Creation Gate Chapter 51

Ning Cheng walked out of the Flying Swallow Pill Pavilion, and he did not dare to take out the Golden Cicada Fruit. From that fellow’s mouth he already knew that even if he had a Golden Cicada Fruit, it would be difficult to obtain a Qi Gathering Pill. To take a step back, even if he could exchange the Golden Cicada Fruit for a Qi Gathering Pill, he would still have to go through the Bright Heart Academy. Ning Cheng was not brain-dead, would he do such a thing?

If this was the case with the Flying Swallow Pill Pavilion, there was no need to go to the rest of the Pill Pavilions at all, it must be the same. It looked like even if he had the Golden Cicada Fruit, it would not be an easy task to obtain a Qi Gathering Pill.

Because of the experience of the Feiyan Dan Pill Pavilion, Ning Cheng decided to look for a more ordinary Alchemy Pavilion. He had no intention of taking out his Jiao Horn, he wanted to sell the one scimitar magic weapon in his hand and exchange it for a needle magic treasure.

Ning Cheng obviously didn’t know much about smithing, and he searched for a whole half day when it was getting late, but he couldn’t find a place that specialized in smithing. At most, there were only some merchant buildings that sold weapons and low level magic weapons, these places could also refine weapons, but they were all ordinary fixed magic weapons, such as the kind of magic weapon Ning Cheng requested, that could never be refined.

This made Ning Cheng very disappointed, he even thought of refining his own artifacts, but then he thought of the Qi Gathering Pill and couldn’t help but feel a little discouraged. If everyone was like him, if they didn’t have pills to refine themselves and magic weapons to refine themselves, this cultivation would be too easy. Nan Yuan City would not be so difficult to find a person who could refine weapons.

It is because neither alchemy nor weapon refining is simple to learn, or even requires a lifetime of learning, that alchemists and weapon refiners are so rare in Southern Plains City. Even if there were a few who could alchemise or refine weapons, they would not stay in this part of Pingzhou.

Ning Cheng had already decided to give up on alchemy, wait to go back to the Rest Inn to rest for a day, and then go to Ming Xin Academy to inquire if he could meet An Yi. If he could meet An Yi earlier, he would leave Southern Plains City sooner.

“Friend, please stay.” As Ning Cheng was preparing to return to the Rest Inn, he was suddenly called by someone.

Ning Cheng stopped and turned around to see a short, thin, lewd middle-aged man, while his cultivation level was not weak, he was already at the third level of Qi gathering.

“You called for me?” Ning Cheng asked in a deep voice, he seemed to have met this fellow once, but could not remember in which shop he had met him. He had run to many shops in order to find a place to refine weapons.

“My name is Ge Chang, is my friend looking for a custom-made magic weapon?” This short, thin, middle-aged man gave Ning Cheng a fist clasp and said with a hint of a questioning tone.

Despite the fact that this guy’s name was the complete opposite of his looks, Ning Cheng did not find it funny, instead he frowned a little and said in a cold voice, “So you’re following me?”

Ge Chang hurriedly waved his hand and said, “My friend, don’t misunderstand, I, Ge Chang, am a dignified figure in Southern Plains City, how could I follow you? It’s because many cultivators have recently come to Southern Plains City and are unable to find a place to refine weapons, and it just so happens that I know a master refiner. I’ve already helped many people out, so if you want, I can take you to that master artifact refiner.”

Only then did Ning Cheng understand, so this guy was hustling around for business and was specifically lurking outside some artifact pavilions on guard. At the same time, Ning Cheng was secretly wary in his heart, he had been followed by a Qi gathering fourth layer for so long without even knowing it.

Ning Cheng was quite relieved about the order of Southern Plains City, at least he hadn’t seen Mango City or Cang Le City here.

Besides, this person was only at the third level of Qi gathering, which was similar to the cultivation level he had shown, thinking of this, Ning Cheng nodded, “Yes, how much do you need to pay?”

Ning Cheng had come from Earth, of course he knew that there was no free lunch in the world, this Ge Chang had taken the initiative to come to him, he must have wanted to earn a little, he would definitely not come to do a good deed for no reason.

When Ge Chang heard Ning Cheng’s words, he immediately gave a thumbs up and said, “Friend is the most refreshing person I have ever met, dry and crisp. You will definitely not lose out, this master can be said to be the most powerful alchemist in the entire Southern Plains City ……”

Ning Cheng directly interrupted Ge Chang’s words, “Name a price to take me there, as for the rest, it’s not very important.”

Ning Cheng was not going to believe what this Ge Chang said about the most powerful words, if that artifact refining master was really the most powerful, there would be no need for people like Ge Chang to come around and pull business. If there was such a powerful artifact refining master, in this part of Southern Plains City, the most luxurious artifact refining building would have been purchased long ago.

The good thing was that he just needed to be able to refine a fine needle that matched his idea, and he didn’t care whether the quality was good or bad. In this part of Southern Plains City, it would be more appropriate to dream of refining a top-quality magic weapon.

