Creation Gate Chapter 6

Ning Cheng was stunned by his own thoughts as he forcibly stopped his cultivation. He was just a Qi gathering first layer cultivator, and his understanding of cultivation could be said to be at the most primitive level. To say that someone like him, who had a half understanding of even the first Qi gathering layer, would be able to find out a better cultivation method than the Ning Family’s inherited techniques, even he himself did not believe it.

Even if the Ning Family’s cultivation technique was at the Mortal level, it had been modified by countless years and countless people with their experience. How could he find out where the flaws of this cultivation technique lay and still correct them?

Although he wanted to give it another try, Ning Cheng still held back the idea. He knew that once he cultivated, there would be no end to it. Even if he did not modify the technique, he might be able to cultivate to the second Qi gathering layer in one breath. It was already difficult to explain that he had reached the first level of Qi gathering, and now that he had advanced to the second level of Qi gathering, he had no idea how to explain it. He urgently needed to increase his cultivation level, but before that he had to find a suitable reason or a suitable way to do so.

What’s more, the fact that he could find a more suitable direction for his True Qi meridians on his own was a bizarre thing in itself. He really didn’t dare to do so until he had clarified this kind of thing.

However, Ning Cheng’s heart grew more and more excited, even if he did not modify his gong method, he would not worry about his poor qualifications and being unable to cultivate. There seemed to be an incomparably powerful cultivation source within his body, if this situation continued, how far would he cultivate until he reached? The True Condensation Realm or the Yuan Building Realm.

Without continuing his cultivation, Ning Cheng began to study the thin scroll of gongfu in his hand. It was a mortal level cultivation technique, with detailed descriptions from the first level of Qi gathering to the ninth level of Qi gathering, as well as some notes from the Ning Family’s ancestors on the technique. To Ning Cheng’s surprise, there were some simple spells at the back of this gong method.

Apart from the Fireball Technique and the Wind Blade Technique, there was also an Imperial Wind Technique in these spells. Originally, Ning Cheng’s nature was most interested in the Royal Wind Technique, which was described as being able to move several feet or even ten feet across the air after cultivating to the third Qi gathering level. If he hadn’t seen the Hidden Truth Technique, Ning Cheng would have definitely tried to see how the Royal Wind Technique could be cultivated.

The introduction behind the Hidden Truth Art made Ning Cheng feel that this was what he needed the most right now. The Hidden Truth Technique was described as allowing cultivators to conceal their cultivation realm. This made Ning Cheng ecstatic, he had a secret inside him, and regardless of what kind of secret it was, it was a fact that he was fast in cultivation. If he was fast in cultivation and could also conceal his cultivation, then what else was he worried about?

Ning Cheng did not stay happy for long before he was disappointed once again. This Hidden Truth Technique was only a spell on a Mortal Grade Merit Technique, even if he cultivated to the extreme, he could only conceal three small levels as per above. Even if he managed to do so, he could probably only fool people at the Qi gathering realm, and if he wanted to fool True Condensation cultivators, it would definitely be impossible.

Although there were few Condensed True cultivators in the Cang Qin Kingdom, they were not non-existent, and as far as he could remember, both the main and vice presidents of the Cang Qin Two Star Academy were Condensed True realm cultivators.

Even if he knew that the Hidden Truth Art on this scroll was not very good, Ning Cheng still decided to learn the Hidden Truth Art first. Ning Cheng was already at the first level of Qi gathering, and not only did he not forget anything, he also had a superb understanding. Even though it was the first time he had come across the spell, he still fully understood the cultivation method within an hour.

When Ning Cheng began to cultivate the Hidden Truth Technique, a gentle stream of air once again rose from his dantian, and some new directions of luck for the Hidden Truth Technique appeared in his mind once again.

Now Ning Cheng did not stop again, he only hesitated slightly before cultivating the Hidden Truth Technique according to the recipe that appeared out of thin air in his mind. He felt that the recipe that appeared out of thin air in his mind was a little better than the Hidden Truth Art that he had read before. Or rather, the cultivation method that appeared in his mind was a new Hidden Truth Technique that had been modified from the original Hidden Truth Technique.

Ning Cheng did not understand what was going on, and he vaguely sensed that it was related to the yellow aura that had hit him earlier. He decided to cultivate according to this modified Hidden Truth Technique first and stop it as soon as he noticed that something was wrong.

But after Ning Cheng started cultivating, he did not find anything wrong. The true qi of the meridians in his body flowed freely under the new meridian running lines without any half-hearted sluggishness.

Very quickly, Ning Cheng once again immersed himself in the cultivation of spells.

When Ning Cheng came to his senses, he found that this first spell technique he had cultivated had become a small success. Ning Cheng tried to use the Hidden Truth Technique to conceal his spell, and surprisingly, he easily concealed the true qi fluctuations without a half-hearted lag.

“Good stuff.” Ning Cheng subconsciously said offhandedly, not knowing whether to say that the Hidden Truth Technique was a good thing or that it was a good thing that could automatically correct his cultivation techniques.

Just as Ning Cheng said this, he heard Ji Luofei’s voice coming from outside, “Since there is no more cultivation, then come out and eat.”

Only when Ning Cheng heard Ji Luofei’s voice did he wake up to the fact that he had stayed inside his room for a surprisingly long night and now it was already the morning of the next day. This cultivation up time was really worthless, he didn’t even feel anything and this night time had already pa*sed.

