Creation Gate Chapter 71

Other people’s fists were blasted out straight, but Ning Cheng’s fist was splitting out, and when this fist split out, it was like a huge sharp axe chopping down, with an explosion of killing intent. This was not a fist, this was almost like an axe chopping down. The fist and axe blasted away the little killing intent of Xun Shun straight away, and without the slightest delay, the fist and axe still fell down.

“Boom” there was a muffled sound as Ning Cheng’s fist directly blasted Xun Shun’s palm away.

Since Xun Shun did not even look at Ning Cheng, who had a Qi gathering cultivation level, in his eyes, this slap did not explode with full force. In his opinion, this slap was already enough to slap Ning Cheng’s teeth out. However, he did not expect Ning Cheng’s move to be so powerful, and when he wanted to gather his true essence again, it was already too late, so he could only retreat in a momentum.

Ning Cheng saw what Xun Shun was thinking, and after his axe fist blasted Xun Shun away, he kicked up again while Xun Shun was retreating.

This kick landed solidly on Xun Shun’s chest, sending the still retreating Xun Shun flying straight back.

It appeared that Xun Shun had been kicked out by Ning Cheng, but in fact, Xun Shun was not injured at all, he was just going along with the situation. But on the surface, it was Xun Shun who wanted to teach Ning Cheng a lesson, and he ended up being taught a solid lesson by Ning Cheng, and he even kicked away.

Having lost such a big face, Xun Shun’s face turned red with anger, and at the same time, he had some more scruples towards Ning Cheng, he had only fought with Ning Cheng in a hurry, but he already knew that Ning Cheng was definitely not a match for ordinary Qi gathering cultivators.

With a “swoosh”, a red flying sword had already appeared in Xun Shun’s hand, while his aura soared, looking like he wanted to fight Ning Cheng again.

Jue Jiao, who had been conniving all along, finally said, “If the two guests want to fight, please leave this room and go outside to fight. This is a listed room of the Yi Shui Courtyard, if everyone made it like this, there would be no need for my Yi Shui Courtyard to exist.”

With these soft and hard words, Xun Shun’s face turned blue in a burst, finally staring at Ning Cheng and snorted coldly, “Good, good, today I, Xun Shun, will see how you leave Xijia City.”

Ning Cheng patted his clothes that were not wrinkled and blandly returned, “Old me still says the same thing, you are nothing.”

He had exchanged a move with Xun Shun and knew that although this person was powerful, he was only equivalent to Xiong Qihua’s cultivation level. When he exerted his full strength, he was not afraid of this Xun Shun at all.

Ning Cheng had also guessed that there was someone behind Xun Shun, and he believed that this person would not bother to find someone to come against him, and would definitely only block him outside of Xijia City. As long as he killed this Xun Shun outside Xijia City, he would immediately leave. Even if it was known afterwards, he would have already left Xijia City.

Seeing Ning Cheng teach the ever arrogant black clothed man, Xun Shun, a lesson, surprisingly no one inside the room dared to continue to raise the price.

Ning Cheng bought Rei’e back with four thousand spirit stones.

Tai Shu Shi even forgot that Ren’e had already come over and still said excitedly, “Big brother, good skills, well done.”

“Stone ……” It was only when Rei’e, who had been sent here, called out in a trembling voice that Tai Shu Shi came to his senses and immediately stood up, grabbed Rei’e’s hands and said, “Rei’e, don’t worry, I won’t let you come to such a place again in the future .”

Ren’e had been in a place like the Yi Shui Courtyard for many years, her eyesight was far from that of Tai Shu Shi, she already knew how she should address Ning Cheng from Tai Shu Shi’s mouth, bowed to Ning Cheng and said, “Thank you big brother for helping Shi to redeem Ren’e.”

Tai Shu Shi was in an extremely comfortable mood and immediately said, “Let’s go and talk outside.”

At that moment, Jue Jiao once again shouted from the stage, “Congratulations to Rei’e on her return to her beloved, I am most happy about this at the Yi Shui Yuan. Next up is the youngest girl in the history of the House, only eighteen years old. Although she has a triple spiritual root, she has a primary spiritual root.

We would not have been able to list such an outstanding girl if it were not for the guests who came to the unveiling. Miss Hanyu’s listing price is also two thousand lower-grade spirit stones ……”

As Jue Jiao finished her sentence, the crystal curtain rolled up and what appeared was a short-haired woman. The woman was indeed just as Jue Jiao had said, delicate and lovely, except that her eyes seemed to carry a hint of desperation and her face was instead extremely calm.

It was indeed Liu Hanyu, Ning Cheng sighed in his heart, Liu Hanyu’s hair had been cut off at some point, and her eyes showed that she had a death wish. But she also underestimated these female cultivators, once they bought them, it was not up to her to die.

“I bid two thousand one hundred spirit stones.” Immediately, someone began to make an offer.

“Two thousand two hundred spirit stones.”

“Two thousand three hundred spirit stones.”


The price quickly rose to two thousand five hundred spirit stones, and Xun Shun gave Ning Cheng’s side a cold, stern stare before suddenly saying in a loud voice, “Three thousand spirit stones.”

As soon as Xun Shun made the price, the surrounding quoting voices instantly cooled down.

“Three thousand one hundred spirit stones.” As soon as Ning Cheng made the offer, the people around immediately knew that it was coming again.

