Creation Gate Chapter 47

After blocking the original rocky cave entrance, Ning Cheng was still not quite sure and set up another simple shielding formation before returning to the Spiritual Marrow Pond again.

Ning Cheng did not touch the materials of the one-horned augur. He didn’t know how to refine weapons, especially the scaly horn, which he intended to use to refine a fine needle magic weapon for Yin people. What Ning Cheng took out at this time was the storage pouch of the goat-beard, what he wanted to know most was whether the goat-beard had a map of the Da’an Forest or not.

According to An Yi’s words, Goat Whiskers’ storage pouch should have been called a Nascent Pouch, and the space was really pitifully small. The contents were also pitifully small, apart from a few low-grade spiritual herbs, a few unknown pills and a jade slip whose contents could not be seen, other than that, there was nothing else.

To say that the most precious thing in the goat’s beard was still the Four Blades Sword that had already been confiscated by Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng casually threw the goat’s beard’s nesting pouch into his own storage pouch once again, a little disappointed in his heart. Not having found the map, that meant that he would still have to rely on his own abilities to get out of the Great An Forest in the future. This goat-beard had said before that he could cross the Great An Forest, so if he was not lying, then he had already memorised the safe route in his head.


Cultivation had no years, and with a small spiritual pond, Ning Cheng spent almost all of his time on cultivation. Ning Cheng used the Spiritual Marrow Pond to cultivate and the One Horned Jiao was different, the One Horned Jiao still knew that he couldn’t absorb all the spiritual energy from the Spiritual Marrow Pond at once. Ning Cheng, on the other hand, dried up and fished straight away, just in case he absorbed a little less, so how could he even care about using it sparingly?

A month later, Ning Cheng advanced to the sixth Qi gathering level, and three months later, Ning Cheng broke through the middle Qi gathering level and arrived at the seventh Qi gathering level. At this time, his entire body’s true qi formed a stream, and it was as powerful as true yuan when it drummed. Five months later, Ning Cheng advanced to the eighth Qi gathering layer, and at the same time he had to leave this small Spirit Marrow Pond.

The spiritual qi inside the Spiritual Marrow Pond had already been consumed by him, and it was estimated that it would take at least nearly three years to gather up such a pool of spiritual liquid again.

Ning Cheng believed that he would not stay here and wait for three years, he had already gathered Qi at the eighth level and was about to advance to the ninth level. Once he waited for him to gather Qi at the ninth level, he would face the problem of how to condense his true essence.

In the Ping Continent, the reason for the scarcity of True Condensation cultivators was that apart from the lack of spiritual resources and the problem of spiritual roots, there was also the lack of True Condensation Pills.

A True Condensation Pill was something that a Qi gathering ninth level cultivator had to use to advance to True Condensation, and Ning Cheng had read in the jade slip that Fang Yijian had given him that some people could condense true without using a True Condensation Pill, but Ning Cheng was sure that he was not one of these people. But Ning Cheng was sure that he was not in this category. He might not even have enough True Condensation Pills to advance to True Condensation.

To make a True Condensation Pill, one needed more than ten kinds of precious spiritual herbs, but the main one, and the most difficult to obtain, was the Golden Cicada Fruit. Ning Cheng had a Golden Cicada Fruit on him, so he decided to leave this place and find a way to find someone to refine a True Condensation Pill.


Ning Cheng obviously thought of things a little too simply, the Great An Forest did not give him a way out just because he had already advanced to the eighth level of Qi gathering. For a whole month, Ning Cheng was still trapped at the edge of Qing Shui Lake.

It was not that he did not want to go out, after this month, Ning Cheng discovered that every area of the Daan Forest was guarded by an extremely powerful demonic beast. During this period of searching for a way out, he had met more than ten level two demonic beasts, and even two level three demonic beasts.

If he hadn’t run fast and that level three demonic beast hadn’t tried to chase him down, he would have had no way to stay at Clearwater Lake.

However, Ning Cheng was not without his gains, many demonic beasts had already made this part of Clearwater Lake his territory by default, this was the effect that Ning Cheng had obtained by killing several early level two demonic beasts.

Ning Cheng was now at the eighth level of Qi gathering, and he could already perform twelve swords with his modified spell Xuan Bing Thirty-Six Swords. This was not even the biggest gain he had made, the biggest gain he had made was that he could step on his flying sword and fly a certain distance once he had gathered Qi at the eighth level of cultivation.

Ning Cheng had obtained the sword stepping flying technique from a modification of the jade slip given by Fang Yijian, which made Ning Cheng very proud of himself. In the Ping Continent, even some True Condensation cultivators were unable to fly on a sword, but now he had done it as a Qi gathering eighth level cultivator.

Even though Ning Cheng knew that he could fly with his sword when his cultivation level was high, he was still excited when he actually flew with his sword. He had never felt this kind of excitement before when he had first struck a fireball or a wind blade. Luckily, Ning Cheng still had the self-awareness to know that if he wanted to fly out of the Great An Forest, his cultivation level was still far from adequate.

In a month’s time, Ning Cheng had killed hundreds of sub-level one demonic beasts. He constantly had to find his way out and constantly had to pa*s through the territories of the rest of the demon beasts, which caused him to constantly clash with the rest of the demon beasts. On one occasion, he even killed dozens of Tier 1 wolf demons in one breath. Killing wolf demons with the Thirty-Six Swords of Xuan Bing was as easy as cutting wheat.

During this period of time, Ning Cheng had summed up a pattern, if he was pa*sing through the territory of a Tier 3 Demon Beast and was far away from it, the Tier 3 Demon Beast would not even bother to care about him. If he was pa*sing through the territory of a demonic beast with a similar cultivation level as him, it would instead cause a conflict.

