Creation Gate Chapter 67

Ning Cheng patted Tai Shu Shi’s shoulder once again, ”Shi, you should really go to my hometown for a visit. Learn how those treacherous merchants operate their capital, it is what stays in their hands that is of the lowest value. Anything of high value has to be given away to bring out the true value, and then take the reflected value back to drive your own interests.

You say that this Neon Light Gra*s, at best, is just a blade of gra*s that we keep on our person and takes up a piece of space, but this is different once we take it out, it immediately becomes what we need the most, and that’s how capital works. Well, to put it simply, it’s the person who sells fruit and knows to sell the good ones and leave the bad ones to eat themselves. Are people stupid? No, it’s profit maximisation.” ,

Ning Cheng fooled around for half a day, but suddenly thought that he had an even more precious Soul Nurturing Wood treasured in his storage bag, and immediately his old face flushed and he could no longer speak.

Tai Shu Shi seemed to have forgotten about the Neon Light Gra*s in his hand and subconsciously asked, “Do all the people of Ping Chau know how to do business?”

“My hometown is not Ping Chau, this is a long story, let’s talk about it later.” Ning Cheng did not want to explore on this issue.

“Good.” Tai Shu Shi’s attention once again returned to the Neon Light Gra*s in his hand, and the expression on his face immediately became excited, “Big brother, this Neon Light Gra*s can definitely be sold for more than ten thousand spirit stones. It’s a pity that this is the Waki Continent, if it was in the Intermediate Continent, it could even be sold for ten thousand medium grade spirit stones.”

“How many lower grade spirit stones does one medium grade spirit stone have to be exchanged for?” Ning Cheng knew that there were upper, middle and lower grade spirit stones, but he was not clear about the exchange ratio of them.

Tai Shu Shi was much more proficient in these than Ning Cheng and then replied, “One upper grade spirit stone can be exchanged for ten middle grade spirit stones, and one middle grade spirit stone can be exchanged for ten lower grade spirit stones. However, there is another type of spirit stone called a very high quality spirit stone, which is so precious that theoretically, one very high quality spirit stone can be exchanged for one hundred upper quality spirit stones. In fact no one has ever exchanged a very high quality spirit stone for a top quality spirit stone, not to mention a hundred, even a thousand.”

Before Ning Cheng could reply, a lean, black-clothed man had rushed out from the Xijia Auction Hall, and as soon as he came out, he stared at the jade box in Tai Shu Shi’s hand and quickly said, “Is this box of yours containing the Neon Light Gra*s?”

The way he said it almost looked like he was about to make a move to rob it.

Tai Shu Shi put the Neiguang Gra*s away and said with a clasped fist, “Yes, we are here to consign for the Neiguang Gra*s, I wonder if we can make it to the auction tomorrow night?”

“Can, can, can make it, hurry up and please come in.” The lean old man in black said with an eager face, his eyes didn’t even look at Ning Cheng and Tai Shu Shi both, he just stared at the parcel behind Tai Shu Shi.


An incense stick later, Ning Cheng and Tai Shu Shi walked out of the Xijia Auction Hall, Tai Shu Shi had excitement in his eyes and a little bit of worry at the same time. They had only made a condition that the Neon Light Gra*s had to be released at tomorrow’s auction. However, the auctioneer’s drawback likewise made Ning Cheng’s heart twitch, it was also a fifty percent he had never seen before, which meant a half share, it was too dark.

Regarding Tai Shu Shi’s worry, Ning Cheng also understood that he was worried that the Neon Light Gra*s would be lost by the auction. In fact, Ning Cheng also had this worry before, in this place, it was too normal to rob by force and take by force. It was like knowing that the auction would be black and they still had to agree to it, without strength there was no right to dialogue.

However, now that the Neon Light Gra*s had been consigned to auction and was split in half, he put his heart down instead. It would only be bad if the item was still in their hands and the news leaked out. Now that the item was not in their hands, instead, there was no need to worry. The Xijia Auction House didn’t look small either, so they must not have done such a reputation-destroying thing for a mere fourth-grade spirit herb.

“You don’t need to worry, the Neon Light Gra*s is not in our possession, then instead it’s fine. What you need to consider is how to go about getting a stalk of Neaguang Blue and then find someone to make a pill.” What was most on Ning Cheng’s mind was how to get a True Condensation Pill and then advance to the True Condensation Realm.

After listening to Ning Cheng’s words, Tai Shu Shi’s heart relaxed a lot, “The Ming Di Blue can be obtained at auctions, as long as we attend more auctions in Xijia City, we can definitely get the Ming Di Blue. Even if we can’t get it, we can still end up getting a high price from Dan Master Sangda.”

“Dan Master Sanda?” Ning Cheng repeated the name over and over again.

Tai Shu Shi nodded in response, “That’s right, it’s Dan Master Sang Da, Dan Master Sang Da is one of the only two Grade 3 True Dan Masters in Xijia City. His reputation is top-notch, even if you bring out the most precious spirit herbs, he will help refine them as long as he can offer a price that he is satisfied with, and he never reveals what kind of pills his customers are refining. What he earns is in plain sight and will never be taken by force.”

Hearing that there was still such a fellow, Ning Cheng was satisfied and said, “That’s not bad, when we get the Mingdi Blue we’ll go find this Sandal Dan Master.”

Tai Shu Shi sighed and said, “This Dan Master Sandar is good at everything, but his heart is too black when it comes to asking for prices, even blacker than the Xijia Auction. If you want him to make pills, he will charge 60% of the pills he sees, and he will also charge spirit stones.”

