Creation Gate Chapter 54

Ning Cheng ignored this fellow who was testing his spiritual roots, it was simply a waste of spittle to discern with such people.

This Spiritual Root Test guy obviously did not stop there, still chattering behind Ning Cheng’s back, “Still think you are the Yue siblings, bah!”

“Having two geniuses like Yue Yuanhua and Yue Ying in the entire Ping Continent is already unbelievable, right? How can there be a third, you’re inappropriate for example.” Someone next to him immediately retorted.

Ning Cheng was not in the mood to listen to this person’s nonsense and quickened his steps to exit the Spiritual Root Test Hall.

Ming Pu Square was becoming more and more crowded, and more people had already entered Ming Xin Academy. Ning Cheng followed the crowd to the entrance of Ming Xin Academy, only to find that these people were just grabbing the wooden cards in their hands and no one was checking them. He was just thinking that he didn’t need a wooden tag at all to enter Ming Xin Academy when he saw a few people being bounced directly at the gate and flying out.

“How dare you enter Ming Xin Academy without a wooden tag, get lost.” One of the guards guarding the entrance to the academy sneered and scolded.

Only then did Ning Cheng understand that there was a formation at the entrance of this academy. He picked up the wooden token he was holding and looked at it, and it was indeed a simplest formation entry flag. This simple formation flag of his had four thin lines engraved on it, which must mean that he had four branched spiritual roots.

Ming Xin Academy did not look any bigger than Cang Qin Academy, and when Ning Cheng entered the academy, he immediately felt the difference between this place and Cang Qin Academy. The spirit energy here was quite a bit thicker than that of Cang Qin Academy, and it looked like there should be a spirit gathering formation on the periphery of Ming Xin Academy. The spiritual energy from a large area around Nan Yuan City had been absorbed in by Ming Xin Academy.

This kind of student selection event was often seen in any academy, it was just that Ming Xin Academy’s scale was larger this time. Ning Cheng had the experience of attending once, and had squeezed himself into a corner early on. He just had to see if An Yi was okay. On such an occasion, with a spiritual root like An Yi’s, she was definitely qualified to appear.

With so many people crammed into the immense square, Ning Cheng would not even need to conceal himself, and absolutely no one would notice him.

At the same time, Ning Cheng also noticed that there were three empty spaces in front of the podium of the Ming Xin Academy square, which were divided according to three different coloured coloured lines. All the people who came to the square stood outside the three coloured lines, none dared to stand within the coloured lines in front of the podium.

Ning Cheng reckoned that this was another rule that he did not know about, but it was good that he, like many others, was not here for the selection. There would always be no problem standing along with the majority of people.

After waiting for more than half an hour, people went up on the podium one after another. Ning Cheng soon saw Lan Yingyue, who was walking in the middle, indicating that her status in Ming Xin Academy was only moderate.

Walking at the front was a grey-clad, square-faced man with a rude and reckless look. Ning Cheng knew that this was definitely superficial. For this man to be walking at the front, he might be the president of Ming Xin Academy. Beside him was an extremely elegant middle-aged man, and in Ning Cheng’s opinion, both of them had cultivations far beyond Lan Yingyue.

After the podium had been filled, Ning Cheng frowned, he did not see An Yi. Despite this, Ning Cheng was not yet anxious. This was because he hadn’t seen the rest of the students either, and he hadn’t seen the student with the Golden Spiritual Root last time either.

After all the people had sat down, the one who stood out to speak was surprisingly Lan Yingyue. Lan Yingyue walked to the front of the podium and swept the densely packed people in the square before she said in a crisp voice, “I believe that the most outstanding people in the entire Ping Chau are all gathered here with us at this time. I’m sure many of you already know that this time it’s not my Bright Heart Academy that is enrolling alone. That’s right, this time, our Brightheart Academy is enrolling for the Five Star Academy in Hua Continent ……”

Even though many of the people who came here already knew that it was the Five Star Academy of the Chemical Continent that wanted people, now that they heard Lan Yingyue confirm it once again, the crowd was still enthusiastic, as if they were about to be selected to go to the Chemical Continent.

When the noise from below faded a little, Lan Yingyue then said again, “Because the Five Star Academy is incredibly strict in recruiting disciples, not only do they need to have excellent spiritual roots, but they also need to be strong. Although all the people who come here are the best of the best from our Ping Continent, only fifty of them can go to the Hua Continent. Those who can truly be selected by the Five Star Academy may not even be ten.”

All of them knew that this was the reality, if the Five Star Academy in the Huazhou Continent was so easy to get into, then it wouldn’t be called the Five Star Academy.

“But everyone shouldn’t be discouraged, my Ping Continent has a great population and it’s not like there aren’t any top-notch outstanding disciples. There are also several three-star academies in Ping Chau, but I’m sure that none of them are as powerful as our Ming Xin Academy. This is because we have already found four disciples with pure spiritual roots, which also includes two disciples with primary alien spiritual roots. Even the five-star academies in the Hua Continent wouldn’t dare to say that they have two disciples with primary allopathic spiritual roots …….”

Lan Yingyue’s words once again caused a stir, with all kinds of emotions, envious and jealous ……

“In that case then when the Ming Xin Academy selects, then isn’t it enough to select a maximum of forty-six?”

“Forty-six? Don’t dream about it. Apart from these few pure spirit-rooted disciples, there are also ten core disciples in Ming Xin Academy, and apart from the ten core disciples, there are also some disciples who are also highly qualified. It’s already not bad for us to have thirty places to run for.”

All sorts of chatter rose up, no one thought that with so many people competing for fifty places, even without those few pure spirit roots, whether it would be their turn.