This young man, who was carrying a long spear, did not seem to fear Xun Shun at all, and not only did he not fear him, he preferred to go against him.

Xun Shun’s face sank as he suddenly stood up, “Kid, who the hell are you that you dare to go against Mister Xun at every turn?”

“Against you at every turn? Idiot, who are you? Don’t think too highly of yourself.” Ning Cheng said in a light-hearted manner. He knew that Xun Shun was going to make a move against him later, so he might as well completely anger this fellow now.

“Very well.” After hearing Ning Cheng’s words, Xun Shun surprisingly did not continue with his offer and sat down instead.

Silence fell inside the room, and it was clear to many people that it was not that Xun Shun was afraid of Ning Cheng, but because he already treated Ning Cheng as a dead man. He would not bother with a dead man, and this dead man could not take away even if he got more things.

Xun Shun did not raise his bid, much less would anyone come to snatch Liu Xian Yu from Ning Cheng.

Only then did Liu Hanyu understand that Ning Cheng had come to ransom her away, and at this moment she covered her mouth tightly with her hand, simply unable to believe that a person she had only met once would use more than three thousand spirit stones to ransom her away. At this moment, the death wish in her eyes disappeared without a trace, except for the surprise.

To others, it must have seemed that Ning Cheng had taken a liking to her and wanted to ransom her to go and serve him. Only Liu Hanyu knew clearly that Ning Cheng had definitely not taken a liking to her, but had really only come to ransom her. There was no reason for this, it was just an intuition.

“Brother Ning, I, I didn’t expect you would come to ransom me away.” Liu Hanyu, who had been sent to Ning Cheng and Tai Shu Shi’s side, still could not believe that this was true.

“Meeting each other is fate.” Ning Cheng gestured to Liu Hanyu that he did not need to put this matter to heart. Then he took out the spirit stones and handed them over to the Yi Shui Courtyard.

After Ning Cheng had handed over the spirit stones, he immediately said to Tai Shu Shi and Ren’e and Liu Hanyu, “We will leave immediately.”

Tai Shu Shi understood Ning Cheng’s meaning and cast a wink at Ren’e.

Ren’e and Liu Hanyu had been in this kind of place and didn’t even need to be prompted, and already understood their situation. Without a word, they followed Ning Cheng and Tai Shu Shi out of the room with quick steps.

As Xun Shun watched the four leave, he sneered and similarly stood up, bringing the few bought female cultivators around him to quickly follow them out as well.


After the four of them left Xijia City, they ran all the way. It was just that Liu Hanyu and Ren’e’s cultivation levels were so poor that they could not increase their speed.

After another half column of incense, Ning Cheng stopped. He knew that Xun Shun was catching up, and he guessed that he should want to make a move here. If it was just the two of them, there was still a way to get away, but with Liu Hanyu and Ren’e with him, they definitely could not get away.

When the remaining three saw Ning Cheng stop, they all stopped as well. Knowing that Xun Shun was a Condensed True cultivator, Tai Shu Shi asked with some worry, “Big brother, that guy is catching up, what should we do?”

Ning Cheng took out a bag and handed it to Tai Shu Shi and said, “Stone, inside this is a sketch map to Hualu Continent and some spirit stones. You take Ren’e and Liu Hanyu and go first, I’ll come afterwards. If we do not rendezvous in three days, then we will meet again in the future at the Hualu Continent.”

When Tai Shu Shi heard Ning Cheng’s words, he immediately knew what Ning Cheng wanted to do, he wanted to break the back for a few people and hold off Xun Shun so that the three of them could go first.

“How can that work? If we want to fight together, I am at least a Qi gathering ninth level.” Tai Shu Shi refused without hesitation.

Ning Cheng smiled faintly, “I have killed cultivators at the fifth level of Qi Condensation, that Xun Shun is only at the second level of Qi Condensation, I really don’t put it in my eyes. You staying is just delaying us, and you know the reason for that, letting you go first is just to get out of here a little faster.”

Tai Shu Shi was not surprised when Ning Cheng said that he had killed a cultivator at the fifth level of Condensing Truth. Most of the True Condensation cultivators in the Ping and Waki Continents cultivated crippled techniques and did not focus on cultivating divine thoughts, and since Ning Cheng cultivated a complete technique, there was really a possibility of that. However, he always felt that something was wrong, and as for what was wrong, he could not say.

“Hurry up and go, I’m alone, you guys don’t have to worry at all.” Ning Cheng went up and gave Tai Shu Shi’s shoulder a pat.

Tai Shu Shi was quite crisp in his actions, seeing that Ning Cheng was so sure of himself, he also nodded and collected the things that Ning Cheng handed him, “Good, then we will go first.”

Liu Hanyu walked up to Ning Cheng’s side and before he could even begin to speak, Ning Cheng smiled sunnily, “Congratulations Miss Hanyu on leaving the Yi Shui Institute and thank you for the spirit tea you gave me last time, or I will never be able to drink that good tea again.”

Liu Hanyu said in reply, “I understand, you take care.”

After saying that, she bowed to Ning Cheng.

She certainly understood that Ning Cheng had indeed saved her because of those spirit teas, not because he had taken a fancy to her. And that bit of spirit tea was indeed the most precious bit of her. No one knew that her cup of spirit tea was even many times more precious in terms of value than those spirit stones that Ning Cheng had taken out. To her, what was more precious was not the spirit tea itself.