Creation Gate Chapter 605

Time passed day by day, during which some cultivators who were not afraid to die kept trying, but once they entered the yellow earth lake, no one had ever been able to approach the center of the lake in front of the suspended earth pearl, except for falling.

Rather than quench their thirst here, they might as well go elsewhere to look for spiritual herbs. What’s more, even if one obtains the earth origin pearl, what then? Can we keep it when we get out? The cultivators who thought this through left in droves.

Ning Cheng still didn’t leave, he sat at a corner of the earth yellow lake as his divine sense blade slashed out slash after slash. Coupled with the fact that his divine sense was already penetrating to divine sense shielding prohibitions, he soon discovered that his divine sense blade was somewhat effective against the divine sense prohibitions here. It was just that after he had slashed for a while, he had to stop to recover his divine sense, otherwise his sea of consciousness would be too tired.

But once his Divine Sense Blade had cleaved through the surrounding divine sense confinement, he would be able to sacrifice the Infinite Blue Thunder City. Once he had the Infinite Green Thunder City to protect him, he might really be able to block the assimilation of the earth rules of this Yellow Earth Lake.

In order to split the divine sense confinement of the Yellow Earth Lake and protect himself with the Limitless Green Thunder City, then his divine sense would have to be even stronger.

The Starry Sky Sea of Consciousness was already far stronger than ordinary cultivators, so how could he make his divine sense even stronger? Ning Cheng sat in the distance and thought for a long time before he stood up, it was possible to make his divine sense twice as strong, the prerequisite was that he had to break into the Star Bridge realm.

To advance to the Star Bridge realm, he needed a Star Melting Pill, and it was impossible to find a Star Melting Pill in the Immortal Jade Star. Only he could refine the pills himself. Since entering the Immortal Jade Star, what Ning Cheng had harvested the most was spirit herbs. If he wanted to refine a Star Melting Pill, he first had to become a rank four Star River Pill King himself.

And he was now only one step away from being a Level 3 Star Dan Master. With his Xuan Huang Wu Xiang Technique. And with so many starry sky spirit herbs. To become a rank four Star River Dan King. It was not impossible.

Thinking of this, Ning Cheng who was originally sitting by the lake stood up, he intended to leave this place, instead of envying the fish at the abyss it was better to retreat and form a net.

Ning Cheng secretly left a concealed monitoring array plate by the lake and quickly left. He was also worried that during his absence, someone had taken the Earth Origin Pearl first.

There were many cultivators leaving and many more coming over to this area by the Yellow Earth Lake. It always seemed to be crowded with people.


In the newly opened hidden cave, Ning Cheng, who originally wanted to refine a dan furnace, suddenly grabbed a rusty furnace. This was still something he had found just now when he was looking for materials for a pill refining furnace, this furnace was a furnace he had won when he had a match with Gui Yu Tang back in the Angry Axe Valley.

Ning Cheng felt that this furnace was very good and he had refined it a few times before, but unfortunately his divine sense could not penetrate it at all. Recently, he had been so busy refining weapons and improving his cultivation that he had forgotten about this furnace. It was only now that he saw this furnace again that he remembered. Ordinary dan furnaces had three legs, this one had five

Ning Cheng’s divine sense penetrated into the furnace, and unlike before. This time, his divine sense had penetrated into this rusty furnace easily without half a hindrance.

As Ning Cheng’s divine sense began to refine this Dan Furnace. The rust stains on the outside of the dan furnace automatically fell off and soon appeared in its original colour. This was a very inconspicuous pale grey Dan Furnace, this kind of Dan Furnace would not be noticed at all if it was not refined by itself and casually left on the roadside.

The more Ning Cheng refined this Dan Furnace, the more he felt the difference of this Dan Furnace. A Dan furnace of this grade, at least, he could not refine.

Originally, he had planned to start refining pills very soon, but it turned out that it took Ning Cheng half a month to refine this Dan Furnace.

As this Dan Furnace emitted a crisp, delicate crunching sound, the entire structure and form of the Dan Furnace appeared in Ning Cheng’s mind. This was still a Dan Furnace with a name, the Furnace name was No Trace.

After refining the No Trace Dan Furnace, Ning Cheng could not wait to take out some Starry Sky Spirit Herbs and start refining pills. What surprised Ning Cheng even more was that he could obviously only refine Tier 2 Star Pills, but with this furnace, he easily refined a Tier 3 Star Pill and became a Tier 3 Star Pill Master.

This made Ning Cheng’s heart understand that he had already been a Level 3 Star Pill Master, but his original furnace was just too low in grade.

Not only that, Ning Cheng’s speed of refining pills was also much faster than before. In the time it took to refine one potion, he had now refined two potions and still had time to spare.

Piles of starry sky spirit herbs were refined by Ning Cheng and turned into piles of starred pills. After a month had passed, the Starry Sky Spirit Grasses around Ning Cheng had been reduced by half, while the pills bottles around him were pile after pile.

On this day, with Ning Cheng’s refining of a superior Grade 4 Star River Pill, the Star Miasma Pill, he knew that he had truly advanced to Grade 4 Star River Pill King. This was the first time that his level of alchemy exceeded his cultivation realm, and previously, every time he wanted to advance to the next level, he would need to go and purchase some pills. And in the future, as long as he could keep his alchemy level in line with his cultivation level, he would no longer need to go to others to buy any pills.

It was another three days before Ning Cheng took out the Melting Star Fruit, and he had to refine the Melting Star Pill.

The Star Melting Pill was a rank four Star River Pill, and since Ning Cheng was now a rank four Star River Pill King, there was no pressure to refine the Star Melting Pill. The only shortcoming was that his Star River Flame was a little on the low side. Luckily, the Star River Flame was very strong, and despite being on the low side, under Ning Cheng’s powerful Starry Sky Consciousness Sea and Star Energy, it did not have much effect.