“Everyone be quiet, this time, apart from choosing fifty people to go to the Chemical Continent, our Bright Heart Academy also needs to recruit students. We are recruiting a thousand students this time, so everyone has a chance.”

The square was once again incomparably silent, and all the people were thinking in their hearts that even if they didn’t have the chance to go to the five-star academy in the Chemical Continent, it would still be good to stay at the Bright Heart three-star academy.

“Please ask those who have primary spiritual roots and no more than three branched spiritual roots to step inside the first coloured line.”

Immediately after Lan Yingyue finished speaking, nearly three thousand or so people entered within the first coloured line. Only then did Ning Cheng understand what that coloured line was for, it turned out to be for the selection of students.

“Those who did not enter the first coloured line should not worry, there will be a supplementary selection later. Now please ask those whose primary spiritual root is yellow and has reached five feet to walk within the second coloured line again.”

Lan Yingyue didn’t forget to comfort most of the students who had come to Ming Xin Academy to participate in the selection, some of these students had been gone for almost half a year and would definitely be upset if they didn’t even get the chance to be selected.

Only a mere hundred or so of the three thousand students within the first coloured line walked within the second coloured line. Ning Cheng did breathe a sigh of relief, even though he did not have a primary spiritual root, his four branch spiritual roots were over four feet.

Ning Cheng was no longer interested in watching the later selection, he knew that there was still a process to this selection, at this moment most of the people in Ming Xin Academy were watching the selection of disciples, it was the right time for him to go and look for An Yi.

Ning Cheng carefully squeezed out of the crowd and slowly left the big selection square.


Most of the people from Ming Xin Academy had indeed already gone to the academy square, Ning Cheng was so far away from the academy square that he hadn’t met a single person.

Ning Cheng was happy in his heart and was thinking of which direction he should go to find An Yi when suddenly a gaze, if any, swept past him. This gaze carried a hint of cold killing intent, causing Ning Cheng’s body to almost stiffen.

In just an instant, Ning Cheng understood what was going on, while cursing himself for his stupidity. This was not a gaze at all, this was divine sense. This was the Bright Heart Three Star Academy, and there were obviously Yuan Establishment cultivators. A Yuan Establishment cultivator’s divine sense could be radiated outwards, and the fact that he alone did not go to the academy’s square at this time, but instead appeared in this place, was already suspicious.

The reason why Ji Luofei’s aunt was able to find him and Ji Luofei in the first place was not because of luck, but because her aunt was a Zhuyuan cultivator and her divine sense could extend out a long distance.

Just when Ning Cheng was extremely anxious, a girl wearing a pink dress and with a cultivation level of the sixth Qi gathering layer came from afar. Ning Cheng greeted her without even half a second thought and said with a surprised face, “Senior sister, I really didn’t expect to find you here.”

The girl obviously did not expect someone to suddenly stop her, and she looked at Ning Cheng, whom she did not know, and was somewhat dazed.

Ning Cheng hurriedly said, “Senior sister, I am Ning Xiaocheng of the Pill Liquid Division. I saw you once from afar last time, and it has been hard to forget. This time, our Bright Heart Academy is taking students with excellent qualifications to the Continent of Transformation, and I didn’t see Senior Sister at the square. So I’m afraid that if Senior Sister is going to the Harmonised Continent, I won’t even have the chance to talk to you in the future, so I’ve brazenly come to find Senior Sister.”

After Ning Cheng finished these words without a red face, he realized that the girl in front of him was surprisingly not unsightly. Not only was it not ugly, her face was flushed and her eyes even had a hint of spring in them.

“Ah ……” This red-skirted girl did not seem to have thought that she was also secretly crushed by a handsome man. Although she did not know Ning Cheng, that kind of Ning Cheng’s words made her feel a sense of satisfaction. The main thing was that this very durable handsome guy was also from the Pill Liquid Division.

“Actually, I still don’t know what Senior Sister’s name is.” As Ning Cheng said these words, he felt that divine sense behind him still surrounding him.

Ning Cheng secretly said in his heart that it was a fluke, if he hadn’t gotten the help of the Xuanhuang Pearl, or there would have been no way to know that someone was sweeping him with divine sense.

“My name is Su Zhu, are you really from the Pill Liquid Division?” The redness on the red-skirted woman’s face had instead faded a little, but the springiness in the corners of her eyes was still there. However, the tone of the words had been tinged with some surprise, letting people know right away that the Pill Liquid Division was in high demand.

In Ming Xin Academy, Ning Cheng only knew of one Pill Liquid Division. Otherwise, he would definitely not have said that he was in the Pill Liquid Division. Now that Su Zhu asked about it, he hurriedly said affirmatively, “Of course I am, I have a very good relationship with Senior Brother Yin Wenguang and have received many pointers from Senior Brother Wenguang.”

“You really have a good relationship with Senior Brother Wenguang?” At this moment, Su Zhu’s expression was no longer as simple as surprise, it even carried some flattery. A character like Ning Cheng had a secret crush on her.

Ning Cheng immediately said, “Yes, my qualifications are rather average, and I was afraid that you had left Ming Xin Academy, so I came to look for you in a hurry. But it’s really fate, I didn’t expect to see you here.”

Su Zhu looked around and suddenly whispered to Ning Cheng, “I can’t be selected up even with my qualifications, why don’t we go to where I live and talk.”

After saying that, Su Zhu actually took the initiative to pull Ning Cheng’s hand.

Ning Cheng did not expect there to be such an active girl, this was too easy**. The good thing that relieved him was that the divine sense behind him, if any, had finally disappeared.