Seeing that Ning Cheng was not interested in talking to him more, Ge Chang said somewhat sarcastically, “Because this master artifact refiner does not like to be disturbed by others and is a truly high ranking person, the price I want might be higher, it needs two lower grade spirit stones ……”

Ning Cheng laughed coldly, “You want two lower grade spirit stones for taking me to a place for smithing, after this year, wouldn’t you be one of the richest people in the entire Southern Plains City? If spirit stones were so easy to earn, why would I need to go to the Great An Forest to fight for my life? Go find a patron who has two spirit stones, I’m poor and don’t have any.”

Ning Cheng finished his sentence, turned around and left. Two spirit stones were already a great fortune in Southern Plains City, even if Ning Cheng could afford to pay these two spirit stones, he would not be this ingrate. The core disciples of Ming Xin Academy, Lu Xue and Le Bo Hong, were only rewarded with one spirit stone per month. They would also need to go out and fight for themselves to get the extra spirit stones.

“Wait, how about giving ten Qi gathering stones as well.” When Ge Chang saw that Ning Cheng was simply ignoring him, he hastily called out to Ning Cheng, and the price immediately dropped by dozens of times.

Ning Cheng did have a few dozen Qi gathering stones on him, they were all some spoils of war, they were not of much use to him, they contained too many impurities. Plus Ning Cheng really wanted to find a refiner to refine a magic treasure, so he did not bother with this Ge Chang this time, taking out ten Qi gathering stones from inside his parcel and throwing them to Ge Chang, “Lead the way.”

Ge Chang received the Qi gathering stones and was overjoyed in his heart, he was only asking for a price, but he never thought that Ning Cheng would really give him ten Qi gathering stones.

“Friend, please follow me.” Ge Chang became extremely enthusiastic all of a sudden. With a very polite hand, he then led the way first.

Ning Cheng followed closely behind Ge Chang, while also carefully watching out for the surroundings.

Ge Chang turned around seven times and led Ning Cheng for nearly half an hour, turning through dozens of streets of all sizes and entering a residential area. When they arrived here, there were already fewer people around, and even only one or two ordinary idlers could be seen in the whole street.

Just when Ning Cheng was a little impatient, Ge Chang drilled into a small alley while stopping in front of a low bungalow and said, “This is it, this master is a little eccentric in temper, whether he is willing to help you refine your weapons or not, I don’t know. I have brought you here, go in yourself, I will not go.”

After explaining to Ning Cheng, Ge Chang also called out to the inside of this bungalow, “Master Gongsun, I have found another business for you to come.”

After saying this, Ge Chang hurriedly turned around and fled, disappearing from this small alleyway in the blink of an eye.

Ning Cheng knew that he was afraid that he had been tricked, this small alleyway was simply a place where ordinary mortals lived, how could there be a master artifact refiner? If there really was a master artificer, how could this Ge Chang have escaped? It was a good thing that he had only given ten Qi gathering stones.

Whether it was true or not, Ning Cheng still pushed the door and walked in.

The inside of the room was very dark, and even with Ning Cheng’s gaze, he could only vaguely see the things inside the room. The interior was simply furnished, with only a table and two chairs, apart from that, there was nothing else.

There was a room on the left and right of the room, the room on the right was closed, but the room on the left was lit up.

“Excuse me, is there anyone there?” Ning Cheng called out.

After a long time, there was no answer. Ning Cheng walked to the door of the room on the left and pushed it with his hand, only to find that the room was simply hidden.

Only after entering the room did Ning Cheng see that there was actually someone inside the room. Not only was there someone, but it was also an old woman with a head full of white hair.

This old woman had her back to him, and in front of her was a furnace with a flame above it. But this furnace was not some kind of smithing furnace, but an ordinary and unusual household furnace. On top of the cooker was a round pot, and inside the pot there was no telling what was cooking.

At this moment, the old woman seemed to be unaware that Ning Cheng had already entered the room, as she raised her hand to uncover the pot, and a fragrance of vegetables came to her nose. Ning Cheng shook his head somewhat speechlessly, this was simply an ordinary mortal’s home, and people were cooking.

“Sorry, granny, I’ve found the wrong place.” After saying that, Ning Cheng hurriedly took a step back out.

But Ning Cheng soon entered the room again, and he found something wrong, this room did not even have a window, this old crone was burning the cooker inside, and he surprisingly did not smell a bit of smoke.

Because he did not smell smoke, Ning Cheng remembered that this cooker did not seem to have any burning material. This was definitely unusual, he did not believe that an ordinary, unusual person could burn a cooker without using charcoal.

Sure enough, when Ning Cheng entered the room again, he saw it even more clearly. The cooker was indeed devoid of burning matter, and the flame still carried a hint of spirituality. Ning Cheng’s senses were immensely powerful, and he knew at first glance that the flame was not ordinary firewood.

“Having heard that senior is a master smith, junior has come here to ask for senior’s help in smithing a magic weapon. Please understand for disturbing senior’s meditation.” After Ning Cheng discovered that this flame was unusual, he realised that he could not see this old crone’s cultivation level at all. In his heart, he immediately guessed that this old crone should be a hermit cultivator, and to such eccentric-tempered hermit cultivators, Ning Cheng did not dare to be casual.