After figuring out this pattern, Ning Cheng finally understood why the one-horned jiao had ignored him when he was by the Clear Water Lake before. It turned out that he was treating him as a dispensable little mole. From the experience Ning Cheng had summed up, low-level demonic beasts that survived within the range of all high-level demonic beasts were all boxed meals for high-level demonic beasts.

This box lunch was served up whenever a high level demonic beast wanted to eat. In other words, the two months he had survived at the Clearwater Lake before was actually the box lunch of the unicorn beast. Once the Unicorn was free, it could finish him off at any time.

On the contrary, if they were to pa*s by the territory of demonic beasts with similar cultivation levels, these beasts would think that he was here to steal the territory and immediately have to rise up to protect their territory from being violated.

It was also because he knew this that Ning Cheng did not hesitate to ruthlessly kill the demonic beasts that came to the Clearwater Lake. According to the law of the jungle, he absolutely could not give the rest of the demonic beasts a false impression that those demonic beasts felt that he was a good bully.

Ning Cheng’s fighting experience and his two spell techniques had improved by leaps and bounds in the middle of this month of killing. With his current experience, if he was still at the third Qi gathering level and fought that Xiang Fei back then, he would definitely not be injured.

After Ning Cheng’s frenzied killing during this period of time, many of the demonic beasts around Qing Shui Lake already knew that Ning Cheng was a good fighter and never showed any mercy. Later on, as long as Ning Cheng did not stay in their range for long, those demonic beasts were generally unwilling to come out and fight with Ning Cheng, and simply played the ostrich and let Ning Cheng pa*s.

To Ning Cheng, it was not a good thing if he left Qing Shui Lake and did not find a way out. At least in this part of Qing Shui Lake, he was considered a bully.


“Hoo hoo ……” A brown spiky-furred bear was howling lowly at Ning Cheng at this moment, but it did not dare to pounce on Ning Cheng. It hissed at Ning Cheng because once again, Ning Cheng had come to its territory and stayed for a long time without leaving.

This Prickly Hair Bear was also an early level two demonic beast, and it had suffered a defeat at Ning Cheng’s hands twice before, but fortunately Ning Cheng was only pa*sing by on those two occasions. But this fellow, who was somewhat troublesome in its eyes, had unexpectedly come again, and this time, when he came, he did not leave, and even dug around in its territory.

“Get lost, I’m just looking for a magnet and leave, don’t blame me for doing it if you keep nagging.” Ning Cheng waved the flying sword in his hand and yelled at the prickly hair bear as well.

He had indeed come here to look for a magnet, he still had over 300 lower grade spirit stones on him, Ning Cheng felt that these 300 lower grade spirit stones would definitely not be able to support his cultivation to the ninth Qi gathering layer. What’s more, he had to go out to look for the True Condensation Pill.

After more than a month, he had not found a way out before he decided to find a magnet to make a compa*s. Ning Cheng guessed that the place where he was should also be a planet, similar to a large magnet. He wanted to make something that could point to a fixed location, and then he could just follow one of the directions and one day he would be able to get out. As for whether the compa*s he made was pointing south or not, it didn’t matter to him at all.

It was just that this Grade 2 Prickly Fur Bear did not know that Ning Cheng was looking for a magnet and hissed at Ning Cheng, just wanting Ning Cheng to leave its territory quickly.

Seeing that this prickly-haired bear was unable to understand him at all, Ning Cheng simply sacrificed his flying sword and prepared to make his move.

Just at this time, a vague and hurried footstep came, as if someone was charging diagonally over. Ning Cheng immediately gave up on the idea of making a move on this prickly-haired bear and stared closely at this person who was rushing over.

This was a young man who was covered in bruises and scars, his true qi was dissipated and he could no longer see his cultivation. When he saw Ning Cheng, a hint of joy appeared in his eyes, but then he collapsed to the ground due to exhaustion.

“Senior ……” Although he fell to the ground, the young man did not faint and still called out to Ning Cheng with expectation, obviously hoping that Ning Cheng would come to his rescue.

Just as the young man fell to the ground, a grey and black wolf demon came after him. This wolf demon was already a peak level one demon beast, and the first time it came after him, it saw Ning Cheng holding a flying sword in his hand. Almost as soon as it saw Ning Cheng, this grey and black wolf demon quickly turned around, and in just two breaths, it fled into the depths of the forest and disappeared.

Ning Cheng did not care about the fleeing grey-black** demon, he just subconsciously touched his face and said to himself, “Am I very old? Being called senior by someone even older than him? You know his actual age right now is not even a little under eighteen. The beard he touched on his hand made Ning Cheng guess that he might look like a vicissitudes uncle now.

Ning Cheng took out a jade bottle and handed it to this young man who had fallen to the ground and said, “I don’t have any life-saving pills, I only have a little bit of clear water, so drink some.”

Although Ning Cheng said that he only had a little bit of clear water, this bit of clear water of his was really not ordinary, it was filled from the Spiritual Marrow Spring Pond, and at least it still carried rich spiritual energy.

The young man looked at the prickly-haired bear that was somewhat scornful of Ning Cheng in the distance, and his eyes were even more hopeful, he did not take the water that Ning Cheng handed him, but took out a parcel and handed it to Ning Cheng and said, “I can’t anymore, please help me give this parcel to Meng Yu Jing of the Five Star Academy of the Huazhou Meteor, and ask her to pa*s it on to my brother Kou Xiu Yuan for me, and say that it is from Kou Hong ……”