Creation Gate Chapter 40

What’s more, Ning Cheng had used five Qi gathering pills before he could advance to the fourth Qi gathering layer, so he could see how badly this spirit root was mixed, it was simply disastrous.

“Ning Cheng, your Spiritual Root is so poor, why don’t you give the Qi Gathering Pill to your cousin An Yi? Could it be that your cousin’s spiritual roots are just as bad as yours?” Lu Xue had already directly called Ning Cheng by his name.

Ning Cheng didn’t really care, this world was very realistic. His poor spiritual roots obviously had no future. Having a person at the seventh Qi gathering level call him Brother Ning was indeed not very realistic. It had little to do with looking up to or looking down on him, in fact the saying that things come in small groups and people are divided by groups applied everywhere. He was not in the same group as Le Bo Hong, Lu Xue and the others.

Now that Lu Xue had asked about Anyi, Ning Cheng hurriedly said, “My cousin is a pure master wood spirit root, a hundred thousand miles better. It’s just that she went with her master when she was a child, and I didn’t find her until just before her master pa*sed away. By that time, I had run out of Qi gathering pills.”

If An Yi’s spiritual roots were any worse, maybe Le Bo Hong and the others wouldn’t have taken them to Ming Xin Academy. Leaving him and his cousin behind in the Mango Sea, he really wasn’t sure that he could escape those few forces in Mango City.

“Senior sister An Yi, you are a pure wood master spirit root?” Lu Xue’s eyes lit up and he immediately asked.

Not only did Lu Xue’s eyes light up, but the rest of the few people were all looking at An Yi with envy. When a Pure Wood Master Spiritual Root went to Ming Xin Academy, there would definitely be a master who would take them in individually.

An Yi nodded and said, “Yes, I am a pure wood master spirit root.”

Knowing that An Yi was a Pure Wood Master Spiritual Root, the four of them, Le Bo Hong, became even more enthusiastic, but this enthusiasm had already shifted from Ning Cheng to An Yi.

Ning Cheng did not care, pure spirit roots were valued and he had long known that this was a natural thing to do.


It was already three days later when Ning Cheng followed Le Bo Hong and the others to return to Mango City again, this was the second time Ning Cheng came to Mango City, the first time Ning Cheng only stayed here for less than half an hour before he had to leave.

This time he was also helpless, if he did not follow Le Bohong, he simply did not know what method he should go through to get to Ming Xin Academy.

Mango City remained the same, except that there was an extra man with an extremely short stature and a cross body at the entrance of Mango City.

“Ning Cheng, this man’s name is Miao Li Hu, he is the Grand Master of the Wolf King’s Mansion, the Miao Wen Hong you killed was his son, I heard that this man is extremely protective. You don’t have to worry, with the people from our Ming Xin Academy around, he won’t dare to do anything to you.” After knowing that Ning Cheng was only a Miscellaneous Branch Spiritual Root, plus the fact that he was older than Ning Cheng, he stopped calling him Brother Ning. However, he was still considered polite and did not change the rest of his name, except for his address, and he did not know if it had something to do with An Yi.

Without the need for Le Bo Hong to say anything, Ning Cheng felt that this fellow was staring at him with a strong killing intent. Le Bo Hong said that this person was Miao Wen Hong’s old man, and it looked like he really didn’t feel wrong.

“It was you who killed my son Wen Hong?” Miao Li Hu only gave a casual fist hug to Le Bo Hong and the others before he stared fiercely at Ning Cheng and asked.

Ning Cheng’s heart sank, he felt as if Miao Lihu did not even look at the few people of Le Bo Hong. Moreover, he could not see through Miao Lihu’s cultivation level. Since he could not even see through it, it was evident that Miao Lihu was already a Condensed Truth cultivator without a doubt.

“Who is your son?” Ning Cheng said as if nothing was wrong, while thinking in his mind what he should do if Le Bohong could not help.

“My son is Miao Wenhong, he went after you and then didn’t come back, weren’t you the one who killed my son? Leave your head as a sacrifice to my son.” Miao Li Hu shouted harshly and stepped forward, about to make a move on Ning Cheng.

Le Bo Hong did not expect that Miao Li Hu would not take him seriously, so he also took a step forward and said with a sullen expression, “Miao Li Hu, what do you mean by that? Could it be that I, Ming Xin Academy, am not worth mentioning in your eyes?”

Miao Lihu’s eyes were red as he stared at Le Bo Hong and said, “I have always respected Ming Xin Academy, my son has been killed and the person who killed my son was not from Ming Xin Academy, is Ming Xin Academy going to stop me from avenging the murder of my son?”

Le Bo Hong did not expect that Miao Li Hu, who had always been extremely scornful of Ming Xin Academy, would dare to argue with him at this moment, and his face immediately turned red with anger.

