Creation Gate Chapter 537

Ning Cheng had wanted to go and purchase a map of the Ordinary Desolate Domain, but he didn’t have the chance to do so, the cultivators participating in the Time Desolate Domain Trials were going to board the warship now.

The Time Desolate Domain was not on the Man Lun Star Continent, and it was impossible to set up a transmission array, so they had to be sent there by battleship.

The battleship took hundreds of thousands of cultivators who had entered the Time Desolate Domain trial and penetrated out of the Manlun Starland, spending just half a day before stopping at an empty starry sky beyond.

Ning Cheng’s divine sense had already sensed that the space here was extremely unstable, no wonder there was no way to set up a transmission array. A ripple-shaped entrance was right in front of the battleship, and Ning Cheng did not need to guess to know that this entrance should be the entrance to the Time Desolate Domain.

The Man Lun Emperor attached great importance to this trial, not only did he personally lead the team over, he also made a point of reminding them when they reached the entrance, “My geniuses of the Man Lun Starry Sky, the entrance to the Time Desolate Domain is only open for thirty-six hours, if we lose this opportunity, the next time we wait for the Time Desolate Domain to open, there is no telling when it will be.

Ten years later, a temporary plaza will be set up here, and as long as the geniuses who can come out, they will all appear in this temporary astral plaza. Now, everyone seize the time to enter the Desolate Domain, and I would like to wish all the participating geniuses a lucky return.”

“Man Lun is immortal, the Great Emperor is eternal!” The excited participating cultivators shouted.

The battleship ban opened wide, and numerous cultivators leapt into the entrance, dropping into it and disappearing as if they were dumplings.

: “Senior Brother Ning, let’s go in as well.” Ruan Mingshu, who was standing beside Ning Cheng, said in a small voice.

“Good, Senior Sister Ningshu, do you have an ordinary map of the Time Desolate Domain?” Ning Cheng asked with a just-in-case scenario in mind.

“There is. You didn’t even buy this?” Despite being a little surprised. Ruan Mingshu still took out a map jade slip and handed it to Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng was overjoyed. Accepting the jade slip, he said, “Many thanks.”

Ruan Mingshu smiled and took the first step to fly into the entrance of the Desolate Domain. Zhaoyan Xiang swept a glance at Ning Cheng, the murderous intent in the corner of his eyes faded away without moving, and followed Ruan Mingshu into the Time Desolate Domain.

Ning Cheng saw Tang Yu, but not Shen Qin Yu. He knew that Shen Qingyu’s appearance changed a lot, so it was possible that she was right beside him. He did not continue to use his divine sense to sweep, and followed the many cultivators who also flew into the entrance of the Desolate Domain.


A great whirling force swept Ning Cheng away. At this moment Ning Cheng could not even exist in his thoughts, everything about him turned blank.

He did not know how long it took, but his feet became solid, and even with his strong cultivation of the middle stage of Nian Xing, he could not help but stagger. An aura of vicissitudes to the extreme came from all around him, Ning Cheng then felt that he was standing in the middle of a vortex of fading life, his life seemed to be passing away, and there was only a sense of panic and fear in his heart.

Ning Cheng settled his mind and steadied his thoughts. Perhaps anyone who could feel their life passing would also be in this state, right?

The surroundings were barren. There was no light, no water. There was no life, no spiritual plants. There was only a colour that could not be described as a colour that seemed grey and dull, and seemed to carry a very strange hint of colour. This was the colour of time, Ning Cheng had no reason to come up with such a thought.

Time had no colour, but he felt that this was the colour of time.

After taking a deep breath, Ning Cheng quickly left the distance. Hundreds of thousands of people had entered the Time Desolate Domain and he hadn’t seen a single person. It was evident that this Time Desolate Domain would definitely not be small, not only that, even with his astral sea of consciousness, his divine sense swept out and was only about a hundred miles in circumference.

A day later, Ning Cheng stopped in the middle of a withered thorn forest. There was finally a bit of colour here, at least the light was much brighter. There were also many plants, although they were all dead.

Finding a secluded place in the thorn forest, Ning Cheng took out three payments of maps.

Two of the maps were given to him by Ruan Mingshu, one was the map of the Ruan family, and the other was one that could be purchased on the streets all over Man Lun Starland. The third map was one that Ning Cheng himself had purchased at an auction for 110 million green coins, the wrongful way.

Ning Cheng compared the two maps of Ruan Mingshu and they were indeed very different. Although both of them were jade slip maps, the Ruan family’s map not only had more places marked on it, the territory was also more than twice as large.

Upon further inspection of the map he had purchased at the auction, it was not a jade brief map, but a leather scroll map made of some unknown material. The things marked on the leather scroll map were similar to an ordinary jade brief map, and even the picture was a little more crude.

Ning Cheng shook his head, he wasn’t so angry about the 100 million green coins. There were so many people at the auction and he was the only one who had been cheated, this was also bullying him for not knowing what he was doing.

Ning Cheng was about to put this leather scroll map away when suddenly a bright spot appeared on the leather scroll. Ning Cheng was sure that this bright spot was not there when he had just taken it out, which made him stop putting away the map.

