Creation Gate Chapter 64

When Ning Cheng heard this, his heart suddenly surged. With only a billionth of his cultivation left, he could still treat the most powerful experts in the Yixing Continent as if they were mere ants, what kind of concept was this? No wonder people could traverse the realm, to cultivate to the extreme to have such a terrifying ability?

At this moment, it was as if a fire was burning in Ning Cheng’s heart, he wanted to cultivate like crazy, even if he could not reach the terrifying cultivation level of Tai Shu Yi, he would still try to tear apart the realm and return to Earth.

Tai Shu Shi seemed to feel that his tone was a little excited, he eased his tone and said, “My Tai Shu family records that realms and interfaces are different. The cultivation techniques are different between different realms, and even the levels in them are different. But the different paths are the same, any cultivation is a process of converting the spiritual energy of heaven and earth into one’s own cultivation, there is no exception.

The cultivation structure of the various realms is based on what has been precipitated over countless years, and not without reason. The gong method that I cultivate is one that my ancestors have modified on an ad hoc basis. It has undergone thousands of years of vicissitudes and changes in my Tai Shu family again, and the only gong methods that have fallen into my hands now are those that have reached the Yuan Building realm, alas ……”

The despondency in Tai Shu Shi’s eyes was obvious when he said that he only had the technique for the Zhuyuan realm.

Ning Cheng felt that although this person, Tai Shu Shi, looked a little white, he spoke directly, which he appreciated. Then he said with a smile, “Brother Tai Shu don’t need to worry, as long as your cultivation level is high in the future and you return to Le Continent, you might still be able to find your Tai Shu family’s gong methods. Brother Tai Shu and I have met each other at first sight, why don’t we find a place to drink and chat at the same time, wouldn’t it be better?”

“Brother Ning’s words are very good, I have just such an intention. I’m not worried about the gong methods, I’m already ahead of them compared to the many people on the lower continents.”

Tai Shu Shi was obviously not a squirming person and quickly recovered his mood before turning the conversation away again and saying, “Let’s go to Xijia City, which is the third largest city in the Waki Continent. There is a famous academy in Xijia City, the Cang Yan Four Star Academy. It is also a place to enjoy life, and every once in a while, I will go to Xijia City to stay there for a while.”

At the end of his sentence, Tai Shu Shi’s expression seemed to squirm a little, Ning Cheng did not pay attention to Tai Shu Shi’s expression, he was thinking about the Cang Yan Four Star Academy. When he and An Yi had met a seriously injured person on the beach, that person had tried to kill him and An Yi, but he had ended up killing them in return. He remembered that that guy was the Cang Yan Four Star Academy, called Xue Tai Chu.

Seeing that Ning Cheng was not very focused, Tai Shu Shi reminded Ning Cheng and said, “It would take a few months to travel from here to Xijia City by beast carriage, but we can fly by ourselves on our swords in just two days. Brother Ning has a divine thought, so he must be able to fly on his sword as well. However, if a Qi gathering practitioner flies with his sword here, he must not show off. We’ll try to go to a remote place, and few people will usually notice.”

After the two of them launched their flying swords, Tai Shu Shi really did try to go from the remote places, and on the way, apart from the mountains and barren hills, there was no one to see.

Feeling that Tai Shu Shi should be a trustworthy person, Ning Cheng simply said, “Brother Tai Shu, I have come to the Waki Continent because I want to go to the Hua Continent. I also know that my cultivation level is too poor, so I want to advance to Condensing Truth before I go to the Continent of Transformation.”

Tai Shu Shi did not know that Ning Cheng wanted the Condensed True Pill, and after hearing Ning Cheng’s words, he hesitated for a moment before saying, “It is not that I am discouraging Brother Ning, even if Brother Ning had the chance to be able to advance to Condensed True in the Waki Continent, he would not be able to reach the Continent of Transformation. Entering the Continent of Transformation from the Continent of Waki is completely different from going from the Continent of Ping to the Continent of Waki, and I don’t know how Brother Ning managed to cross the Da’an Forest. Perhaps it was good luck, or perhaps there was a good route map.

But there is an endless great desert in the middle of the journey from Wuanzhou to Huazhou, and no ordinary Yuan-building cultivator would dare to cross such a terrifying desert, let alone a True Condensation cultivator. In the middle of the desert, there are countless terrifying sand demon beasts, and countless desert whirlpools, and what is even more terrifying is that you can meet falling lightning at any time, and if you are not careful, you will be swallowed up by the wild sand. Usually, when one goes to the Continent of Harmony, there are Xuan Liquid Realm cultivators who are pressed into service and fly there via large airships.

The resources on the Waki Continent are indeed more abundant than those on the Ping Continent, but this abundance is also very limited. A single True Condensation Pill is not easy to get.”

Ning Cheng simply said, “I will advance to Condensing True first, and if I really cannot advance to Condensing True, I have no intention of going to the Huaxing Continent. Once I have advanced to Condensed Truth, I do have some certainty of travelling to the Continent of Transformation. I have an easy map to the Continent of Transformation, so it’s better than rushing blindly.”

“You have a map to pa*s through the Falling Thunder Desert?” Tai Shu Shi asked in surprise.

“Is that called the Falling Thunder Desert? I do have a simple map.” Ning Cheng said and already fetched that map to Tai Shu Shi.

After Tai Shu Shi looked at that map, he was even more surprised and said, “That’s right, this is indeed an easy map of the Falling Thunder Desert. I didn’t expect you to have an easy map of the Great An Forest, no wonder you were able to pa*s through the Great An Forest.”