“What’s wrong with your cultivation?” Immediately after Ji Luofei saw Ning Cheng come out, she stood up in amazement once again, she could not feel the true qi fluctuations on Ning Cheng’s body anymore. In other words, she could not see what Ning Cheng’s cultivation level was now, to be exact, Ning Cheng had no more cultivation level.

Only then did Ning Cheng react that it should be because he had used the Hidden Truth Technique, then he hurriedly said, “I feel that my realm is still not very stable, my true qi can sometimes be sensed and sometimes not.”

Even though Ji Luofei was his fiancée, Ning Cheng still did not reveal his secret. He knew that if he had not changed the cultivation method of the Hidden True Technique, he would not have been able to successfully cultivate the Hidden True Technique in one night. This kind of secret that could correct the wrong technique was simply too terrifying. If he was an expert, it would be fine, but the key was that he had only just come across cultivation now.

Ji Luofei, whose cultivation level was very low, did not understand this situation and frowned for a moment before saying after a while, ”Although you have gathered Qi, your cultivation should not have stabilised yet. Use up that Qi gathering stone in the next few days and you should be almost done, let’s eat first.”

Only then did Ning Cheng see that the meal on the small wooden table had already been prepared, and he hurriedly said, “Thank you.”

The two of them each had their own thoughts and ate their breakfast in silence. After eating, Ning Cheng continued to go back to his room to cultivate, and Ji Luofei did not ask too many questions.

A few days pa*sed by in a flash, Ning Cheng was preoccupied with the Hidden Truth Technique these days, as for the Fireball Technique and Wind Blade Technique, he only learned about them and did not cultivate them. He also knew that it was not suitable to cultivate such spells inside his room.

On this day, when Ji Luofei saw that Ning Cheng’s cultivation seemed to have stabilized at the Qi gathering layer, she said to Ning Cheng, “Your Qi gathering layer should have stabilized, so we will go to the academy today.”

“Good.” Ning Cheng didn’t hesitate half a bit, even if Ji Luofei didn’t say anything, he was going to remind her about it. These few days Ning Cheng always felt that there were some people sneaking around the small stone house, if not for Ji Luofei still being here, perhaps someone would have come in and taken him away.


The Cang Qin Two Star Academy had a superb status in the Cang Qin Kingdom, even a little higher than that of the Cang Qin Kingdom. Because the vice-president of the academy, Yong Chang Yan, is someone in the royal family of the Cang Qin Kingdom, the Cang Qin Two Star Academy is also considered half of the backstage of the Cang Qin Kingdom.

In Ning Cheng’s memory, the Cang Qin Two Star Academy was very large. Because the original Ning Cheng did not come over very often and was somewhat disgusted with the Cang Qin Two Star Academy, the memories Ning Cheng got now were not clear. At this moment, after he followed Ji Luofei to the Cang Qin Two Star Academy, he realised why this academy was the number one power in the Cang Qin Kingdom.

The Cang Qin Two Star Academy was somewhat similar to the castle buildings of the West, and its area was indeed immense, with a forest of trees and a spellcasting field that looked extremely grand from afar. Ning Cheng was more familiar with the imperial city of the Cang Qin Kingdom, and he was certain that the imperial city of the Cang Qin Kingdom was not as good as this two-star academy.

Standing at the entrance of the academy, Ning Cheng could clearly feel that the aura here was much thicker than anywhere else.

In front of the main gate of the academy was a large square that was hundreds of feet in circumference, and in the middle of the large square was an immense ring.

Seeing Ning Cheng staring at the huge ring, Ji Luofei said in a light voice, “That is the dueling platform, where the cultivators of the academy can fight to the death if they have a grudge or a dispute or a bet. In the past, there was no dueling stage here, because all colleges above three stars had such a dueling stage, and the Cang Qin Two Star College had also established this dueling stage in order to storm the three star colleges.”

After saying that, Ji Luofei turned back to Ning Cheng and admonished him, “From now on, you help out in the cultivation room, try not to come out and don’t make enemies and cause trouble with others. Otherwise, once you get on the dueling platform, it will be hard to come down.”

Ning Cheng asked in confusion, “Others are looking for me to duel, can’t I not duel?”

“No.” Ji Luofei answered more concisely this time, and after she finished speaking, she did not wait for Ning Cheng to ask further questions already entered the academy’s gate first.

Ning Cheng had just followed Ji Luofei and crossed into the academy when a clear voice came to his ears, “…… Cang Qin Two Star Academy will select ten disciples to participate in the selection of the Five Star Academy of the Huazhou Meteor ……”

It was as if Ji Luofei hadn’t heard it, but Ning Cheng almost stumbled. This was the voice of the broadcast, he definitely did not hear it wrong, this was definitely the voice of the broadcast.

“What are you standing there for?” Ji Luofei turned around and asked when she saw where Ning Cheng was standing and froze.

“This is the radio?” Ning Cheng muttered as he stood frozen in place, as if he had once again returned to the place where he once lived. If he was not on Earth, where did the broadcast come from?

This was a magical place where one could cultivate and cast all kinds of spells. But if Ning Cheng had to choose, he would rather he was still on Earth. At least there was still his sister there, and there was a loved one there.