Creation Gate Chapter 72

After Tai Shu Shi and the others had left, Ning Cheng set up a formation in situ as quickly as possible.

Just after the formation was set up, a green coloured airship treasure landed not far in front of Ning Cheng. Xun Shun coldly swept a glance at the place where Tai Shu Shi and the others had disappeared before he unhurriedly got down from the airship, appearing to be in no hurry.

There were also four women in the airship, these four women were the ones that Xun Shun had purchased from the Yi Shui Institute earlier.

Ning Cheng stared at the green coloured airship that Xun Shun had landed on and secretly sighed in his heart that this fellow was rich and the airship was even a medium grade magic weapon.

“Idiot, really good idea, you can stop me for a moment and then the other three will go first, hahaha ……” Xun Shun looked at Ning Cheng and laughed loudly, but there was no half smile in his eyes.

“In Xijia City, there has never been an exception to who I want to kill Xun Shun ……” As he spoke, a red colour appeared between his hands, it was the red flying sword that he had sacrificed at the Yi Shui Courtyard earlier.

Ning Cheng slapped his back and the remnant spear also fell into his hand. Without waiting for Xun Shun to continue speaking, Ning Cheng said to the four women on that airship, “Now there is an opportunity, I want to fight this fellow who uses women to cultivate, I am sure that this fellow does not have time to find you. If you don’t want to be a nest to be a furnace censer, go by yourself.”

Xun Shun was stunned to hear this, he could not have imagined that Ning Cheng would not only snatch Ren’e and Liu Hanyu from him, but also dare to encourage the women he had already bought to escape.

He looked back at the four women who seemed to be genuinely interested in moving, and suddenly laughed again, “I am sure I can even catch that fleeing Tai Shu Shi, so I am still afraid that someone who is already in my airship will escape? Think about how you can die first, because later you will find out that there is no way you can die even if you want to ……”

After Xun Shun finished speaking, the red flying sword in his hand had already brought up a red curtain to cover Ning Cheng, his cultivation level of the second level of Condensing Truth was undoubtedly revealed.

Ning Cheng knew that Xun Shun was definitely not comparable to those ordinary Condensed True cultivators in Ping Continent, this was also a guy who cultivated a complete gongfu, and looking at the way he controlled the flying sword, he knew that his divine thoughts were not bad. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to control the airship to chase him here, let alone have the confidence to catch up with Tai Shu Shi and the others.

With a shake of Ning Cheng’s hand, the blue cloth wrapped around the lance split in pieces, revealing the tattered lance. The lance was brought along with his hand, similarly bringing up a flurry of gunfire.

Before this piece of spear mane and the red sword curtain could blast together, Ning Cheng once again said, “The chance to live was earned by yourselves, now that I have given you the chance to go, you deserve it in the future if you don’t go.”

After hearing Ning Cheng’s words and seeing the might of Ning Cheng and Xun Shun’s hands, the four women on the airship who were still hesitating finally stopped hesitating and leapt off the airship, not even having the time to say words of thanks, they scattered and fled in all directions, disappearing in the blink of an eye.

When Xun Shun saw that Ning Cheng had really succeeded in encouraging these women of his to flee, he was so angry that he almost vomited blood. He was not worried that these women would get away, what he was angry about was that these idiots really believed a ninth level Qi gathering gnat who told them to flee. He had been bought back by Xunshun, how could they still get away?

With his anger stirring, that red sword curtain was even more murderous. He wanted to finish off Ning Cheng at the first opportunity, then capture those b*tchy women one by one and let them know what would happen if they betrayed him, Xun Shun.

Xun Shun quickly came to his senses, and his sword curtain did not blast Ning Cheng’s spear away as he had expected, and then bound Ning Cheng and sent him to him.

Ning Cheng’s spear awnings were twelve in total, and when these twelve spear awnings first came out, they were still a little bit to the east and a little bit to the west. However, a line of ice invisible to the naked eye soon formed in the middle of these twelve spear mangles, and these lines of ice instantly connected the range formed by the spear mangles. Eventually even these twelve spear maces connected to the city, forming an ice-cold net of spears.

“Clack clack clack ……” After a dense crunching sound, the red sword curtain completely disappeared, leaving only a flying sword exposed under the icy cold gun net, while the gun mane was still blazingly strong. If I must say that something was blocked by his sword curtain, it should be that the icy cold in the middle of the gun net was weaker and could not continue to form the icy cold gun net.

“You actually have a Xuan-grade gun technique ……,” Xun Shun understood.

Ning Cheng cultivated a complete gong method and he did not find it unusual to have a divine thought. He cultivated the same complete merit method and could drive flying swords against his enemies just as well when he was at Qi gathering cultivation level.

Ning Cheng was able to break his sword curtain and even gain an absolute upper hand, not because his cultivation level was countless higher than his, but because it was a Xuan-grade spear technique.

“Pffff ……” Several blood rays shot out from Xun Shun’s body.

Xun Shun did not expect Ning Cheng to have a Xuan Grade Gun Skill, even though he finally knew about it, he did his utmost to make a remedy, but he was still pierced by several gun maces.

