Creation Gate Chapter 65

From the outside of Xijia City, Ning Cheng felt that the city was not even as good as Nan Yuan City. Whether it was the layout or anything else, it all looked a little low key.

After entering Xijia City, the extremely spacious main street finally made Ning Cheng feel a little bit better than Nan Yuan City.

“Brother Tai Shu, the streets of this Xijia City are quite wide, but it doesn’t seem like it’s very prosperous.” Ning Cheng felt that there were not many shops on both sides of the spacious street, and without shops, people coming and going were certainly in a hurry and would not stay down.

Tai Shu Shi smiled, “Brother Ning, people who know me call me Shi, you can call me Shi too. The reason why there are so few people here is because the Cang Yan Four Star Academy has stipulated that there can be no shops on this road. This is because the end of this road is the Cang Yan Four Star Academy, and having shops would affect the students of the Cang Yan Four Star Academy going in and out.”

“So overbearing?” Ning Cheng subconsciously replied, controlling this main street because the academy had to pa*s through this road?

Tai Shu Shi hurriedly gave Ning Cheng a tug, “Brother Ning, you should be more careful with your words, once Cang Yan Four Star Academy learns of this, we will all have our tongues cut out.”

Ning Cheng nodded, but in his heart, he despised the Cang Yan Four Star Academy. He also smiled and said to Tai Shu Shi, “You shouldn’t call me Brother Ning either, just call me by my name.”

“Good.” Tai Shu Shi did not hesitate and pulled Ning Cheng to turn down this wide main street, only walking a dozen meters away before entering another street once again. This street was much livelier and busier, full of shops and people coming and going.

Tai Shu Shi brought Ning Cheng to a red building and stopped in front of it.

“Stone, what are you doing here?” Ning Cheng asked, puzzled, looking at the red building with the words ‘Yishui Courtyard’ written in front of him. On the two sides of this red building there was also a couplet, ‘Ask the gentleman how many sorrows he has, and enjoy the Yi Shui Stay.’

This was obviously a place of wind and moon, and that couplet meant that as long as one had sorrow, one could enter the Yishui Courtyard and stay. It was a place to lift sorrows and ease emotions. There were also many such places in Cang Le City, and that was a favourite of some adventurers.

Wait, what did Tai Shu Shi want to do when he came here? This was the kind of place those adventurers went to, Tai Shu Shi was a cultivator and a mortal dan master, so how rare was it that he was afraid of not finding a woman and wanted to go to the Yi Shui Courtyard?

Seeing Ning Cheng’s puzzled gaze, Tai Shu Shi knew that Ning Cheng had guessed what he was thinking and said with a rare twist, “Ning Cheng, you guessed right. I have a woman that I like here, and every time I come back, I will go to look for her.”

Ning Cheng looked at Tai Shu Shi with great confusion and asked, “Since you like her so much, why don’t you just ransom her back and place her in a place? Why do you have to put the woman you like here?”

“Redeem her back?” Tai Shu Shi stared at Ning Cheng in surprise, “I am a Grade 1 Mortal Dan Master, and I can only come here to see her occasionally, where would I have the spirit stones to redeem Ren’e?”

This time it was Ning Cheng’s turn to freeze, he had never heard of a need for spirit stones to go to a place of love and sex, wouldn’t gold coins be enough?

Looking at Ning Cheng’s puzzled look, Tai Shu Shi explained, “The Yi Shui Courtyard was founded by an extremely mysterious owner, and the women here are all extremely high quality female cultivators. And there were a few who cultivated the Enchanting Technique, which was extremely endearing. But the price is also extremely high, these women who cultivate the Enchanting Technique charge ten spirit stones a time to receive guests.”

“You have to spend ten spirit stones each time to see that Ren’e?” Ning Cheng asked with some disbelief, ten spirit stones could be quite a lot in the lower continents.

Tai Shu Shi shook his head despondently and said, “Ren’e is not a cultivator of the Enchanting Technique, and the price is relatively cheap, two spirit stones each time. But my alchemy level is very low, and it’s not easy to see her. If I want to ransom her, it’s not just a matter of having spirit stones, I need to go through the permission of the Yishui Courtyard to do so. Let’s go in together, I still have some spirit stones on me, I’ll pay yours for you.”

Ning Cheng patted Tai Shu Shi’s shoulder speechlessly, “You go in, I’ll go and find a place to rest before I do. It’s not convenient for me to go in with this lance on my back”

He had been running around in the Daan Forest for several months, and even though he was a cultivator at the ninth level of Qi gathering, he felt exhausted.