Sixty percent of the pills and have to pay spirit stones? Ning Cheng thought to himself that this was not a black heart, this heart was simply coal. This business of alchemy was really capable.


“After you ransomed Ren’e out, are you going to take her along with you to cultivate? In the future, when you go to the Continent of Harmony, you will also take her with you?” Inside a resting house box in Xijia City, Ning Cheng asked Tai Shu Shi cautiously.

He did not know what Ren’e’s cultivation level was, so if it was better to be in Xijia City, if he was to go to the Continent of Transformation in the future, if Ren’e’s cultivation level was too poor, then going to the Continent of Transformation would have to be another consideration.

Tai Shu Shi shook his head and said, “I have no intention of taking her to the Continent, and I have no intention of marrying her. I am a descendant of the Tai Shu family, or one day I will fall on the way to Lezhou. The path I will take has long since made it clear that I have not lived a single day of peace at all, and it is not appropriate to take her with me.”

Ning Cheng did not ask about this anymore, and the two then began to discuss how to advance to Condensed Truth after obtaining the Condensed Truth Pill and then go to the Continent of Harmony. Later on, they exchanged cultivation tips with each other, at the beginning, Ning Cheng still had some things that he did not understand that he needed to ask Tai Shu Shi, at the end of the day, only Tai Shu Shi asked Ning Cheng.

The night pa*sed as the two discussed with each other, and Ning Cheng and Tai Shu Shi were not only not tired, but also in high spirits. They knew that they were going to the auction today, and they were even more eager to find out how many spirit stones the Neaguang gra*s could fetch.


Ning Cheng had never been to an auction, he had seen it on TV. When he and Tai Shu Shi entered the Xijia City auction house, they were immediately shocked by the luxurious aura.

The auction was surrounded by large lamps carved out of pure white jade, and the locations for participating in the auction were all lined with tiny boxes, with a beautiful female cultivator standing outside each box. Ning Cheng’s first feeling was that the auctions on Earth could never be compared to this kind of auction.

Tai Shu Shi said in a small voice, “The auctions usually held in Xijia City are all small and do not have such boxes, let alone so many female cultivators serving them. It looks like this time because of the Neon Light Gra*s, the auction has been deliberately raised.”

Ning Cheng and Tai Shu Shi had come earlier, and when the two of them arrived, there were already small private rooms with their doors closed, so it was obvious that someone had come earlier than them.

Another half an hour later, the main lights of the auction stage suddenly lit up and a middle-aged man walked onto the auction stage, he first gave a fist hug to the surroundings before saying, “The auction held today was originally a small and customary auction, because of the two precious items that came yesterday, we have decided to upgrade this auction. It’s a good thing that there’s a big auction coming up at the end of this month, and there are a lot of VIPs coming from Western Canada City.

Without further ado, let’s start with the first item of the day. This is an extremely precious Grade 2 Spiritual Herb called Mindi Blue. I’m sure no one here is unfamiliar with the value of Mindi Blue, which is one of the main Spiritual Herbs used in the making of the True Essence Pill. The reserve price is thirty lower grade spirit stones, good, now the bidding begins.”

“Fifty ……”

“Sixty ……”

As soon as the Mindi Blue came out, it immediately caused numerous offers, the offers were continuous, and it was only a few breaths of time before it had already risen to a hundred spirit stones.

Tai Shu Shi said to Ning Cheng with an excited look on his face, “I have accumulated one hundred and fifty spirit stones, do you have any spirit stones left on you, we must take this Ming Di Blue. The luck is just too good, I didn’t expect the first item to be the Mingdi Blue.”

Ning Cheng raised his hand to stop Tai Shu Shi, “Shi, I don’t think we can take this Ming Di Blue. If the Neelight Gra*s can fetch a price, we would rather spend more spirit stones to buy this item from Dan Master Sangda.”

“Why?” After Tai Shu Shi asked, he immediately reacted and then said, “Big brother, you’re too careful, the Mindi Blue will often be sold, there won’t be any problems.”

Ning Cheng smiled, “Stone, since we have a safe option why don’t we choose the safe option? The Mingdi Blue is not worth much, but the True Condensation Pill is worth a lot. Those who want the Ming Di Blue must also have the Golden Cicada Fruit, so I think it’s better to be careful.”

“Not necessarily, some people who buy Mindi Blue just want to collect the same spirit herbs as I do to refine the True Condensation Pill. I wouldn’t have any Golden Cicada Fruits.” Tai Shu Shi did not think so.

Ning Cheng shook his head and said, “The Ming Di Blue has already risen to two hundred spirit stones, I don’t quite believe in spending two hundred spirit stones on the Ming Di Blue alone without the Golden Cicada Fruit. Others may not be afraid, but we don’t have the ability to do so.”

Only then did Tai Shu Shi notice that the price of the Mindi Blue had reached two hundred and ten spirit stones, a price he rarely saw normally. He nodded, “Big brother, or maybe what you say is true, at such a high price, it is indeed unsafe to buy it back.”

In the end, the Mindi Blue was bought by one of the boxes for two hundred and twenty lower grade spirit stones.

Seeing that the first item sold for a high price, the presiding cultivator on the auction stage spoke in an even higher tone, “Congratulations to the friend who just purchased the Mingdi Blue as he wished, and now we are going to proceed with the auction of a very good item. Even my Xijia auction house rarely has such a fine item coming through, this is an extremely fine gun system magic weapon, the Seven Star Alchemy Gun ……”

Tai Shu Shi saw the beautiful golden lance in the presiding cultivator’s hand and hurriedly said, “Big brother, I see that the one you are using is also a gun system magic weapon, and it seems to be of average grade, why not purchase this lance.”