Creation Gate Chapter 68

“The reserve price for this spear is eight hundred lower-grade spirit stones, the bidding will now begin.” As soon as the middle-aged man on the auction stage’s words fell, someone offered a thousand spirit stones.

As the first offer began, the competition behind it immediately became fierce, and the price quickly surged out to fifteen hundred spirit stones, rapidly approaching two thousand spirit stones.

Tai Shu Shi looked at Ning Cheng with some embarra*sment and said, “I didn’t expect the price of this extremely high grade magic weapon to be so high, I should have known that I should have learned to refine weapons.”

Ning Cheng didn’t mind smiling, “Not to mention that I don’t have spirit stones, even if I did, I wouldn’t have come to grab this spear.”

After a few rounds of offers, this Seven Star Alchemy Lance was purchased away for three thousand six hundred spirit stones.

After the middle-aged man presiding over the auction sold the spear, he held up another cowhide scroll and said aloud, “This is a map, don’t think that this is some kind of treasure map. This is not a treasure map, but a map of a dangerous place. Many of our friends want to go to Hualu, but the dangers of the Falling Thunder Desert are simply beyond the reach of ordinary people. And this map happens to be the map to pa*s through the Falling Thunder Desert, but it has not been tested, so you can argue with the truth or falsity.”

Ning Cheng was delighted to hear this, he must buy this map. This map had not been authenticated, the price was definitely not high, and there would not be too many people who wanted it. However, it had no effect on him, he already had a pair of maps, and his main purpose for buying it was just to make a comparison between the two maps. After all, the map he had originally obtained was only a simple map.

“The reserve price for this map is one thousand spirit stones, each increase must not be less than one hundred, bidding begins ……”

The words of the middle-aged man on the auction stage immediately left Ning Cheng without an idea, a map that had not been authenticated was asking for a thousand spirit stones, if it was a confirmed one, wouldn’t it cost tens of thousands of spirit stones?

What made Ning Cheng even more puzzled was that immediately someone offered one thousand one hundred spirit stones, and in the blink of an eye, the price of the map, which was unknown to be genuine or fake, rose to one thousand five hundred spirit stones.

This showed how many people wanted to go to the Continent of Transformation. In the end, the map was purchased for three thousand one hundred spirit stones.

For the next auction, Ning Cheng was completely out of ideas, the three hundred or so spirit stones he had with him could not afford to buy any of the items except for the first auction item, the Mingdi Blue. The low-level continent looked extremely difficult to get spirit stones, but once he had to use them, Ning Cheng found that not all people were the same as him.

After half a day had pa*sed, Ning Cheng finally heard the middle-aged man presiding over the auction say, “The following item to be auctioned is a Spirit Gra*s, and I believe that many people have come for this one. That’s right, this is the Grade 4 Spirit Gra*s Neon Light Gra*s ……”

Even with the box, Ning Cheng could still feel that the Neiguang gra*s had caused some commotion when it came out. The middle-aged man was not wrong, many people had indeed come for the Neiguang gra*s.

“Everyone knows the effects of the Neon Light Gra*s, it is something that can rarely repair Dan Lake and is of inestimable value. The reserve price is now five thousand lower grade spirit stones, each increase must not be less than five hundred spirit stones, the bidding begins.”

Ning Cheng found that this person hosting the auction would always say the price low every time, then more people would participate in the bidding, and the final price would definitely be as much as several times the quoted price.

As soon as the Neon Light Gra*s came out, Ning Cheng and Tai Shu Shi stared at it extremely nervously. With five thousand lower grade spirit stones, even if no one raised their bids, they would still get two thousand five hundred spirit stones, which was almost enough relatively speaking.

“Six thousand spirit stones.”

“Seven thousand spirit stones.”


The price quickly rose to twelve thousand spirit stones, which showed that there were many people who wanted the Neon Light Gra*s, and also set off the preciousness of the Neon Light Gra*s.

When the price reached 19,000 spirit stones, a cold hum suddenly came from inside one of the boxes, “Old man bids 20,000 spirit stones, who will raise the price again?”

The people who had made offers here had all done so through the formation inside the compartment, and this was the first time that such an arrogant voice had been used to make an offer directly.

It seemed that many people knew who this old man was, and after this cold snort and these words were spoken, surprisingly no one dared to continue the offer.

Ning Cheng heard this with great hatred in his heart, he knew from the atmosphere of the offers on the spot that the final price of this Neon Light Gra*s would definitely be more than 20,000 spirit stones. This b*****d who claimed to be an old man had bought his Neiguang gra*s for 20,000 spirit stones, this was simply a spirit stone grab.

Although he had a great hatred in his heart, Ning Cheng could not say anything, even the auction had acquiesced to this kind of existence, it would really be looking for death if he, a cultivator at the ninth level of Qi gathering, stood out against it.

“This old thing is so shameless.” Tai Shu Shi also said with hatred and

Ning Cheng said helplessly, “Even shamelessness requires strength, it is useless to be shameless without strength. It’s a good thing that after we get these ten thousand spirit stones, it’s enough for us to use.”

The Neon Light Gra*s was indeed bought by this old man for 20,000 spirit stones without any doubt, and Ning Cheng was no longer interested in staying here for the auction afterwards.

Tai Shu Shi had the same thoughts as Ning Cheng and had already stood up after the Neon Light Gra*s was sold, “Big brother, we can go now.”

