Creation Gate Chapter 58

Chemical Continent.

Among the three lower continents of the Yixing Continent, the Hua Continent had the most abundant spiritual energy. If it were not for the endless mountain ranges separating the Hwa Continent from the Jia Continent, and the fact that these mountains have split some of the spiritual veins of the Hwa Continent, the Hwa Continent could even be cla*sified as an intermediate continent.

The most powerful people in the Continent are not the six true kingdoms, nor are they the uncountable clans. Rather, it is the five five-star academies, which are beyond the True Nations in the Continent. Even the most powerful True Country on the Continent would not dare to do anything to the Five Star Academies.

If the Five Star Academies were excluded, the most famous ones in the Continent would be the Six Great True Kingdoms, followed by the Seven Great Clans, which are not weaker than the Six Great True Kingdoms.

Although the Shui family was one of the seven great families in the Continent, it was surpa*sed by the rest of the families because it had a Xuan Dan realm cultivator. Even in the Eastern Lan Zhen Kingdom, it was a transcendent existence.

In the lower continents, only the Five Star Academy and individual True Nations had Xuan Dan realm cultivators. The Shui Family, as a family, had produced a Xuan Dan realm cultivator, and that was the first one that deserved to be there. If the overall strength of the Shui Family wasn’t relatively poor, the Shui Family would be completely on par with the True Country.

At this moment, at the Shui Family’s family a*sembly, a middle-aged man was scolding a youth beside him. The youth, who was already at Condensed True cultivation, just kept his head down and let the scolding go on, but he just didn’t speak up.

The Shui Family’s Family a*sembly was mandatory for all elders to attend, and these elders would all bring one or two of their best children to the a*sembly. The middle-aged man who was berating the youth was called Shui Gao Yuan, the Shui Family’s Yuan Building Elder, and the one he was berating was none other than one of his best sons, Shui Feng Qi. At less than thirty, he was already at the fourth level of True Condensation cultivation.

The youth was finally a little impatient with the rebuke and suddenly raised his head and said loudly, “That Ji Luofei is simply disfigured, why must I marry her? Even a random woman would be a hundred times better than her.”

When the middle-aged man heard his son dare to retort to him, he immediately stood up and said angrily, “What do you know, Ji Luofei wasn’t born ugly, once she regains her looks, how many people in Meteorite Academy do you think can compare to her? It’s hard to regain her looks in the Chemical Continent, but in the Intermediate Continent, it’s as easy as pie, you idiot.”

At this moment, the old man sitting at the top waved his hand and spoke out to interrupt the middle-aged man’s anger, “Gao Yuan, you should stop scolding Feng Qi, young people always have their own ideas. That Ji Luofei must be a bit ugly since she was disfigured.”

When the middle-aged man heard this old man’s words, he did not dare to continue and hurriedly sat down. This was Shui Chenghua, the head of the Shui Family, who was already at the early Xuan Liquid cultivation stage. In the Shui Family, apart from that Xuan Dan realm Tai Shang Elder who was always in seclusion, the words of the Shui Family’s family head were never unanimous.

“Shui Yu is willing to take Ji Luofei as his wife, please also ask the family head to make a decision for me.” At this moment, sitting not far below the Water Family Head, a young man took the initiative to stand up and bowed and said.

“You are willing to marry that Ji Luofei? You don’t mind that she’s disfigured?” Shui Chenghua, the family head of the Shui Family, asked with a mixture of doubt and astonishment.

Without waiting for Shui Yu to speak, a man sitting opposite Shui Yu also stood up and said, “Family head, Shui Yu is the most highly qualified disciple of my Shui Family and has an unlimited future, how can he marry that disfigured Ji Luo Fei?”

After saying that, he turned his head and said to Shui Fengqi in a serious tone, “Shui Yu, your father is away and you can’t be so nonsensical.”

Shui Yu also bent his waist respectfully to the man who spoke, and then said solemnly, “I am not impulsive, I have long had the idea of marrying Concubine Ji Luo. Ji Luofei’s qualifications are not much worse than mine, and I believe that if she can come to my Shui family, she will only be good for my Shui family in the future, not bad in any way. As for looks, I don’t care very much.”

A young man sitting at the bottom of the table immediately clenched his fist when he heard these words from Shui Yu. Originally, he wanted to marry Ji Luofei, but he did not expect that Shui Yu had taken precedence. At this moment, Shui Yu had already spoken, so even though he liked Ji Luofei, he did not dare to stand out and grab her from Shui Yu.