After returning the map to Ning Cheng once again, Tai Shu Shi pondered a little and said, “That would be good, I also want to go to the Hualian Continent. After all, only when we reach the Continent of Transformation will we have the chance to go to the intermediate continent of Jia Continent. How about we team up, I have almost collected the ingredients for the True Condensation Pill, now I only lack the main spirit fruit, Golden Cicada Fruit, and a secondary spirit herb, Mingdi Blue, the Golden Cicada Fruit is a bit more troublesome, but Mingdi Blue is easy to do ……”

Ning Cheng spoke up and interrupted Tai Shu Shi and said, “I have the Golden Cicada Fruit.”

When Tai Shu Shi heard Ning Cheng’s words, he suddenly paused, he even forgot what he was going to say and looked at Ning Cheng with some disbelief, “You really have the Golden Cicada Fruit?”

Ning Cheng took out a wooden box and handed it to Tai Shu Shi and said, “Look.”

Tai Shu Shi excitedly grabbed the wooden box, and when he found that there was indeed a Golden Cicada Fruit inside, he immediately laughed out loud and said, “It took all the effort to get it, Brother Ning, we can refine the True Condensation Pill when we find the Ming Earth Blue again. I have a way to find the Mindi Blue and I also have a way to ask someone to help me refine a furnace of Mindi Blue. You can put this Golden Cicada Fruit away first, and when it’s time to refine the pills, you can take it out again.”

Ning Cheng did not take the wooden box that Tai Shu Shi handed him and said with a faint smile, “Brother Tai Shu, as you said before, we met as soon as we met. It would be better to keep this Golden Cicada Fruit on your person and just give me one when the alchemy is done.”

Ning Cheng was confident that he would not look away, Tai Shu Shi would definitely not be someone who would play missing for the sake of a Golden Cicada Fruit. If he looked wrong, then he could only be blamed for his clumsy eyesight.

Tai Shu Shi did not continue to push back and after putting the wooden box away, he said to Ning Cheng, “Brother Ning, I have made you a friend. Don’t worry, I, Tai Shu Shi, will not let you down.”

The more the two talked, the happier they became, and they really hated each other.

Ning Cheng was a rookie in cultivation, and all his theories were pieced together from the east and the west, as well as extrapolated by himself through his merit jade slips. There were many small details and mistakes in between, and with Tai Shu Shi and him discussing and corroborating each other, he benefited greatly. Some superficial truths that he did not quite understand were also clear to him.

In his heart, Tai Shu Shi was even more shocked by Ning Cheng’s genius brain, he was the complete opposite of Ning Cheng, what Ning Cheng did not understand were some basic things. What he did not understand were some problems with the extension of gong methods. Originally, he had brought them up as topics to discuss with Ning Cheng, but he did not expect Ning Cheng to find the right direction for him one by one.

After this chat, Tai Shu Shi was even more certain that Ning Cheng’s future would be extraordinary.

“Brother Tai Shu Shi, can you show me some of the dimensional information left behind by your ancestor Tai Shu Yi?” Ning Cheng felt that he and Tai Shu Shi had chatted to this extent, it should not be a problem to take a look at some dimensional information.

Tai Shu Shi showed an apologetic expression and said, “Brother Ning, my Tai Shu family is all handed down by word of mouth and there are no actual booklets left behind, if there were any I would definitely take them out and show them to Brother Ning. It is also because it was pa*sed down from mouth to mouth that the gong methods of my Tai Shu family are becoming fewer and fewer this way.”

Ning Cheng revealed a disappointed expression, he had wanted to know exactly what the realm was and then see if he could return to Earth in the future.

Seeing that Ning Cheng was a little disappointed, Tai Shu Shi hesitated for a moment and said, “Brother Ning, I do know something about the realm. According to the legacy of my Tai Shu family, there can be countless planets and countless continents in the same realm. The realm is different from an interface, and I heard that after cultivating to the extreme in the Yixing Continent, one can ascend to another interface. But even if you ascend to another interface, you are still in the same realm.

It is difficult for an ordinary cultivator, even with a high cultivation level, to go from one realm to another. My ancestor Tai Shu Yi, however, came from another realm to the realm where the Yixing Continent is located because of a great disaster. Moreover, when he arrived at the Yixing Continent, his physical body had completely disappeared and only a trace of his Yuan Shen existed. His physical body was reshaped in the Yixing Continent.”

“That’s not that different.” Ning Cheng muttered, he did not know if Earth and the Yixing Continent were the same realm. According to Tai Shu Shi, this dimension was like the galaxy spoken of on Earth. If Earth and the Yixing Continent were in the middle of the same dimensional galaxy, when he reached a certain level of cultivation in the future, he might really be able to go back.

If it was not a realm, then he probably would never have the chance to go back.

However, Tai Shu Shi said, “Different realms have completely different concepts of time, so it is not certain that after thousands of years in our realm, it may only be a few days back in another realm. Of course, all this is also information that has been pa*sed down from my Tai Shu family. After so many years, how much of it is true and how much is false, I am not sure myself.”

Ning Cheng suddenly looked forward to the fact that the Yixing Continent and Earth were not one realm again, if they were not one realm, it was not certain that no matter how long he had been cultivating in the Yixing Continent, only a very short time had pa*sed on Earth.

As the two of them talked and flew, plus the time spent resting on the road, two days pa*sed in a flash.

“Brother Ning, this place is almost close to Xijia City, we don’t need to continue flying. One or two hours further on, we can reach a post station, where we will take a beast cart to Xijia City.” Tai Shu Shi landed by the side of a mountain path, while putting away his flying sword.