Just then, the middle-aged man who was hosting the auction said in a loud voice, “The following item we are going to auction is a lower grade airship magic weapon ……”

“Wait.” Ning Cheng immediately moved again when he heard that it was an airship magic weapon.

With his current cultivation level, flying on a sword was too tiring, and once he met any emergency situation, it would be most dangerous to face the enemy with a tired body. With an airship it was different, airships also needed divine sense, and generally speaking, airship magic treasures were aided by spirit stones, and the loss of divine sense was much less.

“The base price of the airship is six hundred spirit stones, each increase must not be less than one hundred spirit stones ……”

Ning Cheng asked in amazement, “An extremely high quality lance magic weapon is only asking for eight hundred lower grade spirit stones, why is this airship so expensive?”

Knowing that Ning Cheng had come from Ping Continent and did not know much about the situation in Waki Continent, Tai Shu Shi immediately explained, “Among all the magic artifacts, the price of flying magic artifacts is the highest. The price of a lower grade airship spell weapon is almost equivalent to a top grade attack spell weapon. The final price of this airship won’t be much lower than that gun.”

Sure enough the price of the airship over here had already competed to thirteen hundred spirit stones, and there was no half-hearted intention of stopping.

“Let’s go.” Ning Cheng no longer had any desire to continue buying flying magic treasures.


“Let’s go find Dan Master Sanda now.” Half a column of incense later, Ning Cheng walked out of the auction hall with 10,000 spirit stones and Tai Shu stones.

The auction had given him a lot of excitement, there were clearly many things he wanted but no spirit stones to buy them. The Neon Light Gra*s could obviously be sold at a much higher price, but had to be sold off at a low price.

Ultimately, it was because his strength was too low. He had to find a Sangda Dan master to refine the Condensing True Pill at the first opportunity and prepare to proceed to advance to Condensing True. As soon as he had advanced to the True Condensation realm, he would immediately go to the Huazhou.

Tai Shu Shi had the same thoughts as Ning Cheng, but he did not intend to go to the Continent of Harmony immediately, he would ransom Ren’e and then settle her down before going to the Continent of Harmony.

“Dan Master Sanda is eccentric in nature, try not to bargain with him, what he hates most is bargaining.” Tai Shu Shi was afraid that Ning Cheng did not know Dan Master Sanda well, and admonished Ning Cheng a little.


The place where Dan Master Sanda lived looked very ordinary, with the appearance of just a simple courtyard. As soon as Ning Cheng arrived here, he sensed that there were defensive formations on the outside of the courtyard.

Tai Shu Shi stood outside the door and tapped his hand in the void three times. Then he gave Ning Cheng a wink and whispered, “We will just wait here, as soon as Dan Master Sangda has time, he will call us in.”

Sure enough, a few breaths later, Ning Cheng saw the defensive formation in front of him open wide, followed by a voice coming through, “Come in.”

Ning Cheng and Tai Shu Shi pushed open the gate of the courtyard and entered. Inside the courtyard was a large spiritual herb garden, which was planted with first-grade and second-grade spiritual herbs, and there were even a few third-grade spiritual herbs. A child was examining the spiritual gra*ses one by one. When Ning Cheng and Tai Shu Shi entered, the boy acted as if he did not see them, minding his own business.

In the middle of this large spiritual herb garden, there was a curved pathway that led straight to a narrow gate.

After Ning Cheng walked through the curved pathway and entered the narrow gate, the first thing he saw was a large dan furnace. There was still a flame burning beneath the furnace, and a ‘gurgling’ sound was emitted from the furnace.

Behind the furnace, a beardless man was sitting on a futon, holding a spiritual herb in his hand and contemplating. Ning Cheng could not tell this man’s cultivation level, and he guessed that this man was at least a Yuan Building Realm cultivator.

“I, Tai Shu Shi and Ning Cheng, have met senior Sang Da, this time I have come to disturb senior and ask for senior’s help to refine a potion.” Tai Shu Shi said as he respectfully bent down and cupped his fist.

Ning Cheng also bent his waist slightly and cupped his fist. In his heart, he was thinking, the Neon Light Gra*s had appeared at the Xijia Auction House, and since Dan Master Sangda was so fond of spirit herbs, it was logical that he would go and take a look, so why was there no movement at all?

As if he had not seen the two of them or heard Tai Shu Shi’s words, he was still staring at the spirit herb in his hand, frowning and pondering.

Ning Cheng secretly despised in his heart, this guy was just a Grade 3 True Dan Master. The old crone he had seen in Nan Yuan City at the beginning was definitely a higher level of alchemist than this guy called Sang Da, but he had no attitude whatsoever. It looked like he was just wandering around with half a bucket of water.

It was a pity that he still had to come to this half-bucket of water for help today.

Ning Cheng and Tai Shu Shi waited for almost another incense stick of time, but Dan Master Sang Da still did not speak. Just when Ning Cheng wanted to speak out again, Dan Master Sanda suddenly asked, “What kind of pills do you want to refine?”

“Junior wants to refine the True Condensation Pill.” Tai Shu Shi hurriedly replied.

“Condensing True Pill?” Dan Master Sangda finally put down the spirit herb in his hand and turned his head to stare at Ning Cheng and Tai Shu Shi and swept a glance.

“Yes, the True Condensation Pill.” Tai Shu Shi repeated with certainty.