Only he knew that not a single word of what Shui Yu said was credible, and that Shui Yu was completely interested in Ji Luo Fei’s beauty and stunning style. That’s right, beauty. Although Ji Luofei was disfigured, her unparalleled figure was unforgettable. Once she regained her looks, she would be absolutely unmatched. Not to mention that Ji Luofei’s qualifications were so outstanding, if she became his wife, he would definitely be able to borrow her strength in the future.

Unfortunately, not all Shui Clan disciples were as blind as Shui Fengqi, and he was not the only one who could see that Ji Luofei was good.

“But, I heard that Gui Luofei has an aunt, Gui Yaohe. Cheng Zhou, you go and find Ji Yaohe and propose a marriage for Shui Yu. Remember to bring the sincerity of my Shui family, you must not neglect others just because that Ji Luo Fei is disfigured.” When Shui Chenghua heard Shui Yu’s words, he looked extremely happy. He felt satisfied that the Shui family had such an excellent and considerate disciple. He had not met that Ji Yaohe, but had only heard that Ji Luofei’s qualifications were excellent at Meteorite Academy. The only regret was that Ji Luofei had been disfigured.

“Yes, Family Head.” An extremely tough looking man stood up and bowed in response.


At this time, Ning Cheng had already entered the Daan Forest for almost a month or so, and according to Ning Cheng’s estimation, he had travelled almost half of the distance in this month or so.

After walking in the Da’an Forest for over a month, Ning Cheng had a much deeper understanding of the Da’an Forest. He was glad that he had gotten a map, if he didn’t have a map, he wouldn’t have to say that he was lost in the Daan Forest, or he would have died in the mouth of a high level demonic beast.

Even if he had the map, he had almost been taken out by high-level demonic beasts several times. During this journey, he didn’t know how many ghastly white bones he had seen. These white bones were not only those of some demonic beasts, but also those of many humans. It was evident how many people had died in the Great An Forest since the beginning of time.

But his harvest was no less, not only did he find hundreds of first-grade spirit herbs, he also found a dozen second-grade spirit herbs. What surprised him most was that he had obtained a Grade 4 Neon Light Gra*s, and on the contrary, he had not seen a single Grade 3 Spirit Gra*s.

Although Ning Cheng did not know how to make pills, he was familiar with some spirit herbs. The Neiguang gra*s was a good thing that could repair a cultivator’s Dan Lake, and it could also be used to refine the Xuanni Pill. Of course refining the Xuan Ni Pill was a bit too outrageous, after all, the Xuan Ni Pill was a rank four pill, and a master alchemist who could refine a rank four pill was not something that Ning Cheng could know.

Walking in a place like the Great An Forest, one could indeed occasionally obtain such a chance, but more often than not, one would be carrying one’s head in one’s hands. Even though Ning Cheng could fly on his sword, he did not dare to fly even ten metres. To fly in this place would be to die faster.

Not only could he not fly, he also had to be as cautious as possible when walking. It was with this caution that Ning Cheng walked through almost half of the distance.

However, in the last two days, Ning Cheng had felt that something was wrong. Not only had he not met a single demonic beast, he had not even seen a low level beast. There was dead silence all around, and if he did not have a clear map, he would have even thought that he had taken the wrong path.

Ning Cheng’s walking speed slowed down, and after another half a day, when a burst of searing heat hit his face, Ning Cheng saw the scene in front of him and froze in his tracks.

An area in front of him, which was at least tens of miles in circumference, had now completely turned into criss-crossing gullies, without a single tree.

Inside the Da’an Forest, although there were some open areas, there had never been a place like the one in front of him, where all the gullies were crisscrossed and no trees could be seen.

It should not be said that there was not a single tree, Ning Cheng also saw some broken trees scattered in the gullies.

A harsh murderous aura escaped from these gullies, which still caused Ning Cheng to feel a burst of discomfort.

What a terrifying battle scene, Ning Cheng could see that this was a place where two human high rankers were fighting. Previously, when he had gone to the Mango Sea with Feng Fei Zhang, he had met two experts fighting on the way. But that kind of battle was nothing compared to the kind of battle in front of him, it was simply too big to be compared.

Ning Cheng did not dare to go straight through this battlefield, even though this battlefield had been there for many days, he could still feel a burst of murderous aura filling the air. This was still at the edge of the battlefield, once he entered the battlefield, this killing aura would definitely become stronger and stronger, whether he could withstand it or not was still a different story.

Ning Cheng was just about to carefully bypa*s this terrifying place of battle in front of him when a gun hilt that was exposed to the ground made him stop.