Tai Shu Shi was about to speak when he saw a woman in a pink dress rush out from inside the Yi Shui Courtyard. This woman was a beautiful woman, and as soon as she came out, she pulled Tai Shu Shi and said eagerly, “Shi, why have you not come back until now, go and see Ren’e, her eyes are going to cry.”

Hearing that Ren’e’s eyes were going blind, Tai Shu Shi immediately asked nervously, “What’s wrong with her? What’s wrong?”

After asking and not waiting for the woman in the pink dress to answer, he hurriedly rushed in. In his haste, he seemed to have remembered Ning Cheng and hurriedly said to the woman in the pink dress, “This is my friend Young Master Ning Cheng, please help take care of him, I will settle the bill later.”

Looking at Tai Shu Shi who had already entered the Yishui Courtyard, Ning Cheng had to stop his desire to leave.

“Young Master Cheng, this is your first time in the Yishui Courtyard, right? You come with me, I’m sure you’ll be satisfied.” The clean-shaven woman said to Ning Cheng in a delicate manner, while reaching out her hand to pull Ning Cheng’s sleeve.

Ning Cheng frowned a little, it wasn’t that he didn’t like women, he felt that this woman in a pink dress spoke to him in such a delicate tone, instead it made him feel a little awkward in his heart. The woman in front of him was also clean and lovely looking, even if she used that eager voice just now, it was still more appealing than this dainty tone.

“Just take me to a cleaner room and bring me a pot of tea, I need to rest for a while.” Ning Cheng decided to wait here for a while.

He understood Tai Shu Shi’s desperate mood, when he had seen Tian Mu Wan leave mercilessly, he was in the same agitated mood. When something suddenly happened to the person he liked, that kind of mood must be anxious.

“My name is Liu Hanyu, Young Cheng can just call me Hanyu.” The woman in the pink dress with a slightly shy intent introduced Ning Cheng to a room on the first floor.

To Ning Cheng’s surprise, there was also a spirit gathering formation inside this room, and the spirit energy inside was much denser than outside, so it seemed that the two spirit stones had not been spent unfairly.

The room was hazily lit, and a large bed was particularly conspicuous. Beside the bed, there is a white jade tea table.

Ning Cheng had just taken a look around the room when Liu Hanyu stepped forward and pressed herself close to Ning Cheng, calling out in a low voice, “Young Cheng, this is my room. I was supposed to be resting today, but as soon as I saw Young Cheng, my heart thumped a little ……”

Even if Ning Cheng knew full well that Liu Hanyu was putting on a show, Ning Cheng’s heart was somewhat stirred by the hazy hues of the room.

However, it was the first time she had met a man as clean as Ning Cheng. The body that had been cleansed by the Xuanhuang Origin was incomparably clean and fresh. It was precisely for this reason that Liu Hanyu could tell at a glance that Ning Cheng was still a virgin. Such a man, even if she was asked to pay a few backwards, she would be willing to accompany him.

Liu Hanyu was extremely proficient in the art of teasing, and when she felt Ning Cheng’s heart stirring, her heart actually felt a pa*sion. Her hand seemed to unconsciously trace its way past Ning Cheng’s chest.

An extreme softness struck, and Ning Cheng’s hand was only halfway raised before it was once again lowered. The shadow of the gun left behind by the residual gun in the room behind him caused his enthusiasm to subside instantly, he was not here to have fun. Even if he was looking for a woman, he could not lose his first time in this place.

He pushed Liu Hanyu away and walked over to the jade table and sat down, “Sit down first, let me ask you something.”

Liu Hanyu saw Ning Cheng push her away and some disappointment rose up in her heart, no wonder this man could still be untouched until today. This kind of sanity was really amazing, she had just cast a charm technique. She had been cultivating the Enchanting Technique for a constant amount of time, and the first time she had cast it, she had not received any effect, which made her extremely frustrated. She had no other purpose at all in casting the charming technique this time, she simply just wanted to give herself to this man in front of her.

Liu Hanyu was also extremely good at controlling her emotions and quickly gathered her feelings, picked up a teapot from under the coffee table and poured a cup of tea for Ning Cheng, then she also sat down and said in a soft voice, “If Young Master Cheng has anything to say, please feel free to give her orders.”

Compared to his previous delicate words, Ning Cheng felt that at this moment, Liu Hanyu spoke much more naturally. He picked up the tea and took a sip, the mouth was luscious, this must be a kind of spirit tea.

“Thank you.” Ning Cheng knew that Liu Hanyu was extremely kind to him and thanked him before asking, “That Ren’e is Stone’s lover, right? What happened to her that caused Stone to be so alarmed?”