead he said aloud, “You guys go and tell that guy who issued the wanted notice that I killed Xun Shun, and I will be back in a few years. But I’m coming back to kill him.”

After saying that, Ning Cheng disappeared without a trace with a sword light in full view of everyone, none of them dared to chase after him.