Creation Gate Chapter 7

“Of course it’s broadcasting ……” Ji Luofei said helplessly when she saw Ning Cheng standing there muttering. It hadn’t been long since the broadcasting array of the Cang Qin Two Star Academy had been introduced, as the academy was applying to join the Three Star Academy, and apart from strengthening in strength, the academy’s facilities also needed to be strengthened.

The dueling platform outside the academy was built for such a reason, and this broadcasting formation was also built by the academy at a high cost by asking a formation master from the Hua Continent to come and build it. Not only that, the academy also has Yingui for sale. The sound kyu of the Cang Qin Two Star Academy is able to broadcast matters within most of the Ping Continent, and the sound transmission of this sound kyu is also built up by various sound transmission formations.

“Where did that turd come from? Don’t even know about sound field formations.” A boy with long hair walked past Ning Cheng and Ji Luofei and sneered disdainfully after hearing the conversation between the two.

Ning Cheng had already understood that the broadcast here was indeed not transmitted through electric currents, but through other means. At this moment, when he heard someone sneer, he was about to respond with a remark when Ji Luofei pulled his hand and said, “Don’t mind the others, let’s go.”

“I said who is it, it turns out to be Ugly Girl Ji.” The boy who spoke had already recognized Ji Luofei and continued to sneer even more recklessly.

Ji Luofei’s face was calm, without any half-hearted fluctuation, as if the person sneering was not her at all. Ning Cheng curbed his inner anger and was pulled away by Ji Luofei. He knew that with his cultivation level, if he clashed, in all likelihood, he would be killed in seconds.

“Gu Fei is really useless, he can’t even beat such an ugly monster.” After Ji Luofei and Ning Cheng left, the man behind him still sneered and spoke. His purpose was already very obvious, to anger Ji Luofei.

Ning Cheng could feel that Ji Luofei was forcibly holding back her inner rage, and at this moment, Ning Cheng almost couldn’t help but turn around and grab the sneering fellow and give him a violent beating.

“His name is Chu Chenjun, he is at the third level of Qi gathering and his cultivation level is even a little higher than mine.” Ji Luofei explained in a light voice to the side.

Ning Cheng did not say anything, he knew that if he was not strong, anything he said would be nonsense, and Ji Luofei’s words were tantamount to reminding him. If he was strong, then Chu Chenjun would not dare to speak so arrogantly in front of him. He had been thinking in his mind who that Gu Fei was, and listening to Chu Chenjun’s words, it seemed that Ji Luofei and Gu Fei had even fought once, and he wondered if the injury on Ji Luofei’s body before was because of this incident.

The Cang Qin Two Star Academy was extremely large, and Ning Cheng knew that the purpose of Ji Luofei bringing him to the Cang Qin Two Star Academy was for the sake of his little life. So he thought that Ji Luofei would definitely find a remote place for him to store himself, but to his surprise, Ji Luofei brought him in front of an ancient and thick tower-shaped building.

The tower looked extremely majestic, and there were quite a few people in front of it, both entering and leaving. When I say it was a tower, it was just somewhat similar in appearance. In fact, it was more accurate to say that it was a tower-like building, as the top of the tower was also flat.

In the middle of this tower-shaped building were written a few huge words, Cang Qin Cultivation Tower.

“You follow me in and don’t talk nonsense.” After Ji Luofei had admonished Ning Cheng, she had already walked in first.

This tower-shaped building already looked extremely large on the outside, and after Ning Cheng followed Ji Luofei into the bottom floor of this building, he realised that it was several times larger than he had imagined.

Ji Luofei kept bringing Ning Cheng to the third floor before walking towards a black stone door at the corner of the third floor.

“Old Mu lives here, this is the cultivation room for academy cultivation, it’s all under Old Mu’s control, you have to be respectful when you see Old Mu ……”

Ji Luofei was still admonishing Ning Cheng when the black stone door had already opened. An old man with thinning hair and a face full of wrinkles, unable to even open his eyes stood at the door, “Since you are here, come in.”

The voice was surprisingly loud and clear, if Ning Cheng had heard the voice first, he would have thought that it was not an old man but a young man in his twenties or thirties.

“Elder Mu, he is Ning Cheng.” Ji Luofei walked into the stone door first, and respectfully bent down and bowed to this old man.

Ning Cheng followed behind and also bowed and said, “Ning Cheng has met Old Man Mu.”

“A Qi gathering layer, that’s barely enough to come and help, how are your spiritual roots?” Old Man Mu said after sweeping a glance at Ning Cheng with a lusterless look.

Ji Luofei hurriedly said once again, “Although Ning Cheng doesn’t have a primary spiritual root, he has a three system branch miscellaneous spiritual root.”

“What colour?” Elder Mu asked once again.

Ji Luofei replied with some trepidation, “Turbid Yellow ……”

Ning Cheng didn’t know much about spirit roots, he just knew that spirit roots represented qualifications, his qualifications were very poor, so he thought that his spirit roots wouldn’t be any better.

Just now, it was clearly this Mu Lao who asked Ji Luofei about Ning Cheng’s spiritual roots, but at this moment, after Ji Luofei answered, Mu Lao instead hummed and said, “Coming here to clean the cultivation room, there is no connection with good or bad spiritual roots either. Alright, there is no more business for you here, you can go.”

