Creation Gate Chapter 604

Even when a Star Bridge Realm cultivator asked him to stop, Ning Cheng simply ignored it as he still made the Chasing Bull speed towards the direction where the Origin Aura was emanating from.

This Starbridge Realm cultivator’s aura was sometimes strong and sometimes weak, obviously he had just advanced to Starbridge not long ago, and his realm had not even been stabilised. He had killed Starbridge powerhouses when he was a broken star, and now that he had truly completed his Star Gathering and his divine ability was becoming increasingly perfect, could he be afraid of a Starbridge realm practitioner who had just advanced?

Seeing that Ning Cheng, a Star Gathering cultivator, was ignoring him, this Star Bridge realm cultivator was furious. His mighty pressure radiated out, strongly suppressing Ning Cheng, and at the same time, he even accelerated his speed.

The surrounding cultivators felt this powerful oppressive pressure and all took a big detour to avoid this place of right and wrong. In a short amount of time, there were no other cultivators in the vicinity.

Ning Cheng stopped and took out a medium grade Dao weapon lance from his ring, which he had refined himself.

“You have guts, I called you just now, are you deaf? Leave your mount and ring behind, then get lost.” After Ning Cheng stopped, this Star Bridge Realm cultivator arrived in front of Ning Cheng in an instant.

The killing intent spread out with these words, and the withered leaves around Ning Cheng were slowly swept up under this Star Bridge Realm’s aura, forming a vortex that completely enveloped Ning Cheng.

Without even half a word of nonsense, Ning Cheng offered up the spear in his hand. A vague lance mark cut through the space between the two of them, tearing apart this Star Bridge Realm cultivator’s vortex of killing intent in the blink of an eye and rolling up a powerful lance intent wrapped around this Star Bridge Realm cultivator.

The reason why he did it unceremoniously was because Ning Cheng heard from this Starbridge Realm Cultivator’s words that even if he handed over everything to this Starbridge Realm Cultivator, the other party would still want to kill him.

“Seeking death ……” Seeing that Ning Cheng had dared to take the initiative to strike, this Star Bridge Realm cultivator was furious, as if his dignity had been challenged by a mole. In his opinion. Hearing his words, this star gathering mole should take the initiative to do as he said.

The violent star energy whistled and rolled up, rustling the clothes on his body. The domain of the Star Bridge Realm was stretched out, and he wanted to completely suppress Ning Cheng. Then he would reach out as if he were carrying a chicken and carry Ning Cheng over, asking where this mole had the guts to do so.

Unfortunately, this idea of crushing his opponent was a good one, but his strength was a hundred thousand miles away from what he had in mind.

Not only did this Star Bridge Realm cultivator’s domain and Ning Cheng’s domain clash together, not only did they not gain the slightest advantage, but they were also torn apart layer by layer.

A terrifying scorching heat struck. Ning Cheng’s lance had already cut through space and arrived in front of this Star Bridge Realm’s eyes.

“Boom ……” This Star Bridge Realm cultivator no longer dared to reach out to grab Ning Cheng, but instead, he blasted his fist at the tip of Ning Cheng’s spear.

A sound of blood and bones exploded as this Starbridge Realm cultivator’s fist was blasted to pieces by Ning Cheng’s spear. The moment this Starbridge Realm cultivator’s fist was blown apart, the star yuan qi around his body burst open once again. The Star River Domain that Ning Cheng had the upper hand in also cracked open with a click, and this Star Bridge Realm cultivator instantly got out of the way and stood tens of feet away, staring at Ning Cheng with a shocked expression.

“Good, good ……” This Star Bridge Realm cultivator was blown back by a single move from a Star Gathering Realm cultivator and was still injured. His face immediately turned ugly as he screamed very good while flying backwards out.

“Want to leave?” Ning Cheng grunted. The Sky Cloud wings swung, and the lance in his hand once again rolled up a fire patterned lance shadow and blasted out.

The Void Fire Pattern Lance, this lance was derived by Ning Cheng from the move Axe Pattern. When the spear was offered, it would curl up a Void Gun Fire Pattern. As his gun’s aura took shape, the gun would bring up more and more fire patterns.

“Heavenly Cloud Twin Wings ……” This Star Bridge Realm cultivator had only flown backwards less than a few hundred meters before he saw Ning Cheng arrive in front of him again. Not only that, the fire ripple gun tore the domain around him as if it was rags.

“Stop ……” This Starbridge Realm cultivator was completely emboldened, and he frantically sacrificed his Iron Voucher magic treasure as his heart cried out in a frenzy. What kind of star gathering cultivator is this? Where could there be such a perverted star gathering cultivator? He really regretted it, a cultivator who dared to stand on Ox Back Mountain and pull the wind to run. How could it be simple? He had taken a fancy to that bull and hadn’t even thought of that.

Would Ning Cheng not stop his hand. Not only did he not stop, but his star yuan even gushed out wildly.

“Clack clack clack ……” After one of the Void Fire Pattern Gun’s gun lines completely tore apart this Star Bridge Realm cultivator’s domain, it blasted on top of the iron coupon again, emitting a burst of clacking sounds.

“Pfft ……” This Starbridge Realm cultivator spewed a mouthful of blood arrows wildly and flew backwards once again. However, his Iron Scroll also blocked this killing move of Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng understood that if this Star Bridge Realm cultivator had not rushed to escape, his move would have at most caused his opponent to retreat a few steps backwards and would not have had this effect, Star Bridge Realm cultivators were indeed much stronger than Star Gathering cultivators.