He did not fear Ning Cheng because of this, instead he took out a pill and threw it into his mouth, then stuck out his tongue and licked the blood splattered on his chin. What appeared in his eyes at this moment was a mad fervour, and he completely forgot about the few women who had fled. There was no woman that was more important than the Xuan-grade Gun Technique spells, what he wanted was the Xuan-grade Gun Technique on Ning Cheng’s body.

Xun Shun’s flying sword did not continue to be sacrificed, instead, he tapped the storage pouch on his waist, and a mouldy copper coin suddenly appeared in his hand.

“Give me hell.” A sneer appeared at the corner of Xun Shun’s mouth as the copper coin in his hand was already sacrificed.

This copper coin instantly transformed into a huge square-hole money the size of a dustpan, and the next moment, the air around this seemed to be driven by this copper coin, appearing stagnant.

Ning Cheng felt his hand sink, and the remnant spear in his hand seemed much heavier. Ning Cheng immediately knew that there should be a problem with the bronze coin that Xun Shun had just sacrificed. He forcibly gathered his true qi and wanted to blast out the Thirty Six Xuan Bing Spear again.

It was only that just as his Xuan Bing Thirty-Six Spears gathered momentum, he felt a numbness in his hands, and the remnant spear in his hand was unexpectedly unable to hold on, and was directly swept away by a powerful force around him.

The next moment he saw the square empty bronze coin pa*s through the spear, taking it straight away.

The lance left his hands, and the heavy feeling in Ning Cheng’s hands instantly disappeared.

A cold laugh escaped from Xun Shun’s nostrils as the red flying sword once again brought up three sword maces. Two sword maces directly blocked Ning Cheng’s retreat completely, and the third sword mace came towards Ning Cheng’s waist, wanting to cut Ning Cheng off at the waist.

The sword mangles were incredibly swift, and having lost his spear in a hurry, Ning Cheng had no room to block them at all. At this moment, what Ning Cheng wanted most was a defensive magic treasure. If he had a defensive magic treasure, or if he didn’t have to worry about this sword mane, he could choose to rush towards his opponent.

Xun Shun’s face was as pale as ever, even the sword mane was trembling a little, it was obvious that the amount of true essence he needed to control that copper coin was really quite a lot.

Seeing that the sword mane was about to intercept his waist, Ning Cheng struck out with an axe fist.

The momentum of the axe fist blocked that sword mane for a while, and the sword mane eased up quite a bit, and the killing momentum also subsided a lot, but it still landed on Ning Cheng’s waist.

Xun Shun secretly breathed a sigh of relief, he had definitely not wanted Ning Cheng to die so quickly, but Ning Cheng’s might was too much beyond his expectation. Now, facing one of his sword maces, even if his opponent was ruthless, he was still destined to be cut down at the waist.

“Snort” like the sound of defeating leather, Ning Cheng spurted a mouthful of blood furiously and stiffly did not retreat.

When Xun Shun looked at the intact Ning Cheng and the inner armour exposed around Ning Cheng’s waist, he immediately knew what was going on.

Even though his true essence was almost exhausted at this moment, he still gathered his sword again and tried to give Ning Cheng another blow.

Ning Cheng had sacrificed his Seven Obsidian Ice Needle at the same time as the remnant spear in his hand was swept away. It was just that before his Seven Obsidian Ice Needles could attack the enemy, they were struck by the sword mane.

This was also a situation he had never encountered before, or he was not experienced enough with the enemy. Now that he already knew that the copper coin was the culprit who had rolled away his broken spear, he could not wait for his opponent to do it again. At the same time as Xun Shun had just moved his flying sword, the Seven Obsidian Ice Needles had already cut across the distance between the two.

When the Seven Obsidian Ice Needles did not enter Xunshun’s chest, Xunshun realized that he had been backstabbed, and immediately let out a shocked voice, “How is it possible, why did my Five Elements Falling Treasure Bronze Coin not fall down this magic weapon ……”

A powerful destructive force raged within his body, and Xun Shun completely understood that if he didn’t ask for help, he would have to fall here today.

A brilliant red light came out of his hand, this light was like a meteor, and shot out from Xunshun’s hand.

“What’s going on?” Xun Shun saw that the brilliant red stream of light seeking help seemed to have met with some kind of obstruction, shooting out just less than three feet before it was blocked back.

Ning Cheng drove the Seven Obsidian Ice Needle and twisted it inside Xun Shun’s body, Xun Shun’s eyes immediately lost their luster, he still stared at Ning Cheng unwillingly, he really could not figure out why he would fall at the hands of a Qi gathering brat.

“I’m still a little formation master, I set up a little formation to block some shameless people from asking for help before you came, idiot.” Ning Cheng blasted out another punch as he spoke.

Xun Shun was directly blown away by Ning Cheng’s punch, and by the time he landed again, he was already a corpse. The brilliant red stream of light that was stopped by the formation fell down and slowly dissipated into thin air.