“Yes, junior bids farewell.” Hearing Elder Mu’s words, Ji Luofei hurriedly bowed her head and saluted before retreating, not even saying another word to Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng, however, felt that something was not right, Ji Luofei had previously said that Elder Mu had treated her well, and that the reason he was able to come here to work as a handyman was because Elder Mu had helped out for the sake of Ji Luofei. However, with the way Ji Luofei treated Mu Lao, it seemed that she was not very much valued by Mu Lao, if that was the case, why would Mu Lao still help himself.

It was only after Ji Luofei left that this shadowy looking Mu Lao said to Ning Cheng in a cold voice, “The seventh floor of the Cultivation Tower happens to have no one to clean it up right now, you are in charge of the seventh floor.”

Ning Cheng was confused, responsible for the seventh floor what? This old man just said that he was in charge of the seventh floor and then nothing else, who knew what he was going to do? And where did he live?

“This is for you, go to the seventh floor by yourself, don’t disturb me if you have anything to do or not.” After finishing his sentence, Elder Mu threw a wooden sign and a thin piece of paper to Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng had just caught this one wooden plaque and the thin piece of paper when he felt a great push coming and he was uncontrollably pushed out of the room. The next moment, Elder Mu’s black stone door had already closed.

“This Mu Lao doesn’t seem to be a nice person to talk to, he shouldn’t be a good person either.” Ning Cheng secretly sighed in his heart, but he did not dare to continue to go up and question this Old Man Mu.

What was written on the piece of paper was simple, every day before the dawn hour arrived, the unused cultivation rooms on the seventh floor had to be tidied up. Any abnormal situation must be reported in time. The wooden card is the key to open the door of the cultivation room, as long as no one stays in the cultivation room. If the rules are broken, heavy responsibility will be taken.

Ning Cheng looked at these few simple sentences and was somewhat baffled. Breaking the rules? I didn’t see any regulations on it at all. Besides, what did the abnormal situation mean? Who was the report being reported to? How exactly was tidying up clean?

Ning Cheng knew nothing about this, the only thing he knew was that this cultivation tower had seven levels, he was working on the seventh level, and he didn’t even know where the place where he ate and slept was.

Ning Cheng wanted to find Ji Luofei and ask her about it, but he simply did not know where exactly Ji Luofei was. The Cang Qin Two Star Academy was so huge that even if he circled around it, it seemed that it would not be something he could do in a little while.

According to what Ning Cheng thought, after Ji Luofei had sent him here to Mu Lao, she would be waiting for him outside, but after he came out of Mu Lao’s stone house, he did not see Ji Luofei.

Ning Cheng did not go out to look for Ji Luofei, he knew very well that the less he showed himself here, the better. The fact that Ji Luofei could know that he had offended Xian Yuankui meant that Xian Yuankui was not of low status at Cang Qin Two Star Academy, or that Jian Sujie, who had saved him, was not of low status here, otherwise the matter would not have reached Ji Luofei’s ears.

Ning Cheng climbed to the seventh floor of the Cultivation Tower by himself, the seventh floor was much smaller than he had imagined, the Cultivation Tower was built in the shape of a tower although it was not a tower. This Cultivation Tower only had a total of seven floors, and it was to be expected that the top was smaller.

After reaching the seventh floor, Ning Cheng counted that there were a total of eighteen cultivation rooms. It didn’t take Ning Cheng much time to understand clearly for himself, as long as the red light at the door of the cultivation room was on, it meant that someone was cultivating inside. The ones where the lights at the door were out were all empty. There were obviously very few people cultivating on the seventh floor, only the red lights at the entrance of three cultivation rooms were on, while the rest all had no red lights.

Ning Cheng tried to nestle a wooden token into the recess of an empty cultivation room doorway, and the stone door of this cultivation room automatically retracted. Immediately afterwards, Ning Cheng saw the inside of the cultivation room, which was equally large in size and was also divided into two rooms.

The outside room was like a small playground, and it was unknown what kind of spells had been practiced inside, the floor was a mess and there were some traces of fire. The inside room seemed to be a resting place, with a wooden bed.

Ning Cheng exited this cultivation room and went to check out the rest of the several cultivation rooms. These cultivation rooms were more or less the same, either a streak of water on the floor, or various burn marks, and some with dead plant vines thrown all over them.

After a general look, Ning Cheng already knew what he had to do, which should be to clean up the empty cultivation rooms every day. To put it bluntly, he was now a cleaner.

After turning around, Ning Cheng found his own place in the corner of the seventh floor, a small stone hut of only a few square feet. Like Mu Lao, they all lived in small stone huts, but this small stone hut of his was not even a few tenths of Mu Lao’s.

Inside the small stone hut, apart from a bed, there were a few cleaning tools. A huge broom, an iron shovel, plus a dustpan, these three items all took up a tenth of the floor space of the small stone hut.

Ning Cheng was relieved instead, at least he had a place to stay, this place was relatively isolated despite being in the middle of a cultivation tower where people came and went. The only thing that he wanted to know urgently was where he would eat and wash.

Going to ask Elder Mu, Ning Cheng didn’t dare to go there for one thing, and for another, he didn’t want to face that shadowy, dead, living face. He deliberately ran to the small stone room on the sixth floor that also cleaned the cultivation room, and what appeared after knocking on the stone door was a tall man who was even thinner than him.

Seeing the tall man’s impatient face, Ning Cheng hurriedly asked politely, “I’ve just arrived and am now cleaning the cultivation room on the seventh floor, may I ask where the meal is?”

“Who told you that those cleaning the cultivation room have meals?” The tall, thin man disdainfully replied back before banging the stone door shut once again.