Lu Xue stepped forward and said, “House Master Miao, it doesn’t matter if you kill Ning Cheng, but I am sure that if you kill Ning Cheng now, in a month’s time, the Wolf King’s House will be removed and no one from the Miao Family will be left alive.”

Lu Xue’s words caused Miao Lihu to winced, his hatred filled with hatred suddenly cooling down a lot. If the people of Ming Xin Academy were determined to protect this brat called Ning Cheng, he would not be able to kill him at all, unless he was willing to die in the sky. But who was this brat to make the disciples of the Bright Heart Academy step in?

Thinking of this, Miao Lihu calmed down a lot and turned to Lu Xue with a cupped fist, “I, Miao Lihu, am clear in my grudges and grievances, this kid is not from Ming Xin Academy, I know that very well. It’s just a matter of raising one’s hand if Ming Xin Academy wants to destroy my Wolf King’s House, but we can’t do things indiscriminately and without moral righteousness, right?”

Lu Xue sneered and said, “Indiscriminate and unethical? Master Miao, this is something that others can say, but you are slapping yourself in the face by saying it. Who in this Mango City doesn’t know what kind of goods that precious son of yours is? You can only let your son kill people, no one else can kill your son, right?”

After saying these few words, Lu Xue was just too lazy to nag Miao Lihu and pointed directly at An Yi and said, “She is Ning Cheng’s cousin, do you know what kind of person she is from Ming Xin Academy? An Yi has pure wood spirit roots, and as a core disciple of Ming Xin Academy, I am fully qualified to recommend her to become a core disciple of Ming Xin Academy. So that means that An Yi is now equal to a core disciple of Ming Xin Academy, Ning Cheng is her cousin, if you don’t want the Wolf King’s Mansion and you are willing for the Miao Family to be destroyed, then you can kill it.”

Because Miao Lihu did not give any face at all, at this moment, Le Bo Hong’s face was already gloomy. After Lu Xue finished speaking, he didn’t wait for Miao Lihu to reply before he coldly continued, “Miao Lihu, don’t think that this is Mango City and you are already a Condensed True Cultivator, so you are flaunting your authority. I’m really not looking at you, as long as I use the name of Ming Xin Academy to kill you now, I’m sure there will be plenty of people coming for your head.”

Miao Lihu was completely calm at this point, his hands gripped with blue veins. But he knew very well that Le Bo Hong was not lying, once he had angered these few disciples of the Bright Heart Academy. Even in Mango City, there were plenty of people who were willing to work for the Ming Xin Academy, and he was really nothing as a True Condensation cultivator. The Wolf King’s House was not exactly a monopoly in Mango City. Even if he took a step back and there was no one to help the disciples of Brightheart Academy out, Ning Cheng had a cousin with pure spiritual roots, he could not do anything to Ning Cheng unless they were killed together.

Miao Lihu gave Ning Cheng a vicious stare before finally giving up on making his move and turning around to quickly disappear into Mango City. Ning Cheng he had to kill, but in a different way.

Ning Cheng turned back to Le Bo Hong and Lu Xue and cupped his fist in thanks, but in his heart he was equally determined. He must hold his fate in his own hands, the taste was really unpleasant. At this moment, he had hundreds of spirit stones on him and a Golden Cicada Fruit, so who knew that he wouldn’t be able to advance to Condensing Truth?

“A few minor things, let’s wait in Mango City for a few days first, there are still a few days at most before the airship to Ming Yi True Kingdom will pa*s through here.” Le Bo Hong said extremely casually.


Ning Cheng and An Yi both stayed in the same resting inn as the people from Ming Xin Academy as well under the arrangement of Le Bo Hong. From time to time, Lu Xue went to seek out An Yi to speak, discuss cultivation and draw relations. After learning that Ning Cheng was a Miscellaneous Branch Spiritual Root, no one came to look for him either, apart from Le Bo Hong who occasionally came to speak to him.

Ning Cheng was self-aware and did not go to Le Bo Hong and the others to draw any relations. He also did not dare to cultivate at the Rest Inn and simply began to study formations. His formations were already at an introductory level, and now that he had focused all his energy on studying formations, and with the help of the Xuanhuang Qi, his formation level was even increasing by leaps and bounds.

On this day, Ning Cheng was setting up a level two attack formation when An Yi knocked on the door and entered.

“Big Brother Ning ……” An Yi had just called out when Ning Cheng waved his hand and said, “An Yi, just call me by my name, or cousin, from now on.”

What kind of cousin calls her cousin Big Brother Ning?

An Yi simply omitted the word Ning and said, “Big brother, the airship has stopped outside of Mango City, Senior Sister Lu Xue asked me to come and ask you to come on board with her.”