Soon Ning Cheng discovered that this bright spot was actually a directional indication, pointing in a fixed direction.

Was this really a different map? Ning Cheng’s heart rose in surprise. He guessed that this map in his hand was most likely the one that Fu Shoukeng was looking for.

Ning Cheng knew that his cultivation level was slightly inferior, and he had originally planned to find a place to retreat for a while to see if he could raise his cultivation level a bit before going to look for Ruan Mingshu. Now that he had found this map with directional instructions, Ning Cheng immediately gave up his seclusion.

No matter who had left this map and what place it pointed to, he was going to check it out.

Ning Cheng did not know just how big this Time Desolate Domain was, but he had followed this indication light dot for several days and had not met a single person.

The surroundings were nothing but desolate, still desolate, no wonder it was called the Desolate Domain.

After these days of walking in the Time Desolate Domain, Ning Cheng was much more accustomed to it than when he had just entered and faced the trepidation of his life passing away.

On the twelfth day, Ning Cheng stopped by a dried up well. It was strange that there was a well in the Time Desolate Domain, after all, wells could only be seen in the mundane world, and what was even stranger was that the well was shallow. Even without using his divine sense, he could see the bottom of the well with his gaze with the help of the grey light around him, and there was nothing else inside except for a few stones and some broken soil.

Ning Cheng opened the leather scroll map and compared it with the map, and yes, the place indicated by the light dots on this leather scroll map was the bottom of this well. He carefully searched the bottom of the well with his divine sense, but found nothing.

Ning Cheng did not believe that anyone would be so bored as to create such a map to poke fun at others. Thinking of this, Ning Cheng simply put away the map and jumped into the well.

After falling into the well, Ning Cheng knew that something was wrong. This well was definitely not more than three metres, no matter whether one used their divine sense or their gaze. However, after he jumped in, the well was like a bottomless pit, causing him to sink and sink again, and the speed of sinking was getting faster and faster.

Ning Cheng was horrified in his heart, if this continued, wouldn’t he be dropped to his death?

However, even if Ning Cheng tried his best to operate his Star Energy, it was useless as his falling speed continued to get faster and faster. Horrified, Ning Cheng frantically waved his Heavenly Cloud Twin Wings.

To Ning Cheng’s relief, although his waving of the Heavenly Cloud Wings still did not stop his falling form, it made the speed stop increasing and even slowly slowed down.

Just when Ning Cheng wanted to increase his speed and swing his Heavenly Cloud Twin Wings, his legs made a crunching sound. At this moment, he landed at the bottom of the well.

Ning Cheng sucked in a breath, fortunately he had the Heavenly Cloud Twin Wings and fortunately he was a God Body Refiner, otherwise he would have become a Starry Sky Cultivator who would have been dropped to his death.

Without bothering about his broken leg, Ning Cheng’s divine sense immediately swept out. All around him were all sorts of skeletons, and because of the fluctuations in the air currents driven by his fall, these skeletons, which originally seemed to be unharmed, instantly turned into flying ashes.

When he looked up again, how could he still see the mouth of the well? Even his divine sense could not scan the wellhead. Ning Cheng sucked in a cold breath, what kind of place was this?

The dense starry sky Yuan Qi around him made Ning Cheng slightly relieved, at least this place was fine for cultivation. As long as he could cultivate, he had the Heavenly Cloud Twin Wings, so he could climb up there after all.

Unexpectedly, just after entering the Time Desolate Domain, he had fallen into such a terrifying dry well.


To Ning Cheng, breaking his legs was not a very serious injury. With his Star Yuan running, it only took half a pillar of time for his injuries to fully recover.

Ning Cheng stood up and looked around at the bottom of this well, which was not very big, about three feet in circumference. The skeletons of some fallen cultivators were scattered everywhere, and with just the drive of his footsteps, these skeletons would turn into flying ashes. As for the rings, Ning Cheng did not see any of them.

After wandering around for half a day, Ning Cheng found a hidden formation gate at a corner. The formation door was not complicated and Ning Cheng easily opened it and walked in. It was a small stone house with a futon in the middle of it, other than that, there was nothing else.

Ning Cheng’s divine sense grabbed it across the air, but surprisingly, he did not pick up the futon.

What kind of futon was this? With doubts, Ning Cheng walked over to this futon, bent down and grabbed it again with his hand. A dense starry sky Yuan Qi instantly filled his entire body, and the unrestrained relief made the feeling of life passing away disappear without a trace.

Good stuff, Ning Cheng rose in surprise. Ever since his cultivation level had advanced to Nian Xing, he hadn’t had this feeling for a long time. If he cultivated on top of this kind of futon, his cultivation would definitely drift up.

The slow progress of his cultivation had made Ning Cheng feel deeply the hardship of survival. Now that there was this kind of good place to cultivate, how could he miss it? After his divine sense checked that there was nothing wrong with the futon, Ning Cheng did not hesitate half a second to run Xuan Huang Wu Xiang on top of this futon and start cultivating.

The incomparably dense starry sky Yuan Qi almost turned into substance and gushed out from the futon, completely enveloping Ning Cheng at this moment!