“Boom ……” After this Star Bridge realm cultivator was blown away for the second time by Ning Cheng, he once again crashed on top of a boulder, covered in blood and trembling, “Have mercy friend, I am Zhong Tian Star Land Spiritual Sky Sect’s Chon Zi Zhen ……”

“It’s not impossible to spare you ……”

Hearing Ning Cheng’s words, Chong Zi Zhen immediately showed surprise, if Ning Cheng still wanted to make a move, he would come out with a forbidden technique, even if he couldn’t kill the other party, he would still let the other party catch a few breaths if he died. Now Ning Cheng said it was not impossible to spare you, his heart immediately showed a survival **.

“However, I’m going to try my Neural Blade ……”

The Divine Sense Blade was described as a neural blade by Ning Cheng, and before Charging Zi Zhen could react, he felt a pain in his sea of consciousness, and then a gunshot shadow arrived in front of him.

“If you can avoid this one, I will spare you ……”

As Ning Cheng spoke, Charging Zi Zhen’s sea of consciousness just burst into blackness, and the terrifying pain made it impossible to roll up his iron scrolls. The next moment he himself heard the sound of the lance breaking into his dantian, not to mention blocking this move, he could not even resist slightly.

What a powerful neural blade, that was the last thing he thought. A blade that could slice into his consciousness, could it not be powerful?

Ning Cheng rolled up this Star Bridge Realm cultivator’s ring, a ball of fire was thrown over and he stepped onto the Chasing Bull and left in an instant.

Thinking about the gruelling battle with that Star Bridge realm cultivator from the Yue Clan, Ning Cheng truly felt his progress. The difference between the Gathering Star and the Star Bridge was not just a little bit, and he had actually killed a Star Bridge realm cultivator at the Gathering Star cultivation level with a crushing momentum.

This was certainly due to the fact that this Star Bridge realm cultivator had just advanced and his cultivation was unstable, and that he had taken him lightly. However, even if this Star Bridge Realm cultivator had put forth his full strength to fight him, Ning Cheng would have been fully confident of easily finishing this person off.

When Ning Cheng stepped on the Chasing Bull and charged up again, some cultivators who knew Ning Cheng took the initiative to get out of the way. They knew that this cultivator had been stopped by a Star Bridge Realm powerhouse, and now that the Star Bridge Realm powerhouse was gone, this cultivator was still intact. No one would want to face such a person.

As more and more people gathered, the aura of origin became thicker and thicker. Another incense stick of time passed and Ning Cheng arrived at a bare yellow earth plain along with many other cultivators.

When one said that it was an earth plain, one might as well say that it was a yellow earth lake. This was because it was indeed a lake, only this lake was not sunken down, but slightly raised. This yellow earthen lake could not be swept in by divine sense at all, and could only be seen with the eyes.

The lake was full of earthy yellow sandy soil, which all cracked into cracks as if they were spider webs. The entire yellow sandy lake was hundreds of feet square in size. In the centre of this yellow sandy lake, there was a suspended bead that emitted a pale yellow colour.

“Earth Origin Pearl ……” Ning Cheng was shocked, he had obtained the Water Origin Pearl and also the Fire Origin Pearl, this was the first time he had seen an Earth Origin Pearl.

Seeing the Earth Origin Pearl, Ning Cheng almost rushed into the lake, but he thought that so many people here had not gone in, this bead was not so easy to get.

While Ning Cheng was still in doubt, another group of cultivators arrived. Among them were several cultivators who had just rushed in and rushed into the yellow lake without even thinking about it.

The people around them could clearly see that these few cultivators rushed into the yellow lake and only ran for about ten steps before slowly turning stiff before sitting down paralyzed. In just a few breaths of time, these few cultivators completely transformed into earthy yellow sand, merging with this yellow lake without a trace.

Ning Cheng sucked in a cold breath, what a powerful rule, this powerful earth assimilation rule was going to turn everything into dirt, thankfully he didn’t go in as soon as he arrived.

Ning Cheng and the many cultivators in general looked at the earth origin beads with greedy eyes, without any recourse. New cultivators kept coming over, and new people kept rushing in to turn into mud. But the Earth Origin Pearl kept standing in place, not moving at all.

The earth origin pearl was extremely important to any cultivator, even if the main spiritual root was not an earth cultivator, the two origin pearls, earth and wood, were still incredibly important. But to Ning Cheng, the Earth Origin Pearl was not important, it was a must-get.

Standing at the edge of this yellow earth lake, Ning Cheng thought of countless ways, but there was just not a single way to obtain the earth origin pearls.

At the beginning, he had also experienced the first layer of Earth Laws on the Nine-Nine Star Peeping Tower, but that layer’s was nothing compared to this Yellow Earth Lake, it was simply the Sunshine Boulevard.

If it was said that wealth and money moved people, then this Earth Origin Pearl could attract any cultivator to come forward and seize it. Once he obtained this Origin Pearl, as long as he was not discovered by others, he would definitely become a hegemon in the future. Some cultivators who could not resist the impulse in their hearts tried to sacrifice a defensive magic treasure, and then slowly approached the Earth Origin Pearl.

These cultivators thought very well and retreated as soon as there was danger. Unfortunately, after these cultivators went in. None of them could retreat, even if they sacrificed the most powerful defensive magic treasures, they were eventually turned into shovelfuls of yellow earth. Ning Cheng secretly shook his head, his divine sense could not even be used, it was only strange that sacrificing a magic treasure to go in would be useful.

As time slowly passed, some cultivators finally let out a long sigh and turned around to leave this yellow earth lake. Although there were still cultivators coming over, more and more cultivators were leaving.

Ning Cheng did not leave, nor did he go in, the Earth Origin Pearl was right in front of him, so if he left just like that, it would really be unwilling.