Under Ning Cheng’s divine sense control, the Starry Sky Spirit Grass quickly fused, then separated and coalesced ……

If anyone used their divine sense to peer into Ning Cheng’s dan furnace, they would be shocked to find that Ning Cheng was refining pills without a dan recipe.

Ning Cheng had not systematically studied dan refining with others, and he did not know the importance of the dan recipe. He only knew that it turned out that he had a Dan Skill, and that his Dan Skill kept changing as his alchemy changed. It was just like his cultivation techniques, which also changed at all times, and such changes were called phaseless.

As Ning Cheng refined more and more pills, he found that he didn’t need his Dan Skill, his own Astral Sea of Consciousness Intent could make his pills form according to his will. Basically, as long as he refined the first pill, he would not miss again afterwards, and they were all exceptional pills.

In just half a pillar of time, a furnace of twelve pills was brought out by Ning Cheng and landed in a jade bottle.

Twelve Star Melting Pills, twelve Extraordinary Star Melting Pills.

Even though he could easily refine a Star Melting Pill himself, Ning Cheng still gripped the jade bottle tightly with excitement. Being able to refine a Star Melting Pill would mean that he was about to advance to the Star Bridge Realm. Once he advanced to the Star Bridge Realm, it would mean that he could possibly obtain the Earth Origin Pearl.


At the mouth of a canyon millions of miles away from Ning Cheng, an incomparably huge Exploding Gold Bee King straddled the entrance of the canyon. Around this Exploding Gold Bee King, there were dozens of slightly smaller Exploding Gold Bees. Outside the canyon, hundreds of cultivators surrounded this Exploding Gold Bee.

“I know that you are an Exploding Gold Bee King, as long as you give a soul contract and acknowledge me as your master, I guarantee that you will be fine today.” The one who spoke was a cultivator dressed all in white, with three star wheels clearly visible on his back, so it was evident that he was a strong man.

Without waiting for the Exploding Gold Bee King to make a move, a purple-clothed cultivator next to him laughed harshly, “Nong Vulture, wearing all white clothes makes you whiter than others? There are more than a hundred people here, and the Exploding Gold Bee King can recognize whoever he wants as his master. You are not special either, if you don’t believe me, just ask your other friends.”

The white-clothed cultivator’s face changed and he said in a cold voice, “Zhong Sun Hong, you come from the Demon Domain, what kind of beast pet do you want, why do you want to compete with me for the Exploding Golden Bee King?”

The purple-clothed cultivator said disdainfully, “Everyone wants the Exploding Golden Bee King, not you alone.”

The white-clothed cultivator seemed to be somewhat afraid of Zhong Sun Hong, who was dressed in purple, and he still did not turn his face up, but only said in a deep voice, “Then we will each rely on our ability, and whoever can make the Exploding Golden Bee King recognize its owner, the Exploding Golden Bee King will be his.”

“Good, although it is unlikely to make this Exploding Golden Bee recognize its master, it is good to give it a try.” Zhongsun Hong was also dry and directly agreed with the white-clothed cultivator Nong Vulture’s words.

While Zhong Sun Hong and Nong Vulture were at each other’s throats, the cultivators next to them were whispering.

“I heard that the Exploding Golden Bee King recognises its master best when it is in its egg, once it breaks out of its shell, it will be difficult to recognise its master, or impossible at all.”

“That’s because your cultivation level is not enough, as long as your cultivation level is far better than the Exploding Gold Bee King, the Exploding Gold Bee King can still soul contract to recognize its master. But soul contract recognition is difficult, the Exploding Gold Bee is not afraid of death, wanting to soul contract recognition is extremely difficult to do.”

“Extremely difficult to do is not the same as impossible to do, when we attack the Exploding Gold Bee King later, I will also make a move. Thinking of myself waving around with a swarm of Exploding Gold Bees fills my heart with anticipation.”

“I don’t want the Exploding Gold Bees, I just need to enter this canyon and take a look, there must be something good inside. The Exploding Gold Bee King can’t block a place for no reason.”

“Right, my thoughts are the same as yours, I just need to enter this canyon.”


As Nong Vulture was the first to strike, hundreds of cultivators together offered up their magic treasures and blasted at the Exploding Golden Bee King.

When the Exploding Gold Bee King was attacked, the Exploding Gold Bees around the Exploding Gold Bee King immediately surged up and rushed into the crowd almost desperately.

However, a few dozen Golden Explosive Bees were still far from these 100+ Star Gathering cultivators. Not only was there a huge difference in numbers, but there was also a considerable difference in cultivation level. There were very few Exploding Gold Bees here that could reach the third level of Starry Sky or above.

There were constantly exploding gold wasps being killed, dozens of them, and in the blink of an eye, there were only a dozen left. And the star gathering cultivator that was killed was just one. If it wasn’t for these cultivators wanting to keep the Exploding Gold Bee King, the Exploding Gold Bee King would have been killed.


Ning Cheng found an empty place where he was going to advance to the Star Bridge realm. With a large amount of Yongwang Pills and a couple of hundred Star Melting Pills, if he still couldn’t advance to the Star Bridge Realm, then he could only go sell a piece of tofu and use it to bang his head.

After checking the surrounding terrain, Ning Cheng took out the formation flags and was about to set up the Spirit Gathering Formation and the Defence Formation. Then he sensed that the Exploding Gold Bee King Yixing was being attacked and was in a precarious position. Ning Cheng was furious in his heart, his beast pet was even being attacked, this was simply seeking death.

With a wave of his Heavenly Cloud wings, Ning Cheng instantly disappeared from the place where he was going to cross the tribulation .